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 Former Pangasinan 5th district Rep. Mark Cojuangco gives his message and advise to the 118 couples who got married during the mass civil wedding ceremony on Valentine’s Day at Quezon Island at famous Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos City. Cojuangco stood as one of the ninongs in the event wedding.CESAR RAMIREZ

Former Pangasinan 5th district Rep. Mark Cojuangco gives his message and advise to the 118 couples who got married during the mass civil wedding ceremony on Valentine’s Day at Quezon Island at famous Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos City. Cojuangco stood as one of the ninongs in the event wedding.CESAR RAMIREZ

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Pork, garlic, onion production not threatened by Asian Integration – Abono

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

ROSALES – The chair of the farmers group Abono Party-List (APL) said onion, garlic, and meat supplies in the country are not threatened by the Asean Free Trade Agreement (AFTA).
AFTA took effect last January 1 this year. It covers the almost non-tariff exchange of products within the 10 members Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN).
Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam are voting members while Papua New Guinea is an observer in the body.
APL chairman Rosendo So said onion and garlic are from China while meat are from the United States and European countries.
APL Chair So said the belief that AFTA, with its no-tariff regulation, could discourage smugglers.
So just met with Senator Grace Poe during which they discussed AFTA, agricultural trades with the US and Europe, and the weak policies of the Department of Agriculture on the imports from other countries.
“Gusto natin malaman kung hanggang saan sila, hanggang saan tayo kung paano ba ang export natin doon, ano ba ang hinahanap sa atin. Dapat ang sinasabi natin iyong export natin, tapos may food safety sila (other countries) doon na hindi basta-basta pumapasok ang kargamento sa kabila dapat kung ano ang safety natin dito dapat doon ganoon din,” he stressed. (more…)

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CORTEZ: Aquino is responsible, Purisima is accountable


Si Presidente Aquino ang responsible sa Mamasapano operation. Si resigned Chief PNP naman ang accountable. Bakit ba pinagdedebatehan pa?

Huli na si Duterte nang magpunta siya dito sa Dagupan para sabihin na dapat daw akuin ni PNoy ang responsibility sa Mamasapano. Mayor, noong February 6 pa lang po ay inako na ni PNoy ang responsibility. At hindi din tutuloy si Duterte na kumandidatong Presidente ng Pilipinas.

HIS RESPONSIBILITY. Inako na ni Pangulong Noynoy Aquino ang responsibilidad sa Mamasapano Operation noong nagsalita siya sa harap ng mga SAF Commandos noong February 6. Narito po ang parts ng sinabi ni Presidente.

“At bilang Pangulo at Commander-in-Chief, pasan ko naman po ang responsibilidad para sa anumang resulta, sa anumang tagumpay, pasakit, o trahedya, na maaari nating matamasa sa paghahangad ng pangmatagalang seguridad at kapayapaan.”

“Ako ang Ama ng Bayan, at 44 sa aking mga anak ang nasawi. Hindi na sila maibabalik; nangyari ang trahedya sa ilalim ng aking panunungkulan; dadalhin ko po hanggang sa huling mga araw ko ang pangyayaring ito. Responsibilidad ko po sila, kasama ang buong puwersa ng SAF sa operasyong ito, pati na ang mga nagligtas sa kanila na nalagay din sa panganib ang buhay.”

Twice opo, dalawang beses niya sinabing responsibilidad niya ang naganap. At itinuloy niya pa na responsibilidad niya din ang mangyayaring paghuli kay Basit Usman. With corresponding babala pa ha… sasagasaan ang sinumang magtatangkang humadlang! (more…)

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Duterte hems and haws on presidential plan

By Yolanda Sotelo

DAGUPAN CITY – Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters came with stuffs usually given away by presidential candidates – ballers and wristwatches with his face on them. IMG_1906
PRESIDENTIAL TIMBER. Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte poses
with Pangasinan media after he spoke last February 18
at the Rotary-Club of Dagupan City. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA

