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Ito ang tanong ng Bayambang is Not for Sale Movement, isang grupo ng mga residente ng Bayambang.

TANONG: Sino ay may-ari ng Bayambang Central School sa Zone 2 sa Poblacion?

SAGOT: Ang Bayambang Central School ay ipinatayo nuong 1912 ng United States of America at ito ngayon ay pag-aari ng Department of Education.

Ang eskwelahan ay nasa loob ng Camp Greg Military Reservation sa Bayambang. Ang Amerika ang nagdeklara ng 288 hectares sa Bayambang bilang military reservation.

Ang Amerika ay may karapatan na magtayo ng eskwelahan dahil sila ang namumuno sa Pilipinas ng panahong iyon.

Dalawa ang dokumentong nagsasabi na Bayambang Central School ay kasama sa Camp Greg Military Reservation.

Ang isang dokumento ay ang General Order Number 84 ng War Department ng Washington, USA. Ito ay pinirmahan ng H.C. Corbin, Major General, Acting Chief of Staff, by order of the Secretary of War. Ang date ng dokumento ay October 22, 1903.
Ang ikalawang dokumento naman ay nilagdaan nuong Mayo 25, 1912 ni Charles H. Smith, juez de tribunal del registro de la propriedad, Estado Unidos de America, Islas Filipinas.

TANONG: May karapatan ba ang Local Government ng Bayambang na ibenta o ipagpalit ang Bayambang Central School?

Walang karapatan ang Local Government ng Bayambang na ibenta o ipagpalit ang lupa ng Bayambang Central School dahil walang katibayan na pag-aari nila ito.

TANONG: Sino ang may-ari ng lupa sa gustong ipalit sa lumang Bayambang Central School? (more…)

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 KIMI. Fifth district Rep. Kimi Cojuangco consults with Pozorrubio residents on their communities' needs.

KIMI. Fifth district Rep. Kimi Cojuangco consults with Pozorrubio residents on their communities’ needs.

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Mencias deplores disapproval of resolution on rice subsidy

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

ALCALA- The Sangguniang Bayan (SB) here headed by Vice Mayor Jojo Callejo disapproved a resolution which would enable the local government to give rice subsidy to residents during calamities.

Resolution 2015-35 was disapproved during the SB’s regular session last September 28.

It was supposed to give authority to Mayor Ryan Paolo V. Mencias to enter into memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the National Food Authority (NFA)relative to the agency’s Rice Loan Program for Local Government Units.

” With the disapproval of the resolution, the town could not immediately buy rice from NFA during emergency situations especially during calamities and disasters,” Mayor Mencias said.

He said if the resolution was approved, the town will be granted on credit 1,000 sacks of rice as reserves from NFA using the calamity fund as the source of funding.

Mayor Mencias hits back at the SB members who voted against the measure and blamed ” early politicking as the motive behind it.”

” They are accountable to the people if we could not give rice to them in times of calamity,” Mencias said.

The councilors who voted against the passage of the resolution are: Amor Espiritu, Gerardo Ablao, Emme Luisa Ramos, Reynaldo Catalan and Rodolfo Rosquita. Those who voted for the passage are: Councilors Fe Peregrino, Mario Cerezo,Eduardo Dela Cruz Sr. And Liga ng Barangay President Thelmaminda V. Mencias.

Councilor Fe Peregrino, who voted for the approval of the resolution, said the good measure was “killed” by short- minded members of the Sangguniang Bayan. (more…)

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Cojuangco, Macanlalay grace Senior Citizens’ Festival

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

ROSALES- Senior citizens and village heads of 4th, 5th and 6th Districts of Pangasinan trooped to Robert B. Estrella Sr. Stadium here last September 18 to attend the Senior Citizens’ Festival, an activity sponsored by the Department of Education- Pangasinan Division II .

The event recognized the roles of the senior citizens in community building as conveyed by Dr. Donato Balderas, Pangasinan Division II schools superintendent who was the guest of honor and speaker.

“We praised our senior citizens for their contributions in our communities. In spite of being in their twilight years, they are still active in community activities. We could draw inspirations from their wisdom and experiences,” Balderas said.

He also urged them to help the implementation of K to 12 next year.

Former 5th District Rep. Mark Cojuangco conveyed his gubernatorial bid of the province in 2016 elections along with his running mate, vice gubernatorial aspirant Mark Roy Macanlalay.

