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Cojuangco wants Golden Rice production

By Yolanda Sotelo

CALASIAO – While many children are suffering from Vitamin A deficiency, a genetically-engineered variety of rice touted to be an effective source of the vitamin, is still at the vault of the International Rice Research Institute.

 APPRECIATION. Former 5th District Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco receives plaques of appreciation from school officials of Calasiao Central School (left to right): Principal Roberto Z. Barongan, District Supervisor Dr. Thelma E. Royeca and PTA President Lito G. Senieto during the Sinag's sponsored "school-based feeding program" in celebration of World Food Day last October 15. VIRGIL MAGANES

APPRECIATION. Former 5th District Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco receives plaques of appreciation from school officials of Calasiao Central School (left to right): Principal Roberto Z. Barongan, District Supervisor Dr. Thelma E. Royeca and PTA President Lito G. Senieto during the Sinag’s sponsored “school-based feeding program” in celebration of World Food Day last October 15. VIRGIL MAGANES

“Rice has zero Vitamin A, and since the Filipino diet consists predominantly of rice, most Filipinos lack the vitamin. This can be solved if the Golden Rice is released to the farmers for production,” former Pangasinan Fifth District Rep. Mark Cojuangco said during the school-based supplementary feeding program here.
The simultaneous feeding program in 27 schools in Calasiao, on Wednesday was sponsored by the Samahang Industriya ng Agrikultura (Sinag) to celebrate its first founding anniversary on October 15, and World Food Day. The feeding program is likewise conducted in Lumang Bayan, Plaridel, Bulacan on the same day, and will conducted next week in Albay and Tacloban.
Cojuangco, who co-sponsored the activity, told the children of the Calasiao Central School to eat food rich is Vitamin A like carrots, squash and sweet potatoes to fight diseases caused by lack of Vitamin A.
Likewise he called on concerned government agencies to allow the release of the Golden Rice which he said was developed to “help solve the deficiency of Vitamin A among Filipinos.”
The release of the golden rice was opposed by the environmentalist groups like Green Peace, which opposes everything that is genetically modified,” Cojuangco said.
He said Golden Rice seeds are being kept for more than five years at the IRRI which could not release it because of opposition from the global environmental groups.
Golden Rice was designed to produce beta-carotene, the precursor of Vitamin A, in the endosperm which is the edible part of the rice plant. (more…)

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Swapping not a done deal – councilor

BAYAMBANG – The swapping of the Bayambang Central School’s old campus with a private property is not a done deal yet, a town councilor said.
The Office of the Mayor which entered into the deed of exchange of the two properties, has not been submitted to the town council for ratification and approval, Councilor Levin Uy said.
A deed of exchange stipulated that the 3.1 hectare campus owned by the local government would be swapped with a two-hectare private property in a nearby barangay.
The private property being swapped by one Willy Chua, a businessman from Mangaldan, included a 60-classroom building and a covered court worth P152 million.
Uy said the deed could not be finalized unless approved by the town council through an ordinance which would be submitted to the Provincial Board for review and approval.
“We (council) authorized the mayor to negotiate (for the transfer of the school), but he has not reported back to us on the negotiations,” he said.
But while the deed of exchange has not been finalized, classes are already conducted at the new campus since October last year after a local court issued an injunction ordering the transfer of school operations to the new campus.
Since it was Mayor Armando Domantay who asked the court for the injunction, it was also him who should ask the court to lift the order, Uy said. (more…)

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Bayambang school PTA laments injunction, wants to go back to old campus

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

BAYAMBANG –The Parents Teachers Association of the Bayambang Central Elementary School here lamented the court order for indefinite mandatory injunction to stop the school’s operation from going back to its old campus.

LEFT TO ELEMENTS AND THIEVES. The pathetic sight of one of the rooms of the Central School in Bayambang  that was left to the elements and thieves who took many of the doors, ceilings, black boards and iron grills. Filipina Alcantara, the Parents –Teachers Association president, said  school principal Danilo Lopez and Bayambang Mayor Ricardo Camacho did not post  guards to safeguard the school properties.

LEFT TO ELEMENTS AND THIEVES. The pathetic sight of one of the rooms of the Central School in Bayambang that was left to the elements and thieves who took many of the doors, ceilings, black boards and iron grills. Filipina Alcantara, the Parents –Teachers Association president, said school principal Danilo Flores and Bayambang Mayor Ricardo Camacho did not post guards to safeguard the school properties.

