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CORTEZ: NPC, LP suporta kay Cojuangco


Ang pormahan sa national level ay malayo ang pagkakaiba sa local level sa usapin ng elections.
Ang gagaling naman ng mga political analysts sa Pangasinan. Dahil ba hindi na NPC ang isang politico ay magiging LP na siya? Ngek! Wrong logic.
Ang tanong lang naman ng LP sa kanyang sarili ay: magdedeliver ba ng boto si Espino para sa national candidate ng LP? Ano ang track record niya sa delivery ng votes noong 2010 para sa presidential candidate na si Teodoro, vice presidential candidate na si Manzano at senators na sina Monching Guico ng Pangasinan, Raul Lambino ng Pangasinan, Bong Revilla, Bebot Bello, Lito Lapid at Rey Langit?
Dahil ba hindi na NPC ang isang politico ay magiging LP na siya? Ngek! Wrong logic. Hindi ba puedeng maging UNA Party member siya?
Dahil ba hindi na NPC ang isang politico ay magiging LP na siya? Ngek! Wrong logic.Hindi ba puedeng balik-Lakas Party uli siya?
Dahil ba hindi na NPC ang isang politico ay magiging LP na siya? Ngek! Wrong logic.Hindi ba puedeng Nacionalista Party naman siya?
Dahil ba hindi na NPC ang isang politico ay magiging LP na siya? Ngek! Wrong logic.Hindi ba puedeng balik-Biskeg na uli siya? Kinuha na pala ni Sec. Bebot Villar ang Biskeg dahil napabayaan daw ni Espino sa loob ng 9 years.
Dahil ba hindi na NPC ang isang politico ay magiging LP na siya? Ngek! Wrong logic.Hindi ba puedeng party-less na Party siya?
Ipinakita ng national elections noong 2010 ang kaibahan ng character nito sa local elections. Ang Arroyo Administration ang incumbent. Ang LAKAS ang ruling political party sa buong bansa.
Ano ang nangyari sa Pangasinan? Mabibilang sa kamay ang mga nagdala sa Pangasinan sa kandidatura ng Liberal Party na Aquino-Roxas. Habang ang karamihan ng local political leaders sa Pangasinan na ang leader ay si Governor Espino ay opisyal LAKAS na ang dala ay Teodoro-Manzano.
Matapos ang bilangan, nanalo ang Aquino-Roxas sa Pangasinan noong 2010.
Lesson: Local politicians will look after their interests first and only. Never mind the national politicians.
Hindi nakapagdeliver ng boto sa Teodoro-Manzano tandem ang LAKAS sa leadership ni Governor Espino kahit na 90% ng mga mayor ay alyado niya.
Landslide ang panalo ng local LAKAS candidates mula governor hanggang mayor hanggang konsehal. Pero, hindi nag-deliver ng boto sa kanilang Presidential candidate na si Teodoro at sa kanilang vice presidential candidate na si Manzano.
Ano ngayon ang tingin ng LAKAS sa political leadership ni Espino? Kukunin ba uli ng LAKAS si Espino sa partido nila? (more…)

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Bagoong earthen jars stand tall in Lingayen

LINGAYEN- – You can’t miss the two earthen jars standing tall at the Pangasinan’s capital town.

The two earthen jars locally called “pasig” will be placed in Lingayen’s main entry points and serve as a tourist attraction.

Councilor Judy Vargas said the 10- foot tall jars symbolize the ubiquitous ‘bagoong’ (fish sauce) Lingayen’s one-town-one-product (OTOP).

Vargas chairs the Bagoong Festival in this town which was created to promote the bagoong industry, a steady income provider for locals.

“The jars were made to globally promote and intensify “bagoong” as the official product of Lingayen town,” Vargas said after the jars’ ceremonial unveiling at the town plaza.

‘Pasig’ was traditionally used to store fish or shrimp mixed with salt to ferment intocondiment, said Vargas during the street dancing competition held at the Dela Cruz Auditorium here.

Meanwhile, Bagoong Makers Association President Jun Bernal said the homegrown industry has been getting support from local governments in promoting the product locally and abroad. (more…)

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Pangasinan’s crime rate dropped in 2014- police

LINGAYEN – The Philippine National Police (PNP) in Pangasinan claimed the rate in the province decreased in 2014 compared to the reports recorded in 2013.

Police Sr. Supt. Reynaldo Biay, officer-in-charge of the Provincial Police Office (PPO), said the comparative data of total crime volume dropped to 22, 311 in 2014 from 22, 758 in 2013.

Biay said the province recorded 10, 959 index crimes and 11, 352 non-index crimes in 2014 from 11, 323 index and 11, 435 non-index crimes in 2013 respectively.

Index crimes that posted a decrease are as follows: murder-declined to 191 from 202; physical injury- down to 6,196 from 6,496; robbery-decreased to 562 from 808; and cattle rustling – lowered to 74 from 107.

Breakdown of index crimes that recorded an increase are: theft-surged to 3,143 from 3,070; homicide-increased to 265 from 234; rape-up to 291 from 220; and carnapping-increased to 237 from 186.

