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Cojuangco handpicks Macanlalay

By Mortz Ortigoza and Virgilio Sar. Maganes
CALASIAO – Former 5th District Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco has formally announced the selection of this town’s Mayor Mark Macanlalay as his running mate in the 2016 gubernatorial elections.
M&M for 2016.The 31 year-old two-term Calasiao Mayor Mark Roy Macanla- lay  (4th from right) acknowledges the reiteration of support of former  Congressman Mark Cojuangco (3rd from left) who was exhilarated that the young hizzoner finally accepted his offer to be his vice governor in the  2016 gubernatorial race. The duo's press conference was held at the commercial building of the Macanlalays in Brgy. Bued, Calasiao last August 21.  MORTZ. ORTIGOZA

M&M for 2016.The 31 year-old two-term Calasiao Mayor Mark Roy Macanlalay (4th from right) acknowledges the reiteration of support of former Congressman Mark Cojuangco (3rd from left) who was exhilarated that the young hizzoner finally accepted his offer to be his vice governor in the 2016 gubernatorial race. The duo’s press conference was held at the commercial building of the Macanlalays in Brgy. Bued, Calasiao last August 21. MORTZ. ORTIGOZA

He made announcement during a press conference  held at the Macanlalay Building in Bued village last August 21. With him Vice Mayor Roy Macanlalay, Abono Partylist Chair Rosendo O. So and 19 village heads of the town.
” This is a happy day for me. Last night, Mark (Macanlalay) announced that he has accepted my challenge for him to be my team mate. As my vice governor, we complement with each other. With my age, I am more experienced (while) he has the dynamism of the youth. I rely on him (on reaching the youth) because of his touch and connections with them,” Cojuangco said.
 Cojuangco, chair of the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) in Pangasinan said his tandem with Macanlalay is100% final.
” I offered the vice governorship to Mark several months ago, but he told me that he has to think it over until his birthday. He thought of it a longer time. Now that he has accepted my invitation to him as my running mate,the I am excited.To all of you his supporters, rest assured that we will not fail you and put you in shame,” he said.
Macanlalay said his decision to accept the vice governorship was in consultation with his leaders of  the town and after the leaders of Districts I and District VI have signified their strong support for him.
” I am accepting the challenge of Congressman Cojuangco. I have already asked the permission to run as vice governor from our town’s leaders. I will not turn my back. We will be standing behind him. I have  his noble aspirations for our province,” Macanlalay said.
Macanlalay formally declared his vice gubernatorial bid during his 31st birthday celebration held at their residence last August 20 before his leaders and invited guests composed of municipal officials from various towns.
When asked what will now be the fate of Vice Governor Jose Ferdinand Z. Calimlim Jr., a member of NPC, Cojuangco said the selection of Macanlalay underwent due process and consultation.
” I have given him (Calimlim) all the chances to be my running mate. He could not decide. I know what I want and I opted to have Mark as my running mate,” Cojuangco explained.


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ORTIGOZA: M&M versus E&E in Pangasinan 2016?

