Mark condemns Espino’s threat to media men

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By Virgilio Sar. Maganes and Mortz Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY- ” I am concerned for all of you who are in the media and I could not endure seeing you in fear. This is already an intimidation and threat. His statements were unbecoming of a ‘father’ of the province.”


MARK TO THE SUCCOR. Former Congressman Mark O. Cojuangco (with microphone) exhorts media men who attended the press conference he calls last Friday dusk at Star Plaza Hotel in Dagupan City not to be cowed by the
threat of Pangasinan Governor Amado T. Espino to physically harm some members of the media
who have been lambasting his governance.

This was the reaction of former 5th District Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco on Governor Amado T. Espino Jr. threats to the media practitioners that he could not control the people who love him if they decide to inflict harm on media men because of their commentaries against his administration.

Espino’s threats were aired over DWIZ News Radio’s “Isyu at Reaksyon” and Bombo Radyo Dagupan’s “Baletado”, block time programs sponsored by Espino and anchored by a certain Celso Manuel aka Manny Celzo last July 17.

He said he himself would not kill the commentators but would only cut their tongues.

Espino’s threats did not sit well with Cojuangco who said it was his “gut feel” that the governor uses the same style to threaten barangay officials, municipal mayors and other municipal officials in the province.

” In my opinion, being the ‘father’ (Espino) and governor of the province, he should stop those who are planning to inflict harm to media men, if there are. He should not sow fear and threaten media men,” Cojuangco said.

The threat from Espino validated the earlier threats to some reporters made by Manuel and Dante Cera on the same program aired over Bombo Radyo Dagupan last July 10.

Hearing the commentaries, which were full of errors, Cojuangco said the “block timers” of Espino must delve and argue on issues openly, point by point, and present good ideas to the people.

“Is it not the essence of democracy to present good ideas for the people to decide on, like plans and programs and how to execute them in the future as promised to them?” Cojuangco said.

He further said from contenders for a political position, it is the people who will judge who among them is saying the truth and who could deliver what they are promising.

“How many times that the Governor told the media and even aired over the radio that he is not the candidate but his son? Then why not let his son speak? Why is he the one speaking? It is foul for him telling the media to beware of his 800,000 or 500,000 supporters because these were his lead votes during the last election in 2013, ” Cojuangco said.

Cojuangco also said it was unfair for Espino to take all the credit for himself for his winning the third term as governor in 2013.

” Where are the help of the district leaders, of the congressmen who worked hard for him to win and who convinced those who do not want to vote for him? Where are our own efforts? These were all set aside and he claimed the victories for himself,” Cojuangco retorted.

He urged Pangasinenses to balance things that they hear (over the radios) coming from the Espino’s camp.

“Most of these statements and commentaries are innuendoes, not based on facts and fabricated,” Cojuangco said.

He lambasted the governor on his naked threat.

“That is not being civilized that is being barbaric paatras iyan hindi paabanti. Mali talaga, pananakot e pananakot iyang ginagawa niya e. But we should not be cowed into fear, we should not be afraid of what he said that is the primary purpose of the threat if you allow yourself to succumbed to the threat,” he said.

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