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Graft cases filed against Camacho

DAGUPAN CITY – Graft cases continue to hound Bayambang Mayor Ricardo Camacho, the latest being the complaint filed by the vice mayor and five councilors regarding the purchase of a used van without public bidding and without authority from the Sangguniang Bayan (SB).IMG_2753

MAYOR SUED BY VEEM, DADS. Bayambang Councilor Levin Uy (3rd from left) shows to media men incriminating documents against Bayambang Mayor Ricardo Camacho. Uy , Vice Mayor Mylvin T. Junio (extreme right) and Councillors Allan De. De Vera, Gerardo Flores (extreme left and 2nd to the left, respectively) Raul R. Sabangan, and Joseph Vincent E. Ramos (not in photo) sued Camacho with corruption and anti ethics law after he reportedly paid Php 380,000 from municipal funds to Pedro Mabulay, the vendor of the second hand Toyota utility vehicle Granvia. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA

In a press conference on Thursday, Councilor Levin Uy said Vice Mayor Mylvin Junio and five councilors, including him, filed an affidavit complaint against Camacho last April 15, asking the Office of the Ombudsman to investigate his administrative liabilities in the transaction.
The other complainants areCouncilors Raul R. Sabangan, Allan D. De Vera, Gerardo DC. Flores, Joseph Vincent E. Ramos and Liga ng Barangay President Rogelio Domalanta.
They claimed Camacho violated the anti graft and corruption practices act or Republic Act 3019, the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employes (RA 6713), and malversation of government funds under Article 217 of the Revised Penal Code.
Uy said Camacho purchased the used Toyota Granvia on February 2013, using the local government’s money, for P380,000.
“All of us knew that he was using the van for his personal use. All the time, he made us believe that it was his money with which he purchased (the van),” he said. The van’s plate was still the original green plate and not changed with a red one, the color used for government vehicles.
Vice Mayor Mylvin Junio said the SB members found out the transaction only after they got hold of the deed of sale showing the van was purchased with government money.
The deed of absolute sale showed Camacho purchased the van, a 1996 Toyota Granvia, from one Pedro Mabulay, who “hereby sell, cede and convey unto Municipality of Bayambang” the utility vehicle, on February 2013.
Another case has also been filed by a local businessman, Cesar Quiambao against the mayor, Uy said.
Quiambao filed a complaint at the Ombudsman on April 20 against Camacho regarding the grills used during the Malangsi Festival on April last year when the town beat Turkey as holder of the Guiness world record for longest barbecue.
Uy said Quiambao paid for the 8,000 pieces of grills worth P4.6 million as his donation to the festival, but the local government claimed it paid for 3,000 grills and 2,000 tilapia worth P1,877,301.
He said the LGU’s report to the Commission on Audit on its accomplishments on gender and development showed the LGU spent the amount “to promote and market the fish product” of the town. The report was signed by gender and development focal person Lerma Padagas and approved by Camacho. (more…)

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EDITORIAL: Bugallon quarrying

northernwatch cartoon 4-26-15
The drowning of five children in a quarry site in Hacienda, Bugallon deserves a closer look. On April 15, five children from Poblacion of the town went to a creek, which has been quarried deep, for an afternoon swim.

Rose Ann Ambos,14, her siblings Nelson,12, Carlo Marco, 11 and their relatives Christian Lee Salazar, 10 and Manuel Bugayong, 11 were accompanied by the Ambos’ parents and two other adult relatives.

The adults have not been to the area for a long time, and have thought that the creek was as swallow as it was years ago.

They only wanted to have fun. But everything turned tragic when the five children slipped into a 14-foot deep portion of the creek. They were not able to swim back to safety.

The creek, as it turned out, had been excavated by backhoes.

The provincial government denied the existence of quarry operations and claimed that all permittees in the area had been revoked.

However, residents in the area said quarry operations are continuous, and that dump trucks of the provincial government daily ply the area. Not far from the creek where the children were drowned are the batching plant and crushing plant where a stockpile of gravel can be seen from the road.

Who’s behind the quarrying in Bugallon? Who owns the batching plant and crushing equipment? Was the drowning of the children a sign from the Divine Providence that it is about time to stop the quarrying in Bugallon?

A top municipal official of Bugallon town said that the quarrying in the rivers has been done for years. He said it is alright to have a quarry to remove the silt but abusing it to cost lives of people is certainly abominable.

When will the quarrying ends? Who will be responsible for the death of the five children who are so young and full of dreams? (more…)

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So: Chicken’s low prices must benefit consumers

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
ROSALES- Abono Partylist Chair Rosendo So said the suggested retail price of chicken (SRP) has been pegged at P110 per kilo, or with additional P50 to the farm gate price of P60.
“With this suggested price, retailers are not losing but are earning just enough that’s why we are telling them not to take advantage of the consumers,” So said.
He said when farm gate prices are low, the selling price of retailers are still high which means the consumers are at the losing end.
“Losses incurred by poultry producers should be passed on to the consumers. This means that the suggested retail price has to be monitored twice a week so that the consumers as well as retailers will be appraised on the real price of chicken meat in the market,” So explained.
So further said the P70 per kilo farm gate price of chicken is just a break even for the retailers while the farm gate price of P85 will give the producers a profit. (more…)