Political grapevine says it would be M&M versus E&E in the Capitol Race in 2016. M&M stands for Former Congressman Mark Cojuangco and Calasiao Mayor Mark Roy Macanlalay who officially declared last Thursday their plan to runfor the governorship and vice governorship of the gargantuan province. Come 2016 election, Pangasinan would have almost 2 million registered voters. By then it would become the biggest voting province in the country, overtaking the provinces of Cebu and Cavite.
 Oh by the way, E&E represents the son and father tandem in Board Member Pogi Espino and outgoing Pangasinan Governor Amado T. Espino Jr. Pundits and even barbers share that this electoral tiff would be the biggest and most expensive Pangasinenses would ever see in their lifetime.
Kung sa boxing Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather ito.
But voters of Dagupan City, an independent component city, should not get envious with their fellow voters in Pangasinan who are salivating on this clash. Bakit kaya sila naglalaway dito sa laban na ito he he? Information I got from the camp of former Mayor Benjamin S. Lim said that it would be Lim’s spouse Celia and son Vice Mayor Brian Lim against the city’s incumbent Mayor Belen Fernandez and her vice mayoralty tandem present Councilor Maybelyn Fernandez.
Mukhang masuerte si Representative Gina de Venecia sa congressional race sa 4th District, walang malakas na kalaban. I heard it would still be Rep. Baby Arenas in the 3rd District kasi si former Congresswoman Rachel Arenas would be gunning for a senatorial seat sa 2016. I heard that former Philippine National Police Chief General Art Lomibao will be challenging incumbent Mangaldan Mayor Bona Fe de Vera-Parayno, kasi daw kulelat na manalo si Vice Mayor Manny Casupang dahil bukod sa tinangalan na ng SOP sa gambling kulang daw sa wherewithal sa mayorship race.
Am I right broadcaster Dante Cera that the general will be throwing his hat into the mayoralty fight in Mangaldan?
Dapat sabayan na rin ng pera para lumakas, huwag lang hat he he.
The last time I know about Lomibao, he was beaten by incumbent Vice Governor Ferdie Calimlim for the vice governorship race in 2013, son of a gun, in his (Lomibao) very own hometown Mangaldan!
How’s Ferdie Calimlim after E&E were floated and after the Espinos resigned from the Nationalist People’s Coalition. Calimlim, still a card carrying member of NPC, is being groomed to run as nominee of the most influential party-list group in the province. From Vice Guv Ferdie, if he is lucky, he will be called Cong Ferdie. Am I right Darwina?
Sa Calasiao naman it would be the tandem of Vice Mayor Macanlalay and Councilor Rey Chuson versus Ambonao Brgy. Chairman Mando Bauzon or his son Town Councilor JR Bauzon and former Vice Mayor Ferdinand Galang for the Top two post of the burgeoning town. Macanlalay and Bauzon are first cousins pero alam niyo na he he. Mando is one of the big time private contractor of Governor Espino. Mas mabigat ang pera kaysa sa dugo.
Doon naman sa Sta. Barbara it would be the fourth rematch of Mayor Lito Zaplan versus former Mayor Rey Velasco.
Although I have written in the past about media prostitutes – figuratively and literally – and media hao-shiaos (fakes), I could not forgive myself if I could not give my takes on my just read book Who‘s Looking Out For You written by U.S No. 1 talk show host Bill O’Reilly of Fox News Channel about how media elites became biased on their calling.
As a media practitioner, who did not even have a BS in Journalism or Mass Communication, for sometimes, I saw how the local elites exchanged notes if not ingratiate with the power-that-be while they enjoy the ambiance of some bars of high end hotels and restaurants.
Media colleagues in Pangasinan treat me with stories how they spent sometimes with high level government functionaries in some five stars hotels imbibing expensive liquors and eating the sumptuous food Imperial Manila can offer and going home with oodles of monies in their pocket. Expose, these practices would be scandalous on the parts of the government and the media networks in the United States, to see head of their version of Bureau of Custom, Bureau of Internal Revenue, Departments of Interior & Local  Government and of Public Works & Highway, or the Philippines National Police indulging to a “Bacchanalian Feast” with these susceptible members of the Fourth Estate.

