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LP to adopt Mark – Lambino

DAGUPAN CITY – Less than a week before the filing of candidacies for the 2016 elections, the Liberal Party still has to announce its bet for the gubernatorial and vice gubernatorial races in the vote-rich province of Pangasinan.

FINAL CHECK. Gubernatorial aspirant Mark Cojuangco checks the final preparations for the birthday party for his political supporters.

FINAL CHECK. Gubernatorial aspirant Mark Cojuangco checks the final preparations for the birthday party for his political supporters.

Former Vice Governor Oscar Lambino, LP Pangasinan provincial vice chair, said there were no official announcements yet, but since LP has a coalition with the Nationalist People’s Coalition at the national level, the LP is likely to adopt former fifth district Rep. Mark Cojuangco, a gubernatorial candidate.
“In deference to (former) Ambassador Eduardo Cojuangco, the LP would adopt Mark,” Lambino said through a phone interview.
Pangasinan has one of the biggest voting population in the county and is “courted” by national candidates every election.
The LP also has only three congressional candidates who are all incumbents – Leopoldo Bataoil of the second district (a new member), Rosemary Arenas of the second district and Gina de Venecia of the fourth district.
It has no candidates as yet in the first, fifth and sixth districts where incumbent congressmen are NPC members.
LP members claim to be at a loss as they still have no certificates of nomination and acceptance from the LP.
Bugallon Vice Mayor Rodrigo Orduna said he and other party members have not been invited to any meetings or conventions of the party. (more…)

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NPC, Biskeg members unite

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

POWER HOUSE. Members of the Nationalist People's Coalition and the Biskeg na Pangasinan pose for posterity before the party gubernatorial aspirant Mark Cojuangaco and his running mate Calasiao Mayor Mark Macanlalay distributed certificates of nomination and acceptance. LOEJAN ANUDON

POWER HOUSE. Members of the Nationalist People’s Coalition and the Biskeg na Pangasinan pose for posterity before the party gubernatorial aspirant Mark Cojuangaco and his running mate Calasiao Mayor Mark Macanlalay distributed certificates of nomination and acceptance. LOEJAN ANUDON

SISON- Gubernatorial aspirant Mark Cojuangco personally handed the certificates of nomination and acceptance to members of the Nationalist People’s Coalition and Biskeg na Pangasinan on Saturday night.
FULL SUPPORT. Manila Economic Cooperation Office Chair Amadeo Perez Jr. is all out in his support for Mark Cojuangco and Mark Macanlalay.

FULL SUPPORT. Manila Economic Cooperation Office Chair Amadeo Perez Jr. is all out in his support for Mark Cojuangco and Mark Macanlalay.

The affair was also Cojuangco’s 58th birthday celebration held at the courtyard of the Cojuangco’s residence in this eastern Pangasinan town. It was his “blow-out” for municipal/city mayors and vice mayors who are running under the two parties.

Cojuangco is the provincial chair of the NPC which his father, former Ambassador Eduardo Cojuangco founded; and the chair of local party Biskeg na Pangasinan.

Cojuangco’s birthday was actually last October 6 but he chose to celebrate it by visiting schools and villages to be with students, farmers, senior citizens and other sectors.

The celebration in Sison was happy and exciting with music provided by EC Jammers Orchestra.

In attendance was political patriarch of 5th District and Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) Chair Amadeo R. Perez Jr.

The Conas of the party members were distributed in time for the filing of certificates of candidacies on October 12 to 16 as scheduled by the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

Vice gubernatorial aspirant Mark Roy Macanlalay urged the members of NPC and Biskeg to rally behind the gubernatorial bid of Cojuangco as he sees him as the best leader of Pangasinan that could propel its progress.

Macanlalay reiterated also his call for their support to his vice gubernatorial bid.

Alaminos City Arturo “Art” Celeste lauded the members of the two parties for uniting behind the gubernatorial bid and vice gubernatorial bid of Cojungco and Macanlalay, respectively.

