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Critics of former 5th District Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco have not stopped throwing tirades against him and Calasiao Mayor Mark Macanlalay that even their humanitarian activities such as the “Medikalinga sa Pangasinan” or “Salun-at Ti Umili” Program did not escape their poisonous rants.
They said the medical program, launched last August  in the towns of first district, pushed through since there are no hospitals where the medical surgeons could perform  minor and major operations on cysts, hernias, circumcisions, cancers, harelips, etc.
What these political critics were not aware of are the surgeons arefrom respectable and first-rate hospitals in Metro Manila that they would not perform surgeries in areas that are not properly sanitized based on acceptable medical practices standards.
The surgical mission has actually started in Alaminos City last September 29 with patients coming from the said city and the town of Bolinao.
In Bolinao, throngs of residents of different villages queued to be screened by medical doctors. Afterwards, the patients were transported to Alaminos City, via an airconditioned van, where a three-room house was converted into operating rooms by the medical staff, to the surgeons’ scan0002specifications. Patients from  Alaminos City were likewise screened on that day and those eligible for surgery underwent needed procedures. Days thereafter, residents of Bani and Sual received the same services.
Patients who have long been suffering from cysts in parts of their bodies finally found relief after the were operated on. Children and young adults who have not been circumcised because of high cost of medical services availed the services free and are now triumphantly confident of their manhood. Happy faces of the patients after the minor operations are reflections of how grateful they were to Cojuangco and Macanlalay for bringing the free surgical mission in their areas.
Mark and Mark have proven their critics wrong. The criticisms came after they have announced their aspirations to run as governor and vice governor, respectively in Pangasinan in 2016 election.
During the launching of the program, Cojuangco repeatedly said he wanted to be known by the Pangasinenses in preparation for the 2016 election. Instead of just hopping from towns to towns in the province to make him and his development advocacies known, he thought of a worthwhile program that could be of help to the Pangasinenses. Thus, the “Medikalinga sa Pangasinan”.
Similar program has not been conducted by any humanitarian groups in the past or even the present provincial government.The province is teeming with district hospitals that have been renovated and refurbished but services such as those under Cojuangco’s and Macanlalay’s program was never conducted. The hospitals requirefees which could hardly be afforded by indigent patients.

Instead of praising the humanitarian work, political opponents launched a barge of criticisms against the project.
Is it wrong for Cojuangco and his political allies to give services to the Pangasinenses that will have lasting effects on their lives?
Is it wrong for Cojuangco,due of his desire to run for governor in 2016 election, to make himself known to the Pangasinenses through a very noble program? Why do his detractors equate his projects with politics when politics is everybody’s game in this country?
Let the “Medikalinga sa Pangasinan” of Cojuangco and Macanlalay work for the welfare of Pangasinenses. These are provided free without any single centavo coming from the coffers of the government.
Their humanitarian work deserves accolades not criticisms.

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