A high police official told me how gambling lords in a region shell-out P3 million a month for brothers in the broadcast industry in the metropolis just to buy their silence not to pounce on the illegal games that give a windfall not only for the millions of pesos  a month for the police but to politicians.
“And that’s only from that region, how about the monies these brothers received monthly from other regions through out the country?” he posed to me.
And, son of a gun, I am not yet talking here about the tens of millions pesos pocketed by major TV and radio anchormen for their silence from the billions of pesos of racket perpetrated by Janet Napoles with Filipino congressmen and senators.
Who said media profession is a thankless job?.
 Some media guys like the late Filipino columnist non-pareil Max Soliven  did not have to resort to the callousness I mentioned about some media colleagues. Max could be seen  sipping coffee or red wine as he had that animated talk with some “lobbyists” from Lockheed (to sell some C-130 military transport planes), General Dynamics (for a squadron of F-16 multi-role jets for the militarily weak Philippines),  Israel Aircraft Industries (maker of built all-weather, multirole combat aircraft based on a modified French Dassault jets for a cash-strapped country), or  British Firm GKN Defence (now part of BAE Systems) ( to sell by making in Subic 150 Simba armored personnel carrier for the Armed Forces of the Philippines) where Max could do some PRs in his most sought articles at the Philippine Daily Inquirer and later Philippine Star.
Here’s O’Reilly on Media Elite: “Since  all the networks news organizations, including Fox , are run by huge corporations, and these enterprises are loath to criticize each other or themselves, you don’t see consistent, incisive coverage of the damage that many media operations are doing to the children of this country. On the newspaper side, many of the editors are so steeped in ideology and political correctness that it is impossible for them to make any moral judgments on social trends. Unless, of course, the trend is spiritual or pro-life or something that runs against their ideological beliefs. Then the papers will let you have it”.

He cited that on March 30, 2004, the U.S.A and Britain attacked Iraq, the Gallup Poll people asked this question: Do you approve or disapprove of the United States’ decision to go to war with Iraq? The answer:
Approve: 76 percent; Disapprove: 20 percent; No Opinion 4 percent.
“Overwhelmingly, Americans backed the action against Saddam. Yet on the same day, March 20, ABC News and NBC News devoted a substantial amount of their evening newscast to both domestic and foreign war protesters. CBS did not, completely ignoring them on the Rather. World News Tonight with Peter Jennings spent four minutes and forty seconds reporting on war dissent. NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw topped that;  it spent four minutes forty-five seconds on war protests and another one minute thirty-five-seconds on war objections by some Democrats. Neither Jennings nor Brokaw spend one second on the 76 percent of Americans who thought the war was the right action to take”.
If America has that kind of media practitioners, how are the members of the Fourth Estate in rambunctious province of Pangasinan – where motorcycle riding tandem killers soar lately – fare?
As the 2016 local election is fast approaching, many members of the media become PR and apologists of high budget politicians – whose big dough becomes the magnet.
“Kamusta  ang media ngayon sa Pangasinan? Alam ko kumikita sila ngayon ayon sa source ko sa circle ninyo,” a bigwig from the Land Bank of the Philippines quipped to me when I bumped recently with her.
She knows that PR monies now are everywhere since titans for the top posts in the province have been saber rattling. The funny or scornful about these guys are their audacity to be willing recipients from the two rival camps. Jesus Christ Superstar, some of their colleagues who are not beneficiaries just turned pink in envy or turned red in contempt as these folks go to the banks and belt their off key song: “I have two hands, the left and the right….”.
 “Tingnan mo ang mga diario ngayon sa Pangasinan. Puno ng malalaking photo ng mga gubernatorial bets sa front page headline. Ano sa tingin ninyo, kubra ba dito kubra ba doon ang labanan ngayon,” a veteran scribe posed to me by showing to my face different kinds of local weeklies as host to these journalistic malfeasance.
Son of a gun, this is media brinkmanship at its best or worst!
(You can read my selected columns at and articles at Pangasinan News Aro. You can send comments too


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EDITORIAL :  Sounds on cutting of trees along MNR, Silence on Pangasinan-Zambales road

After three years of going through application processses, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) finally issued  on 2013 a permit to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to cut 1,829 trees along the Manila North Road (MNR) passing through Rosales (Carmen), Villasis, Urdaneta City, Binalonan, Pozorrubio and Sison to give way to the widening of the MNR.northernwatch cartoon 8-24-14
The MNR widening project would result in a four-lane highway, or would  have additional two lanes and is seen to decongest traffic and would mean faster flow of goods and services, in and out of the province of Pangasinan.
DPWH started the cutting of trees in November 2013. Some of the trees were girdled for future cutting. The tree cutting activities had prior approval of the municipalities affected with their Sangguniang Bayans (town councils) issuing a resolution not objecting to the tree cutting and in support to the road widening project. The cutting of trees was done in broad daylight and in full view of the public. No one dared to question it. Environmentalist groups and provincial officials never called the attention of DENR and DPWH on why the trees were being cut down.