” The senior citizens deserve attention and care. If I will be lucky to lead our province, we will give special attention to you like providing you senior citizens’ buildings where you could converge and socialize, and will provide you with better medical services,” Cojuangco said.

Calasiao Mayor Mark Macanlalay re-echoed the statements of Cojuangco and promised to support his programs needing legislative actions in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, should he win as vice governor.

Macanlalay entertained the crowd with his song ” One in a million you”.

The senior citizens participated in various contests like ballroom dancing, poster making, slogan making and cook fest. (more…)

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SM City Rosales stages Ba-ilé: North Luzon Dance Festival

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

ROSALES – Dances, whether folk, modern or interpretative are reflections of the peoples’ culture.

With this in mind, SM City Rosales again staged Ba-ilé: The North Luzon Dance Festival to highlight the region’s talented people to manifest their cultures thru dances last September 26 at the mall’s atrium.

It was a celebration of the region’s colorful life by understanding the symbolic value of a dance.

Ba-ilé, on its fifth year of staging, brought together under one roof the best dancers and dance groups in the region.

A total of 20 groups competed in two categories – modern and interpretative dance.

University of Pangasinan Dance Company’s terpsichorean stunts coupled with upbeat music grabbed the first prize in the modern dance category. (more…)

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‘Tribunada’ – A nightmare for fishermen

By Yolanda Sotelo
SAN FERNANDO CITY – Around two in the morning, Isagani Cierbo, 46, heads to the sea aboard a powered by an 18 horsepower motor, unmindful of the cold wind and the darkness. He is to catch fish using hook and line near a payaw (artificial reef) or the corals tens of kilometers away.
Then the clouds turn dark and the seawater starts to froth, churning and transforming the blue water into white broth. The waves start getting stronger and bigger, swaying and spinning the boat every which way and prompting the fisherman to pray for safety.
Cierbo is caught at sea by a “tribunada” – a weather phenomenon which combines riotous gale and blinding rain. He has already lost a nephew to this kind of sea disturbance some years back and he could only pray and hold on to the boat to prevent being thrown into the deep blue sea.
He actually had a few minutes to dash to safer areas, away from the route of the expected towering waves, or maybe to the safety of the shore. This is when the sea is showing signs of the impending tempest.
But it takes only few moments when the affected part of the sea with a radius of about two kilometers, becomes a big pot of whirling water .
“You don’t know where the waves are originating. They come from different directions and you are smack in the middle of the turmoil,” Nelson Ferrer, 48, also a fisherman, says.
“But tribunada doesn’t stay long, it dissipates after about 30 minutes to less than two hours, and while it could pose danger to the fishermen, they just wait it out,” Rodel Villena, an aquaculturist of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Ilocos Region, said.
Weathering the tribunada is a part and parcel of the fishermen’s life. The upheaval usually occurs in the afternoon during the months of September to November. But they can occur anytime of the day and any month.
“It is actually worse than typhoons because there are warnings issued whenever typhoons are coming our way. Tribunada comes unexpectedly,” Villena says.
This weather disturbance also seems to be a part of a joke being played by nature on the fishermen.
“It is when the clouds are fast forming and the sea starts frothing that the many fish bite the hook. What would we do? Rush to safety? Or wait until the sea calms? We almost always wait because its not often that we have a big catch,” Edwin Yumol, chair barangay of Ilocanos Sur in the city, says.
Yumol owned the boat which Cierbo’s nephew was using when he caught by tribunada. The nephew’s body was never recovered and the boat was a total wreck when found.
There is nary a fisherman who has not experienced being caught by a tribunada, Villena, who supported his college education through fishing, says.
Tribunada is a term seeminlgy known only to the fisherfolk. When the Inquirer asked Pag-asa officials what this weather disturbance is, no one can give definite answer.
“Maybe it is a tidal wave?” asked an official.
Villena said however, that tribunadas actually occurs inland, but it goes by the simple name “sudden rain.”
“You know that kind of rain and wind that usually occurs in the afternoon? It is the same thing but it is less dangerous inland because we are on solid ground. At sea, the boats and the fishermen are rocked by the strong waves. We are at the mercy of the sea,” he says.
This is why the fishermen fortify the boats with outrigger (katig) which helps the boat float above the waves. It is also the katig that the fishermen hold on to, if the boat capsizes, until they are rescued and brought to safety.
Sometimes, too, victims of tumultous weather hold on to floaters of artificial reefs (payaw), Francis Buccat, provincial fishery officer of La Union, says.
The BFAR Ilocos Region recently turned-over 11 sets of artificial reefs or fish aggregating devices to 11 groups of marginal fishermen in seven towns of La Union. Each group has eight members.
“The devices would make it easier for the marginal fishermen to catch fish, but they are allowed to use only hook and line as what we are advocating is sustainable fishing,” Remely Lachica, BFAR Region I planning officer, says.
The beneficiaries are selected through cross-matching of the BFAR’s list of registered fishermen (FishR) with the list of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) of the Department of Social Welfare and Development.
“The beneficiaries are marginal fishermen, such as shell gatherers, boat workers and fish vendors” Lachica says.
The payaw is a part of the BFAR’s payaw belt program which aims to establish the devices off the coastal towns of Region I, from Pangasinan to Ilocos Norte. A set of payaw is composed of a fiberglass floats with four airtight containers, two rolls (600 meter each) of rope, 25 pieces of plastic hose, two high density fiberglass floats, and a stainless swivel.
The benefiaries are in charge for the “housing” which are usually made of coconut fronds, and which serve as “shelter” for the fish.
The devices are placed either at five kilometers or ten kilometers from the shore.
But while “owned” by the fishermen associations, the payaws are open to anyone who wishes to catch fish, but these are guarded against illegal fishing activities, Lachica says.
While the payaws are “houses” of fish, catching them is still a hit and miss for the hook and line fishers, Dante Bautista, who owns a payaw, claims.
“There are times when the fish go out of the payaw. They also play in the open sea,and it is during those times when we can go back to shore with empty boats,” he says.
Fishermen from this city can go as far as Bolinao in Pangasinan, or more than 30 kilometers away, in efforts to find more fish in the town’s coral reefs.
When they are lucky, a marginal fishermen can earn a net of P500 worth of fish, by being at sea from around two in the morning up to around 12 at noon.
Fishermen spend 24 liters of gasoline to power the 18-horsepower motoboat. They also bring water and one meal to tide them over the hours at sea.
“We have to catch a minimum of 15 kilos of fish just for the gasoline expenses alone,” Ferrer says. After expenses are deducted, the fishermen and the boat owner divides the amount from the sale of the fish.
While it can not help with the weather disturbance problem, the BFAR hopes to make the life of the fishermen easier with the establishment of more payaw, Lachica says.

