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PCSO’s Peryahan starts in province raided thrice by police, CIDG, NBI

By Yolanda Sotelo
DAGUPAN CITY – The Peryahan Games of the Philippine Charity Sweeptakes Office is trying to conquer bet-rich Pangasinan through its jueteng-like numbers game, but wary police authorities conducted raids on the Peryahan’s draw center in Laoac town.
PCSO’s Peryahan Games’ betting kiosk in Binmaley, Pangasinan.
The kiosk opened last January 24. Other towns that junked and
replaced Meridian Jai Alai – played like jueteng and Peryahan
Games – are Malasiqui, San Jacinto, Mapandan, Laoac, and others.
Edward Aguilar, spokesperson of Global Tech Mobile Online Corporation which is the franchisee of Peryahan Games, said the draw center had been raided three times since it opened on December 20 last year.
Two days after the draw center opened, the police raided the center and brought six personnel, known as sales agents, to the local police station. But the personnel were released right after questioning, Aguilar said.
The following day, a team from the regional and provincial police, the National Bureau of Investigation and the Criminal  Investigation and Detection Group, again raided the center, bringing the same personnel to different police stations and NBI Manila.
The personnel were also immediately set free, Aguilar said.
The third raid was conducted only by the NBI on January 14, with the agency bringing nine Global Tech sales agents and three other bet collectors to NBI Manila.
“But yesterday (January 21), they were released,  with a resolution from the Department of Justice showing they were not engaged  in illegal numbers game jueteng,” he said. The nine sales agents bore PCSO Ids, gadgets used to print bets, and certification from Global Tech.
The other three bet collectors who are not connected with Global Tech are still held at the NBI headquarters, he said.
Provincial Police Director Sr. Supt. Reynaldo Biay said the police would continue to monitor the Peryahan’s activities to ensure it won’t be used as front for illegal activities.
The Peryahan Games, a numbers game resembling jueteng, is on a test run in Pangasinan, the 13th province where the games was launched.
Like jueteng, bettors select two numbers from 1-38, with bet collectors (called sales agents) going around to collect bets.  The sales agents do not received salaries, but get 7.5 percent from their collections.
Like jueteng, too, winning numbers are drawn thrice daily, at 11 am, four pm and nine pm.
A difference however, is Peryahan collectors bring gadgets called “Point of Sale” on which bets are entered and printed.  The bets are brought to kiosks where the cashier accepts bet money and pays winnings.
Each province will have  winning numbers which are drawn at the draw center, Aguilar said.
But unlike jueteng where the proceeds go is unknown, Peryahan allots 30 percent to charity, of which five percent goes to the treasury of  municipal government and two percent to the provincial govenrment, Aguilar explained.
The PCSO likewise need not seek permits from the local governments which Peryahan will be operated, but will have to pay fees to the establishment of kiosks and other permits.


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 Kimi, Mark laud Villasis’ ‘balikbayans’