“With our numbers, we will not fail in our quest for victories in 2016 elections. But we have to work harder and ensure the victory of Mark,” he said.

Celeste took a swipe on Governor (Amado) Espino Jr. for calling him and his brother 1st District Rep. Jesus “Boying” Celeste as “bakes”, a local word for monkey.

” When we were still allies and friends, Espino called me with endearing words like “ading” (a little brother) and “Bok” ( word of endearment of close friends) but now he just called me and my brother “bakes”. Who looks more of “bakes” between us? Maybe, I am a more handsome “bakes”,” Celeste said.

MECO Chair Perez chided the media group of Espino for airing his previous statements during last year’s Cojuangco’s birthday celebration.

He said his words have been spliced losing their contents just to score against Cojuangco.

“It’s true that I was the one who prodded Mark to run for governor because I believe that he can replicate the programs and projects he had accomplished in the 5th District. I told him that if he can do it in the District, then he can help in bringing development in the whole province,” Perez said.

Perez also said that with Cojuangco, Pangasinenses will be assured that the province’s money will be spent efficiently as he is not a corrupt official.

“Look at your towns and villages, what projects BMW (buhok mo wig) have done? None! Yes, he renovated the Capitol, hospital, Urduja Building but contracted by his favored contractors and earned from them. I was told he’s receiving P30 million a month payola from “jueteng”,” Perez said.

BMW is a moniker coined by Perez referring to Espino who dons a toupee (wig) in retaliation of calling the Celestes “bakes”.

In his response, Cojuangco thanked his guests and well wishers and assured them of the support of NPC and Biskeg to ensure their victories in 2016 elections. (more…)

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EDITORIAL: Pagmamahal sa kalikasan?

Mahigit ng walong taon sa panunungkulan ni Gobernador Amado T. Espino Jr. sa kanyang puwesto, Pero mayron ba siyan ginawang malalaking hakbang para pangalagahan ang kalikasan? Bagamat inilunsad niya yong ” Ilog ko, Aroen ko”, ang programang ito ay hindi naisagawang pangmalawakan sa buong lalawigan.

Marami ang nagtataka kung bakit sa tinagal-tagal niya bilang gobernador ng Pangasinan, ngayon lang niya naisipan ang magsagawa ng kaunaunahang ” Environmental Summit” para pag-uusapan ang kahalagahan ng kalikasan at kapaligiran.

Ang ” environmental summit” ay ginanap noong Oktubre 8 sa Sison Auditorium sa Lingayen na dinaluhan ng mga kawani ng Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), mga lokal na opisyal, mga nabigyan ng “quarry permits” at iba pa. Ano nga ba ang pinag-usapan sa summit? Tinalakay ba ng masinsinan ang kalagayan ng kalikasan at kapaligiran ng lalawigang Pangasinan?

Itinaon ang pagsagawa ng “summit” sa kasagsagan ng isyu tungkol sa ilegal na pagmimina ng “black sand” sa Lingayen na kung saan ang gobernador mismo ang pangunahing personalidad sa kasong naisampa sa Office of the Ombudsman. (more…)

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MAGANES: Partido na Pangasinan?

Governor Amado T. Espino Jr. held an organizational meeting of what is s supposedly a political overhaul under his administration, that is, the launching of his Partido na Pangasinan.

This was his answer to speculations that he and his namesake son were rejected by the Liberal Party in his attempt to be included in the administration candidates for the 2016 elections. Espino, in a press statement, denied that he approached the Liberal Party for membership.

Many Pangasinenses are asking. Why Partido na Pangasinan? Is it registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and accredited by Commission on Election (Comelec) as a local political party? What are the objectives of the said organization ? The way I look at it, Partido na Pangasinan was organized in haste just in time for the filing of certificates of candidacy of those running for political positions in 2016 election. Why the haste?

