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A player from African team and a Nueva Ecija player kick the ball in this bit of action during the 1st Gov.Amado Espino Jr. Football Cup at the Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center(NRSCC) in Lingayen. The sports event is sponsored by the provincial government in cooperation with the JCI Lingayen Bagoong and the Lingayen Football Club(LFC).CESAR RAMIREZ

A player from African team and a Nueva Ecija player kick the ball in this bit of action during the 1st Gov.Amado Espino Jr. Football Cup at the Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center(NRSCC) in Lingayen. The sports event is sponsored by the provincial government in cooperation with the JCI Lingayen Bagoong and the Lingayen Football Club(LFC).CESAR RAMIREZ

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BAYAMBANG CENTRAL SCHOOL ROW PTA prexy sues Camacho at Ombudsman

BAYAMBANG– The president of the Bayambang Central School (BCS) Parents Teachers Association accused the town mayor at the Ombudsman with corrupt practices when he forced the transfer of the 100-year old Bayambang Central School (BCS) to a new site.
In the case filed at the Ombudsman on Monday, BCS Parents Teachers Association President Filipinas Alcantara accused Bayambang Mayor Ricardo Camacho of “gross negligence” when he “transferred the school with undue haste and , without notice or consultation with the Department of Education.”
Camacho ordered the transfer even “he knew fully well that DepEd’s approval was necessary and that “the transfer exposed the parents, teachers, students and personnel of the school to a sudden change in location without due notice, consultation or a proper transfer plan,” Alcantara said.
“This caused undue injury to all the parties involved. Furthermore, the proposed site upon which the transfer is sought to be effected is fraught with problems,” she added.
Alcantara said DepEd’s approval must be obtained in choosing a new location for a school,”a delicate and painstaking process, with every care and precaution taken to ensure the health and safety of the children, and the lives that had been built around the school.”
Alcantara said it took only y 10 days for the mayor to choose a location without the expertise of the DepEd.
This is “pinnacle of irresponsibility. In forcing the parents and children to transfer, without proper notice and preparation is even worse,” she said.
Alcantara likewise accused Camacho of corrupt practices when he “willfully and feloniously” entered into a land swap deal with businessman Willy Chua of Mangaldan which bound the BCS into a forced transfer of location.
“It is undeniable that as Mayor of Bayambang, (Camacho) had the power to bind the Municipality in the land swap deal. In agreeing to exchange a piece of property estimated to be around P620,000,000 for a piece of property estimated to be worth a mere P150,000.00 , the government is manifestly and grossly prejudiced by the transaction,” she said. (more…)

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Calasiao policewomen accuses COP of abusive speech, physical injury

CALASIAO- This one is for the books: Two policewomen of this town manning the women and children’s desk claimed to have been a victim of abusive speech and physical acts by the chief of police.
SPO I Brenda Perez, head of the WCPD and PO1 Rosalie E. Benitez, recorded in the police blotter that in the morning of November 21, they were called to by station chief Supt. Satur Ediong to the “bahay kubo” in front of the station.
The blotter said Ediong accused the two of “having problems in their time and duty rotation which caused (him) to get angry and hurt them without even hearing theirs side.”
“Upon arrival at the bahay kubo, Ediong uttered unsavoury remarks to Perez and Benitez, to quote ‘babasagin ko yong mga mukha nyo, i-ontog ko kayo nyan. Huwag ninyong sasasbihin na babae kayo, papatulan ko kayo, antayin ninyo na mag-opisyal kayo,” the blotter read.
“Then Ediong got a glass and smashed it on the table. Then he got his ballcap and hurled it directly at Perez and Benitez. Picked it up again and hurled it at Benitez. Then he pushed the table towards the (two),” it said.
Perez and Benitez have asked to be transferred to other town stations. Sr. Supt. Rey Biay, officer in charge of the provincial police office, said the issue is under investigation.
Perez was assigned to Lingayen while Benitez was to report to Binmaley, but are meantime reporting at the PPO, he said.
In a phone interview, Ediong denied doing what he was accused of.
“That did not happen. There is no problem,” he said.
But he later said the women police were not reporting regularly, do not report on time, and do not wear uniforms.
“I just talked to them. I got angry at them but I did not smash a glass,” he said.