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ORTIGOZA: Cojuangco denies allocating pork fund to fiesta

One of the men of Pangasinan Governor Amado T. Espino called me recently belying my column he saw at the internet: “Rep. Celeste vs. Gov. Espino 2016 Congress”.
“The governor is angry, you have been instigating that he and Congressman (Jesus “Boying”) Celeste to quarrel,” he said on the phone.
I told him that what I wrote came from one of their lawyers Attorney John Bigay who called me on the phone.
“He is not our lawyer!”
“But he was there at the injunction trial of (then Police Provincial Director Senior Supt.) Marlou Chan when the governor questioned the legality of Chan’s appointment as permanent director of the province despite Section 51 of Republic Act 6975 (Department of Department of the Interior & Local Government Act) where the governor appoints one of the three nominees submitted by the police regional director.”
I said lawyer Bigay’s presence at the Regional Trial Court in Lingayen, Pangasinan with the provincial government officials made an impression to us media men that he was one of the counsels of the governor.
“He is not our lawyer,” he reiterated.
I told him that I did not write to make intrigue on that column. I even posed in my article a qualification on the prognosis of Bigay that Espino versus Celeste could only happen if the former chooses to reside from Bugallon, Pangasinan to any towns or a city in the district this May 8 or one year to the May 9, 2016 poll as mandated by law for one to qualify to run in an elective public post.
I asked the other day Former Congressman Mark Cojuangco at the Star Plaza Hotel in Dagupan City about him appropriating half-a-million pesos from his pork barrel funds when he was a solon and giving it to the fiesta celebration of his town Sison.
“That was what the lapdogs in the media of Espino tried to paint you,” I told him.
“That’s a big B.S. That was not true. I and my wife used our personal funds to donate to fiesta not only in our town but to the other towns,” he said.
He cited the EC Jammers Orchestra as one of the freebies he and Rep. Kimi Cojuangco (5th District, Pangasinan) contributed to the fiestas not only in Sison but in other towns and cities in Pangasinan.
He said the Commission on Audit (COA) would not allow him to allocate a part of his priority development assistance fund (PDAF) or pork to fund a fiesta.
“Probably they referred to the programs we funded from the PDAF in the barangays,” he explained. (more…)

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DOST to put up food innovation center in Bayambang

BAYAMBANG – The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in the Ilocos will set a food innovation center (FIC) here this year to serve as a venue for food processors to innovate and improve their products.

In line with this, officials from the DOST in the Ilocos and the Pangasinan State University signed a memorandum of agreement on Monday for the establishment of a support facility for the FIC at the PSU-Bayambang campus.

DOST-1 Regional Director Armando Ganal said the center will cater specifically to all micro, small and medium enterprises and researchers to improve the local food products not just of Pangasinan but the entire Region I to reach a sizeable share of the local and national markets.

“The FIC will also give college students access to a facility with modern equipment where they can study and pursue research and development on food processing,” he said.

Provincial Director Felicidad Gan of DOST-Pangasinan said the PSU will provide the building that will house the FIC and designate personnel to manage and oversee the operations of the center while DOST would give the necessary equipment and machineries.

“DOST will provide seven equipment including retort machine, freeze dryer, immersion freezer, spray dryer, vacuum fryer, vacuum packaging machine and vacuum evaporator which will be available for use at the FIC,” she said.

Meanwhile, PSU President Dexter Buted said the center will be beneficial to the province because its local products will be given an identity.

“It will create an impact on the socio-economic aspect of Pangasinan that will later help in the development of communities,” he said.

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Sual entertains residents with ‘Dancing Lights’

By Yolanda Sotelo

SUAL – One second the municipal building is draped in cool blue and green. The next instant it turns into red and yellow in stripes. The shapes of doors in different hues of the rainbow appear. Next the entire facade of the municipal building becomes all blue, or all green, or all pink.

As the colors change, pulsating fiesta music fills the air around the municipal building of this western Pangasinan town, the host of the 1,200 MW power plant owned and operated by Team Energy.

Some 150,000 LED bulbs occupy every inch of the town hall’s façade and produce hundreds of different hues to each beat of the continuous music. The fantastic effect is enhanced by 16 “intelligent” or moving lights and laser lights that emit rays of brilliant colors to the pavement in front of the hall. (more…)

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CORTEZ: Do you a pay check higher than PNoy’s?


Ipinaalala ni Chief Justice Sereno na duty ni Korte Suprema na i-promote ang honesty at integrity in public service.

Sa maya’t-mayang paglutang ng isyu ng corruption maya’t-maya din dapat ang pagpapaalala na itaguyod ang honesty at integrity in public service.

“This is the kind of legal regime you want us to propagate? We believe that this is wrong and you are telling us to continue along that doctrine?” Sereno told Coronel in an interpellation that lasted for more than an hour.

“You will insist on a rule of procedure that will wreak havoc on our constitutional framework?” Sereno said, as she reminded Coronel that as a professor at the University of the Philippines College of Law, she taught her students the virtue of honesty and integrity. (more…)

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