The new group ( not yet a political party) has Governor Espino as the chairman and 2nd District Rep. Leopoldo Bataoil as president. It has ten incumbent Board Members: Liberato Villegas (4th District), Danilo Uy (5th District), Alfonso Bince Jr. (6th District), Ranjit Shahani (6th District), Raul Sison (2nd District), Nestor Reyes (2nd District, Gener Tulagan Jr. (3rd District), Angel Baniqued Jr. (3rd District), Councilors’ League Prexy Sheila Perez and Liga ng Barangay Prexy Amado I. Espino III. Under its list are seven mayors and some vice mayors and councilors who are running for posts in 2016 elections.

It will be recalled that Espino bolted Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) last July 2014 after its provincial chairman Mark Cojuangco announced his intention to run as governor of Pangasinan. That announcement triggered the other members of the party to resign invoking that they were not consulted on Cojuangco’s action.

However, Cojuangco said Espino had been aware of his plan as it was their consensus and agreement that after Espino’s term, one of the Pangasinan’s congressmen in their group will succeed him. Espino, who will be on his last term on June 30, 2016, denied there was such agreement.

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Macanlalay: Cojuangco to address flooding problem

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

CALASIAO – The mayor here hoped that the victory of former Congressman Mark O. Cojuangco will usher the solution for the perennial flooding that haunts this town.
Mayor Mark Roy Macanlalay said one of the solutions Cojuangco espouses to solve the flooding here and some parts of the province is the use of the LiDAR Technology.

ONE IN A MILLION. A supporter hugs Calasiao Mayor Mark Roy Macanlalay when he mimicked Larry Graham’s musical opus
“One in a Million” in one of the powwows in the
huge Pangasinan province. Macanlalay eyes the
vice gubernatorial post in the Northern Luzon

LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging. It is, according to the U.S National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges or variable distances to the earth. These light pulses—combined with other data recorded by the airborne system— generate precise, three-dimensional information about the shape of the earth and its surface characteristics.
“Iyan na nakukuha mo iyong terrain ng lupa makikita mo kung saang lugar ang malalim at saang lugar ang mataas. At doon mo makikita kung paano ang magiging takbo ng tubig, kung saan ang daloy ng tubig. I-simulate mo na lang doon ang isang tubig baha. So makikita mo mababaw na parte,” he explained.

Macanlalay said in other countries, officials there look for the lowest terrain where they excavate a huge hole to catch the flood.
Cojuangco called this as stilling of water technique. This technique of excavating a wide land area to catch large volume of water would help control flooding.

Although huge excavation is new in the Philippines, it has been done in other countries like Mainland China, he said.
“It is like a coffee in a mug, after you stirred it you can see the ingredients like sugar, cream, coffee bottoming down. They are like the soils brought by the flood,” he said.
If there is less silt that goes into the river bed, the more it can help mitigate the flooding in the community.
Cojuangco said the other solutions to help solve the massive flooding in Central Pangasinan are dredging, resettlement of illegal settlers on the river banks, and expansion of waterways.
Bigger water ways, he said, means large volume of water can be accommodated. The former congressman of Pangasinan said these expanded water ways could arrest flooding in areas near the rivers.
Macanlalay said during tropical storm Egay last July, 17 of the villages here were affected. (more…)

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VM Orduña: I will support Cojuangco

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

DAGUPAN- Bugallon Vice Mayor Rodrigo “Ric” Orduña, a Liberal Party member, said he was supporting former fifth district Rep. Mark Cojuangco for Pangasinan’s gubernatorial post.

This he said over a phone patch interview over DWPR’s “On your Marks, 2nd Edition” program last October 7 amid speculations that Governor Amado Espino Jr. and his son and namesake are eyeing membership with the Liberal Party.

Orduña expressed his disgust that he never heard a word from the local leaders of Liberal Party headed by former Governor Victor Agbayani especially that the filing of certificates of candidacy for those running for elective posts in 2016 election will start on October 12 until October 16.

” I have not heard anything from former Governor Agbayani about the plans of Liberal Party. I still believe that Agbayani is the provincial chairman of the party but he is still silent. I have not contacted himyet,” Orduña said.

He said he heard from Espino’s supporters that they are now members of the Liberal Party but have yet to know whether they have taken their oath as members.

