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Bayambang residents fear losing homes

By Yolanda Sotelo

BAYAMBANG – The New Year started bad for residents of a military reservation in barangay Magsaysay, who claimed to have been staying in the public land since they were born, after a local court ordered the demolition of their houses and to vacate the area.
The residents said they have won the right to stay in the military reservation after a Regional Trial Court dismissed a case on August 16, 2013 filed against them by an alleged owner of the property identified in the court papers as Rosemarie Gomez Aquino.
The decision penned by RTC 57 Judge Hermogenes Fernandez said while Aquino is the “owner of the premises, she should present her claim before the proper court in a proper action.”
“Even if one is the owner of the property, the possession cannot be wrested from another who had been in physical possession of the same by resorting to a summary action for ejectment,” Fernandez said.
But the residents were shocked when last Saturday, a policeman came and distributed the Alias Writ of Demolition to them, and that the demolition would take effect on Monday. But the demolition did not push through as the town chief of police was not around.
“We were told the demolition would be done next week. But we are afraid that the demolition crew would come anytime and we would be losing our homes,” Manolito Matabang, 57, said.
The residents are baffled why, despite an earlier RTC decision, a municipal judge issued the alias writ of demolition on July 7, 2014.
The writ, signed by Judge Dominico Sanchez, did not mention the August 2013 RTC decision which dismissed the forcible entry complaint of Aquino.
It instead cited another RTC Branch’s (56) decision dated December 18, 2009 dismissing the appeal of the residents after the court decided in favor of Aquino. (more…)

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MAGANES: Politics of lip service?

vir maganes

Since I started my radio program “Gising Pangasinan” over Bombo Radyo Dagupan on October 2014, I was bombarded with requests to talk about developmental issues in the province and also the development programs and projects the present administration has done. I haven’t expected those comments and requests, but reading them made me sigh particularly those questioning the political issues obtaining in the province.

The present occupant of the Capitol took the reins of the province in June 2007. The first term was devoted to what he called “cleansing of the provincial bureaucracy” as if the previous administration was marred with corruption. I witnessed how some department heads under the Agbayani administration were ridiculed and laughed at during a process he (the present Capitol occupant) said was to know the real condition of the provincial government. It was a time I thought that the new Capitol occupant will be the messiah of good governance. Agbayani’s term, however, was never tinted with graft and corruption issues.

From 2007 to 2010, the present administration had busied itself in facelifting the Capitol premises. The Capitol was renovated as well as district hospitals. Cultural reawakening was visible as the banner program with the creation of Pangasinan Historical Society to gather data and facts surrounding the real history of the province. Pistay Dayat was even more glamorous with added attractions like Kasaysayan ng Lahi Parade and many more.

As the provicial administration was harping its accomplishments in various programs, many local officials particularly in villages have been asking and questioning what tangible projects it had done for them. For seven years at the the helm of the province, the provincial administration has not changed its mantra that Pangasinan has beautiful Capitol and newly renovated hospitals. There were no other tangible programs and projects that it can boasts of, to the Pangasinenses and even local and foreign tourists. It has not shifted its priority projects in developing villages so much so that many village officials have been requesting favours from the administration for so long a time.
The gains in corn and rice production were not the handiwork alone of the provincial government. The big chunks of support came from the Abono Partylist and the Department of Agriculture (DA). Without programs like “Maisan at Gulayan sa Barangay, Accelerated Certified Seeds Production, Agricultural Exposition, the provincial government albeit has not reaped the success along corn and rice production. However, Abono Partylist was seldom acknowledged as its partner.

In health services, Pangasinenses have been wanting of full medical support from the provincial government. While district hospitals have been renovated, it is still a fact that medical services are inadequate as medicines and medical equipment are still lacking. There are inadequacies in the delivery of support projects and programs to the barangay levels, a reality the provincial administration has to accept. Villagers are in need of good roads, seeds and fertilizers subsidies, sanitary deep wells, etc. (more…)

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LTO to vehicle owners: Apply for new standardized license plate

DAGUPAN CITY – The Land Transportation Office (LTO) in the Ilocos Region requires vehicle owners to apply for the new standardized license plate when renewing their vehicle registration starting this January.

Francis Ray Almora, assistant regional director of LTO-Region 1, said the under the Plate Standardization Program, the new plates which has three alpha (letter) and four numeric (number) combination will be issued only to vehicles registered for the first time.

“The new alphanumeric combination will be available only to new vehicles but the new design of the license plate will now be used in all the transactions of vehicle owners particularly those who are renewing their registration starting this month,” said Almora during the KBP Forum held at the PIA-Pangasinan Office here.

Almora said for the renewal of vehicle registration, the six-digit alphanumeric of old vehicle will be retained but the design will be the new standardized plate design to keep it in tune with the international standards.