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Grace did it for love

BECAUSE OF LOVE. Sumunod sa kanyang asawa sa America si Sen. Grace Poe dahil love niya ang asawa niya.

Ginusto nilang itayo ang isang pamilyang magkasama saan mang panig ng mundo.

Kailangan niyang sumumpa sa Amerika dahil kailangan niyang mag-work.

Mahirap mag-work sa Amerika kung tago ng tago or TNT.

Narito po ang sabi ni Senadora Grace Poe nang interbyuhin siya sa Makabayan convention, “Alam ‘nyo po nung kami nag-umpisa magasawa, talaga naman sa pag-ibig ‘yun… Kasama ko ang aking pamilya, ang aking asawa, nanirahan kami do’n. Totoo naman po, akala ko, bilang isang nanay talagang suporta sa aking pamilya, sa asawa, namalagi kami doon, hindi naman ‘yun nagkulang ako ng pagmamahal sa bansa.”

Hindi naman daw po nakikita sa isang papel ang tunay na pagmamahal sa sariling bansa.

Hindi dahil sa sumumpa ka sa bandila ang ibang bansa ay hindi mo na mahal ang Pilipinas.

Iyong 2 million Filipinos na sumumpa sa Amerika ay nagmamahal pa rin sa Pilipinas.

Dinagdag pa ni Sen. Grace Poe, “Simple lang naman po. Di lang naman sa papel o sa bansag ang pagiging Pilipino. Ito ay pamumuhay nang marangal, ‘yung ating mga values, at isa pa ‘yung tapat na paninilbihan.”

Tinanggap na ni Senadora Grace Poe ang hamon ng tadhana, para magsilbi sa bayan.

Dagdag pa niyang muli, “Pero ang mas malaking hamon at pribilehiyo na manilbihan sa bansa ay di ko tinalikuran sapagkat ito’y pagkakataong makatulong sa marami.”

PLAYGIRLS NG LP. Nanindigan si Sen. Grace Poe na hindi dapat ginagamit ang mga kababaihan bilang sex objects lalo na sa pulitika.

Ito ang nasabi Senadora Grace as issue ng pagsasayaw ng malaswa ng Playgirls sa birthday party ni Liberal Party congressman Benjamin Agarao Jr.