“If that will be the case, I will resign from the party. However, they should explain to us members their basis of accepting them. I put my life at risk when I filed a plunder case on jueteng kickbacks against Espino in 2012 and the Liberal Party has supported me,” he said. (more…)

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San Fabian lures tourists, illegal fishers

By Yolanda Sotelo
SAN FABIAN – There must be something about this coastal town which attracts tourists, beach lovers, giant sea creatures, and uncrupulous fishermen.

 ATTRACTION.  San Fabian's beautiful beach attracts tourists and rich fishing grounds attracts both legal and illegal fishers. WILLIE LOMIBAO

ATTRACTION. San Fabian’s beautiful beach attracts tourists and rich fishing grounds attracts both legal and illegal fishers. WILLIE LOMIBAO

All are welcome, Mayor Constante Agbayani says, except the fishermen who come with illegal fishing gears, explosives and other destructive means to catch fish that abound in the town’s sea space.
The beach goers and tourists are lured by the calm and shallow water of the beach.
The giant sea creatures like whale sharks regularly come to graze whenever the gulf is teeming with tiny fish and shrimps (acetes).
The town is gifted by nature with wide space of sea where seagrass thrive, and which serve as breeding ground for marine animals, Ilocos Regional Director Nestor Domenden of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources says.
The abundant seagrass provide another livelihood for the coastal residents who gather the grasses and sell them to manufacturers of either feeds, cosmetics, food or medicines.
But the marine resources are threatened by the fishermen who have no qualms about destroying the marine environment for easy catch and cash.
“Sometimes the improvised explosives are so strong that the residents feel the earth shake under them, sending shivers down the spine of tourists and residents alike.
Ridding the town of illegal activities is a big challenge that the local officials and law enforcers face.
On Monday, Agbayani met with illegal fishermen (“yes, we are able to identify them,” he says), to order them to stop the environmentally destructive means of fishing.
“I told them that if caught with blasted fish, they will be apprehended and handcuffed when they reach the shore,” he said.
But the gulf is a free-for-all sea space, and fishermen from other towns “encroach” on fishing grounds of other municipalities.
Worse, some of them are backed up by police and military officials, some of them retired and some in active service, a police official from the town says.
The official, who requested not to be named, says a retired police official from nearby Rosario, La Union town, used to operate three trawl fishing boat, a destructive means of fishing. “But perhaps he could not stand the ‘heat’ anymore and sold two of his boats.”
(Trawls are destructive because the nets captures everything on its way, including the fingerlings.)
There was also a fishery law enforcement officer of the town who “turned-coat” and, instead of apprehending illegal fishers, “would come down the boat with vat-full of blasted fish.” He has hence been dismissed from service.
While trawls may be expensive, explosives used to blast the fish are easy to make and the materials are easy to acquire. All that are needed are potassium which can be bought from agricultural supply store, empty bottles and blasting caps. Some fishermen themselves manufacture the explosives and would teach anyone who cares to learn.
The illegal fishers may not be armed but they can use the explosive to threaten law enforcers, Domenden says.
He cited an experience of BFAR law enforcement team who tried to come near a boat used for illegal fishing in Ilocos Norte. The fishermen threatened them with the explosive.
Luckily, the law enforcement team was able to sureptitiously take photos of the boat, those aboard it, and the explosives. The boat was even registered under the BoatR, a registration system of the BFAR of all fishing vessels.
To stop illegal activities at sea, “what is needed are law enforcers who wont succumb to temptations, and more resources like fast boats,” Agbayani says.
The Philippine Navy patrolled the coastal area in 2013, with illegal fishers shuning the town.
But the navy has stopped its patrol so its happy days again for the illegal fishers.
The Philippine Coast Guard plans to establish a station in the town, with the local government donating a 200 square meter lot for the purpose.
There are actually coast guards manning San Fabian but they do not have a boat to go after vessels used for unlawful activities at sea.
Agbayani says it was the staff of the town’s disaster risk reduction and management council who patrol the coastal area, but since they have no speed boat, the vessels they are after have usually sped off when they reach the area where explosion was heard.
The illegal fishermen leave a marker like buoys in the explosion area then return when the law enforcers have left.
What should be done is to gather all the blasted fish so the fishermen would return to nothing, Domenden says.
“Do this for five months and the illegal fishermen would have no income, no money to buy gasoline for their boats, and may stop the nefarious activities,” he says.
The BFAR Ilocos Region has new ten patrol boats for patrolling the Lingayen Gulf and part of the West Philippine Sea, Domenden said. Some BFAR employees were trained on marine law enforcement. The teams manning the boats however, cannot apprehend marine law breakers unless they (teams) are accompanied by police.
What the team can do is talk with the illegal fishers, and ask them to report to the BFAR.
“If they return to their illegal activities, their boats would be confiscated by the authorities,” Domenden said.
Visibility of law enforcers is a deterent to marine crime, Domenden said, citing the comments of illegal fishers that when the BFAR patrol boats are visible, they do not dare use illegal means to fish. (more…)