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Mangaldan holds Unity Run

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

MANGALDAN – If you want to have free marathon shirt, join a Zumba dance exercise and a party, and have a healthy body, then it is time to join the TakBona Unity Run in this town.
Fernando Saguisag “Adje” Cabrera, administrative officer 4 of the municipal government, the unity run was started last year by Mayor Bona Fe de Vera-Parayno.
“It was the idea of our good and beloved mayor to have a fun run in Mangaldan so she dubbed it as TakBona which included her nickname. TakBona is on its second year,” he said.
Cabrera said individuals who want to participate are advised to report at the town’s public auditorium at 4 am of November 29 for the distribution of 1,500 free singlets and orientation before they simultaneously hit the grounds.
“Compared to last year when 1000 singlets had been distributed, there are 1,500. It is free for the 3 K (three kilometers) and 5K (five kilometers) run, ” he said.
The start is at the n front of the municipal hall at 5 am.
“After the run meron tayong Zumba Party courtesy of our major sponsors like Globe. May banda rin diyan and Zumba Party afterwards,” he said.

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MAGANES: Media war?


As of late, media atmosphere in Pangasinan seems to be fermented with what we call a tug-of-war of loyalties between the perceived two-contenders for the gubernatorial post in 2016 polls- former 5th District Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco and Provincial Liga ng Barangay President Amado Espino III, the namesake and son of incumbent Governor Amado T. Espino Jr.

Both camps have their own media groups, in broadcast and print, that noticeably has divided the media practitioners depending on who between the two would-be candidates for governor in the 2016 polls they are supporting.

News weeklies are apparently feasting on issues on both camps. Broadcasters are joining the fray with commentators/anchors dwelling almost daily on issues emanating from both camps. While this practice is common not only in Pangasinan but in the whole country, most often media practitioners are beginning to be at odds with each other that commentaries are no longer confined on political issues but also include personal issues against other media men.

The media war is raging. Those who are former allies and friends could no longer see eye to eye because of the shifts of loyalties on the political camps to support in terms of news mileage and commentaries. The situation, all it seems, is part of the democratic process. But beyond the situation, friendship and goodwill among the media practitioners in Pangasinan are beginning to erode and wane. Albeit, this situation will continue until such time that the electoral period has ended.

Media practitioners are voters themselves. They are also prone on liking certain candidates. Although media is regarded as a fourth estate and must maintain its neutrality, the prevailing situation could not be helped. In Pangasinan, media practitioners are not treated equally.

How many times that I’ve heard that under the present provincial administration, media practitioners are classified as A, B, C, D or even E that when mannas are poured only the favored media practitioners are getting the biggest share of the pies? How many times I’ve heard that there are media practitioners who are in the payrolls of the provincial government either as consultants or are receiving fat fees? They are also in the front lines parrying off issues regarding their political patrons and in inventing issues to demean the other political camps.

Be that as it may, my only wish is that media practitioners, despite divided loyalties, stick to issues rather than attack their fellow media practitioners.
After the election, media practitioners will still be meeting each other. They are there, whether we want it or not, to gather news. They are there to protect the interests of the public and not on the interests of the politicians whom they are loyal with. The once buoyed loyalty to politicians will slowly sink and settle at the bottom. This bottom will be the playing field of all media practitioners, once the electoral process has ended. (more…)

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 Close to 200 cadets of the Philippine Military Academy(PMA) belonging to the Salaknib Class of 2017 walk in front of the Capitol Building Lingayen during their visit to the province last November 24 as part of their interdisciplinary tour.CESAR RAMIREZ

Close to 200 cadets of the Philippine Military Academy(PMA) belonging to the Salaknib Class of 2017 walk in front of the Capitol Building Lingayen during their visit to the province last November 24 as part of their interdisciplinary tour.CESAR RAMIREZ

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CORTEZ: Palitan si hepe


WELCOME DATA. Ipinatupad na ang ilang buwan ang OPLAN LAMBAT-SIBAT ng PNP.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it (Kung hindi mo kayang sukatin, hindi mo ito kayang pangasiwaan,),” sabi ni Interior and Local Governments Secretary Mar Roxas patungkol sa kahalagahan ng programatiko, sadya at patuloy-tuloy na pakikipaglaban sa mga kriminal.