The injuction was issued by Judge Hermogenes Fernandez of the Regional Trial Court in San Carlos City, replacing the 20-day temporary restraining order he issued in November last year.
PTA President Filipina Alcantara said her group was helpless when the Department of Education – Pangasinan 1 officials were threatened with contempt of court by the judge if they would not heed the Executive Order of Mayor Ricardo Camacho that they relocate to the new school building.
The Injunction will last until the row between Camacho and Dep Ed officials would be resolved by the court.
They PTA initially defied the order which is against the DepEd Service Manual while Camacho coaxed them to leave as the students would be vulnerable to dengue and flood because the school had been left unkempt.
But with a good Samaritan willing to bankroll the repair of the school and a lawyer who is willing to help them question the Indefinite Mandatory Injunction issued by the judge that they remain at the remote new school unrecognized by the Department of Education, their struggle to fight for the return of the students to the Central School in Barangay Zone 2 here would be galvanized.
She said after Camacho issued an Executive Order based on “spurious resolution” from former officers of the PTA headed by Alex Medrano, teachers from Grades 3, 4, and 6 disobeyed the order as it contravenes the DepEd Service Manual. (more…)

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ORTIGOZA: Fat Police Generals

Napa-iyak kamakailan sa TV si Chief Supt. (General) Richard Albano ng Quezon City Police District habang nagpapa-alam sa turn over ceremony niya. Bakit kaya? 1) Siguro nalulungkot siya dahil nasibak siya ni Secretary Mar Roxas at ni Director General Alan Purisima, 2) Ma-mi-miss nya ang mga tao niyang incompetent who could not mitigate the surge of criminality sa Q.C, 3) O ma-mi-miss niya iyong “perks” given to a post that entitles a director sa QCPD?

It is pathetic to see the sight of four Police District Directors who were all star ranked in Metro Manila sacked by Secretary Roxas of the Department of Interior & Local Government and Police Director Alan Purisima.
Just like their chief at the Philippine National Police, they look like a toad with their beer belly.
What happens to the 35-inch waistline limit the PNP Physical Fitness Program vigorously implemented during the time of then national police chief Panfilo Lacson ?
I am green with envy every time I see physically trimmed police officials like Lacson, Police Regional Office Director Chief Supt. Roman Felix, and Pangasinan Police Provincial Office Director S/Supt. Rey Biay. These officers and gentlemen probably maintain a strict physical or diet regimen.
Look at General Felix, with all those well toned body like PC General Job Mayo I met in Mindanao, you would mistake him to be in his mid-40s.
Iyan ang dapat hindi lang sa mga generals kundi sa mga colonels, Lt. Colonels, and majors whose “handsome dividends” in their post as chief of police could really make them stout.
Talking about good physique and athleticism one can cite former president Fidel V. Ramos (USMA 1950) who challenges any captain, major, or colonel to a 100 push up or abdomen flexing contest.
He once challenged me, although I was only a lowly tanod (watch man) of our barangay then, for 100 push up and abs flexing on the river cruise at the pristine Dawel River of Dagupan City.
I stopped at 95 in both the two contests in deference to the man who fought alongside with my father against Mao-Tse Tung’s Chinese and North Korean Communist troops in the Korean War in the 1950s.

But a good example of athleticism, I told police colonels and majors who treated me with booze, was Army Four Stars General David Petraeus (USMA 1974).When the jogging buff Petraeus, whose body looks like that of a 35-year old man according to Bob Woodward’s book Obama’s War, was the commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and Commander, U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A), every colonels who wants to confer with him could find themselves running and discussing with him in a 5-mile (8 kilometers) speed jog that the general has been doing regularly. Petraeus, however, was disgraced as CIA Director because of a tryst with a pretty West Point alumna who was writing her Harvard University’s dissertation about him.
As what Chris McDougal of The Daily Beast (successor of Newsweek Magazine) described the run-till-you-drop exercise regimens of Petraues in 2010: “At 57, the newly minted leader of the U.S. efforts in Afghanistan still likes to start his day at sun-up with a five-mile run, blazing out each of those miles in under six minutes. Then it’s straight to the weight room, where he ignores all those cushy-seated machines and heads for his torture device of choice: a single iron bar, lag-bolted eight feet overhead. A Petraeus pull-up is nothing as simple as hoisting your own body weight up and down a few dozen times. Instead, he slowly jack-knifes from the hips until his shoelaces are level with his face. After 20 of those babies, he drops to the floor for crisp 100 or so pushups. And to recover from these self-imposed beatings, the general treats himself to a total of one meal per day and four hours of sleep. This was from a guy who a year ago was being treated for prostate cancer and survived getting shot in the chest when a soldier tripped during a live-fire drill”.
*** (more…)

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CORTEZ: Government property ipinalit sa private property!