For the design, the new license plates will have a black and white color indicating the region where the vehicle was originally registered, Almora said. (more…)

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CORTEZ: Bawang cartel


May isang panahon sa kasaysayan ng presyo ng bawang nang ang presyo nito ay pumalo sa three hundred fifty pesos per kilo! Iyan ay nagmula sa P60 – P90 per kilo. Unbilibabol! Maraming mga ina ang napamura. Nakapagbigkas ng bad words ng malaman na umabot ng 350 pesos per kilo ang bawang.
Three hundred pesos per kilo ang bawang pero hindi yumaman ang mga kapatid natin na nagtatanim ng bawang. Bakit?
At ang Samahang Industriya ng Agrikultura (SINAG) ang nanguna sa paghingi kay Presidente Aquino na imbestigahan ang kakaibang behaviour ng presyo ng bawang.
Dahil sa matinding pagsipa ng presyo ng bawang, nagsagawa at naglabas ng official report ng imbestigasyon ang DOJ Office of Competition matapos itong ipag-utos ng president.
Itong report na ito siguro ang naging basehan ng pagsasampa ng kaso sa Ombudsman.
Narito po ang part ng report, “As directed by the President and after a comprehensive evaluation, the main findings are: 1) there was no shortage of supply and, in fact, there were more adequate stocks of garlic; 2) majority of the ‘import permits’ issued was granted only to one preferred group; and 3) due to a cornering of supply, this group can dictate the high prices.”
Pinuri po ng Samahang Industriya ng Agrikultura (SINAG) ang ginawang filing of charges laban sa diumano ay mga nasa likod ng biglaang pagtaas ng presyo ng bawang habang nananawagan sa mga Pilipino na tangkilikin ang produktong mula sa mga magsasakang Pilipino.
Narito naman po ang laman ng statement ng SINAG na pinamumunuan ng isang taga-Pangasinan, si Engr. Rosendo So.
“SINAG is appealing to the consuming public to patronize local garlic and other local agricultural products as the only way to support, promote, and stimulate domestic agriculture.”
Narito pa ang dagdag na laman ng report, “The control is so organized that it favors only few selected importers to the exclusion of other legitimate importers. Officials ensure that trade in importation is limited only to a select group by restricting the allowance of SPSIC (import permit) only to favored dummies of Cruz when this could have been undertaken by giving all legitimate importers the opportunity to take part in the importation,” the office said. It added that based on its findings, “BPI officials have even gone to the extent of revalidating expired permits in two occasions involving hundreds of SPSIC, an act without legal basis.”
Ayon sa SINAG ang industriya ng bawang ay “still struggling to recover from the 20-year policy of wanton importation and smuggling in lieu of domestic production.”
Dagdag pa ni Bos Sendo, “With less than 15 percent of the country’s garlic requirements produced locally, importers and traders that form the garlic cartel continue to dictate prices since there’s no local production to counter the steep price of imported and/or smuggled garlic.”

PERO, ano ba ito? May mga nagsasabi na ang isyu ng cartel sa garlic ay labanan ng dalawang grupo na involved sa importation at trading ng bawang!
Ayon sa mga tsismosa, ang isang grupo ay kay Lilia at ang kalaban na grupo naman ay kay Elizabeth. Lilia verus Lilybeth.
Kung nitong new year ay may mga nagpaputok ng bawang para sa paghihiwalay ng 2014 patungo sa 2015, may pasabog naman ang DOJ tungkol sa bawang cartel.
Eto pa ang isang finding ng DOJ, “Importation of garlic in the country is controlled mainly by at least four (4) known individuals and allied interests through a web or series of dummy entities duly accredited by the BPI. In particular, a person named Lilia M. Cruz, a.k.a. Leah Cruz, cornered at least 75% of the total garlic importation in the country by virtue of such import permits.”
Kahit na anong negosyo, kung ikaw ang may control sa 75% nito…ikaw ang masusunod. Ikaw ang makakapagdikta sa quality ng produkto. Ikaw ang makakapagdikta sa quantity ng mga produkto. Ikaw ang mkakapagdikta ng presyo ng produkto. (more…)

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BFAR to grow fish at San Roque dam’s re-regulating pond