Kung kriminal ka, hindi lang ang anti-kidnapping group (AKG) o ang highway patrol group (HPG) ang maghahanap sa’yo. Buong PNP ang hahabol sa’yo,” sabi ni Roxas patungkol sa “whole of PNP approach” na sinimulan niya.

Sinikap ng PNP na ayusin at gawing makatotohanan ang data ng kapulisan. Dino-double check ang mga reports ng mga hepe ng police station sa kanilang mga blotter.

Dati daw po ay dinuduktor ng mga hepe ng pulis ang crime incidence sa kanilang kinasasakupan para mas maganda ang performance at tuloy ay promotion ng rank ang makakamit.

Mas pinapakonti ang reported crimes para magmukhang peaceful ang kanilang area of responsibility. Ngayon may validation na ginagawa ang PNP sa mga reports.

Halimbawa din, dati kasi ay magkaiba ng most wanted list ang CIDG at PNP…ngayon naman ay pinag-isa na.

Ito naman po ay pilot project sa National Capital Region muna. Kahit na matrabaho ay naisagawa at pinagtiyagaan para maging totoo ang basehan ng mga plano at deployment ng kapulisan sa NCR.

Col. Marlou Chan ng PNP Ilocos Region, kailan naman kaya mako-consolidate din ang data ng kapulisan sa Ilocos Region?

Boss Sendo, hindi datos din ang problema natin sa Department of Agriculture? Iba ang numero sa DA, iba ang numero sa Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, Iba ang numero sa NEDA, iba ang numero sa Bureau of Customs, iba ang numero sa UN COMTRADE.

Sana maging scientific na din ang datos sa agrikultura, para malapatan ng wastong plano, programa at pondo.

WELCOME PASKO. Dumating na po ang Christmas Season, ang commercialized na Pasko. Ang mga commercial establsihments ay kanya kanya ng gimmick para gumastos ang mga tao.

Ang iba’t ibang gusali at may Christmas decorations na pati ang mga bahay dito sa Pangasinan.

Enjoy na lang natin ang Pasko. Kanya-kanyang paraan ng celebration ng Pasko.

PAALAM. Sa pelikulang Extra Terrestial, ipinatong ni E.T. ang kanyang hintuturo sa nuo ng batang kaibigan niyang si Elliot, at nangakong silang dalawa ay parating magkasama sa espiritu.

Bok Nani, remember mo pa ba ang linya sa kantang … ‘sa magkabilang dulo ng mundo…? Ituloy mo na. hahaha. Walang hanggang paalam.

Iniligtas ni Elliot si E.T. sa kamay ng masasamang tao at kinailangan na niyang bumalik na sa kanyang pinanggalingan.

WELCOME KAY PNOY. Approve kay PNoy ang sponsorship ni Sen Chiz Escudero ng 2015 budget. Nauna nang naipasa ang House version. Susunod siyempre ang pinagsanib na version sa Bicameral Committee.

Ipinaliwanag ni Sen Escudero na walang PDAF at DAP sa 2015 budget at ang pinagbatayan nila ay ang desisyon ng Korte Suprema tungkol sa partial unconstitutionality ng DAP.

GOODBYE. Dapat nag-goodbye na sa Nationalist Peoples Coalition Pangasinan chapter itong mga politico na ayaw pang magbigay ng open support kay Cong Mark Cojuangco for governor.

May mga nagsasabi na dapat daw ay mag-resign na din si Cong Pol Bataoil sa NPC kung hindi niya kayang ibigay ang open support sa Cojuangco for Governor.