PAKAIN SA WORLD FOOD DAY. Isang feeding program ang inilunsad ng Samahang Industriya ng Agrikultura (SINAG) kasabay ng World Food Day.

Ang October 16, 2013 po ang anibersaryo ng SINAG. Nagkataon naman na ito din ang World Food Day.

Ang World Food Day ay itinatag ng United Nations General Assembly noong 1980 bilang paggunita sa pagkakatayo ng Food and Agriculture Office noong 1945 ng United Nations.

Ang official goal ng World Food Day ay to “heighten public awareness of the world food problem and strengthen solidarity in the struggle against hunger, malnutrition and poverty.”

May 40,000 hanggang 50,000 na tao ang namamatay sa gutom every year. At ang masama niyan ay mas marami sa mga namamatay sa guto ay bata. Mas marami din ang malnourished na bata. At mas marami din ang mahirap.

Kaya ang target na tinutulungan ng SINAG ay ang mga bata. Pakainin ng tama at masustansiyang pagkain Pilipino ang mga bata.

Bakit nga ba may namamatay sa gutom eh sobra sobra naman ang pagkain?

Nagkaisa ang mga stakeholders ng agrikultura para harapin ang problema ng mga batang mahirap, malnourished at gutom sa pamamagitan ng feeding program.

Col Marlou Chan ng PNP Region 1, kumusta na po ang pinaigting na laban kontra krimen? Wala na ang gun ban. Masaya na kaya ang mga may-ari ng baril?

Hindi lugaw nag ipinapakain sa mga kabataan, tunay na pagkain. May manok, may baboy, may gulay, may kanin.

Mga bata mula sa 27 public schools ang o 25,000 na bata mula Pangasinan hanggang Albay, hanggang visayas ang makikinabang sa feeding program na ito.

Sabi ni Boss Sendo na iyong feeding program sa Calasiao ay nagmula sa mga Pangasinan-based hog farmers na nagbigay ng 2,200 kilos ng karne ng baboy. Ang mga magsasaka at rice millers naman ay nagbigay ng 40 cavans ng bigas at iyong iba naman ay may bigay na gulay at isda.

Naninindigan ang SINAG na ang production ng pagkain ay dapat nasa kamay ng Pilipino. Hindi dapat iniaasa ang pagkain sa importation.

Nanawagan ang SINAG Chairman na si Boss Sendo na suportahan natin ang kalusugan ng mga bata at dapat na mula sa mga magsasaka at mangingisdang Pilipino bibilhin ang ipapakain sa mga bata.

ONE BIRTHDAY. Happy Birthday sa SINAG. October 16, 2013 nang iniluwal ang grupong SINAG na itinayo ng 30 organisasyon at kilalang indibidwal para sa makabayang produksyon at konsumo ng mga produkto mula sa magsasaka at mangingisda ng bayan natin.

Sa birthday ng SINAG inilunsad ang Feeding Program at ang paglaan ng start up na pondo para sa rehabilitasyon ng Gabaldon Building sa Bayambang Central School.

Lumapit sa SINAG ang mga magulang at alumni ng Bayambang Central School para matulungan silang makabalik ang mga anak nila sa original site ng school sa Poblacion.

Nasa puso na at kasaysayan ng bawat mamamayan ng Bayambang na ang Bayambang Central School ay nasa Poblacion. Kaya nga central eh. Kung wala sa Poblacion…eh hindi na central.

Naglabas kasi ng order ang mayor ng Bayambang para malipat ang school sa isang lupain na pag-aari ng isang William Chua.

Ayon sa mga nagsumbong sa SINAG, ang lumang Gabaldon building ( nasunog daw po ito at pina-imbestigahan. Nasaan ang investigation report?) at iba pang structures sa Bayambang Central School ay napabayaan nang mabulok habang ang grounds ay naging masukal na din.