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BFAR harnesses sun power for bangus production

By Yolanda Sotelo

DAGUPAN CITY – The Bureau of  Fisheries and Aquatic Resources is harnessing the power of the sun to produce more and quality bangus (milkfish)  though the use of solar panels as power source  for  AN aeration system  technology being introduced by the  Japanese to the local farmers.
The system is being experimented at the BFAR center for ponds and in Sual for fish cages, for an entire culture period from fingerlings until the bangus is harvestable which is up to five months, Makiko Takaoka, general manager of Nomura Research Institute Asia Pacific PT. Ltd (NRI)., Manila branch.
It is the NRI which is coordinating the project in the Philippines while the system was developed by the Power Banks System, a private Japanese company being supported by the Japan International Cooperation Agency.
The system, launched on  Wednesday,  is called “ukishima,” a floating aeration device that consists of  lightweight and rust-free solar panel made of polycarbonate, which can therefore be used in water for a long period of time.
 With the system, gone would be the days when aquaculture operators would have to use paddles powered by diesel every time the pond waters are in danger of having low dissolved oxygen which causes high mortality of the bangus.
“This system has an automatic timer for aerating the ponds, which is during the hours when there is low dissolved oxygen such as from 10 am to 3 pm, 8-9 pm, 11 pm to 12 am, and 2 am to 6 am,” Takaoka said.
 “Bangus need aeration mostly at night time because there is no sunlight,” she said.
Dagupan and Sual were identified for the experiments because these areas are major bangus producers, Takaoka said.
At the BFAR center, five ponds measuring 10×10 meters with one meter depth, were  identified for the solar panel aeration experiment.  Each of the three ponds were stocked with 175 pieces of fingerlings, one was not stocked but is aerated, while one pond has no stock and no aeration.
In Sual, one cage (400 cubic meters) was stocked with 15,700 bangus fingerlings.
With the aeration system,  the stocking density can be increased twice or even four times so we can maximize production using the existing areas and not developed anymore  other culture areas,  she said.
Power Bank System Vice President Seiji Hirano said the company is looking for local companies which can produce the panels and the batteries, so that the costs would be much lesser than when brought from Japan.
Each system consists of 120 panels measuring 50 cm x 2 meters which weights only four kilos, “much lighter than ordinary panels,” Hirano said.


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Money for tree planting went to DAP – Cojuangco

