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FIRECRACKER ZONE:People buy firecrackers at a stall at the designated firecracker zone in Dagupan City.CESAR RAMIREZ

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Poe still on the ballot

Commission on Elections chair Dean Andres Bautista clarified that Senator Grace Poe is still on the official list of candidates for president for the 2016 national elections.grace poe

“Right now, her (Grace Poe) name is on the ballot as we speak. She is still in the list,” Bautista said during an interview after the Comelec en banc came out with its promulgation against Poe’ Certificate of Candidacy.

Poe, in a statement, said  she was confident that the Supreme Court will give the Filipino their right to choose the next president of the Philippines.

“We will follow the process and the next and final battleground is in the Supreme Court,” said Ms. Poe in a statement. She said she was not surprised with the decision and remains undaunted by it.

“I am a Filipino and qualified to offer myself as president of our country,” she said. “The Comelec cannot deprive our people of their right to choose our next leader.”

“Until the high tribunal’s final ruling is out, I remain a candidate for President of the Filipino people.”

Poe strongly believes that the Supreme Court will the uphold the genuine democratic elections where the right of the people to choose is guaranteed.

“We are confident that, giving due consideration to the strong evidence, jurisprudence and pertinent principles and precepts, the Justices will uphold our cause and the right of the people to a genuine choice in the elections,” Poe said. (more…)

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ORTIGOZA: Why the Espinos could not pole vault Bautista town

During luncheons hosted by top officials, it disgusted me to see some members of the media surreptitiously whisking some plastic bags from their pockets and shamelessly putting some foods ordered by the host for  them whenever there is a press conference held in some fancy restaurants.
Although these malpractices are assailable, I still hold my horses not to chide them since they seem to have propriety not to pocket the table utensils of the restaurant.
Son of a gun, that would be theft and entails a jail sentence of probably more than four years ha ha ha.
I was just happy to see drank media colleagues in a fisticuffs because they quarrel about somebody hiding the head of a “lechon” pig head in a knapsack.
With every Christmas parties being celebrated every day and night by national and local government offices particularly these days, I was at a party of a city police station where foods, booze, band music, and gifts overflowed.
“We slaughtered a cow and roasted pigs for this occasion,” the deputy of police told me and some media men.
“Despite the sea of police men and their frolicking families, the revelry is orderly,” I told him.
He said he got a lesson last Christmas that embarrassed him so much.
“When I entered the (police) station I saw a big lechon carried by those who roasted it at the main door. I saw them put the roasted pig at the table inside. When I went at the back to entertain the mayor, I asked a cop to bring the lechon at our table so the mayor could pick the crackling and delectable pig skin. I was “horrified” seeing the pig staring at us probably feeling sorry as it was almost gone except its skeleton,” he narrated.
I asked him why the swine’s meat had been ransacked. He said police men, when they saw the inviting roasted animal hustled and jostled with each other by pulling or slicing the meat and filled it in their plastic bags so they stock them for their next meal at home.
“Nag balkot (Pangasinan derisive term for wrapping)!” he sadly concluded.
Media men working with Pangasinan Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr have been using as “Exhibit” the 3rd Class Sison town located at the outermost part of Pangasinan.
“Mark and Kimi Cojuangco have been a resident of this town and they have been a congressman for a while but look at Sison, it is not thriving,” these media men have been bitching and bellyaching Ad Nauseam on radio and newspapers.
For me, even Sison is run by Superman or business magnate Donald Trump, it could not be burgeoned like first class towns Calasiao, Mangaldan, and Sta. Barbara.
Why? Sison’s economies – of- scale are not at par with these municipalities.
Why Ginebra San Miguel and RC Cola put plants in Barangays Tebag and Marunong in Sta. Barbara and pay the public coffer with P21 million, P8 million business and real property taxes every year, respectively?
ANSWER: Sta. Barbara has been strategically located at the center of Pangasinan where they can efficiently distribute their goods to their customers in and outside of the province.


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Foreign fishing vessels poach on local fishermen’s payaw

By Yolanda Sotelo
SUAL,  _ Foreign fishing vessels which used to poach on the Philippines’ coral reef areas are already invading the payaw (artificial reef areas) put up by Filipino fishermen.
During the 27th fishery forum of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, fishermen from Bolinao complained about unmarked fishing vessels that flock to the payaw areas at night, using “superlights” or fishing light attractors.
The payaw are fish aggregating devices consisting of a floating raft anchored by weighted line with suspended materials like palm fronds to attach fish.
“Because they are so many and they use superlights, it looks like there is a city or  fair (peryahan) in the sea,” Vicente Ariesgado, 45, a commercial  boat captain from Bolinao, said.
While unmarked and have no flag to identify their countries of origin, the fishermen said the vessels could be owned by Vietnamese and Chinese fishermen because “they looked like the vessels we used to see at Scarborough Shoal.”
“We cannot fish anymore at Scarborough and now, they are invading even our artificial reefs,” Virgilio Jordan, 38, also a commercial fishing vessel captain.
The local fishermen, who claimed they are familiar with the make of the  foreign CFVs, said they could not compete with the foreign fishermen.
“Barko ang gamit nila, kami bangka (they use ship, we use boats),”  Ariesgardo said.
Neither could they communicate with the foreigners “because we could not understand each other.”
Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Ilocos Regional Director Nestor Domenden said the BFAR officials have discussed the problem with the Philippine Navy and the Coast Guard, after reports reached him of the presence of 35-40 foreign CFVs off Ilocos Norte.
“We are acting on the problem,” he said.  The Philippines is a signatory to an international plan of action adopted by the Food and Agriculture Organization against Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported Fishing (IUUF).
Since the foreign vessels have no flags, they are violating laws against IUUF.
 “The solution won’t be immediate. Maybe it will take months but when we are able to identify the CFVs and report them, their countries’ departments on fishery would have to take action against the CFV operators,” Domenden said.
The BFAR was able to get markings on some boats but would need to verify the language used.
Ariesgado said there are around 50 foreign commercial fishing vessels that poach in the West Philippine Sea.
“They have increased in number this year, and there are plenty of them now because these months are season to catch yellow fin and blue marlin,” Jordan said.
The payaw were established by Filipino private CFV owners some 30 nautical miles from the shore of Bolinao, the fishermen said.
Though privately owned, the local fishermen are allowed to catch fish in the payao areas as long as they use hook and line locally known as kawil.
The BFAR allows only kawil as instruments to catch fish in the payao areas as it is a sustainable means to catch fish, Domenden said.
But the foreign CFVs use superlights as many as 16 (eight on each side of the CFVs) to attract the fish and then use trawls to haul the fish.
“They have efficient means to catch fish, which leave us nothing to catch,” Sigfredo Ybanez, 50, also a CFV master, complained.
“Superlights”  or fishing light attractors are fishing aids that attract both fish and members of their food chain to specific areas in
order to harvest them.


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