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READY FOR R1AA. Dagupan City delegates to the Region I Athletic Association (R1AA) Meet line up at the People’s Astrodome on Wednesday to receive their uniforms for the regional sporting event scheduled on February 21-27 in San Carlos City, Pangasinan. (photo by Venus May Sarmiento/PIA-1, Pangasinan)



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MAGANES: When ‘friendship’ ends

” There are no permanent friends and enemies in politics,” so the saying goes. And this holds true when political ties of ” friends” are severely damaged because of political aspirations and interests. However, in politics there are hidden principles or values a politician has to follow- ” delicadeza” or sense of propriety and ” utang na loob” or the debt of gratitude. Over and above any reason, these two values must at least be upheld, notwithstanding any political plan a politician has in mind.
Pangasinenses are all aware that Governor Amado T. Espino Jr. has reached his political stature (that of a three-termer elected governor from 2007 to 2013) because of the help of his political allies during the election periods of his three terms. Among his close allies during those times were former 5th District Rep.  and provincial chairman of the Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition (NPC) Mark O. Cojuangco, his wife Rep. Kimi S. Cojuangco, Abono Partylist Chair Rosendo O. So, former Urdaneta City Mayor now MECO Chair Amadeo R. Perez Jr., former 6th District Rep. now Abono Partylist Rep. Conrad M. Estrella III with his brother former Abono Partylist Rep. Robert Raymund M. Estrella Jr., 1st District Rep. Jesus “Boying” Celeste and Alaminos City Mayor Art Celeste, 6th District Rep. Marlyn Primicias Agabas and her husband Tayug Mayor Tyrone Agabas, Secretary Antonio “Bebot” Villar Jr. also the chairman emeritus of Biskeg na Pangasinan (Biskeg) and the countless municipal officials under the NPC and Biskeg. These were the figures who catapulted him to the pedestal of political reign in Pangasinan.
But political alliances have to end. When former 5th District Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco announced his gubernatorial aspiration on February 10, 2014, Governor Espino resented his pronouncement, claiming it was too early for politics. Banking on previous agreements with Espino and other elected representatives during their time that one of them will run as governor after Espino’s term, Cojuangco proceeded with his plan. He was not aware that Espino was already cooking up the plan that he will field his namesake and son as a gubernatorial candidate in 2016.
The once united and solid political alliance was put to test. Efforts to consolidate their forces went kaput. Espino sidetracked whatever good dealings he had with his former political allies. The target is to occupy anew the Capitol with his son at the realm and in power. He, being on his last term, decided to challenge the congressional post of the 5th District from Mark’s wife Kimi who fought for him against political harassments in 2013 elections.
Espino might have thought to have the backing of his previous allies as mentioned earlier. But he was wrong. The original political allies consolidated their forces together against Espino, who tried to win the support of the village officials to back him and his son’s gubernatorial candidacy. He could not muster enough political support from municipal officials as majority of them are under NPC or Biskeg. Now, to elicit support, the only thing he could do is to demolish the credibility of Cojuangco through incessant concoctions of lies and deceits as aired over radio stations by his paid broadcasters. Where’s Espino’s delicadeza and “utang na loob”? Can he not at least tame his media wards and tell them  not resort to mudslinging? Or better, just talk on what programs he and his son will undertake once they regain the much-coveted power at the Capitol? By the way, what is there at the Capitol that Espino could not leave behind and at least compromise with his former allies and give a chance for Cojuangco to lead Pangasinan?


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Mayor Castaneda: Nolan Evangelista was the toughest rival

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
LINGAYEN – It is not Vice Mayor Nepthalie  Pasiliao, Vice Mayor  Editha Hallare, and others that threaten the reelection of the lady mayor of  this capital town of Pangasinan.
Mayor Josefina”Iday” Castaneda disclosed that the toughest mayoralty opponent her family encountered was former mayor Nolan Evangelista and not the present crops of challengers for the mayoralty post.
She said in the first encounter of her husband, the late Mayor Jonas Castaneda and former mayor Evangelista,  Castaneda led with a thousand votes.
“In the rematch, Mayor Castaneda led by only 500 votes,” a certain Adiong, the private contractor of the mayor, said.
Jonas Castaneda used to be the vice mayor of Evangelista.
Castaneda succumbed to a heart attack in March 2013. He was succeeded by Vice Mayor Hallare who tangled with Castaneda’s widow Iday in the election that year.Castaneda dumped her with tens of thousands of votes.
In the 2013 electoral race, the lady mayor dusted off too, former Board Member Von Mark Mendoz with thousands of votes.
“Mendoza trailed Mayor Iday by 8000 votes while Vice Mayor Hallare settled with a measly 4000 votes,” Adiong added.
This town has more than 40 thousand voters.