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
VILLASIS- On separate events during  this town’s fiesta celebration, Fifth District Rep. Kimi S. Cojuangco and former Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco lauded the ” balikbayans”- both overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and residents of various countries, for their contributions to the economy of the country through their remittances.
 Kimi, who was the guest speaker during the Barangay Night last January 14, said that the “balikbayans” keep the country’s economy afloat.
 “I filed a bill in the House of Representatives known as E-currency in which your remittances through private remittance centers will be free. This means that you will no longer be charged for percentage remittance fee such as 3% or 6%. This is one of the many bills I filed in the Congress,” Kimi said.
 She also informed the barangay officials and guests about the Medikalinga Sa Pangasinan Program of her husband Mark which provides  free surgical services to the Pangasinenes, the scholarship program she coordinated with the Commission on Higher Education (Ched) and the skills development program through the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).
 Mark, the guest speaker during the Coronation and Balikbayan Night last January 17, said  because of the support of the “balikbayans,” the economy  improves.
 ” They said that you are the unsung heroes but I will say that you are the heroes of our economy,” Mark said.
 He told the audience of his aspirations to run as an alternative candidate for governor of Pangasinan in 2016 elections.
 “I know I have done something that you will be proud of being your former representative in the House of Representatives. With my experiences in the 5th District, I know I can replicate this in the entire province if given the chance to be the governor,” he said.
 He said with the trust, help and continued support of Villasinians and the people of 5th District, he was  successful in his activities to pursue development projects in the 5th District.
 Mark also introduced Calasio Mayor Mark Roy Macanlalay as his running mate as vice governor whom he described as an able candidate due to his experience as local executive of Calasiao.
 “I am grateful to him for accepting the challenge as my running mate although he has still one term to run as mayor of Calasiao. I will be needing his expertise should I will win as governor because a vice governor will head the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (Provincial Board). A governor could only be effective with the support of the Sangguninag Panlalawigan,” he said.
 Mark assisted Mrs. Villasis 2014 Florida Riñon in crowning Mrs. Villasis 2015 Letty Casio- Wabe.
 Other members of the royal family are: First Princess- Beverly Osias-Orial and Second Princess Leny Bolario-Sembran.

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MAGANES: My ‘ balikbayan’ friends

There are friends with whom we could not rub elbows for years because they have already migrated to other countries as residents or workers. These friends whom we haven’t seen for several years only go back to their places of birth during Christmas seasons , town fiestas or other occasions needing their presence.
Balikbayan refers to overseas Filipinos, including overseas Filipino workers and the emigrants who come back home to the Philippines after staying in foreign countries.
Overseas Filipinos come home and stay for up to several months to spend time with their loved ones, since Filipinos are known to be a family-centered.  They usually come home during the Christmas holiday or for important family celebrations. The OFWs’ homecoming is usually at the end of their work contract. The family prepares a feast for the homecoming of the balikbayan. The feast usually includes Filipino dishes, especially the balikbayan’s  favorite. The family invite their neighbors and a huge celebration takes place. Due to the culture  of hiya, a huge celebration would be necessary. Filipinos have the notion that when a family has one of its members working or living abroad, they have a lot of money with the amount that one earns outside the Philippines. (Wikipedia)
 Thank God for the Villasis Town Fiesta 2015 that institutionalized a day for the festival a ” Coronation and Balikbayan Night”.  That was a night’s affair for all “balikbayans” to convene and converge and to meet their old friends and acquaintances to exchange pleasantries and stories.
  Last January 17 during the Coronation and Balikbayan Night, I was able to meet old friends whom I have not seen for almost three decades. It was a nostalgic night because upon seeing them, the old flames of friendships lighted anew. The night was also full of revelry as we recalled the days when we were still younger. Though Facebook is already a vogue these days, there are still those who have not used the social network to correspond with old friends. The mystery and the excitement of seeing them again penetrated the soul as if there’s a new brand of friendship that was rekindled.
There are still  many friends in different countries whom we have not seen. There are friends whom we want to see because of the shared bonding many years back, but they have no time to come home. They will , however, remain as friends as time passes by because of their impact in our lives, in good times and bad times.
To those old friends I have seen and met during that wonderful evening of “Balikbayan Night”, thank you for your presence. The friendship was once again rebuilt and I hope it will be like that forever.
I would like to greet my balikbayan friends who made their time to be with the Villasis Town Fiesta 2015. Thank you Emmanuel Rabut of Caramutan village, who is a seaman and now residing in Bulacan, Nilo Jimenez of Bacag village who is already residing in Italy, Abraham “Abe ” Lopez of San Blas Village who is now a resident of New York, USA, Thess Bebot Marcos of Zone I who is now a resident of London, United Kingdom and Tess Perez Evangelista of Capulaan village who is now a resident of California, USA. My greetings also go to my barangay mates Delia Basconcillo Obedoza of New York, USA, Luzviminda Mondala of Canada and Nida Mira Millano of London, United Kingdom. Thanks a lot for the great time we shared during the Barangay Night last January 14.
That night was also an event of meeting new friends in the like of Manong Frank Tomines of Barraca village who is based in Canada and Manny Manantan of Zone II now a resident of New York, USA.
 Friendship is a thing we could not do away with. Our friends will brighten up our days especially when we are reminiscing the past- of yesterdays bonding and sharing the spirit of camaraderie.
Amid the gaiety of the Coronation and Balikbayan Night, a friend approached me and shared his observations in Villasis, particularly the tricycle operations whom he said was not providing good service to commuters. This friend said many tricycle drivers are not following the laws,  such as driving without license and not proper attired while conveying passengers. They seemed to have gotten off from farm work, he said. He suggested the crafting of an ordinance to discipline the tricycle drivers because they pose hazards to the commuting public.
 Through this column I would like to get the attention of Councilor Richie Cacapit, chair of committee on transportation and public utilities, to look into this observation. Personally, I agree with my friend. There were times that tricycle drivers will not convey passengers especially when there are checkpoints of the Land Transportation Office (LTO). The reason is either the drivers have no drivers’ license or the tricycles have not been registered and have no municipal permits to operate.