By Yolanda Sotelo
CALASIAO -The amount that should have been spent to purchase lots to plant trees to replace the old trees cut down to make way for the widening of the Manila North Road(MNR), was a “casualty” of the Disbursement Acceleration Program , former Pangasinan Rep. Mark Cojuangco  said.
He said P60 million was included in the 2010 General Appropriations Act meant to purchase pieces of lots measuring 36 square meters each at the edge of the MNR’s 30 meter right of way, but this was reverted back to the national treasury and included in the DAP.
The amount was not used for the original purpose because of the delay in the granting of special permit for tree cutting  by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to the Department of Public Works and Highways.
The planting of saplings outside the MNR’s  right of way  “was our solution” to the cutting of trees  “but the money was reverted back and we are asking that it be given back to us so we can start replacing the cut down trees,” Cojuangco said.
Cojuangco held a press conference on Thursday to announce the bid of Mayor Mark Roy  Macanlalay for vice governor in the 2016 elections, his team mate for the province’s top posts.
He hoped that the order by Environment Secretary Ramon Paje stopping  the granting of special permits for tree cutting, is only temporary.
The project was delayed for two years because of the uproar caused by cutting down of pine trees by a mall in Baguio City, then when the permit to cut down trees was granted and the project was on ongoing,  the Provincial Board issued a resolution against felling of trees along national highways traversing the province.
But he rued the reason for the SP’s opposition, saying ,“If  I did not announce my plan to run for governor,  they would not have questioned the project,” he said.
Cojuangco is seen to be colliding in the gubernatorial fight with Provincial Board Member Amado Espino III, the head of the Provincial Federation of Barangay Councils and a son of Governor Amado Espino Jr.
Cojuangco  feared the P100 million appropriated for the road widening would also be returned to the national treasury if the project is not done soon.
“If that happens, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan should be made answerable to the non-completion of a project that would have big economic impact to the province,” he said. 
Rosendo So, spokesperson of the National People’s Coalition in the province, said the Provincial Board should have questioned the cutting down of 3,500 trees to construct the Pangasinan-Zambales road years back. The construction was abandoned and the “road” was already destroyed.
“The Provincial Board questioned the cutting of trees in the fifth district, which had a permit from the DENR, but was quiet about the massacre of trees for the Pangasinan-Zambales road project. That is not fair,” So said during the press conference.
Cojuangco said the plan to cut down trees along the MNR traversing Rosales, Villasis, Urdaneta City, Binalonan, Pozorrubio and Sison, had the approval  of the concerned local governments.
There were two sets of resolutions passed by the LGUs, the first set was before the 2013 elections and the second after the elections.
“It was a very democratic process,” he said.


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Mark: Use national language for unity and understanding

by Virgilio Sar. Maganes
SAN CARLOS CITY- Former 5th District Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco stressed the importance of a national language for the Filipinos to be united and as an instrument of progress and understanding.
Cojuangco was the guest speaker during the celebration of “Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa” (Month of National Language) organized by the schools of District III here held at Talang Central School last August 19.
“Mahalaga ang Wikang Pambansa. Ang ating mithiin bilang isang bansa ay makamit kung tayong lahat ay nagsasalita sa ating Wikang Pambansa. Gamitin natin ang ating wika bilang isang kasangkapan para makamit natin ang pag-unlad. Huwag nating pabayaan na paghiwalayin tayo ng rehiyonalismo at mga munting interes. Gamitin natin ang ating Wikang Pambansa sa pagkakaisa natin,” said Cojuangco.
( Our National Language is important. Our aspirations as one nation could be achieved if all of us are speaking our national language. We will use our language as an instrument to attain our progress. Let’s not allow that we will be divided by regionalism and little interests. Let us use our National Langauage for us to be united.)
Cojuangco briefed the teachers and the school pupils on the evolution of the country’s national language.
He said the national language was first enshrined in the 1935 Constitution. Then President Manuel L. Quezon (known as the father of Wikang Pambansa) issued an executive order creating the Institute of National Language- a government agency that administers the affairs and evolution of the national language.
Recalling the famous words of national hero Dr. Jose Rizal, ” Ang taong hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika, ay daig pa ang amoy sa malansang isda”, Cojuangco said Rizal was aware of the importance of a “lingua franca” considering that Philippines has various dialects spoken by ethnic groups.
According to Wikipedia, lingua franca also called a bridge language, or vehicular language, is a language systematically (as opposed to occasionally, or casually) used to make communication possible between persons not sharing a native language, in particular when it is a third language, distinct from both native languages.)


