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Sinag lauds anti agri smuggling position of Poe-Escudero

The 33-member agricultural stakeholders group lauded the advocacy of Gobyernong may Puso candidates to devote more funds for agriculture and the same time getting stricter against smuggling of agricultural products.
Samahang Industriya sa Agrikultura Chairman Rosendo So said leading candidates for president Grace Poe and Chiz Escudero is the only tandem that has prioritized genuine concern for families that depend on agriculture.
“Increasing the budget for agriculture four times its present budget and stopping smuggling is a clear policy towards helping the families dependent on agriculture,” So said.
Escudero recently said that Gobyernong may Puso will infuse P300 billion into agriculture and assured that anti-smuggling measures will be a priority of the government led by Poe.
Hindi lang ang mga kalamidad at kawalan ng suporta mula sa pamahalaan ang matinding kalaban ng ating mga magsasaka kung hindi rin ang walang humpay na smuggling ng mga produktong agrikultura galing sa ibang bansa tulad ng bawang, sibuyas at asukal,” the veteran lawmaker said.
Pangasinan Federation of Irrigators Association president Oftociano Manalo Jr. said that the anti-smuggling stance of Poe and Escudero drives away financers involved in smuggling.
“Matinong kandidatong ayaw sa pera ng smugglers para sa matinong gobyerno na walang smuggling… ayos na sa amin,” Manalo said.

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Poe: My parents’ unconditional love brought me here

Senator Grace Poe, the first foundling to run for president of the Philippines, credited the unconditional love of her adoptive parents, movie icons Susan Roces and Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ), for where she is today.


Gobyernong may Puso presidential candidate Grace Poe in a stump last Monday at the town of Sta. Maria, Pangasinan. Poe, vice presidential aspirant Chiz Escudero, and ticket had their motorcades and whistle stops in the same day at the towns of San Nicolas, Tayug, Sta. Maria, Asingan, and San Manuel all located at Eastern Pangasinan.

Poe thanked her parents for the education they gave her when she was a growing up. It spelled the difference in her life, she said.
“I am a living example of how the unconditional love of parents can change the life of a child,” said Poe, a foundling who was abandoned at the Jaro Church in Iloilo as an infant. She was found by the helper of a rich landlady who was a good friend of FPJ and Roces.
“This lovely couple chose me with all my wounds and scabby skin as a baby and adopted me. They treated me as their own and sent me to the best schools for my education,” Poe said.
“Looking back, it was the unconditional love of my parents and a good education that transformed the foundling or the ‘pulot’ to the senator who stands before you today,” she said.
Poe, the lone independent candidate, leads all presidential hopefuls in pre-election surveys showing her the top choice of Filipinos in most economic classes.
In 2013, she made history as the national candidate with the highest number of votes, garnering over 20 million votes to top the senatorial race, also as an independent.
“Armed with a good education, the love of your families and the grace of God, nothing is impossible. If this foundling from Iloilo was able to do it, so can you,” she said.
Poe advised the graduates to use their education for the betterment of others, and not to oppress those who are not as fortunate as they are.


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  ORTIGOZA: Dull election in Dagupan City

I bumped recently into Paul Tandoc, son of the late publisher of the Regional Examiner Newspaper, at the downtown area of the city.
“Election in Dagupan (City) would be somber,” he told me.
“Bakit naman?” I posed.
He told me about the withdrawal from the mayoralty race of Nationalista Party’s Celia Lim and  Liberal Party’s Vice Mayoralty aspirant Dean Bryan Lim Kua.
Lim is pitted in the May 9’s mayoralty race with incumbent LP’s Mayor Belen Fernandez, while Kua competes with incumbent NP’s Vice Mayor Brian Lim.
Lim is the son of Celia while Kua is the first cousin of Mayor Fernandez.
“hgsSFGHJRFVBNXVBNHFTTTT!Gutom ang mga taga Dagupan nito, ” Paul sadly quipped and reminisced  how these two camps in the 2013 election outmatched each other by ingratiating with their supporters by pampering them  with manna that waits at the countless queues in every villages three days before the election.
“Malas ng voters sa Dagupan, masuerte ang mga voters sa Pangasinan, may Cojuangco versus Espino sila,” I retorted as I cited the mega governorship race in the mammoth province between these two marquee families.
Dagupan City is an independent component city where its more than a hundred thousands of voters do not vote for the governor and vice governor.
To confirm the information Paul gave me that I still treat as rumor, I rode shotgun to the coffee shop at CSI Mall in Brgy. Lucao and waited for media colleagues to pass by.
These folks every afternoon have TV programs at USATV owned by the mayor whose studio at the world class Stadia is nearby the family-owned giant Mall.
As I sipped my Cafe Amerikano, a pro Lim broadcaster confirmed on my phone that Vice Mayor Brian Lim announced at a morning radio program about the family’s decision for his mother to withdraw.
“Kinausap ni BSL (former Mayor Lim)  ang pamilya niya,” he told me.
  (Mayor Lim had massive stroke the night before the May 2013 election. He was believed to be bed ridden ever since).
“Huh, nagsasalita na si Mayor Lim?” I posed.
“Matagal na!” the broadcaster retorted.
Minutes later a pro-Fernandez broadcaster passed by.
He told me that early this month the two rival families in business and politics have been negotiating with each other.
“Si Mayor Belen naiinip na mas gusto na niya na maglaban laban na sila para malaman kung sino talaga ang gusto ng tao,” he said.


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US wants to achieve balance of power in SCS – JDV

By Mortz  C. Ortigoza
The saber rattling of the United States in sending recently an aircraft carrier’s group at the disputed South China Sea (SCS) was to achieve balance of power’s projection, according to the founding chairman of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties.
Jose de Venecia, known as JDV and a former five-time Speaker, said after the United States and allies like Australia, Japan, and others achieve “equivalence,”  the concerned parties including China should unite and demilitarized the areas. “But after this we should all unite together to demilitarize the South China Sea, to demilitarize the islands in the South China Sea, so that we can convert the zone of crises into the zones of peace, reconciliation, and development,”. The four-ship US. Stennis Carrier Strike Group patrolled lately the disputed South China Sea but was followed by Chinese warships.
He said war should be averted at the SCS. “We must absolutely avert it. We have to avert it!” The sending of the air carrier group is only for temporary basis, he said, when asked if the past actions of the United States in sending battle ships for sail by and
bomber jets like the B-52 for fly by at the SCS in the past were politically
correct to deter the incursions of the Chinese on the reefs and shoals there. Satellite photos last February discovered that China had militarized the Paracel Islands by deploying advanced batteries of Surface to Air Missiles (SAM) in Paracel Islands.

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