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Killed, arrested hired guns former body guards of Indian trader

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
DAGUPAN CITY – The suspected hired killers who recently had an armed encounter in Barangay Lucao with the police used to be body guards of  slain controversial  big time Indian-Filipino  money lender Rajah Mirchandani, police said.
According to Superintendent Christopher Abrahano, city chief of police, the groups of Eduard Velasco Diaz and Rudy Padilla Jr. used to be the body guards and gofer of Michandani who was ambushed in Barangay Bolosan in August  last year.
The spot reports of the Philippine National Police said Diaz died in an armed encounter with the police.
But before the killing of Diaz, his group had a fire fight on January 20 with the group of Rudy Padilla Sr., 68, Rudy Padilla Jr., 33, and Reynante V. Soriano, 37, at a fishpond in Sitio Tocok, Barangay Lucao when the Padillas and Soriano were harvesting their bangus fingerlings.
One of the Padillas, according to the report, exchanged fire with them by using his licensed 9 mm pistol.
Recovered on the crime site were 24 spent shells for caliber 5.56 and three live bullets for the same gun,  three spent shells for caliber 9mm, and one spent shell for caliber .45.
As the Diaz group members were running, they were seen by pursuing policemen assigned at the nearby Centrum Gasoline Station in the same barangay.
 Although the two escaped after they crisscrossed the houses there, Arthur Ablao was found hiding and lying in a bathroom by covering himself with blanket.
During police interrogation, Ablao incriminated Edward Diaz, Ricky Diaz Velasco, Jimmy Arellano Anona and a John Doe – the driver of a tricycle – as part of the conspiracy to murder the Padillas.
Confiscated from Ablao were an M-16 Armalite rifle and .45 caliber hand gun with bullets inside.
When this city’s police led by Abrahano, the provincial intelligence office led by Supt. Rod Castro,and those from the provincial police office located the hideout of Diaz group in Sitio Abalosky in the same village they found Diaz, Velasco, and Anona just finished sniffing shabu (illegal drugs) as evidenced by the drugs’ paraphernalia and were imbibing liqueur.
Upon sensing the income lawmen Diaz, the report said, fired at them.
“One of the suspects Eduard Diaz was able to see them and immediately fired his firearm towards them prompting the police officers to retaliate that later resulted to his neutralization,” report said.