Kasabay ng birthday party kasi ang oathtaking ng ilang pulitiko sa Liberal Party na dinaluhan ni Sec. Mar.

Sabi ni Senadora Grace, “Alam ninyo po, dati pa lang ako sa MTRCB, ang paggalang sa kababaihan ay mahalaga, hindi para sa ano pa man, lahat naman tayo ay may nanay, may kapatid, siyempre kapag nakikita nating ganoon talagang nalulungkot tayo.”

“Hindi na lamang natin sasabihin na dahil lamang sa kampanya, sa lahat ng pagkakataon ay dapat talaga ang tamang pag respeto sa lahat ng tao, hindi lamang sa mga lalake, sa mga babae, sa lahat. Karapatan nating lahat na mabigyan tayo ng tamang paggalang.”

“Sa tingin ko ang standard na dapat gamitin natin sa mga nakaupo sa gobyerno ay mas mataas pa.”

Ohaaa! Igalang poe natin ang kababaihan. Igalang poe natin ang isa’t-isa. Dapat magalang Poe tayo.

MAYOR HEIDEE CHUA. Congratulations kay Asingan Mayor Heidee Chua sa Apolinario Mabini award na tinangap nila mula kay Presidente Aquino.

Best Local Government Unit of the Year sila sa search na isinagawa ng People Foundation for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled, Inc. and the 2015 Apolinario Mabini Awards Search Committee para sa serbisyo sa people with disabilities.

The Best ang Asingan sa pagkalinga sa people with disabilities dahil naitayo nila ang Persons with Disabilities Affairs Office with personnel.

The Best ang Asingan dahil itinaguyod nila ang alaga sa people with disabilities sa paghahatid ng seminars, health services at mobility assistive devices.

Congratulations uli, Mayor Heidee Chua. Awards pa more, mayor! (more…)

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Dagupan police is country’s best police station

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY –The police station here bagged this year’s Best Police Station in the country after it solved a sensational crime, according to its Chief of Police (CoP) Superintendent Christopher Abrahano .

 DAGUPAN’S BEST.  Member of the Dagupan City police, the Best Police Station 2015 in the Philippines based on 2014 efficiency performance. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA

DAGUPAN’S BEST. Member of the Dagupan City police, the Best Police Station 2015 in the Philippines based on 2014 efficiency performance. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA

He said the award came after he and his men identified the personalities behind the Martilyo Gang (MG) that robbed in May 2014 the BHF Jewelry Gemline here.
At noon of that day, ten robbers wielding short and high powered fire arms threatened to death employees of BHF and ransacked the gem shop.
Unknown to them one of the three guards was the second floor. He shot and killed with his shot gun one of the nine marauders who scampered away in their five motorcycles.
But when police men plugged all the roads they could not find them as they left the motor bikes and Armalite assault rifles at their escape path and rode two Sports and Asian Utility Vehicles to escape.
Twety four hours after the heist, Abrahano identified Jomel Tamlayan, Bernard Hakim and Ephraim John Evangelista who were members of the Ga’ga’ robbery holdup gang operating in Metro Manila and nearby provinces, Visayas and Mindanao Islands.
He said they were positively identified by witnesses through the rogues’ gallery presented by the National Capital Region Police Office and through the effort of the Provincial Intelligence Branch of Pangasinan Police Provincial Office (PPO).
“In less than 48 hours, we were able to establish the identity of the group with the identification of the three suspects. We consider this as a breakthrough in our investigation. And we are still on the go until all the suspects are identified,”Abrahano said during an interview at that time.
Abrahano said cases of robbery in band, attempted homicide and direct assault were filed by the police at the office of the prosecutor hoping that warrant of arrest would be issued against them.
The Philippine National Police has a policy that identification and filling of case on the culprits even if they are not yet apprehended made the case as solved already.
In March this year the police arrested Ga’ga’ Gang leader Resty Branzuela inside a convenience store in Lucena City. Ga’ga’ was being linked to several robberies, car thefts, and kidnap-for-ransom cases in the National Capital Region.
Abrahano said it was not only because of apprehension of members of the Martilyo Gang that was the basis of the award, but also the crime prevention activities of his men.
“Kaabikat na titingnan din iyong crime solution efficiency. Iyong crime prevention numbers kasi nag submit ka rin ng profile mo. Crime solution ka nga, la-os naman on the others aspects,” Abrahano said.
He said what made that Ga’ga’ Group sleuthing special was when this station bested Quezon City’s Police District that could not identify those MG members who robbed an SM mall there last December 2013 .