“The PPO recorded 10, 959 index crimes wherein 6, 943 were crime against person while 4, 016 are crime against property,” Biay said during the Provincial Peace and Order Council held at the Pangasinan Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (PDRRMC) Coordinating Center here.

Biay said non-index crimes, which consist of non-physical confrontation, recorded 2,887 violation of special laws and 8,465 other non-index crime violation.

Showing a minimal variance as compared to 2013 figures, total crime cleared efficiency increased to 72.5% from 71.44% while total crime solution efficiency rose to 51.36% from 47.61%, said Biay. (more…)

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ORTIGOZA: Blame the Catholic Church, too, for our Penury

mortz-nw-colored32During the visit of Pope Francis at the Quirino Grandstand, child beggar Glyzelle Palomar posed a dramatic query to the Pope for the whole nation to hear: “Many children get involved in drugs and prostitution. Why does God allows these things to happen to us? The children are not guilty of anything.”
She sobbed, cried, and then embraced the Pope.
Filipinos, who loved to watch soap operas on TV, shed tears!
Francis, who was treated like God by the overwhelmed Filipinos, could not answer the question that was probably coached to the child by the Filipino priests who spiced the “stunt” with posterity and dramas.
My answer to the posed of Palomar: “Because the narrow minded Catholic Church’s high priests hinder government programs on birth control thus the runaway rabbit-like population explosion that breeds more social problems like poverty, drugs, and prostitution!”
Pope Francis and the ignorant priests who are partly to blame in our penury should have seen this one coming. We have the same population with contraceptive- conscious Thailand in the 1970s, now progressive Thailand got 60 million people; we got more than a hundred million starving Filipinos, many of whom are willing to sell their bodies to the moneyed just to make both ends meet.
To further appreciate how a smaller populated country enjoys the economic spoils we can compare how Thailand and the Philippines fared in year 2013 on their Per Capita Income (PCI) /Gross Domestic of Product (GDP/PCI). To the jeepney drivers and carpenters who now read this article, GDP/PCI means total income of a country divided by its present population.
According to the World Bank’s data,Thailand’s GDP/PCI was U.S $5,779 or its Philippine peso equivalent of P260, 055 a year. Philippines’ GDP/PCI was U.S $2,765 or Philippine peso equivalent of P124,425 a year.
Oh, I just learned that GDP, if implemented in the Pope- crazy Philippines, is no longer called Gross Domestic Product, naughty economists dubbed it Gutom Diyan ang Pilipino (GDP) te-heh my broadside on the Catholic Church’s policy on birth control.
The Catholic fanatics and faithful in the Philippines are also to be blamed to our hardship. Many of them unabashedly and ignorantly swallowed hook, line and sinker the sermons, threats, and bogeyman of the Catholic’s “Ayatollahs” that using contraceptives dooms them in Judgment Day with a huge stone strapped on their body as they fall tailspin in the boiling acid of fire of hell. The clerics do not know that we are living already in hell, just like what child Palomar experienced, because of their out- of- reality teachings on how to control birth.
I was browsing the other day the book “Take it Back: Our Party, Our Country, Our Future” authored by James Carville and Paul Begala two marquee political strategists of the Democrat Party in the United States. The authors distinguished two kinds of exploiting the strengths and weaknesses of their PR clients and their clients’ opponents. (more…)

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Lingayen sees 3-cornered mayoralty race

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

LINGAYEN – A former mayoral candidate of this capital town said it could be a three- cornered mayoralty derby here in the 2016 polls.
Joe Ferrer, a former councilor and 2010 mayoralty bet, said it would not be a four-cornered clash in the next election but a three cornered probable fight, as he is not interested for the top post.
Ferrer said he dismissed requests of those who prodded him to run despite his burgeoning private contracting business that could bankroll his candidacy in 2016.
Political kibitzers have been discussing these days about the candidacies of this town mayor Josefina “Iday” Castaneda, Vice Mayor Nepthalie D. Pasiliao, and former Police Provincial Director Mariano Luis “Sonny” Verzosa, and Ferrer.
A source, who asked anonymity, said Governor Amado T. Espino is divided between Pasiliao and Verzosa – his political consultant at the Capitol here.
But other political observers opined he favors Pasiliao as he has enough financial chests to wage an electoral war against Castaneda.
Castaneda is supported by gubernatorial aspirant Mark Cojuangco and Abono Party-list Rosendo So – the province’s acknowledged king maker.
But Ferrer dismissed the observation, he said Pasiliao would remain as re-elective vice mayoral candidate if his godfather former Mayor Nolan Evangelista throws his hat into the melee.
Another source said with the political landscape here still fluid, Verzosa and Councilor Judy de Leon Vargas could be found running for the vice mayoralty.
Ferrer, an ally of Rep.Leopoldo Bataoil (2nd District, Pangasinan), said Vargas would seek reelection as councilor instead of the number two post as she is groomed to run for the Philippine Councilors League-Pangasinan. (more…)

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