PSU student: Spare us from politics

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By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
LINGAYEN- A student of Pangasinan State University (PSU)-Lingayen Campus called the provincial government to “spare the students” of the university from politics, after a video against PSU President Dexter Buted was uploaded on the Internet.
The student, a 4th year student taking up Bachelor of Science in Social Work, hid his real identity for fear of his life and instead asked that he is referred to as “Nag-iisip na Estudyante ng PSU” (Thinking PSU Student).
“The video is full of lies,” he said.
“I planned to make a video myself to answer the allegations against the university, but I was warned not to interfere because these are only about politics and I may put my life at risk. For many days I kept my silence but I could no longer stomach what other students are saying about the video.It hurts hearing nasty things about the university as I have been studying here for years,” the student posted on his Facebook account.
 He further said a true student of PSU is a fighter for truth and not silent on falsehoods.
“We at the PSU don’t care about where (the university president)  came from or where (he) was born. Neither are we being paid (to support him). Buted (referring to PSU President Dexter Buted) was installed through the votes of higher officials after consultation with the entire PSU campuses. We at the PSU based our support on the capabilities and abilities of a person,” he wrote.
 The student defended the university on the issues of the selling of books and the quality of the students’ uniforms.

“The books are educational that were authored by the teachers of the university in order to hasten our learning process especially of the growing student population. Our uniforms are of high quality. I could not understand why they are questioning this in their video,” he said.
The student further wrote that the university lacked the assistance from the government, and that the provincial government of Pangasinan does not extend assistance.
 He called the attention of the provincial government to spare them from politics.
 “Don’t include PSU on your political agenda because the page (site) from where the video came from is a political page of Governor Espino that if one will look closer the contents are tirades against his political opponent (former Congressman Mark) Cojuangco. Don’t use PSU on your lies!” he further wrote.

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