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Cojuangco: Kung para sa tao, walang pakialam sa San Miguel

Lumabas po ang genuine concern ni Cong Mark Cojuangco para sa tao sa isyu ng TPLEx nang siya ay ma- interview ni Anthony Taberna at Gerry Baja sa DZMM Teleradyo kamakailan lang.
Opo, ang nagbabangaang interst sa isyu ng pagbabago ng direction ng TPLEx ay interest ng PIDC (isang construction corporation ng San Miguel Corporation) laban sa interest ng mga taga-Pangasinan.
Makakaasa po pala ang mga taga-Pangasinan na kakampi si Cong Mark Cojuangco kahit na ang kalaban ay San Miguel Corporation!
Wala daw pong additional na one bilyon pesos na madadagdag sa project. Mababawasan ang traffic papuntang norte. Hindi mapeperhuwisyo ang mga taga-Sison at Pozorrubio. Mas magagamit ang Marcos Highway papuntang Baguio.
Noong 2009, last term ni Cong Mark Cojuangco, nagbigay siya ng alternative na route nang TPLEx  sa DPWH. Ang sagot gn DPWH ay hindi ganoon kadali baguhin ang ruta ng TPLEx kasi kailangan daw po ng NEDA approval.
Bakit po ba ipinaglalaban ni Cong Mark ang bagong ruta?
Nakita po ng mga taga-Sison yung disenyo ng TPLEx na sasagasaan ang mga maliliit nilang sakahan at mismong sa sentro ng bayan ng Sison ito dadaan. Dumulog sila kay Cong Mark para makapag-usap sa kinauukulan.
Kaya naman pinag-aralan ni Cong Mark at ng mga taga-Sison kung saan padadaanin ng TPLEx.
Ang sabi ni Cong Mark ay, “ iyon pong ideal place, doon po sa lugar na wala pong magsasaka, wala pong tao, dahil wala pong mai-istorbo.”
Sa tanong ni Taberna na, “Hindi po ba masyadong magastos iyon kung ma-extend nang isang kilometro?”
Eto naman po ang sagot ni Cong Mark, “Nadidismaya nga po ako sa DPWH dahil mula noon 2009 pa. aah. Pinahayag ko na po sa kanila itong alternatibo. Hindi naman po sila gumawa ng sarili nilang due diligence. Ngayon tinanggap nalang nila yung say so ng PIDC. Mali naman po siguro iyon. Meron naman sariling kakayahan ang DPWH na alamin ang totoong halaga ng paglipat doon sa bagong daanan.”
Ang gusto pong sabihin ni Cong Mark ay responsibilidad ng DPWH na gumawa ng due diligence sa costing na submitted by PIDC. Nanghihinayang si Cong Mark dahil matagal na ang proposal ng mga taga-Sison noong 2009 pa at ngayon ay 2015 na.
Dagdag ni Conga Mark na, “Gumawa po ako ng sarili kong pag-aaral. At dito po sa sarili kong pag-aaral, hindi po haul-in na tambak. So, at saka iyong tulay po na kailangan ay almost kalahati po ang haba kaysa doon sa gusto nilang lugar. Doon pa lang po sa dalawang item iyon ay dapat na pumareho lang ang halaga ng proposed route po namin. Eh. At saka meron pang savings na limang kilometro kung itutuloy po iyong phaae 3 na papuntang san Fernando, La Union. So, iyan po ang isyu na… 2009 pa po ito.
Komento ni Taberna, “Aha… mabuti klinaro niyo.  akala po namin eh parang ngayon lang.”
