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9 Gov. Amado Espino Jr. talks with U.S.Navy Lt.Cdr.Elmer Jimenez, a native of Calasiao town, and U.S.Army Capt.John Karlsson about the U.S Military and Philippine Navy Bilateral Exercise which will focus on humanitarian services this year like medical missions, trainings on disaster relief management and others, during a courtesy last January 26 at the Capitol Building.CESAR RAMIREZ

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Mark belies Espino’s claim for non- consultation


CALASIAO GATHERING.  A meeting in Calasiao saw political big names in the province together. They are (left to right) Binmaley Liga President Arsenio Merrera,  Bugallon Vice Mayor Ric Urdona, Abono Party-List Chairman Rosendo So, Calasiao Mayor and Vice Gubernatorial Bet Mark Roy Macanlalay, Gubernatorial Aspirant Mark Cojuangco, Binmaley Mayor Sam Rosario. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA

CALASIAO GATHERING. A meeting in Calasiao saw political big names in the province together. They are (left to right) Binmaley Liga President Arsenio Merrera, Bugallon Vice Mayor Ric Urdona, Abono Party-List Chairman Rosendo So, Calasiao Mayor and Vice Gubernatorial Bet Mark Roy Macanlalay, Gubernatorial Aspirant Mark Cojuangco, Binmaley Mayor Sam Rosario. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

VILLASIS- “As early as November 2013, I have already told Governor (Amado) Espino of my desire to run as governor of Pangasinan in 2016 elections. That was aside from my various telephone calls to him telling him of my political plans until he ignored my succeeding calls.”
This was the reaction of former 5th District Representative Mark O. Cojuangco to Espino’s statement that he (Cojuangco) did not consult the governor on his political plans for 2016.
Espino’s statements came from a video recorded media interview uploaded in a social media Youtube.
Cojuangco said on several occasions, he told Espino about his gubernatorial plan, but was not given much attention.
He also reacted to Espino’s claim that he has been announcing that Espino promised him to be the next governor after (Espino’s) term ends in June 2016.
“In all my speaking engagements and events that I have attended, I never said Governor Espino promised to me that I will be the next gubernatorial candidate after his term. What I said was he told us- Congressmen Conrad Estrella, Gener Tulagan, Art Celeste and I, that after his term, one of us could run as governor and he will give his support. We have supported his candidacy as governor for three terms,” Cojuangco said.
Cojuangco also said Espino’s claim that (Cojuangco) intimidated municipal mayors to support his gubernatorial aspiration was an insult to the mayors.
“The best persons to answer that are the municipal mayors themselves,” he said.
He further said he was officially invited to all gatherings and events he attended to contrary to Espino’s claim that he gate crashes events to articulate his gubernatorial aspirations.
Cojuangco said in spite of Espino’s derisions, he still wishes him to succeed as governor until June 30, 2016.

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MAGANES: Desperate act of misinformation

 The day I was “crowned”

The camp of Governor Amado T. Espino Jr. is undoubtedly running out of issues to throw against 2016 gubernatorial aspirant Mark O. Cojuangco, that is why it is resorting to distorted and misinformation campaign.
In a video interview uploaded on Youtube, Espino said he never promised that the next governor of Pangasinan will be Cojuangco. He was seen answering a question posed by a media man that a text message was allegedly circulating that he (Espino) reneged on his promise to give way to Cojuangco for governorship after his term as Governor ends in June 2016.
It seemed that Espino was given with wrong information. In all his speaking engagements, Cojuangco never spoke about a “promise of Espino to him as the next Governor.” He spoke of a promise to a group of congressmen- Conrad Estrella III, Gener Tulagan, Art Celeste and him, that after Espino’s term, one of them will run as governor.
It was a promise, Cojuangco said, by Espino to them as a result of their support for him during his three terms as governor.
However, Espino has bolted from the Nationalist Peoples Coalition (NPC), ending all promises he has made to his former allies. Whatever statement Espino will make regarding about that promise is then useless as he already severed his ties with Cojuangco and his former allies in the House of Representatives.
Why all the fuss on said “promise” if there was? He has already declared that his son and namesake Amado “Pogi” Espino III will be pitted against Cojuangco in the 2016 elections.
In that interview, I am amused at how Espino answered the questions. He has lost track of real issues, particularly when he wondered why he was being dragged into the 2016 gubernatorial post when he is not a candidate. We are all aware that his term as governor will definitely end in June 2016. And why criticisms are addressed to him is because he was the one who proclaimed the candidacy of his son. Pogi Espino never publicly said he will run prior to his father’s announcement of his gubernatorial aspirations. His being thrown into the gubernatorial race in 2016 is an extension of Espino’s term that will likely perpetuate them into power in Pangasinan. Such political move is cunning because Espino reasoned out that the young Espino could be the right person to pursue his programs and projects in the province. He even bragged about Pogi’s accomplishments as municipal mayor of Bautista and his having completed his three terms, and derided Cojuangco’s accomplishments in his hometown Sison.
I don’t find any relevance of such accomplishments in the political issues obtaining in the province. Even the provincial government itself under Espino, falls short of tangible accomplishments that every Pangasinense can be proud of. We have not seen projects in the villages. We have not felt any trickling down of progress as what he claimed. What we see is the recycled mantra of having a beautiful Capitol as if he was the one who constructed it, repaired and renovated hospitals, increase in palay and corn yields as if it is his program, without acknowledging the participation of Abono Partylist, livelihood programs that was lifted from former Governors Aguedo and Victor Agbayani and the giving out of Philhealth cards to indigents as if it’s his own program but which is a national program under the Universal Health Plan and Program.
Lest Espino lose his data and information, the towns of District V under the Cojuangcos have leap-frogged their developments and are vigorously reaping progress. Under the Cojuangcos (Mark and Kimi) the following projects have been accomplished: Pangasinan Dairy Farm in Laoac, Villasis Palay Drying Facilities in Villasis and Alcala, provisions of John Deere tractors, concreting of barangay and farm-to market roads, construction of bridges and school buildings, scholarship programs through the Commission on Higher Education (Ched) and skills development through the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), etc. The list of projects and programs is long and all of these have no provincial government’s intervention and assistance. (more…)