By Yolanda Sotelo

SAN FERNANDO CITY – Aside from generating power and irrigating rice land, there’s a third use for the water of the San Roque Dam in San Manuel town – to grow fish in cages.
The cages will be established at the 70-hectare re-regulating pond which catches water used by the power plant generator and where water is stocked until needed for irrigation purposes.
The project would be giving additional benefit to the farmers as whatever organic materials generated by the fish culture would serve as organic fertilizer to the rice farms, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Ilocos Regional Director Nestor Domenden said.
The project of the BFAR is in coordination with the local government of San Manuel and the National Irrigation Administration which is in charge of the re-regulating pond.
Domenden said a 1,000 square meter- demonstration cage will be placed at the re-regulating pond within the month and would be manned by the selected cooperators from San Manuel who are interested in fish culture.
“This will be a techno-demo cage so the BFAR will be closely monitoring the operations and coaching the cooperators for two to three cropping seasons, until they would have learned the technology,” Domenden said.
But only ten percent, or seven hectares, of the re-regulating pond would be utilized for fish cages,” he said.
The demonstration cage will be stocked with tilapia fingerlings, but other fish species that would be found suitable may also be cultured later, he said.
To be initially cultured are 150,000 tilapia fingerlings or 50 pieces per cubic meter.
For the demonstration phase, the BFAR will provide fingerlings and commercial feeds to the cooperators and whatever amount that would come from the sale of harvested fish would accrue to them, Domenden said.
But they would need to keep a portion of the money as, after the demonstration phase, they would have to buy the fingerlings and the feeds, he added.
The BFAR has been stocking the dam proper with one million tilapia fingerlings every year.
Unlike the fish cage in the re-regulating pond however, no commercial feeds is used at the dam proper as organic materials may affect the turbine of the power plant.
“The fish have to make do with natural food like algae,” he said.
It’s a controlled fishing at the dam proper, in the sense that the identified individuals who would harvest the fish have to conditions of the plant management, he added.

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Gazmin pays homage to veterans in Pangasinan

pc_wreath laying

DAGUPAN CITY -Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin paid homage to veterans of World War II based in Pangasinan during the 70th anniversary of the Lingayen Gulf Landings held Friday at the Veterans Memorial Park in Lingayen town.
Gazmin said the annals of history of World War II in 1945 is full of memories of the epic struggle of the veterans.
“We honor the courage, valor and patriotism of our living and fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives so we Filipinos may continue to live in liberty,” Gazmin said.
He revealed that one of the survivors of the 97-kilometer Death March in Bataan is Captain Segundo Gazmin who is the Secretary’s father. He passed away in 2010 at the age of 102, the younger Gazmin said.
“That is why I am truly proud of his legacy and the legacy of all the war veterans here today,” he said.
Gazmin assured the veterans that their heroism will be immortalized in the annals of history.
Col. Bruce Murray, defense attaché of the Australian Embassy in the Philippines and Maj. Gen. James Pasquarette, deputy commanding general of the US Army-Pacific, likewise thanked the veterans for their bravery and said “the Philippines is a friend.”
Maj. Gen. Raul Caballes, deputy administrator of the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office said there are at least 1,192 WW II veterans and post-war veterans receiving old age pension at present.
Gov. Amado Espino, Jr. said the fight of the veterans for freedom in the country may have ended but Pangasinan will continue its fight to provide for a decent life for all Filipinos.
Espino noted that the number of surviving veterans is dwindling. He said when he had his first breakfast with war veterans in 1995, there were around 600 veterans present . This time, there were only 71 who have made it to the occasion physically. (more…)

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P&G to help solve Dagupan’s garbage problem

DAGUPAN CITY – The problem of garbage in the city is set to be remarkably solved with the adoption of the Waste to Worth Program (W2WP) with the help of the multi-national company Procter & Gamble.

City Administrator Farah Marie G. Decano said during the 40th Executive Session on January 5 at the CSI Stadia that P&G has already completed its study if Dagupan is capable of sustaining the W2WP, and found the city an ideal location for the project.

However, the city council must pass an ordinance authorizing Mayor Belen T. Fernandez to negotiate, transact and enter into Memorandum of Agreement in behalf of the city governmenf with Procter and Gamble Philippines Incorporated regarding implementation of the project.

Councilor Jose Netu Tamayo sponsored a draft ordinance (No. 0-534) which was presented on first reading last January 6 during the first regular session of the year of the city council.

There is also a need for the legislative body to seek the segregation of some 28,000 square meters of land covered by Presidential Proclamation No. 98 in the Tondaligan Park to accommodate the machinery to be put up by a company that will convert Dagupan wastes into useful energy, Decano said. (more…)

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Dagupan commemorates 70th MacArthur Landing