Sabi ni Cong Mark na, “2009 pa po ito, kongresista pa po ako, nagreklamo sa akin ang mga taong taga-Sison. Natatakot din sila.  Kasi na iyong bayan po namin ay ma nahati ng mga ilog… nahahati ng mga bundok… nahahati ng Marcos Highway. Hindi po katulad sa Central Luzon na ang lawak ng kapatagan diyan. Wala pong masyadong problema. Eh ito na lang po ang maliit na pag-aari ng mga magsasaka eh sasagasaan po nila ng 60 meters right of way.”
Tanong ni Taberna, “Congressman, puntahan ko lang po iyong presyo ano? Kung susundin iyong inyong mungkahi, kung hindi pa naman huli ang lahat, makakatipid ang sinasabi niyo? Makakatipid ba?”
Cong Mark, “Hindi po, ang sinasabi ko it’s a wash. Ibig sabihin po ang prino-propose kong alternatibo ay parehong presyo lang, ngayon, ina-argue po ng PIDC na isang bilyon ang… well ayon sa aking komputasyon hindi po ganoon. Ang problema po  sa DPWH tinanggap na lang nila ang sinabi ng PIDC, hindi naman nila, hindi naman sila gumawa ng sariling komputasyon. Ngunit kung gamitin ko po mismo ang numero ng DPWH sa mga per cubic meter na ginagamit sa kontaratang ginagawa nila dito eh talagang it’s a wash. Malaki po ang halaga ng per cubic ng estimate ng PIDC.”
Boss Sendo, mukhang namamahalan po si Cong Mark sa estimate ng PIDC para sa bagong ruta kasi cut and fill lang ang mangyayari sa construction ng highway. Kung gagamitin daw ang presyo ng DPWH ay pareho lang dapat ang magiging presyo ng project.
Dagdag ni Gerry Baja, “Nasa tabi lang iyong puwedeng kunan ng panambak?”
Oo, kasi papatagin niyo sa ibabaw, eh hindi ka na magku-quarry sa ilog at dadalhin mo pa doon.
BAWAS TRAFFIC SA KENNON ROAD. Tanong ni Gerry Baja, “well ah congressman, ipaliwanag niyo nga po uli. Ano ho ang inam kapag diyan ipinadaan? Diyan sa sinasabi niyong daan.”
Dagdag ni Anthony taberna, “Kung ano po ang benepisyo?”
Sagot ni Mark Cojuangco na, “Number one po, iyong papuntang Norte, kakaliwa, hindi na po sila dadaan ng Rosario. Ang papuntang Baguio kakanan. So doon pa lang napaghihiwalay mo na iyong dalawang traffic.”
Dagdag ni Cong Mark, “Number two, mauuna mong abutin ang Marcos Highway, kulang po ang paggamit ng Marcos Highway. Kung gamitin ng mas maraming tao ang Marcos Highway, mababawasan po ang traffic ng Kennon. And then saka darating sa Kennon, mayroon pang by-pass road doon. Hindi na po kayo dadaan sa bayan ng Rosario. Maiiwasan niyo po iyong traffic doon sa simbahan.”
Dagdag ni Cong Mark, “Inuulit ko po sa travelling distance less than seven minutes po iyon. Tingnan niyo iyong nangyari nung Pasko… twelve hours nga ang sabi niyo, so ano ang ibig sabihin nung distansiya kung traffic naman?”
Komento ni Taberna, “Hindi bale na mahaba, basta’t walang traffic, iyon po ang gusto niyong ginhawa.”
Tama si Cong Mark na bawasan ang traffic sa Kennon Road papuntang , konting ulan lang ay isinasara na agad ang Kennon dahil sa peligro ng falling rocks at landslide. Kailangan maximized ang gamit ng Marcos Highway papuntang Baguio dahil mas all-weather road ito at mas malawak.
WALANG PUBLIC CONSULTATION. Tumitindig ang mga taga-Sison sa isyung ito dahil sa kawalan ng consultation.
