MAGANES: Senseless cause of ‘pseudo-environmentalists’

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virLately, the road widening project along the Manila North
Road (MNR) figured again in a controversy when the
Department of Highways and Public Works (DPWH)
through the contractor RA Pahati Construction and Supply
Inc. was given a new permit by the Department of Environment
and Natural Resources (DENR) to cut down at least 181
dead and dying trees.
The action of DPWH and
DENR has called the attention
of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan(
SP), thus it again invited the
officials of both agencies to shed
light on the matter during its session
last September 28 in
Lingayen. Through 6th District
Board Member Alfonso C. Bince
Jr., SP’s stand is to oppose the
cutting of the remaining 589 trees.
It will be recalled that the
road widening project along
MNR that stretch from Carmen
to Sison town was given a permit
by DENR to cut down 1,900
trees. However, the permit
lapsed in February 2014 leaving
700 trees uncut although most
of them have already been
girdled.Environmentalist groups
came into the picture which the
members of SP took advantage
of and issued a resolution opposing
the cutting of the remaining trees
notwithstanding of the
province’s Environmental Ordinance that
it adheres to the standard width
of national highways
which is 20 meters wide.

Personally, I could not fully
understand the reason or reasons
behind their opposition on
the cutting of trees. Is it because
that the project was lobbied by
2016 gubernatorial aspirant
Mark Cojuangco? Is it because
of the environmentalist groups
that opposed the further cutting
of the trees? Leading the environmentalist
groups are Julie
Senga,Virginia Pasalo and running priest
Roberto Reyes whom
I considered “pseudo-environmentalists”
because they are
not consistent with their actions
in fighting for the protection of
Pangasinan’s environment.
Where are these environmentalists
when the Lingayen
Gulf was raped because of “illegal
black sand mining”? Where
were they when thousands of
standing trees were cut down in
Mangatarem without any permit
from DENR? Where were they
when rivers are illegally being
quarried?What was their action
when five children drowned in
Bugallon because of quarrying
activities that rendered a creek
to have a depth of 14 feet?
What are they fighting for?
As to the SP members,
why have you not issued any
statement on the “illegal black
sand mining” when you were by
passed of not giving authority to
the Governor when it enteredinto
a contract with Xypher Builders?
Why did you not conduct any
investigation in aid of legislation
of the actions of the Governor?
Have you investigated the drowning
of the five children in
The silence of the “pseudo environmentalists”
and the members
of the SP is deafening.
What are they after ? Taking the
statement of Cojuangco, those
opposing the road widening
project along MNR are anti-development
considering that there
are safety nets to replace the
trees to be cut.
The national government
has already allocated in the 2015
General Appropriations P43 million
to buy lots where trees are
to be planted. Is this not enough
that these oppositions and the
SP members will reconsider
their stand on the tree cutting?
Why “politicize” a noble project
that could help solve the occurrence
of road accidents caused
by the falling trees and to facilitate
the flow of traffic and in bringing
agricultural products into the
market areas?
Why don’t we give a
breather for the thousands of
people in the 5th Districtwho are
clamoring for the completion of
the road widening project along
MNR? The municipal governments
in areas where trees have
been and to be cut have already
issued resolutions supporting
the project. They wanted their
towns to be fully developed so
that progress will come in. The
road widening project is funded
by the national government in its
bidto improve national highways
and to be at par with international
My personal call to the
members of SP and the environmentalists:
Why do you have to
subvert the will of the people?
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