MAGANES: Sycophants?

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I just can’t figure out why the Espino camp has always been calling derogatory names of those media men who are supportive to Mark O. Cojuangco’s gubernatorial bid in the 2016 elections. The latest word being used now by the Espino camp is “sycophants” or “sipsip” in Filipino as if these media men are doing media activities just to please Cojuangco.
To make things clear, media men who are on Cojuangco’s side don’t need to bootlick or flatter him because what he’s been doing are for the good of Pangasinenses. Cojuangco is a leader worth supporting. He has the qualities of a leader that endear him to everybody. In his nine years at the House of Representatives, his name was not tarnished by any accusation of anomaly. He has what it takes to propel the province of Pangasinan to higher progress.
Who are the real “sycophants”? The media men on the side of Governor Amado T. Espino Jr. have been continuously harping good words about him despite the corruption charges against him. They are making “sipsip” to him although they are aware of illegal black sand mining, illegal quarrying, incessant availing of loans, lack of concern to the marginalized sectors in the province. These are the same media men who made “sipsip” to Cojuangco, Abono Partylist Chair Rosendo O. So and many other politicians when Espino and those personalities mentioned earlier were still in good terms.
The media men who support Cojuangco are those who fervently believe his causes and advocacies. Bootlicking is out of context because they don’t need to. Cojuangco knows when he’s being flattered. Media men close to him shall always tell the truth because that’s what he wants- no lies for him, to make the right decisions.
Sycophants are in the like of the media men close to the Espinos. They concoct lies to make their patron smile. They lie to get something in return from Governor Espino. They pretend to support him when in fact they are doing “back door” activities from the other camp to toe the line.
Believe me, I have talked with many politicians who are allied with Cojuangco and told me that these Espino’s media men have approached them telling good words about Cojuangco to the extent of “dropping” Espino’s son of his gubernatorial ambition. These media men don’t know what they are writing and broadcasting. They are projecting “Janus faces” with  double -edged tongues.
Speaking of being “sycophants”, the radio broadcasters of Espino have been saying that only those born in Pangasinan have the right to be the next Governor deriding Cojuangco as not a true Pangasinense. They said Cojuangco is a stranger, a Tarlakenyo, and ergo could not be the next Governor.
But the “anointed son” of Governor Espino who is aspiring for Governor was not born in Pangasinan. He was born in Quezon City making him therefore as not a “true blooded Pangasinense”.
By affinity, he’s a Tarlakenyo having married someone from San Manuel, Tarlac.
I could not understand the logic why they kept on capitalizing on where a candidate was born. Cojuangco is a Pangasinense, period. He has been residing in Labayug, Sison since 1967. He has served 5th District as a representative for nine years. He was one of the instruments in catapulting Governor Espino to his power for three elections. Branding him as a non-Pangasinense is a mockery to the Pangasinenses who believe on him.

With the reality that Governor Espino’s son was not born in Pangasinan, Cojuangco is then in equal footing with him. Espino’s camp has been estopped to what they have been saying that “only those born in Pangasinan” have the right to serve the province.
Now they are back tracking on their statements saying that the parents of the son were born in Pangasinan. Hey! You make me laugh. The issue is: Was the son born in Pangasinan? No.
Aside from that issue, media men of Espino are telling that those who are not born in Pangasinan have no right to sing the Pangasinan Hymn referring to the line of the hymn “Luyag kong niyanakan” (The province where I was born). Espino’s son therefore has no right also to sing the Pangasinan Hymn.
Since these media men have to “bootlicked” their patron, they have gone above board and lacked the wisdom to know the truth regarding the circumstances of the birth of the = gubernatorial candidate they are supporting.
What a bull…!
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