Ang plano daw po ng munisipyo ay tayuan ng central terminal at mga opisina ang lupa na kinatatayuan ng Bayambang Central School kaya daw po pinalayas ang mga estudyante sa isang lugar na malayo sa Poblacion.

Ang pagkakaalam ng mga magulang noong una kasi ay pansamantala lang ang paglipat dahil aayusin daw ang mga classroom. (more…)

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Cultural ambassadors to highlight Pangasinan during Asian countries visit

LINGAYEN-The country’s young cultural ambassadors for the 41st Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program (SSEAJYP) visited Pangasinan on October 13-14 to highlight the province’s rich culture and scenic beauty in promoting Philippine eco-tourism and hospitality.

The SSEAYP is an annual cultural exchange program established in 1974 that aims to promote mutual understanding and friendship among young participants from Japan and Southeast Asian countries.

Edwin Antonio, national leader of the 2014 Philippine Youth Ambassadors of Goodwill, said the country’s 28 ambassadors will be joining the cruise on October 29 to December 18 that will be visiting the country of Japan, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Antonio said the Philippine delegates “would like to show Southeast Asian and Japanese delegates the beauty and culture of Pangasinan through a national presentation on board the Nippon Maru ship.”

“On board for 52 days, the delegates will be doing a lot of activities that includes cultural presentation, institutional visits, interactions with local youth and the home stay program,” he said. (more…)

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Panelco owes BIR P400M taxes

By Yolanda Sotelo

LINGAYEN– The Pangasinan Electric Cooperative III (Panelco II) has been asked by the Court of Tax Appeals to pay accumulated unpaid taxes of P400 million and has approved the garnishment of its bank accounts and assets by the Bureau of Internal Revenue.
During the question hour by the Sangguniang Panglalawigan last week, Provincial Board Member Ranjit Shahani asked the cooperative to allow the National Electrification Authority to take over the operations its operations before it goes bankrupt.
The Court of Tax Appeals has ruled as final and executory the collection of Panelco’s tax liability, approving the garnishment of its bank accounts worth P177 million and other assets worth P113 million, according to SP member Alfonso Bince Jr.
But Panelco III officer in charge Allan Casem said the cooperative would request the BIR to allow the Panelco III to pay P5 million yearly its tax debts until it would have finished paying the entire amount. The BIR however, wanted P10 million per annum, he said.
He said the cooperative’s management also would want a recomputation of the tax liabilities, claiming a part of the P400 million are value added taxes for generation and transmission charges that have been paid to a power supplier in Manila.
It is the BIR office in Urdaneta City which is collecting the unpaid taxes. (more…)

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MAGANES: PARMC, an answer to Dagupan City’s environmental concerns

 The day I was “crowned”
Last October 10, I was invited by Professor Nicanor ” Nick” Melecio to his office in Careenan in Dagupan City for a technical briefing on what his office is doing particularly on the flooding issue of the city.
I haven’t seen Manong Nick for quite a long time. I thought he’s still busy with his professorial work. I used to rent a room in his house in Dagupan City when I was still working with the provincial government of Pangasinan. Back then, I have known him as an environmentalist as we talked lengthily about environmental issues over cups of coffee during mornings while both of us were preparing to go to our respective work.
I lost track of his activities. One day I received a call from one of his staff telling me that Manong Nick wanted to talk to me and to visit his office. Due to busyness as I was occupied with media work, I shelved that invitation. Several calls followed and finally I was obliged to visit his office.
His office is the Public Alert and Response Monitoring Center (PARMC), an attached office to Mayor Belen Fernandez. After brief exchange of pleasantries and a Chowking packed lunch, Manong Nick with glow in his eyes requested if he could give me a technical briefing on what his office is all about. I have no any notion before that such office ever existed. Manong Nick said it is an office created by Mayor Fernandez to do research on the underlying causes of flooding in Dagupan City.
The office was full of computer sets, each manned by a staff who monitors the weather situation, encoding data on flooding situation, etc. On its walls are mind-boggling charts, but I appreciated the technical aspects since those charts and data presented information that are of immediate use by the city government.
Manong Nick’s briefing got me glued listening on him. He said there are three factors affecting the flooding of the city.
The first one, he said, is the amount of rain during typhoons. With technical prowess, Manong Nick’s theory is that the rain, though contributory to the flooding, must be measured into cubic meters per second in order to really measure the volume of rain water that falls within the city.