The local government of Dagupan observed the 70th anniversary of the historic landing of General Douglas MacArthur during a commemorative program last January 9 at the Mac Arthur Memorial Park in Bonuan Blue Beach.2015-01-09 09.14.45a-side
The commemoration started with a thanksgiving mass followed by a wreath-laying ceremony at the restored MacArthur shrine led by Mayor Belen Fernandez.
Present during the event were veterans from World War II and other foreign wars, members of the Knights of Columbus and of the Philippine Navy, and city officials.
There have been controversies over the actual site of the landing of General Mac Arthur as there were claims he landed in Lingayen and others said he came ashore through the municipality of San Fabian.
Historical accounts stated that on January 9, 1945, allied forces led by General McArthur landed on the shores of the Lingayen Gulf, which served as a turning point in the war of liberation, which eventually led to freedom for the entire Philippines and other countries in the Pacific.
But veterans and residents of Dagupan have said that the “Great American Eagle” did land first in Dagupan, before making his way to other parts of the province.
Other strong evidence include photographs of MacArthur with military troops in an area full of coconut trees, which were teeming in Dagupan.
Veteran Alejandro Balolong showed a photo of his cousin Pedro with other locals while they were meeting MacArthur and his troops when they landed near the shoreline of Bonuan Blue Beach.
Balolong added that he even witnessed the general on board a military jeep as he made his way towards to the town proper, eventually staying at the home economics building of West Central Elementary School, which served as his first command post in Luzon.
“I was 17 years old when I personally saw General MacArthur land here in Bonuan. It was a special moment in history that I will never forget,” said Balolong.
Mayor Fernandez recognized the exceptional legacy of veterans, who showed patriotism and self-sacrifice to secure liberty.
“I will make sure that we can instill in the hearts and minds of young Dagupeños the priceless lessons and exceptional bravery of you’ve made, so our new generation will imbibe the same heroic spirit as you did when they face their own battles in life,” said Fernandez. (more…)

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ORTIGOZA: Stop patronizing Cebu(lok) Pacific?


The first time I heard about the notoriety of Cebu Pacific (CP) for being late was in May 2012 when actress Claudine Barretto threw a tantrum at the two lady workers of CP at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport-3 after the plane arrived there late and found out that two of her baggage were left in Kalibo, Aklan. Her tantrum caught the empathy of Philippine Daily Inquirer’s columnist Ramon Tulfo who took photos of her as his future news against CP but instead of being lauded by Barretto’s now estranged husband Raymart Santiago and a male friend, Tulfo was mauled by Santiago and his friend instead.
The second time I heard about the airline’s tardiness was in June 2013 when I was in the middle of an animated conversation during a dinner with then Region 11 Regional Manager John Celeste of the National Irrigation Administration at his huge staff house in Davao City.
“Pinsan (my mother is a Celeste), alis na ako. 7:30 pm na, 9:55 pm ang flight ko to Manila,” I told him.
“Ano ang eroplano mo?” he asked. “Cebu Pacific,” I told him.

“Wala iyan, kuwentuhan pa tayo. Laging late ng two hours iyang eroplano. Kain ka lang diyan ng isdang Davao na pinaluto ko sa cook ko para sa iyo,” he told me by pointing to me my favorite “kinilaw na tuna” with lots of slices of cucumber, a big roasted lapu-lapu, maya-maya, matambaka, and Whatchamacallit viands fit for a king already in Luzon.
But I had a “trauma” already being left twice by the plane, first when, five years ago, I was bound from Manila to Davao City, and the second one, two years ago, when I was destined from Davao City to Manila.
Susmariosep, I could not forget those additional prohibitive prices of rebooking my tickets. I have to shell out a huge amount just to avail the next flight going out from where I was located.
When the NIA Regional Manager allowed me to leave an hour before my 9:55 pm flight by calling his driver to whisk me to the airport, I, up close and personal, learned the notoriety of the plane not arriving on what the contracted time it says on the ticket
But I did not give a fuss about it probably because my bread basket was still elated by the gastronomic seafood delights complements of Celeste.

Cebu Pacific’s December 2014 Nightmare
But Cebu Pacific gave me a comeuppance when I booked a round trip tickets last November for my December 23 and 26 departures from Manila to Davao and vice versa.
I and my son Nico should be availing the December 23’s Philippine Airlines flight but its first trip was 8 am while Cebu Pacific would be departing at 3:45 am. PAL fares difference then was only P500 higher than my Cebu’s P9000 round trip ticket.
“I’ll get Cebu Pacific’s 3:45 am flight since I want to meet my brother for breakfast at the (Marco Polo) Hotel and be home in (the province of) Cotabato earlier since it’s a three hours drive from Davao City,” I told the personnel of the ticketing office in Dagupan City.
At 1:30 am of December 23 I saw already the brewing chaos at Cebu’s NAIA’s Terminal -3 where there was a massive influx of passengers. Some of them were berating the guards at the main door because of lack of baggage carts.
“Inu-unang binibigyan iyong mga passengers sa international flights, kasi nag kaka tip sila!,” an irate female passenger smarted.
Near the counters there was mammoth number of passengers shoving and jostling each other to reach several queues to submit their baggage to be weighted and hauled by the personnel to the plane’s belly. (more…)

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