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DTI to OFWs: Avoid unlicensed cargo shippers

DAGUPAN CITY – The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) here advised the public particularly overseas workers to send their balikbayan boxes only to accredited cargo forwarders to avoid becoming victims of unlicensed shippers.

Marjury Lorezco, chief of trade industry development specialist of DTI-Pangasinan, said overseas workers should know the local accredited counterpart of the foreign freight forwarders to whom they are sending their packages to ensure that their balikbayan boxes will be delivered to their consignor.

“DTI advised all the shippers not to transact with freight forwarders who offer shipping fees lower than the standard rates ranging from US$70 to 80 depending on the size of the package,” she said during the “Pantongtongan Tayo” radio program of Philippine Information Agency (PIA)-Pangasinan aired on Tuesday.

Lorezco said one of the problems for non-delivery of cargo shipments is that foreign consolidators often fail to remit collected charges to their freight forwarders in the Philippines which results to stockpiling of boxes on port areas under the jurisdiction of Bureau of Customs (BOC).

She reminded all shippers to always monitor the movement of their cargo from the origin to destination to ensure that is being shipped and delivered.

Loresco said to ensure that the cargo reach its destination, shippers should keep their transport documents ensuring that the name and contact details of the forwarder’s agent in the Philippines were clearly indicated in their receipts. (more…)

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Youth orchestra members start training

DAGUPAN CITY – Members of the Dagupan Youth Orchestra have started learning the fundamentals of string playing under the guidance of Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra bassoonist Pong Mendoza.
Around 45 of these young boys and girls aged 10-16 compose the first batch as 100 or more are needed to comprise the Dagupan Youth Orchestra. The training is free and the instruments are provided by the city.
Gerard Salonga a conductor, musical arranger, orchestrator and musical director and founder, musical director and conductor of FILharmoniKA, a symphony orchestra in the Philippines, lauded the program and the children in his message. (more…)

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Mark to teachers: Continue your noble profession

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

ROSALES- Pangasinan’s gubernatorial aspirant Mark O. Cojuangco drew cheers and appreciation from 9,000 teachers of DepEd Pangasinan Division II when he attended the World Teachers Day celebration last October 3 held at the grounds of SM City Rosales here.

Cojuangco, who represented 5th District Rep. Kimi S. Cojuangco, lauded the teachers for their contribution in nation building and in molding the minds of the youth.

“Continue your noble profession. Kimi and I will always be here supporting you. I hope to make possible the “free master’s degree education” for all teachers of Pangasinan,” he said eliciting applause from the teachers.

The celebration was marked with various contests in which Cojuangco donated cash prizes.

Contests include zumba dancing, modern dance competition, Battle of the Bands, Teacher’s Got Talent, stand up comedy and the search for Mr. and Ms. DepEd Pangasinan II.p

Education Program Supervisor Arabella Soniega said that all the activities aims to showcase the teacher’s talents and exposing the teachers out of beyond their usual routines.

She also said that this is also to provide fun for the teachers. (more…)

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