MAGANES: Running for governor of Pangasinan

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Yes Brando Cortez! Not in my wildest dreams that I will see myself one day running against two big names in Pangasinan politics. Not in my dreams also that I will run as governor of Pangasinan, although I have worked with political titans, the father and son-Aguedo and Victor Agbayani.

We all know in Pangasinan that in the 2016 elections, former 5th District Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco will be pitted against the son and namesake of Governor Amado T. Espino Jr. We are also aware that over radios and in local weeklies, Cojuangcco and Espino are the subjects of commentaries. And we all know that the Espinos and Cojuangcos are political allies before their ties were severed due to political differences.

:NEWSMAN Virgilio Maganes submits his certificate of candidacy for governor to Lawyer Marino Salas, Comelec provincial election supervisor, in Dagupan City last October 16.CESAR RAMIREZ

:NEWSMAN Virgilio Maganes submits his certificate of candidacy for governor to Lawyer Marino Salas, Comelec provincial election supervisor, in Dagupan City last October 16.CESAR RAMIREZ

Espino, his sons and political allies in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan bolted the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) chaired by Cojuangco. Maybe Espino thought that being at the helm of the province of Pangasinan, it was easy to join a political party during the filing of certificates of candidacy.

It was not! He desperately scouted for a party that will issue a certificate of nomination and acceptance (CONA) for him, his son and political allies. He organized in haste a political group “Partido na Pangasinan”, but fell short of registering it and getting accreditation from the Commission on Election (Comelec).

Last October 13, Espino’s son filed his certificate of candidacy as governor of Pangasinan while the elder Espino filed as a representative of 5th District who will be running against incumbent 5th District Rep. Kimi S. Cojuangco. The father and son were given certificates of nomination and acceptance (CONA) by the National Unity Party (NUP).

Espino was not aware, however, that NUP has issued earlier a CONA to this columnist as governor earlier than them.

On October 16, the last day of filing the certificates of candidacy, this columnist and his group filed their candidacies using NUP’s CONA. However, Espino learned of the move that will invalidate their CONAs, that’s why he looked for other political parties to issue CONAs to them. And indeed, he found one -the Aksyon Demokratiko, a political party founded by the late Senator Raul Roco but has been dormant for years.

So I am running for Governor? Yes! There is now a move for NUP to have an alliance with NPC and wait for the development in the coming days. Apparently, Espino and his son do not belong to NUP.

I am the official candidate of NUP, no more, no less and I thank the party for its trust and confidence on me as opposed to a powerful politician like Governor Espino, a provincial leader who out rightly said over the radio that he did not know me and has not seen yet my face. I am glad that a nameless broadcaster and news writer was selected as a
candidate over the son of Espino. LOL!

Can you guess what will be our next move at the NUP group? You will know it at the right time.

When gubernatorial aspirant Mark O. Cojuangco, vice gubernatorial aspirant Mark Roy Macanlalay, Rep. Kimi S. Cojuangco and Board Member aspirants of NPC filed their certificates of candidacy at the Pangasinan Comelec Office in Dagupan City, they were met with hordes of supporters coming from the many towns of Pangasinan. The overwhelming support to them is already a sign that NPC candidates will dominate the polls in the province in 2016.

That show of support was the subject of tirades by the mouthpieces of Espino over the radio telling lies that they were paid and hauled from their towns. How dare that these broadcasters have the nerve to speculate on such thing? The support of people surprised the Cojuangcos. They were not aware of such move.

It was a move initiated by the political leaders in the various towns of Pangasinan to show their love and care to the NPC and Biskeg na Pangasinan candidates.

One of the kibitzers who was with the supporters said that with that show of peoples’ support, Cojuangco is already the run away winner in the gubernatorial post in 2016 including with his running mate vice gubernatorial aspirant Mark Roy Macanlalay.

What’s admirable with Cojuangco during that day was his simplicity. He wore just an ordinary checkered polo shirt matched with a blue denim. He went around among his supporters and shook hands with them amid shouts and laughter. He was like a celebrity around the Comelec office where supporters took turns in having photo selfies or groupies with him.

If that’s not a total popularity on his candidacy, then what is it?

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