The second factor, he said, is the volume of water released from the spillways of the San Roque Dam. There are two spillways according to him- spillway of the power generating dam during its normal operation in which excess water go to the Agno River Irrigation Systems (ARIS) that later on find their ways to irrigation canals and waterways like creeks and rivers and the spillway of the dam during the heights of typhoons in which the National Power Corporation (NPC) through its protocols has the responsibility to act on. That situation was akin to what happened during Typhoon Pepeng in 2009.
The third factor, Manong Nick continued, is the opening of water gates from the re-regulating pond, the water release reaches paddy fields through irrigation canals and water tributaries like the Sinocalan River. (more…)

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BSP: No shortage of coins

By Yolanda Sotelo
DAGUPAN CITY – Why is there seemingly a shortage of monetary coins, especially at supermarkets’ counters, when there are billions of coins supposedly in circulation in the country?
Analyza Dacan, Sr. senior research specialist of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Dagupan, said there are actually 21 billion coins in circulation and if divided among the Filipinos, each would have 250 coins.
Of this number, 56 percent are 25, ten and one centavos. The remaining 44 percent are one, five and ten pesos.
So where do all the coins go, especially the 25 cents which cashiers would invariably ask the customers if it was okay not to give as change?
Dacan said these are in piggy banks of people.  “We value savings, and keep coins in piggy banks,” she said during the forum of the Kapisanan ng Broadcasters sa Pilipinas (Pangasinan) on Thursday.
It is this savings in piggy banks that contribute to the shortage of coins,  Dacan said.
While savings through piggy banks in encouraged especially among children, the BSP said when a certain amount is reached, or when piggy banks are half full, the contents should be deposited in the banks to recirculate them.
This is what the church is doing, at least at the Lingayen-Dagupan Archdiocese, says Father Oliver Mendoza, the archdiocese’s treasurer.
“The collection during masses is still more on coins – one, five and ten peso coins,”  Mendoza said.
He said Archbishop Socrates Villegas, “who is aware of the shortage of coins in circulation,” had told the priests to immediately deposit whatever is collected during masses, “immediately.”
For the big parishes and who are near banks, they should deposit the money everyday while the small churches in the barangays must deposit weekly.
“This way, the churches do not contribute to shortage of coins,” Mendoza said.
Dacan said Bill 4411 which will penalize hoarding of coins is being discussed in Congress. It is titled “An Act Penalizing the Hoarding of Legal Tender Coins of the Philippine Currency.”
 The  bills seeks to maintain the stability of the country’s currency as coins are being hoarded for various reasons, including smuggling for the extraction of metallic content.
The bill seeks to impose a penalty of eight years’ imprisonment and a fine not exceeding P300,000 but   not less than either the face value of the coins hoarded or their intrinsic value, whichever is higher.
Dacan said bill seeks to impose a penalty of eight years imprisonment and a fine not exceeding P300,000 but not less than either the face value of the coins hoarded or their intrinsic value, whichever is higher.
However, there are still issues to be resolved about the bill such as what constitutes hoarding, how much and how long should the coins be kept to constitute hoarding, she said.


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MECO Chair Perez: Mark is not corrupt

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
SISON- ” In my 36 years as a politician and public servant, it’s only my first time to see a very clean, honest  and not a corrupt one in the person of Mark Cojuangco.”
The were the revealing words of Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) Chair Amadeo R. Perez Jr. during the birthday celebration of former 5th District Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco last October 6 here in front of the media and municipal/city mayors and vice mayors of 5th District.
Perez said Cojuangco never received any pay-off from ” teng-jue” (jueteng) or commissions from contractors of projects as Mark will always say “put it on the project.”
“I was the one who convinced Mark to run as a congressman of the 5th District because I saw in him the honesty and sincerity to continue what I have left when my term ended as congressman of the District. In fact, his father (Danding Cojuangco) did not believe when I told him before that Mark will run as Congressman. But I told Mark to talk to his father,” Perez said.
Perez also revealed that incumbent 5th District Rep. Kimi S. Cojuangco (Mark’s wife) approached him to convince Mark to run as governor in 2016 elections.
“I told Mark to run as Governor. I said, ” If you can do great projects in the 1/6 part of the province, then you can do it in the whole province of Pangasinan.” Mark accepted it and I am certain that he will be a good Governor of Pangasinan,” said Perez.
In his response, Cojuangco said that he is humbled to the birthday greetings he received from his well-wishers particularly from Perez who he said was his mentor in politics.


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