May kalaban na si cong Babyoil sa second district. Ang mga bayan sa second district ay Binmaley, Lingayen, Labrador, Bugallon, Basista, Aguilar, Mangatarem at Urbiztondo. Ano po ba ang ibig sabihin ng pagpasok ni mayor Teddy Cruz sa Nationalist Peoples Coalition Pangasinan Chapter?

BM Von Mark Mendoza, contender ka ba ulit sa second district? Ano naman kaya ang balak ng mga Merrera sa Binmaley? Eh, ang Orduna naman kaya sa Bugallon? (more…)

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BAYAMBANG CENTRAL SCHOOL Parents,teachers thank Sinag, M&M

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

BAYAMBANG- She stood in a distance staring at the 24-line classrooms all painted with yellow-the color beaming back with the sunlight. Tears began to appear in the corner of her eyes but her lips exude a brighter smile.

Filipinas Alcantara, president of the Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) of Bayambang I Central School, was mesmerized by the swiftness of the transformation of the classrooms that were vandalized and destroyed due to the transfer of school children and teachers to a new site.

In October 2013, Mayor Ricardo Camacho ordered the transfer of the school children and teachers to a new school site in Barangay Bical, owned by a certain businessman Willy Chua.

“Hindi ko akalain na ganito kabilis itong mga pangyayari. Mag-iisang buwan pa lang mula noong humingi kami ng tulong kina Engr. (Rosendo) So at dating Congressman (Mark) Cojuangco, ganito na ang hitsura ng aming paaralan. Nakakaluwag ng loob,” said Alcantara. (I couldn’t believe of the fastness of events. It’s just almost a month when we asked help from Engr. (Rosendo) So and former Congressman (Mark) Cojuangco, this is how our school looks now. It lightens my feeling.)

Last October 25, Abono Partylist and Samahang Industriya ng Agrikultura (Sinag) Chair Rosendo O. So, former 5th District Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco, Calasiao Mayor Mark Roy Q. Macanlalay, Sinag Chair Emeritus Durian Tan held a consultation dialogue with parents, teachers and members of the Sangguniang Bayan here right inside the dilapidated school rooms to thresh out the problems of the school.

In that consultation- dialogue, it was revealed that businessman Willy Chua, owner of the two-hectare new school site in Bical village threatened the municipal government of this town to get back his property within ten days if the old site will not be turned over to him. (more…)

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Congress to probe Bayambang school transfer

BAYAMBANG –The Abono Party-list has filed a resolution directing the appropriate committee to conduct an inquiry, in aid of legislation, into the propriety and legality of the act of the local government of Bayambang, to transfer or relocate the Bayambang Central School (BCS) from its original site.
The resolution, filed by Rep. Francisco Emmanuel Ortega III, cited Resolution 23, series of 2013, of Bayambang town council which authorized Mayor Ricardo Camacho to enter into a deed of exchange with one Willy Chua for the transfer and relocation of the BCS.
The 100-year old BCS is composed of Gabaldon schoolbuildings that were constructed in 1921 and designed by American architect William Parsons.
Republic Act No 10066 explicity considers Gabaldon buildings to be important cultural properties which need to be protected, conserved and/or restored, in order to preserve the cultural heritage of the area.
Ortega said the SB resolution may in violation of RA 10066, and will effectively cause the modification and modification of the Gabaldon buildings of the BCS.
“There is therefore a need to probe the legality of the actions of the SB,” he said.
He also said the appropriate committee must visit existing laws which define, determine and protect important cultural properties such as the Gabaldon buildings, and introduce amendments and modifications if necessary. (more…)

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ORTIGOZA: Pathetic conditions in the police force