But he continued to hem and haw on his presidential plan.
During a visit to this city on February 11, Duterte told students of the Lyceum Northwestern University that he was willing to run for president of the country “if only to save the Republic.”
“If only to save this Republic, I could run for president. I could make this sacrifice if only to save this country from being fractured,” Duterte said as an answer to a question fielded by one of the participants.
Then during a inter-cluster meeting of the Rotary Club International District 3790, he said if he were the president, he would declare a revolutionary government and then go for a consensus if the government would be changed to a federal form after three or four years.
But he later said his plans for the presidency was not his ambition, only a vision for the country.
“I was personifying (the presidency) to talk about it. I was just referring to the problems of the country,” he said when asked about his answer to the student during the forum.
“That is why I said that was my vision, not my ambition. That is my advice to whoever becomes the president,” he said.
He told reporters that he could be run for presidency because he did not have the money for a nationwide campaign.
Duterte said he was in the city only because of his friends and classmates from San Beda College.
“Anybody of us could be the solution (to the country’s problems) kaya lang ako wala talaga akong pera. That is why I am taking out myself out of the loop because wala talaga akong pera. You need ten to fifteen billion. You can ask for the money but at what price would you get it? Even money has a price,” he said.
He said he was in the northern Luzon only because of his desire to have the government changed to federalism. “which the country can’t have unless the president embraces it.” (more…)

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Cayetano downplays threats of war if Bangsamoro Law is not passed

By Yolanda Sotelo

URDANETA CITY — Senator Alan Cayetano downplayed the threat of war if the Bangsamoro Basic Law is not passed, saying the national government knows to how to contain the MILF if its members choose the bullet over ballot. dash
“Remember, an all out war is not the only option. Hindi naman suguran ang usapan, but on how to have a peace agreement from the position of the government. Anyway, (the government) knows who the members are and where they are,” Cayetano told reporters on Friday.
Cayetano, who has withdrawn his support to the BBL in its original form, was here for a forum with the students of the Pangasinan State University on his scholarship program.
“Why are we allowing them to get stronger every day while they are professing to support the peace talks? Nobody is proposing war, but while they are supposedly supporting the peace talks, they are strengthening themselves,” he said.
“Peace process should always be balance for national security. You enter into peace agreement so there will be no fighting. But if the peace process that you pass would make the other party more powerful, what will happen? What if they take over the entire Mindanao?” he said.
Cayetano added that there was a need to solve the Mamasapano case first before the government passes the BBL.
“Imagine, even if there was a $6 million price to catch Marwan, they did not surrender him. What is the assurance that they will do not it again if BBL is passed? There are still plenty of sub issues that need to be resolved. We have to see that they are sincere in the peace process,” he said.
Cayetanao added that in its is present form, the BBL would be empowered as it would have a police force of 4,000 to 8,000 under the control of their chief and not the Philippine National Police.
“What if their place becomes a haven of terrorism or criminal syndicate? You cannot do away with the issue of national security,” he said.
Another issue he raised against the BBL is that all the natural resources of the area would be under the BBL’s control.
“They will become rich but what about the rest of Mindanao? We should go for balance,” Cayetano said.
The senator mentioned his three requirements for the BBL to be passed into law: Revise it to be more equitable and inclusive, there should also be agreements in other parts of Mindanao, and the MILF should show its sincerity by burning its factories of arms and ammunitions. (more…)

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ORTIGOZA: Senator’s Scolds a General

A hospital in Tapuac, Dagupan City bills not only its patients but almost all of its nurses, yes Virginia, all of its nurses for the services they render.