Sabi ni Cong Mark na, “Iyong mga residente po ng Sison,hindi papayag na hindi po i-challenge ito kasi may depekto po iyong proseso ng pagdisenyo nitong rutang ito dahil po walang naging public consultation. So kung wala pong public consultation at depektibo pa ang disenyo then puede pong i-question iyan sa ating korte. Meron pong legal na proseso iyan.”
HINDI PAPAYAG ANG TAO. Idinadaan po ng mga taga-Sison sa mahinahon na para ang lahat. Meron na po, dahil hindi po talaga papayag ang mga taga-rito na masagasaan  ang munting lupain na natitira. Alam niyo po iyong mga land holdings dito… half hectare, one hectare, eh saan pa pupunta ang maga taong ito?
Kung dumaan iyong disenyo sa tamang proseso, wala tayong pinag-uusapan.
PANGASINAN, UNA SA LAHAT. Walang pakialam si Cong Mark sa PIDC/ San Miguel Corporation kung kapakanan ng tao ang isyu.
Itinanong ni Anthony Taberna, “Teka muna po, may nag-text sa amin ngayon, ang PIDC po pala ay kapatid ng San Miguel Corporation?”
Sabi ni Cong Mark Cojuangco, “Pag-aari po ang majority. Pero wala naman po akong pakialam diyan eh. Ang pakialam ko po ay ang hiling ng mga tao sa akin na ipaglaban ko na huwag po silang masagasaan at saka tutol po ako na dagdagan ang bayad.”
 Dagdag ni Cong Mark, “At hindi po ako agree sa computation nila. Dahil ayon po sa aking computation at kumpleto po ako sa detalya ginamit ko po ang datos ng Project DREAM na siyang ginagamit ng Project NOAH sa geohazard mapping. So, accurate po ang aking impormasyon.”
Boss Sendo nakikita ba ni Cong Mark, maasyado po bang mataas ng pricing ng PIDC? Dapat talagang gawan ng due diligence ng DPWH ang pricing para sa proposed route.
Dagdag na tanong ni Anthony Taberna, “Puede pa po bang hindi na idaan sa korte?”
Puede naman daw po sabi ni Cong Mark “Kung payag po sila sa ruta namin na mas derecho, panalo ang lahat, panalo ang Baguio, panalo ang La Union, panalo ang Sison. Eh wala pong problema.”
Dagdag pa ni Cong Mark, “Gusto ko po na matapos ang TPLEx dahil malaki ang tulong niyan sa ekonomiya dito. Ngunit huwag naman sagasaan iyung bayan po namin at iyong bayan ng Pozorrubio.”
AYAW ISTORBOHIN SI PNOY. Tunying:meron po na ba kayong representasyon sa Presidente? Baka kailangan nang makialam po dito ang nasa Malakanyang?
Sabi po ni Cong Mark, “Ayoko pong istorbohin si Presidente. Kung kaya pa naman po idaan sa diskusyon sa tamang paraan at proseso po ay gawin natin.”
PANAWAGAN. Ang hiling ni Cong Mark ay, “Humihiling po ako ngayon ng suporta sa mga local na opisyal dito sa lugar namin na ipahayag sa gobyerno na talagang tutol po kami.”
Narito po ang closing comment ni Anthony Taberna, “PIDCno po ay pag-aari ng San Miguel Corporation. Kapag narinig niyo po ang apelyidong Cojuangco… San Miguel Corporation ang synonym niyan. Cojuangco is synonymous to San Miguel.”
Dagdag ni Taberna, “Kaya siguro, nagtataka kayo kung bakit ba iyong anak eh ah tumatayo doon sa pagtatrabaho ng kumpanyang ito. Eh sabi niya eh wala akong paki doon. Ang akin eh iyong bayan ko. Ganoon ang pagkakaintindi ko sa sinabi ni Congressman Cojuangco.”