Can you still remember my column about an Archbishop who agreed with the Chief of Police (CoP) of a city who told him that the payolas from illegal number game jueteng were necessary for the police operation against the bad guys?
Two months after the respective shares of the CoPs in Region 1 had been cut from the management of Meridian Jai-Alai (successor of Jueteng ), an intelligence operative of the police in a town in Pangasinan told me that police operation against criminals suffered.
“Mantakin niyo naman may hinuli kaming babae na may kasong non-bailable dito, pero kailangan naming i-present sa judge sa La Union dahil doon nanggaling ang warrant of arrest. Wala kaming pang gas para ibiyahe siya doon,” he lamented.
What he and fellow police did was to ask the husband of the woman if they could hitch ride on the woman’s car going to the other province.
“Ayaw sana namin sumakay kasi baka makita kami ng judge mapapagalitan kami, pero wala kaming magawa kasi wala ng budget si hepe”
He reminisced the time when payolas from gambling were allowed by the higher command and they have more elbow rooms to chase, arrest, and lock the malefactors.
“Now we content ourselves with the P200 a day gasoline allowance for our patrol car,” he said.
He cited one of the top wanted men who killed a man in the town whom their intelligence operative found to be hiding in a province near Manila. He said they needed around P5 thousand for their vehicle gas, tool gate fees, meals, and others so they can serve the warrant of arrest to the suspect and bring him back in Pangasinan.
“Ang ginawa namin kina-usap namin ang misis ng victim. Mabuti naman nagbigay ng P5000. Nakakahiya nga pero kulang na kulang ang operation fund naming,” he said.
He cited another instance that a pusher in the town was being protected by two police men from the nearby city and in their town.
“Ang ginawa ko kina-usap ko ang mga taga Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) para hindi ako mapag-initan ng mga kabaro ko. Pina-xerox namin ang P500 pesos then pina-blotter para magamit namin ang tunay na pera sa buy-bust.”
He said the pusher was very suspicious when his poseur-buyer, a civilian who even brought his wife, fished out the P500 bill and offered to buy a shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride).
The pusher told the duo that he could not sell them because he just seen their faces for the first time.
When the poseur-buyer went to their location just meters away to tell them, the pusher would not acquiesce, he said he felt embarrassed with the six PDEA operatives who accompanied him because of his tip to them.
“Ginawa ko pina-inum ko sila ng worth P1,500 na beer, tapos nagbigay pa ako ng P500 for their vehicle’s gas.”
When he told his CoP that he spent P2000 of his personal money, the former, apologetic, gave him P1000 to replacehis expenses.
“Pasensiya bata, wala tayong pera sa laro (Meridian) ngayon,” he told him.
He said many policemen all over the region shelled out now their own money to buy their meal.
“Gone are the days when cops have free chow complement of those who manage the gambling operation,” he said.
With these pathetic situations among the police, the government should spike the Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses or famously known as MOOE of the police so they should not stoop down on such very low level.
Big and expensive ships do not mean they could be sure winner in wars. The Philippine government has been appropriating and mulling billions of pesos to buy frigates and destroyers made in other countries to contain the growing threat of Mainland China to our territories in the South China Sea.
But look what I got here, in the book “War in the Fourth Dimension: U.S Electronic Warfare, from the Vietnam War to the Present” that talks about air and naval jamming that could neutralize the enemies’ radar, author Dr. Alfred Price talks about a smaller Soviet –era made the lethal Komar (mosquito) patrol boat supplied by the Ivans to Egypt in their proxy war against U.S backed Israel in the late of 1960s.
Here are the excerpts:
“On the afternoon of October 21, 1967 the Egyptian Navy delivered a message that shook navies around the world. That day Soviet-supplied Komar patrol boats, sitting in the harbor at Port Said, launched three SSN-N-2 Styx active homing missiles at the Israeli destroyer Eilat patrolling off the coast. Fired from a range of about 15 miles, all three missiles scored hits on the Eilat and she sank with heavy loss of life. For the first time, guided missiles launched from warships had caused the destruction of one of their kind”.
It discussed there that since the appearance of the 70-ton Komar missile patrol boat it had been a naval curiosity. It had a maximum speed of around 40 knots in calm seas and the two Styx missiles, credited with a maximum range of 23 miles, sat in canisters mounted on the after deck. A Square Tie surveillance radar provided target acquisition. Once launched on the target’s azimuth, the mssile’s active radar homing system picked up the target and guided the Styx to impact. (more…)

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