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Rallyists deplore Espino’s administration

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
BAYAMBANG- More than 1,000 placard-bearing residents of this town, Bautista and Bugallon convened inside the old campus of Bayambang Central School (BCS) to air their grievances against the Espino Administration.IMG_6316STOP ILLEGAL QUARRYING- Sol Salamat of Bugallon reads the manifesto concerning the illegal quarrying in Bugallon that summarizes also other issues like non- remittance to the barangays and town of the income derived from quarrying and the operations of crushing plant and batching plant in Hacienda village during the rally held inside the old campus of Bayambang Central School last February

The rallyists aired various complaints and sentiments that range from the inaction to transfer back the   teachers and pupils to the old site of BCS, illegal quarrying in Bugallon, the use of the provincial government’s tobacco excise tax, the presence of batching plant and crushing machines in Bugallon allegedly owned by the Espinos, P1.2 billion loans from Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP), P50 million budget for public affairs but P5 million for farmers, to name a few.


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EDITORIAL: SOPA ni Espino at rally sa Bayambang

Dalawang mahalagang pangyayari sa Pangasinan ang isinagawa noong nakaraang Pebrero 10 sa Pangasinan. Habang nag-uulat ng kalagayan ng Pangasinan o State of the Province Address (SOPA) si Gobernador Amado T. Espino Jr. sa Kapitolyo sa Lingayen, ang mga tao naman sa Bayambang ay nagsagawa ng malakihang “rally” upang ihayag ang kanilang hinaing sa kasalukuyang administrasyon ng lalawigan.northernwatch cartoon 2-16-16
Dalawang magkasalungat na pangyayari. Ang SOPA ay naghatid ng mga nagawa ni Espino sa Pangasinan sa loob ng mahigit na walong taon. Ayon sa mga mamamahayag na dumalo, ang pagpapahayag ni Espino sa kanyang mga nagawa ay paulit-ulit lamang sa  nagdaang mga taon. Walang bago kundi ang pangangalandakan ng kanyang mga parangal bilang isang gobernador ng Pangasinan. Matamlay daw ang kanyang pananalita na puno ng emosyon at pamamaalam.


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ORTIGOZA: Fake Reporters

Look what I saw last Saturday? The controversial Chinese businessman Willy Chua.
Chua, to the uninitiated, is not only the owner of the Chinese cheap bargained but low quality products 168 Stores all over Pangasinan but the trader who purportedly bought from Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr. the 2.2 hectares Barangay Bical, Bayambang property that Chua, through some sleight of hands, wanted to swap with the prime lands 3.2 hectares Bayambang Central School after the school’s Gabaldon building was suspiciously gutted by fire in 2012.
Chua is suspected to be a dummy for the property of the governor.
Now, why did I meet the young and innocuous Chua?
(He looked so ordinary that one could mistake him for a cook in some restaurants in Binondo).
I was sent to cover the public hearing of the stone crusher plant owned by the Chinese in Barangay Bacabac, Bugallon.
Chua was one of the panelists there composed of the village chief, Municipal Planning Development Coordinator, Municipal Assessor, and representative from the Mines and Geosciences Bureau who asked the people there to reconsider their opposition to the plant.
The hearing was acrimonious as residents protested the machine’s air and noise pollution once it started to operate.
“Kung sa Aguilar galing ang mga bato ninyo, bakit hindi ninyo na lang ilagay doon sa Aguilar at hinde na dito sa amin ang stone crusher ninyo?” asked by a dark skinned young man, who speaks like a student leader in my college days, I later learned was Municipal Councilor Ranie Rick Orduna – the son of Vice Mayor Ric Orduna.
“Dito ko nilagay ang stone crusher kasi dahil sa baket,” Chua retorted.
Orduna and some residents had to ask Chua what he means by “baket”.
Chua kept repeating the word, and the people there kept asking him what a “baket” was.
“Iyong baket, iyong crushed na stones malapit sa baket sa Lingayen, baket sa Mangatarem, baket sa Labrador,” he haltingly but tried to explain clearly in Filipino for the comprehension of everybody.
We later found out he meant “market”.
Sannamagan, mabuti na lang hindi sila nagsuntukan doon dahil hindi sa pagiging di
pagka intindihan.
Fakes are everywhere. They are ubiquitous even in the media circle.
The other day some of them even followed a gubernatorial candidate and his party at the high end restaurant in Calasiao, Pangasinan.
These phony, who were former laborers and housewives, do not even know why subject is followed by a predicate in a simple sentence.
One of them told me that predicate is a police word derived from “Pare, dikit (partner, follow him closely)” before the police arrest the subject.
These bogus reporters swelled in number nowadays because those few callous-faced fake scribes invited them while the new one not content with the ‘intelligensia’ given to them by those  in illegal gambling operators like the color games drop ball, jueteng bukis operators, tupada, the politicians, and others, bring in tow the entire family members to spike their revenues.
There was a case where I chided one of them by not observing decorum when they
gate crashed the table where I  and some respected media men were discussing some serious policy questions with a high government official.
“Why are you here? Have you not seen we are in a serious conversation?” I sternly posed.
I even told a provincial candidate that some of the fellows milling around were bogus reporters.
When I was at the house in Iba, Zambales of Zambales Governor Jun Ebdane last December to attend his birthday, I was flabbergasted how huge were the number of the NHSCP or the National Hao-Shiao Club of the Philippines based in Metro Manila had become.
Almost 50 of them were there who were not only gnawing as if there would be no tomorrow on the expensive food the governor prepared but had to package some of the foods and hid them in their bags.
“Noong last na punta ko dito, iyong mga taga Pampanga na isang van na hao-shiao (phony) pinagmumura ni Governor noong makita sila sa bahay niya,” told to me by a Manila based media man.
“The same media men composed of those brash men and fat women were thrown at the  jail in Bugallon when Mayor Ric Orduna was the mayor then dahil ayaw umalis hanggang hinde nagbigay ng pera si mayor sa kanila,” I told him.
But I’ll cap this article about a media woman who works in a national newspaper
who pretended to be competent despite her non-proficiency to write in English.
“Paano pinapasulat niya by paying other writers before she sent to the editor her article,” a friend told me.
While national reporters lead in posing intelligent questions to their interviewee, this newshen was at the sideline with her distinctive blank stare because she has nothing to ask.
“Ang problema, pag umasta parang elite na media rin pero wala naman laman ang ulo,” a Manila reporter told me.
Bluffing, huh?
(You can read my selected columns at and articles at Pangasinan News Aro. You can send comments too at government, they patronized other businesses like restaurants thus good for the local economy, she opined.

