KSPP: Key Solutions to Poverty in the Philippines

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By Erwin dela Rosa

Cleanliness is the simplest solution in disease prevention.
When one is clean from soul – heart, mind, and spirit; following the inside-out approach, it follows that from within, this cleanliness becomes evident in the physical.
The physical environment can actually be dirty.
However, a leader that practices a clean as you go culture can actually change an environment.
Sadly, even the thrusts of the DOH gets politicized in the poverty stricken Philippines.
Such patronage inducing activities is a sign of poverty.
It has undertones of the dependency model which traditional politicians lick in order to perpetuate themselves to power.
A pharmacy started that way.
Sad but true.
But what is true when it comes to disease prevention?
Live pure and clean.
HIV/AIDS, HPV and other viruses is avoidable true faithfulness especially in heterosexual relationship.
Clean surroundings prevent dengue, malaria, and other diseases.
The church and the school as institutions must teach such.
The former must stick to faithfulness so as not to desecrate and prostitute itself; and the latter, must teach it in the light of the former referring to the Catholic Church, not the Roman, but the universal; and never by the religion, which encourages polygamy; and, in both, every clergy and teacher must: walk the talk.
KSPP – Key Solutions to Poverty in the Philippines
Honoring and protecting contracts
A contract is an agreement between two or more parties, to perform specific job, often temporary or fixed duration and usually governed by a written agreement.
It is an agreement which the law will enforce in some way. It is a legally binding contract that contains at least one promise.
Keeping this promises and fulfilling contracts by all parties in a contract redounds to economic development in the long run.
Protecting contracts by the government through laws enable economic activity to be undertaken that in the long run leads to the creation of value thus wealth of a nation as a whole.
First though, governments must fulfill its contract to the people – social contract – to provide services and protection. Sadly, still in the Philippines, there are still a many people in government who short charge and surcharge their clients by tardiness, inefficiency, ineffectiveness, selfishness, stealing from its people’s taxes some to the point of what this world calls as plundering all falling in the general terms graft and corruption.
And corruption does not only involve money for that is graft; but rather the heart, mind, and spirit.
A corrupted heart not knowing the Sanctifier, often entertains the devil in moments of non productivity, laziness, idleness and inefficiency, and what follows is a spirit doomed to hell by the consummation of corruption in the form of stealing.
However, there is a transcendent grace found only through faith that converts the corrupted heart into a cleansed core that leads to the renewing of a mind, and a to spirit connected to the Holy Spirit that eventually leads to individual holiness that could be translated to social holiness that brings the greatest good to society.
Imagine such world – ideal to some – but doable and real through faith in a God who by, to, from and through Him nothing is impossible.
KSPP – Key Solutions to Poverty in the Philippines
Any good, product, or value invented, created or manufactured and produced must be protected through patent, copy and/or intellectual rights.
It’s rendering to the inventor, creator and/or maker what is his/her as he/she shares it to the good, convenience and advancement of humanity.
It’s like acknowledging the Creator and not someone else or worst stealing the glory that is supposed to be the Creator’s alone.
It is the Creator who said do not steal and this include the acknowledgment, the patent, the copyright, the intellectual acknowledgment of one’s creation.
Sadly, our country needs more coordination between authorities to stop the proliferation of fake products mostly coming from a particularly country that is claiming the exclusive economic zone that has always been ours.
There are a many copycat and second rate products in our market to include drugs mostly coming from scoundrels from that country.
Almost every product can come out of that country that is in need of so much salvation.
What is needed are professionals and above board professionals with integrity in the police, investigation bureau, trade and industry, international police, customs and the ever vigilant and watchful citizens in the Philippines.
The traitors and consignees who are Filipinos have a place in this world.
KSP – Key Solutions to Poverty in the Philippines
Our exclusive economic zone 200 nautical miles from our sovereignty is under threat.
The need to arm our Navy and Air Force is a must.
We have been overtaxed as citizens, however, much is lost to legislators who are nothing but politicos rather that statesmen and women legislators.
Even the simplest procurement by graduates of elite military schools does not know the cost of a second hand and brand new helicopter.
A culture of corruption is indeed a cancer – a rust or smut – a fungi that corrodes a once decent naval gunship or a fighter.
We could have had a fleet now have we not allowed legislators to squander a vast resource and reward them with impunity through cheap lawyers and justices.
The protection of Philippine interests actually rights to its sees and from invasion is a duty of every able bodied Filipino that is above and beyond self-interest.
In the order of objectives, protection from foreign invasion is on top.
While the AFP is mandated to do this there is a clear and present danger when corrupted homosexuals and easy going people distort and discourage scouting, ROTC, and National Service Training.
The proper conduct of such within bounds with a sense of duty and service has always been a must in this nation doing away with a corrupt culture.
KSPP – Key Solutions to Poverty in the Philippines
The Avoidance of war through War
Former President Fidel V. Ramos, an alumnus of the United States Military Academy, once said in an interview that those who are thinking of war against China must exile themselves.
A former commander-in-chief and an EDSA hero who is part of the gray line where McArthur, Eisenhower, and Patton once trod gives a profound wisdom with his answer to that interview – the avoidance of war and conflict.
War is costly – financially and most of all it costs life both from once troop and that of the enemies.

At all costs it must be avoided and should only be the last resort.
War torn countries aside from those ravaged from both diabolic World Wars I and II – those that have ideological wars – Koreas, Boznia, Serbia, Kosovo, etc. – those with armed militias – Sudan, Congo, Rwanda, Mindanao in the Philippines – has never tasted far and true economic prosperity because of their war.
War with nations should always be avoided.
However, one must note that one is always in a state of war against the principles of evil – pride, selfishness, avarice and greed, conceit, etc. all the principalities of darkness in the individual level.
One is also at war with the evil principalities in a group, organization, community, province, and nation – and the common enemy is the devil in the form of: corruption.
But this has all been won in the highest form off warfare: spiritual.
“Like all Xhosa children, I acquired knowledge mainly through observation. We were meant to learn through imitation and emulation, not questions. When I first visited the homes of whites, I was often dumbfounded by the number and nature of questions that children asked their parents – and their parents’ willingness to answer them. In my household, questions were considered a nuisance; adults imparted information as they considered necessary. ” – Nelson Mandela
“I will punish the world for its evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; I will put an end to the pomp of the arrogant, and lay low the pompous pride of the ruthless.” – Isaiah 13:11, English Standard Version
“May the offspring of evildoers nevermore be named!” – Isaiah 14:20, English Standard Version


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