Here’s one of its nurses who told me this racket that had been the modus operandi of the hospital since the middle of year 2000.
“Duty po kami sa hospital ng six months, bayad po kami ng P25,000. Ilalagay ng management na one year na may experience kami para pag nagtrabaho kami abroad may ipapakita kami.”
According to the source, even if it’s prohibited by law many licensed nurses who could hardly find a hospital where they could gain experience without shelling anything, succumbed to this racket.
“Matagal na iyang racket na iyan diyan. Iyong chief nurse na lang nila ang pinapasueldohan ng hospital. Lahat ng nurses nila puro nagbabayad na sa kanila. Problema, kawawa pasyente nila bumaba ang quality ng hospital nila.”
The owners of the hospital have been known to be smart alecks. They have been making a killing from these nurses.
Paging Secretaries Janet Guarin and Rosalinda D. Baldoz of the Departments of Health and Labor & Employment to look into this malpractice in Dagupan City.
I know it is not only this hospital that practice these malfeasance but many hospitals in the city and the province.
Special Action Force 2 – Star General Getulio Napenas could be likened to Colonel George Fowler in the movie’s ” General’s Daughter” casting John Travolta. Lieutenant General Joseph Campbell said Colonel Fowler would do anything for the general even by sacrificing his (Fowler) career.
It’s like what the cover up of Gen. Napenas at the Senate in favor of former PNP Chief Alan Purisima.
But the Campbell and Fowler’s bravados were just flick. Napenas and Purisima’s stunt at the Senate was, salamabit, for real! What’s the quid pro quo for Napenas? Gee whiz, the wherewithal and the favour Malacanang could give him that he could probably hard to refuse. Forget the millions of pesos of pensions and the emoluments Napenas would not be getting this year from the PNP in case he would be indicted and convicted later. Big Brother in the Palace can give him four-fold or ten fold of what he would be losing if he remains mum that President PNoy had nothing to do with the blunder, skewing, and carnage of the SAF-44 at Mamasapano – the supposed Benghazi of the President.

“Iyong ibibigay kay Napenas isang buwan lang iyan na payola sa jueteng sa isang probinsiya o share sa tatlong araw na spoils ng broker and smuggler sa custom,” my gofer Procopio Matulis, said.
A frantic Malacanang Palace occupant want the uploaders of the graphic video (where a young Special Action Force’s trooper PO2 Joseph Sagonoy was mercilessly shot twice point blank by a Muslim rebel in Mamasapano town in Maguindanao) at the internet to take it out.
The Palace concerns, for me, was not really the sensibility of the video. but it was afraid it could exploit the already combustible feelings of Christians to agitate the government to wage war against the Muslims.
It could also be a powder keg for an uprising by groups of Filipinos against President Benigno Aquino III whom they blamed for the massacre of the gallant SAF 44 in Mindanao and his friendly attitude with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front who killed those commandos.
Another reason was the palace’s occupants were anxious that the ongoing peace talks by the MILF with the government would finally go to the dogs because of the video.
It shows a Muslim rebel videotaping from his cellular phone a companion with a .9mm pistol shot twice in the body and the jaw a still moving, wounded, and lying Sagonoy. The first shot saw the dying SAF commando jerks in pain his right arm from his body to his head while the second shot, the coup d’ grace, saw blood squirting from his right jaw.

Psst readers, Caveat Emptor (Buyer’s Beware)! Some of the narration here are satire.
Was it Geoffrey Chaucer who writes that reading was not for only for those who want to be informed but to be entertained?
You remember seeing recently on TV an irritated Senator Teofisto Guingona III grilling the covering up Police General Alan Purisima who lied through his teeth that he did not give an order but only advice to Special Action Force commander Napenas? Several years ago a US Senator Barbara Boxer (Democrat, California) chided US Army Brigadier General Michael Walsh for calling her “ma’am” during the hearing of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works on Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Study (LCPR) in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in June 2009.

SENATOR BARBARA BOXER: My record here indicates the transfer of funds occurred during the fiscal year.
BRIG. GEN. MICHAEL WALSH: Ma’am, at the L.C.P.R …
SENATOR: You know, do me a favor, could you say “senator” instead of “ma’am”? (more…)

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PCSO’s Peryahan kakasuhan ang PNP, NBI sa illegalraid, arrests

DAGUPAN CITY – Ang pamunoan ng GlobalTech Online Corporation (GlobalTech) , ang licensee ng Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office’s Peryahan Games (PG), ay nagpasa kamakailan ng board resolution para kasuhan ang ilang miyembro ng Philippine NationalPolice (PNP) at National Bureau of Investigation Ayon kay Edward Aguilar, spokesman ng GlobalTech, ang resolution sa pagfile ng criminal at administrative cases laban sa mga law enforcers na ito ay dahil sa arbitrary arrest, unlawful detention, incriminating innocent persons, at iba pa sa mga bet collectors ng PRsa bayan ng Binmaley at Laoac.

PCSO's Peryahan Games' betting kiosk in Binmaley, Pangasinan. The kiosk opened last January 24. Other towns that junked and replaced Meridian Jai Alai - played like jueteng - with Peryahan Games - are Malasiqui, San Jacinto, Mapandan, Laoac, and others.