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DAGUPAN CITY – This city has been conferred with the 2014 Seal of Child-Friendly Local Governance by the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) for its commitment in promoting child rights to survival, development, protection and participation, towards a Child-Friendly Philippines: A Caring and Protective Society For, By, and With the Children.


Signed by Corazon Juliano-Soliman, CWC chairperson and Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD); and Secretary Mar A. Roxas of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), the city received the seal on January 19.

“With or without an award, I am happy that our efforts have earned the attention of the council in protecting the rights of our children in the city especially with our anti-bullying campaign and our health and education program for the children as well,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez disclosed that this year the city will have its own Bahay Pag-Asa which will serve all Children in Crisis (CIC) and a Women Center for mothers.

“And this year, we will focus on giving total protection to the victims of rape and child molestation. That is why, we have been going around visiting the different public schools in the city and make an appeal to the teachers who serve as second parents of the children to be sensitive and to be able to understand the feelings of every child,” Fernandez said. (more…)

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Cojuangco asked:  Teach us technologies vs calamities

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
DAGUPAN CITY – This city’s consultant  on  Climate Change said he will be inviting gubernatorial aspirant Mark O Cojuangco to discuss how to help solve the perennial flood problem and the threat of tsunami to the city through the Lidar Radar.Lidar
Environmentalist Nick Melecio, speaking over dwPR , said Cojuangco was an indispensable source because of his knowledge on the roles played by technology and innovation on how to counter natural calamities that could hit this city and the province of Pangasinan.
Cojuangco earlier told Northern Watch that one of the solutions to arrest the scourge of flood in the big province is by using Lidar Radar.
According to the U.S National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration , LIDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, is a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges (variable distances) to the Earth. These light pulses—combined with other data recorded by the airborne system— generate precise, three-dimensional information about the shape of the Earth and its surface characteristics.
Cojungco said aside from Lidar, the other technique  to help solve the massive flooding in Central Pangasinan is through dredging, resettlement of illegal settlers on the river banks, and expansion of waterways.
Bigger water ways, he said, means large volume of water can be accommodated. The former congressman of Pangasinan said these expanded water ways could arrest flooding in areas near the rivers.
He also said stilling or excavating a wide land area to catch large volume of water would help control flooding.
Although stilling technique is new in the Philippines, it has been done in other countries like Mainland China, he said.


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ORTIGOZA:   Move out jueteng, meridian, PCSO’s peryahan coming!

 Ronald (not his real name) decried the series of raid and arrest done by law enforcers against the uniformed and mobile collectors of Peryahan Games (Peryahan or Games for brevity) in Laoac – a 4th class town in the 48 towns and cities province Pangasinan.
“Noong December 23 at January 12 nandito ang mga taga NBI (National Bureau of Investigation). Bakit nila hina-harass ang mga taga Peryahan e legal na palaro ito dahil pag-aari ito ng PCSO (Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office?”
His town just became a host last December 20 of the Games’ franchisee Global Tech Mobile Online.
The self-styled political kibitzer suspected that the raids against the collectors of the Peryahan the NBI alleged to front for jueteng were under the behest of big time gambling boss Atong Ang – whose multi-million pesos a day bet churning Meridian Jai Alai – is threatened by the Games’ 1-to-38 numbered Hulog Holen, a game of chance played like the illegal number game jueteng and Meridian’s Jai-Alai .
Palaro’s Many Games are Copy of Jueteng, Drop Ball, Etc.
Meridian and jueteng are played similarly like Holen but with only 1-to 37 combination as option combination to bettors.
Although there is almost no more jueteng played in the 2.8 populated- province, the P10 million a day bets’ Meridian Jai-Alai has been given a semblance of legality after some of its smart-aleck lawyers filled an injunction case at the Court of Appeals that until now – for two years – the appellate court has yet to resolve whether it is legal or illegal. Anyare Court of Appeals?
Many of the games of Palaro are copy cats of jueteng, drop ball, video karera, and others.
“If you can’t beat ‘em, join’ ‘em?
 Probably the imitation was a government strategy to beat the decades- old number games at the same time snare the funds they generate for the government coffer. Based on the Implementation Rules and Regulation (IRR)  of the Peryahan these games are copyrighted and registered with intellectual property rights of the Philippines. They are Hulog Holen, Throw Coins, Gulong ng Swertres, Dart Baloon with Numbers, Rolets, Shooting Ring, Sa Pula, Sa Puti, Color Games, Drop Ball, Beto Beto, Karera, Bingo Dart, Sungka, Trumpo, and Pitik Bulag.
The difference between Peryahan Games and the P9 billion a year Jueteng racket in the country’s 12 provinces, the former remits 2% of the 30% Charity Fund based on the gross sales and receipts of the Games within the province, and 5% of the 30% Charity Fund based on the gross sales and receipts of the Games within the city or municipality while the latter are just, well, scandalous racket where monies go to the pockets of gambling lords, governors, congressmen, mayors and law enforcers while the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s personnel hold the empty proverbial bag like a fool.
Meridian’s seemingly spurious character is not spared suspicion by people in the province. For instance several media men in Pangasinan have been asking why until now it has no office in any of the four cities and 44 towns of the province.
Peryahan Games Need Not Secure Barangay, Mayor’s Permits