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Mark condemns killing of 44 SAF members

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

BINALONAN- Former 5th District Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco condemned the killing of 44 members of the elite Special Action Force (SAF) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Mamasapano, Maguindanao Province last January 25.
Speaking before the local officials here led by Mayor Ramon Guico III and officers of the Provincial Police Office (PPO) headed by Police Superintendent Reynaldo Biay, during the inauguration of PNP Building last January 28, Cojuangco said the incident was an act of pure lawlessness for which the policemen paid with their lives.
” That carnage in Maguindanao is a slap on the face of President Aquino,” Cojuangco said.
He also urged the government to work swiftly for the justice for the fallen SAF members so that their death will not be in vain.
Cojuangco, who represented 5th District Rep. Kimi S. Cojuangco, congratulated this town’s police force headed by Chief of Police Oliver A. Abayan for the construction of a modern police station to enhance the peace and order services of the town.
He further commended the leadership of Mayor Guico for the fast progress of the town and promise to support his vision including the upliftment of the lives of the people.
” My wife Kimi and I were not mistaken in supporting Mayor Guico as he has shown his exemplary leadership in propelling the progress of Binalonan. We will continue to support him in his implementation of his vision for the town to alleviate the quality of lives of the people,” he said.

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Why is peace is so elusive in Mindanao? The quest for a peaceful Muslim area in Mindanao has been there for a long time, spanning many generations.
The government has for sometime been looking for possible solutions to end the conflict there by creating Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). However, this did not put an end to the atrocities of the armed groups against their fellow Filipinos.northernwatch cartoon 1-30-15
The Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Abu Sayyaf, a break away group known for its terroristic activities like kidnapping, arson and massacre, have continuously spawned fear among the people in Mindanao.
Lately, the government, through its peace panel, has been working for peace in Mindanao through the MILF for passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law to give the Muslim areas autonomy of governance. This law is being crafted to make it acceptable both to the government panel and Muslim leaders.
While the law is being set for deliberations, an atrocious event took place in Tukanalipao village in Mamasapano town, Maguindanao province. On January 25, members of the Special Action Force (SAF) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) who were ordered to serve the arrest of a Malaysian terrorist cum bomb expert, clashed with armed members of MILF.
After an exchange of gunfires, 44 SAF members were found lifeless and sprawled in a cornfield. According to the MILF leaders, the government troops did not coordinate with them, resulting in a bloody carnage that ended the lives of the policemen and wounded several others.
That horrendous event showed the MILF is not after all pursuing a real peace in Mindanao, and that the creation of an independent Bangsamoro area is a ploy for them to create its own government.
The government is now looking into the lapses of its operations zeroing on who were behind the operations of the SAF and why it was not properly coordinated with the Philippine Army in Maguindanao province.
There is pointing of fingers on who would take the responsibility of that senseless killings. The government is pursuing investigation of said incident, but for how long? The families of the slain policemen are crying for justice. The full force of law must be enforced and culprits put behind bars forever.
The government should now reexamine its policies on the peace process. While we indeed need a lasting peace in Mindanao, the sincerity of our Muslim brothers must be looked into. The government should take the staunchest stand to give justice to the 44 policemen who yielded their lives in the arms of our fellow Filipinos.
We condemn the bloody carnage. We condemn the dastardly act of the MILF. We commiserate with the families of the fallen policemen. We too offer our prayers for them. (more…)

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Alcala competes in Region I Best LGU-NGO partnership award

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

ALCALA- Mayor Ryan Paolo V. Mencias has all the reasons to wear his contagious smile these days. Fpr two succeeding years, the town won the Search for the Best LGU-NGO Partnership in the province vesting all the towns and cities of Pangasinan.
By winning provincewide, the town is the official entry to the regional search of the same title, which is sponsored by the Region I Development Council (RDC).
The award and recognition for best LGU-NGO partnership is given annually by the RDC that will not only inspire government and private sectors to work together, but will also provide opportunities to showcase innovative programs and practices for possible replication by other local government units (LGUs).
Started in 2006, the award is a product of a government and non-government partnership between the RDC and organizations such as the RANGO (Regional Association of NGOs) and AREX (Association of Regional Executives).
“We are deeply honored to be chosen once again as one of the finalists of the award. Being chosen as one of the finalists is already a resounding feat to all the Alcalenean organizations and residents,” Mencias said.
Mencias led the department heads during the final evaluation of the project by the RDC last January 19.
“Team spirit among Alcaleneans is so admirable that it helped us push the implementation of various projects and programs beneficial to communities,” he said. (more…)

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GIANT BAGOONG JAR. People take souvenir photos  infront of the newly-unveiled giant bagoong jar during the Bagoong Festival in Lingayen last January 24.CESAR RAMIREZ

GIANT BAGOONG JAR. People take souvenir photos infront of the newly-unveiled giant bagoong jar during the Bagoong Festival in Lingayen last January 24.CESAR RAMIREZ

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