MAGANES: Enough of twisted truth and lies!

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The mouthpieces of Governor Amado T. Espino Jr. in their paid broadcasts over the radio stations in Dagupan City have the penchant of concocting issues and twisting truth just to appease the ego of their benefactor. What is amusing is their incessant display of braggadocio against the anchors of programs of Mark O. Cojuangco. When they run out of issues against Cojuangco, they turn their ires to them, calling them “names” with the intention to degrade them and make them as laughing stock of their listeners.
But those practices of Espino’s camp put them at the losing end. Their listeners shifted to the programs associated with Cojuangco, saying they could no longer stomach the “gutter words” that are being used over the air lanes. These supposed media practitioners have apparently lost their broadcast ethics that they could no longer differential issues from personal tirades.
I have always been urging my media colleagues to raise their levels of commentaries- no personal attacks and to stick to issues that concerned public interests.

Of the many issues that were hurled against the administration of Governor Espino, what interested me no end is the “illegal black sand mining” that was done in the four villages of Lingayen namely Estanza, Sabangan, Capandanan and Malimpuec. I have been continuously commenting about the said illegal activity because the Espino administration kept on denying of its existence in spite of the fact that numerous documents have attested that it happened.

Why do the radio anchors of Espino twist the truth? Why do they keep on telling their listeners that the said issue on illegal black sand mining is a mere political agenda designed to tarnish the ” good name” of Espino? Simply because the illegal black sand mining issue and other related activities have already penetrated the core of awareness of every Pangasinense. Wherever you go within the breadth of the province, every Juan and Maria are already aware of it that it has been a favorite discussion during lull times of Pangasinenses.

Is the illegal black sand mining a political issue agains Espino? Was it used in 2013 election as an issue to defame his dignity? What’s the relevance of it in this coming political exercise?

I personally see the illegal black sand mining as an issue on how a public official has the nerve to destroy the natural resources in exchange of money. At first, Espino and his erstwhile provincial administrator kept on defending themselves that the “black sand” was accidentally discovered because of a proposed 18-hole international standard golf course project. They said the black sand had to be removed in order for turf grasses to grow. I can’t really believe reasoning. If indeed that was the reason of black sand mining, then why do they have to enter into contract with bogus mining operators- Alexandra Mining and Xypher Builders that has operated for years with complete mining equipment including an extraction machine?
The worst, those contracts were not sanctioned by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan whose members became deaf sand mute at the height of the illegal black sand mining issue.

The crux of the truth came when the Office of the Ombudsman has issued its decision in 2014 indicting Espino, the officers of the mining contractors, Provincial Administrator Rafael Baraan and Alvin Bigay of Housing and Urban Development Office for violating Section 3(e) of Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act. Baraan and Bigay were administratively charged and both were dismissed from the government service with additional penalties of perpetual disqualification to enter the government service, forfeiture of benefits and cancellation of eligibilities and licenses. They were also included in the criminal aspect of the case which is under the jurisdiction of the Sandiganbayan.

In 2013, the case was not yet investigated by the Office of the Ombudsman. During the election campaign in that year, the issue has not reached its momentum and besides Mark and his wife Kimi, Engr. Rosendo So of Abono Partylist, Congressman Jesus Celeste, MECO Chair Amadeo R. Perez Jr. and countless of Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) and Biskeg na Pangasinan members were the ones parrying off the issue against Espino.

The truth about the illegal black sand mining has come out. The Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) of DENR has issued a confiscation order on May 15, 2015 of the 9,8533 cubic meters of black sand that were stockpiled in Sabangan village in Lingayen. There’s indeed truth to it, but until now the Espino administration kept on denying the issue, to the extent of twisting the truth on the existence of documents. A simple test to counter their lies is this: Where are Baraan and Bigay now? Are they still working in the provincial government? Poor two good men! They allowed themselves to be used to further the bloated ego for power of their boss-Governor Espino.

If I were the media consultant of Governord Espino, I will pull out the infomercial regarding the denial of ” illegal black sand mining” in Pangasinan. The more they make denials about it, the more that the Pangasinenses will heighten their eagerness to explore its existence. And if uncovered to be true by them, the more that Espino will be stuck in a deeper controversy. The rushing in of more controversies against him will undoubtedly put him in a losing end- personally and his political career.

Why twist the truth when they could answer the issues on high level arguments and commentaries?

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