PCSO’s Peryahan Games’ betting kiosk in Binmaley, Pangasinan. The kiosk opened last January 24. Other towns that junked and replaced Meridian Jai Alai – played like jueteng – with Peryahan
Games – are Malasiqui, San Jacinto, Mapandan, Laoac, and others.

Ang mga mobile collectors ng PG ay kinasuhan ng Presidential Decree 1602 (Prescribing Stiffer Penalties on Illegal Gambling) in relation to Republic Act 9287 (Act Increasing the Penalties for Illegal Numbers Games) ng mga kagawad ng Regional Public Safety Battalion (RPSB) na naka base sa Police Regional Office sa San Fernando City, La Union at ng NBI-Manila dahil nagpapataya daw sila sa illegal number game na jueteng. “Lahat sila kakasuhan dahil may board resolution na kami and certification ng (board) secretary (GlobaTech) para mag demanda,” ani Aguilar.
Noong isang linggo ang PR mobile collectors sa Binmaley ay hinuli ng mga miyembro ng RPSB. “Gaya sa siyam na tauhan namin sa Laoac , dinismis din ng fiscal ang kasong ni file ng pulis sa collectors namin sa Binmaley,” ani Aguilar.
Ayon kay Aguilar ang hinuli sa Binmaley ay sina Condrado Caronogan,Amelia Villanueva, Ma. Teresa Soriano, Lilia Rosario, Rogel Soriano at iba pa. Ang mga ito ay completo sa identification cards at mga gamit na approved ng PCSO. Ang mga hanay ng PNP na kakasuhan ay sina Police Inspector Gerardo Macaraeg,Jr.,SPO1 Marlon Carbonell, PO1 Marcleen, Estrada, PO1 Nelson Loakan,PO1 RomnickViernes, PO1 Ronie Oligario, PO1 Jethro Diamsay, PO1 Ruben Orine,PO1Aurelio Belen, andPO2 Mark Lemuel dela Pena Ang mga ahente ng NBI sa Laoac raid na sasampahan ng asunto ay sina Special Agent Allan Tubi, Special Investigator(SI) IV JoseRommel Ramirez, SI III Nelson Moreno, SI III Edgardo Kawada, SI III Ferdinand Manuel,AGT II JosephEufemio Martinez. “Itong board resolution na pag file ng kaso ay maging aral sa harassment ng NBI at PNP sa Peryahan Games”. Sa decision ng fiscal sa pag dismiss sa mga trumped-up charges ng NBI, ito ang resolution ni Urdaneta City, Pangasinan’s Provincial Prosecutor Abraham L. Ramos II: “There appears no concrete evidence that tends to show that the above named respondents conspired with Larry Alvarado, Robert Garon, and Rowel Cunanan when the three collected bets from alias Jay the poseur designated by the NBI Manila during the entrapment operation. It is a hornbook doctrine that “conspiracy must be proved as indubitably as the crime itself through clear and convincing evidence and not merely by conjecture”. Bago ma dismiss ang ikinaso ng siyam sa bet collectors sa Laoac, sila ay kinulong sa Maynila ng NBI ng anim na araw habang inaantay nila ang resolution ni Prosecutor Ramos ng motion for preliminary investigation nila na ni file ng abugado ng PR para sa kanila. “Why would they arrest our agents who did possess papelitos or lastillas (strip papers)?” tanong ni Aguilar sa mga media men.
Ang PR ay isang legal na laro na binigyan ng kapangyarihan ng Republic Act No. 1169, as amended, na kilala na PCSO Charter. (more…)

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Dagupan is Presidential Awardee as Most Child-Friendly City in Region I