He cited too the Mindanao based MG robbed in 2012 the other branch of the BHF here that remained unsolved by his predecessor. (more…)

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ORTIGOZA: Grace Poe should up her PR versus Roxas et al

Social Weather Station released its latest September 2 and 3 polls on the presidential, vice presidential and senatorial wannabes.
In the presidential it showed voters’ preference for Poe at 47%, up by 5 percentage points from 42% in June.
Among the three declared presidential candidates, Roxas posted the highest jump in voters’ preference – 39% in September from 21% in June, an 18-percentage point increase.
Voters’ preference for Binay was statistically unchanged at 35%, from 34% in June.
Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who had announced that he would not seek the presidency, was fourth with 16%, from 20% in June.
The survey had 1,200 respondents scientifically distributed in the entire country. 300 respondents for the four areas Metro Manila, Balance of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Margin of Error (MoE) for the country was +3 -3 while each of the four areas had +6-6 MoE. To the uninitiated, +3 or -3 means a percent or hundred thousands of votes of this could be a led or a deficit of Roxas’ 39% to Binay’s 35%. We can say that Binay can be nearing a statistical tie thus the word “plus” with Roxas or Roxas dusted off Binay with millions of votes because of the word “minus” in the +3 or -3 MoE.

I wrote in the past that the high budget damn the torpedo aggressive campaign of Roxas on the two major TV stations, where 30 seconds ad costs P400, 000, will be a factor on the attention of the masses. (You can accessed here where did Roxas was possibly getting his wherewithals :
At present, Roxas is the threat to Senator Grace Poe. But with her announcement for a presidential run big business and the monies of San Miguel Corp and Nationalista People’s Coalition boss Danding Cojuangco could boost her political stocks by buying 30 seconds and hire PR groups to promote her, fend off accusation against her, and even attack Roxas, Binay, and Duterte.
The SWS’s poll happened after a week when Poe had a faux pas on her seemingly partisan statement on the Iglesia ni Kristo’s rally at EDSA.
The survey ensued too a week before Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte announced he would not seek the presidency. What happened if the scientific SWS survey was held just after his announcement, would he still regain his present 16% rank?
Call his announcement his strategy to shore up his sorry polls stocks, but for me in case the survey was conducted after his announcement; his poor 16% will plunge more.

I have this grudging admiration to the PR juggernaut and demolition team of Mar Roxas who are ubiquitous at Face Book and other media versus presidential survey leader Grace Poe. Poe’s PR should counter this otherwise Roxas will eclipse her in the next polls. Victory in the May 9, 2016 election, for me, would be how money buy the best spin doctors a presidential bet can commission. This election would be a mind game. How PR men can best “bang” the minds of the hoi polloi in favour of their desired candidate.
I could not stop being amused after reading recently the headline of the Philippine Star’s “Binay wants Alden Richards to portray him in film”. Here is my version, a satire, on that news that I wrote in the vernacular:

Blakdyak kakasuhan si VP Binay
MANILA ZOO, Manila – Ang comedy actor at singer na si Blakdyak ay nag iskandalo dito at nag labas ng sama ng loob sa mga reporters matapos niyang mabalitaan na hindi na siya ang gaganap na Vice President Jejomar Binay sa isang high budget film na tinutulak ng huli.
“Kakasuhan ko siya ng brea (more…)

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5 Pangasinan towns to offer free wi-fi

DAGUPAN CITY -Various public places in five Pangasinan towns will soon offer free wi-fi connection to the public through the “Juan Konek” program of the Department of Science and Technology-Information and Communications Technology Office (DOST-ICTO), bent on providing access to information, communication and technology.

Director Cheryl Ortega of DOST-ICTO Field Operations Office – Luzon Cluster 2, said the free wi-fi connection, which will be initially installed in selected schools and public places of the five towns in Pangasinan including Dagupan City, is in response to the implementation of the Television White Space (TVWS) technology.

Ortega said the program, which aims to enhance the internet accessibility for Filipinos in order to accelerate economic, social and education opportunities and reduce the digital divide, will cover all the 3rd to 6th class municipalities nationwide with a P1.4 billion fund.

The five municipalities in the province that will be provided with free wi-fi connection of the DOST-ICTO are the towns of San Jacinto, Laoac, Sta. Maria, Tayug and Natividad, she said.

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