MAGANES: Grace Poe – A Filipino, a leader and the next President of the Philippines

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It was in the afternoon of September 16, 2015 at the Bahay ng Alumni at the University of the Philippines-Diliman Campus that Senator Grace Poe declared her presidential bid.
 It was a historic as well as nostalgic event because in that same place, his father the late Fernando Poe Jr., the King of Philippine Movies, also declared his presidential candidacy in 2004.
In her speech, parts of which are still reverberating in my mind, Senator Grace Poe, with conviction, strongly announced her candidacy and outlined her 20-point development agenda. She also summarized the ills in our country, despite changes in administration. The problems and ills besetting us, according to her, are still unsolved inspite of  the previous administrations’ mantras of change and in pursuing a government of transparency and reforms.
She said: “We can achieve whatever we want for this nation if we work hard, be vigilant, and make sure we have an honest person to guide us through our journey.We should stick together, because one person cannot bring about this change. Anyone who claims he alone can do it is already lying.”
Her vision is clear. Her directions are relatively workable. Her desires for the country are coming straight from her heart. The leadership style of Senator Grace Poe is  leadership of truth anchored on wisdom and compassion.
She further said: ” The story of our future lies in all our hands.I hope you will join me in crafting a bright and meaningful future for our motherland, the Philippines.”
What an inspiring words coming from a leader. Poe acknowledged the reality that to make reforms in this country, every Filipino must do his/her share.
Her invitation for the Filipinos to join her to craft a meaningful future for the country is enticing, devoid of cunning and deceit. Poe offered herself to lead the country, far from what other leaders have done in the past. The future of a bright Philippines must be crafted by the Filipinos themselves with her at the helm.
 In the last part of her speech, she said: “I am Grace Poe. A Filipino. A daughter, wife and mother. This portion mesmerized me no end. The Filipino in her is burning with pride and enthusiasm. While many leaders passed by in governing our country, many had failed to think of their being Filipinos. Look at some of our previous leaders. Have they truly embraced in themselves the spirit of “Filipinism”? What with the many issues and cases of graft and corruption hounding their leaderships up to now?
Senator Grace Poe embodies the ideals of a true Filipino. She values her “family”- first as a daughter to Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces, second as a wife to Neil Llamanzares and third, as the mother of her three children.

Poe continued to say: “And with God’s grace, I offer myself for the country’s highest calling as your President.” It was an offer coming straight from her heart, taking in consideration her abilities, capabilities, resources and mass support from the Filipinos.
Indeed, she was not mistaken. In every provincial sortie where she proclaimed her candidacy, support for her candidacy swelled.
But, seeing her uncontrollable star rising, people with different agenda plotted to topple her down. After her filing of ” certificate of candidacy” in October 2015, four disqualification cases were lodged against her before the Commission on Election (Comelec) to cancel her candidacy. This is on top of the case filed against her before the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET), which questioned her citizenship. The SET, however,  decided in her favor.
Of the disqualification cases before the Comelec, two divisions cancelled her certificate of candidacy and Poe’s ‘ motion for reconsideration” before the Comelec en banc was likewise put into the bin. The last recourse was the Supreme Court. Before the Comelec’s decision will be enforced, Poe’s legal camp was able to get a temporary restraining order from the Supreme Court, after which petitioned the Court to declare Comelec’s decision null and void due to the Commissioners’ ” gave abuse of discretion.” The legal battles baffled the Filipino people. Does Grace Poe’s candidacy continue? Can she finally run?
On March 8, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Poe’s petition with the magistrates voting 9-6, nine affirming her candidacy and six rendering dissenting opinions. That put an end supposedly of the thorns thrown along her way, but her complainants maneuvered legal remedy. They sought the Supreme Court to reverse its ruling. With finality, on April 9, a month before the Election Day, the Supreme Court adhered to its earlier ruling of March 8 and barred any other legal action coming from the complainants in the future.
The embattled Grace Poe was relieved. She’s now pursuing her presidential candidacy without any legal impediment. As she said the battle continues – the battle for a brighter Philippines.
Her journey has not ended yet. She still need to get the support of the electorates- and that include you and me.
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EDITORIAL: Tinangal ng Korte Suprema ang mga tinik sa daan ni Poe Grace Poe can run for president

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