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Now that election period is fast approaching, political wars are looming among and between aspiring candidates for the 2016 elections. Seven months from now, these political aspirants will soon file their certificates of candidacy at the Commission on Election (Comelec) offices and thereafter the election period will start. While the electoral process is a little bit far, word wars are raging not only among the politicians but even the media practitioners who are on their sides. The media war, both in print and broadcast, is getting hotter everyday that it is likened to the turbulent Taal Volcano that anytime will be awakened will be spew lava to its nearby environs.
The media war, although saddening because it dwelt already on destroying the reputations of fellow media practitioners, it is also getting exciting day by day. Block time commentators are day by day busy scouring for political issues against the perceived political foes of their benefactors, but when they’re out of issues resort to bombarding their fellow media practitioners. The situation is likened to the impending fight between boxing icons Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather that every time they are pitted against each other to fight in the boxing ring, the more that unsavory remarks will come out from their mouths.
I can’t help but laugh at what my colleagues in the media are doing. Let’s face the realities that media practitioners have their own candidates to support but the ethical standards on journalism must be upheld and followed. But because some of our colleagues are trying to appease their political benefactors such that when they are out of issues they resort to coining issues designed to malign their fellow media practitioners.

Last February 11 at the KBP Forum where the recorded proceedings was sent to me I had a hearty laugh on a part where a fellow media member threw a question at Governor Espino that the camp of Mark Cojuangco was allegedly distributing money to village heads and officials. Espino answered that he’s saddened with that kind of activity and deplored such practice. The media member who threw the question was apparently born yesterday. She gave a question to Espino as if such practice was never done before. What hypocrisy! What kind of answer as if the guest went to the KBP Forum with clean hands. We are all aware that money changes from hand to hand during the last elections. Tell that to the marines for them to believe you!
Now going back to Cojuangco, if indeed he gave money during a consultation in Malasiqui when he was there, that money was for the rental of the multipurpose hall being used. The payment was supported with official receipt issued by the municipal treasury office of Malasisqui as it was not intended for the village heads and officials as alleged by Espino’s camp. With that gesture, Cojuangco should be appreciated because he’s using government facilities with rental and not for free as what other provincial officials have been doing in the past. Cojuangco was aware of his responsibility as a private citizen. Granting that he gave cash money to the village heads as a gesture of gratitude, would that be wrong? Cojuangco if indeed has shared his money those are from his own pocket- personal funds and not sourced out from illegal activities like “jueteng” and contractors’ commission.
Our friends from the media should think of what they’re saying and asking from their benefactors. Those questions might boomerang to them and their credibility will be lost. Why don’t just stick to issues to sell the personality of the political aspirants you are supporting? And if there are insinuations of giving money to village heads and officials, these are supposed to be documented so that it could be verifiable and the truth will come out.
At present, the provincial government is doling out P500 to every barangay health workers (BHWs). That money came from the taxpayers and the giving of incentives to these village workers is covered with a provincial ordinance. However, it appeared that the giving of incentives is being politicized because the governor’s son who is a gubernatorial aspirant in 2016 is the one leading the distribution. Isn’t that a gesture of hypocrisy?
Well, politics Philippine style is a novelty. Let’s just watch and see the unfolding of political events. The political exercise however must be exercised with prudence.

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