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No drug den, lab in San Fabian – police chief

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
SAN FABIAN – The chief of police here vehemently denied allegations  of presence of a drug den and a shabu laboratory at the Perez Park in Barangay Bolasi here.
Police Chief Inspector Crisante Pagaduan Sadino said the reports of lawyer Consuelo S. Perez at his office, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and the office of Secretary Antonio Villar Jr. of the Dangerous Drugs Board that beach huts near her house are flagrantly used  for illegal drug activities.
He said the rampant use of methamphetamine hydrochloride or shabu, whose obnoxious smell affronted Perez, were baseless.
Media reports also said that the  smell is suspected to be coming from the illegal drug laboratory.
“The text complaint relative to the alleged horrible smelling shabu is believed to be from the smoke of the burned dried leaves of umbrella tree coming from the nearby premises of Dr. Mario Meneses,” Sadino explained to Northern Watch.
“Horrible smell is carried by the wind through my open sala. Please address this. Thank you,” the content of Perez text messages as quoted by the police’s validation report.
Sadino said the house of Perez, surrounded by a five feet concrete wall, adjoins the house of Dr. Meneses. He said 50 meters away from the residence of Perez is the house of Bolasi Barangay Chairman Juanito Pedral.
“Furthermore, this office conducts  check on the complainant’s  neighborhood and in view of the information gathered, there is no sign of drug laboratory and proliferation of drugs in the area,” he said.
He said what his men found out was that Feliciitas Serraon, the caretaker of Meneses for eight years, has been burning the leaves of umbrella tree and heaps in an open area. He said his personnel advice the caretaker to make a pit where she could burn the garbage so that the offensive smell would be mitigated.
Sadino said there could be no rampant use of shabu in the area as the drug is an odorless substance.
“Shabu is a white, odourless crystal or crystalline powder and abusers/user take this drug through ingestion, inhalation, sniffing or by injection in a covered area such as room which is irrelevant to the forwarded text message of the complainant,” the police chief cited.
Although the police have found the reports baseless, Sadino said his men keep monitoring the place for any illegal activity.
Sadino explained his side to Northern Watch after he was asked by Pangasinan Police Provincial Director Rey Biay to refute media reports that there was a shabu laboratory in this town.

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Dagupan’s proposed 2015 budgein Ilocos Region

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
DAGUPAN CITY – If the city council approves the proposed P691 million budget,  this city will regain its reputation as the top budgeted city in Region1 this year.
This observation ensued after the former topnotch budgeted Urdaneta City approved in December last year its 2015 annual appropriation by P512 million only.
According to Urdaneta City Mayor Amadeo Gregorio “Bobom” E. Perez IV,  his city has a budget of more than P600 million this year.
“P656 (million), I’m not sure parang mataas lang kami sa Dagupan City,” he said.
But Urdaneta City Administrator Ronald San Juan contradicted him by showing data that this city’s 2015 budget is only P512 million.
Major projects allocated for this year’s budget, according to San Juan, are infrastructure like farm to market roads, drainage, concreting of all the 34 villages of the city.
He said this year’s budget is 5% higher than last year’s annual appropriations.
He explained that the present appropriation is conservative and in case there would be a supplemental budget for the city needs, it would happen in the last part of the year.
Unlike Dagupan that is facing a standstill among its lawmakers who have not given their imprimatur to the needed budget,  the approval of Urdaneta City’s budget was a breeze according to City Councilor Peter Jason Agsalud.
“Wala naman kaming problems as we deliberated on it last December,” he said.
The Mayor Belen F. Fernandez’s administration is now running under the 2014 P628 million reenacted budget.


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