The city of Dagupan was conferred the Presidential Award when it was adjudged the regional winner as the most Child-Friendly City under the independent component city category.
Mayor Belen T. Fernandez, together with City Social Welfare and Development officer Leah Aquino and City Engineer Virginia Rosario, received the award from Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Regional Director Marcelo Nicomedes J. Castillo, during the 64th anniversary of the DSWD at Hotel Ariana, in Bauang, La Union last February 18.
Dagupan was recognized for its continuing commitment in promoting child rights to survival, development, protection and participation, as well as ensuring child-friendly governance
The city is now a national contender for the 2014 Presidential Award for Most Child-Friendly City.
This was made possible through the city’s local development plan for children and a local investment plan that spelled out the rights of children for survival, development, protection and participation.
Among the criteria considered that determined Dagupan as the most child-friendly city in the region include a policy program and development for children; service delivery for the improvement of children’s health, nutrition, education and social protection; and strengthening of local partnerships.
The city government was also recognized for its various programs and activities focusing on the welfare of children in terms of disaster preparedness, environmental awareness, arts and culture, health and hygiene, intensive medical care programs, anti-bullying policy, among others.
Working along the theme “a happy child is an empowered child”, Mayor Fernandez prioritized in recognizing the rights of each young Dagupeno, and listening to their voices. (more…)

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CORTEZ: TPLEx expansion proposal ni Cojuangco nakasalang na


OIC CPNP ESPINA. Bakit po ba umiyak ang isang police general na nagpaiyak din sa mga kongresisita at mga nanonood sa live congressional hearing?

Marami po ang humanga sa kanyang taos-pusong pagkalinga sa kapulisan. Siya na nag daw po ang dapat na ipalit sa nagresign na Chief PNP.

Bok Nani Braganza, kumusta ka na? Kailan ka babalik dito sa Pangasinan? Tatlo pala ang position sa PNP na ginagampanan ni General Espina now! Siya na ba?

Share ko po sa inyo ang full text ng sinabi ni Philippine National Police Officer-in-Charge Leonardo Espina s House of Representatives na nagsasagawa ng Mamasapano incident noong February 11, 2015.

Sir, as you all know, I am the officer-in-charge now of the Philippine National Police. There is no doubt that we are all for the peace process because, first and foremost, we are peacekeepers. We are your peacekeepers. Wala hong ibang gugusto ng katahimikan kundi kami. Alam naming…alam ng AFP ang price to pay for war.

Pero, sir, we seek for very clear answers. We seek clear answers from the other party of the peace process on the following—Ano ba itong overkill na ito na ginawa niyo sa mga tao ko?
Ako hindi ho ako nakatulog kagabi nung nalaman ko yung medico-legal report. Si Inspector [Rennie] Tayrus, si Inspector [Ryan] Pabalina did not suffer any lethal shots. Tinamaan sila sa paa lang. Ganun din yung isa.

[Pero] papaanong namatay yan? Yung isa binaril niyo sa ulo e. Buhay na buhay pa yung tao. Yung isa, hinubaran niyo ng bulletproof niya. Binaril niyo sa katawan niya.

Yung isa 9mm sa ulo niya. Dalawa…dalawang fatal shots. Hindi pupwedeng nag-suicide yung tao dahil in the face of so many enemies kasi dalawa. 9mm…close range yun…short firearm yun.
Nakita na e. Ito lang po ang gusto kong itanong e. Nakita niyo na SAF yan. Kahit ano pang violation pa yan; kahit na po sinabi nating walang coordination, etc, kahit na sabihin pa ho natin sino unang nagpaputok, kausap yan e sa usaping pangkatahimikan. Peace talks. (more…)

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EDITORIAL : No longer a blank wall?

The issue on illegal black sand mining in Pangasinan has not yet simmered or subsided. Even after the Office of the Ombudsman indicted Governor Amado T. Espino Jr. and 13 others for violation of Section 3(e) of Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act,, residents of Capandanan, Malimpuec, Sabangan and Estanza in Lingayen have not stopped their quest to have the beaches of Lingayen Gulf given back to them. The shores of the gulf including the sea have been their source of livelihood for years but their access was deterred by the provincial government due to the construction of 3-kilometers, 6-feet high concrete fence.
It will be remembered that in 2011, the provincial government started to quarry black sand along the Lingayen Gulf at the 180-hectare eco-tourism area to give way to the construction of a 12-hole golf course.
The excavation of black sand was contracted to Alexandria Mining Ventures and later on, to Xypher Builders. Provincial officials have repeatedly denied that they were extracting black sand but only “unwanted elements and materials” for vegetation like turf grasses to grow. (more…)

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