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Grace, Chiz court Pangasinan

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
DAGUPAN CITY- Presidential candidate Grace Poe, with her Team Galing at Puso, barnstormed central Pangasinan on February 12, thanking her provincemates for adopting her and asking them to call her not only daughter of Pangasinan, but a “natural-born daughter of Pangasinan.”12 (1)WITH HER CITYMATES. Presidential candidate Sen.Grace Poe acknowledges the rousing welcome she and her party receive from Pangasinan during their grand rally at Federico Manadapat Sports Dome in San Carlos City last February 12. San Carlos is the home city of her famous late father, movie king Fernando Poe Jr.CESAR RAMIREZ

“Please add ‘natural born’ in the phrase “Anak na Pangasinan,”  Poe told reporters during a press conference.
Poe, her running mate Senator Francis Escudero and members of their senatorial slate, held a political rallies n this city, nearby town Calasiao and San Carlos City where her father, the late movie actor Fernando Poe Jr., hailed.
Candidates of the Team Galing at Puso took turns in visiting the campuses of University of Luzon (UL) and University of Pangasinan (UPang) to get the support of the students of the said universities.
 The senatorial candidates who were with Poe and Escudero were Senator Tito Sotto, Samuel Pagdilao Jr., Sherwin Gatchalian, Atty. Lorna Kapunan, Edu Manzano and Susan Ople, who was represented by her daughter. Senatorial candidate Roman Romulo joined the group in Calasiao and San Carlos City in the afternoon.


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MASO:   Nasa balota na Poe si Grace

Kandidato na Poe si Grace Poe. Makikita na natin sa balota ang Grace Poe na kandidato para Pungulo ng Republika ng Pilipinas.
Number 5 po sa Certified List of Candidates for President  ang ating kandidatong si senadora Grace Poe.
Wala na sa kamay ng COMELEC ang disqualification case dahil sa bisa ng 12-3 na desisyon Korte Suprema na maglabas ng TRO laban sa hakbang ng COMELEC.
 Wala na po sa COMELEC andg bola. Nasa Korte Suprema na ang bola.
Ipinag-utos din sa COMELEC na ilagay ang pangalan ni Sen. Grace sa balota para hindi mapawalang-bisa anumang desisyonna igagawad ng Korte Suprema.
Nangyari po kasi yan nung 2010.
May isa party-list na dinisqualify ng COMELEC… hindi isinama sa balota ang pangalan ng party-list. Nagpetisyon ang party-list sa Korte Suprema.
Pagdating ng Abril, nanalo yung partylist sa Supreme Court. Dapat daw kasama siya sa balota pero hindi isinama ng COMELEC.
Ang sabi po ng parylist sa COMELEC, panalo na ako sa Korte Suprema paano na yan?
Sagot ng COMELEC sa party-list nung 2010, tumakbo ka na lang ulit sa 2013.
Tama ba iyon? Hindi naman tama at makatarungan ang sagot ng COMELEC.
Kaya bahagi sa pinag-utos ng Korte Suprema tumakbo ka na lang ulit sa 2013.
Hindi tama at hindi makatarungan ‘yon. Tama po ba Rosales councilor Romy Sim?
Kaya naman ngayon, bahagi sa pinag-utos ng Korte Suprema sa COMELEC, habang dinidinig yung kaso, ilagay ang pangalan ni Senator Grace Poe sa balota.
Dahil nasa Balota na ang name na Grace Poe, kandidato na Poe siya para Pangulo.
Sorry na lang doon sa mga nag-effort na i-disqualify si senadora Grace, may kalaban pa rin kayo.
Kandidato si Grace Poe para Pangulo at kandidato rin si Chiz Escudero para vice president kaya araw-araw ang pagpunta nila sa iba’t ibang probinsiya katulad ng Pangasinan.
POE ON SSS VETO. Tatlong puntos ang sinsabi ni aenadora Grace sa isyu ng SSS veto.
 Una, iyong administrative cost ng SSS ay mas mataas.


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