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ABONO’s Declaration

 ABONO FOR MARK. Abono Party-list Rep. Conrad Estrella (7th from right, front row) raises  the hand of Macanlalay for the latter vice gubernatorial bid. Macanlalay was accompanied here by his village chiefs and other major supporters in Calasiao, Pangasinan. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA

ABONO FOR MARK. Abono Party-list Rep. Conrad Estrella (7th from right, front row) raises
the hand of Macanlalay for the latter vice gubernatorial bid.
Macanlalay was accompanied here by his village chiefs and other
major supporters in Calasiao, Pangasinan. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA


DECLARATION. Calasiao Mayor Mark Roy Macanlalay officially declares his intention to run as vice governor in 2016. He made the announcement during his 31st birthday held at the residence of his father Calasiao Vice Mayor Roy Mancanlalay. The young Macanlalay will tandem with gubernatorial wannabe former fifth district Rep. Mark Cojuangco. Cojuangco and 10 mayors of the Sixth District of Pangasinan declared on August 8 their endorsement of Macanlalay’sbid.MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA

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77 Region 1 police finish motorcycle riding course

CAMP BGEN OSCAR M FLORENDO– Seventy-seven members of the Region 1 police received their certificates after completing the 45-Day Motorcycle Riding Course (MRC) during the graduation ceremony held at the PRO1 Grandstand on August  22.
Police Senior Superintendent Allan A. Parreño, deputy regional director for administration (DRDA) of PRO1 lauded and congratulated the 77 motorcycle riding cops during the graduation rites.
He said the MRC graduates will intensify the PRO1’s anti-criminality campaign particularly in curbing crimes perpetrated by motorcycle riding criminals operating in the region and they will be deployed as members of the Motorized-Anti-Street Crime Operatives (MASCO).
“Our newly trained motorcycle riders will be addressing crimes perpetrated by motorcycle riding criminals  and we have to do pre-emptive measures to shoo away criminals that may victimize our constituents,” PSSupt. Parreño said.
The DRDA likewise encouraged the riders to become bolder and more confident to perform their tasks, no matter the risks and obstacles along the way.
“If you can now jump a four feet high obstacle with ease and confidence despite the tremendous risks, I am certain you have now developed even more confidence and courage to run after the evil elements of society and even lay your life on the line,” he added.


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CORTEZ: Paki eksplika: Un-explained wealth ni Binay

Ohaaa! Makahulugan ang mga points na ni-raise sa Sa Get Real column ni Professor Solita Monsod sa Philipppine Daily Inquirer na ang titulo ay What if ‘politically motivated’?  sa huli ang tanong lang ni professor Monsod ay paki eksplika lang ni Binay ang kanyang yaman. Si monsod ay kilala bilang Mareng Winnie. Siya ay taga-Makati. (Ang naka-itlaics ay mula sa column niya).
Bakit daw parati na lang’politically motivated’ ang alibi ng mga pulitiko kapag sila ay inaakusahan ng corruption? Kapag daw sinabi ng pulitiko, katulad ni Jojo Binay, na politically motivated ang corruption charges sa kanya ay hindi natin dapat paniwalaan. Ang sabi ni Monsod ay wala kasing maisagot ang pulitiko kaya ginagamit niya ang linyang politically motivated.
The favourite defense of politicians to charges against them is that they are “politically motivated.” And therefore not to be given credence. Correction: The favorite defense of politicians to charges against them, especially when they cannot answer the charges, is that they are politically motivated, and therefore not to be believed.
Stupid daw po, ayon kay Monsod, kung hindi dapat maghabla laban sa politico.
Which would mean that no charges would ever be brought against you.  See how stupid that is?
Totoo na parang may halong pulitika ang plunder charges nina Renato Bondal at Nicolas Enciso laban kay Jojo Binay dahil sila ay kalaban sa pulitika. Ang pangalan ng naturang building ayon sa original na dokumento ay Makati Parking Building pero, para mas maging katanggap-tangap ay pinalitan ng pangalan na Makati City Hall II.
Bok Nani Braganza, kalian ka ba magpapakita dito sa Pangasinan? Miss ka na ng Pangasinan. Ang Makati Parking Building ay overpriced daw po at ayon kay Bondal at Enciso. May grupo na din ng mga taga-Makati na nagmamartsa laban sa corruption sa Makati sa bandera ng United Makati Against Corruption. Ilang araw na din natin nakikita ang grupo sa TV na lantarang lumalaban kontra corruption ng Binay.
Sabi nga ni Bishop Deogracias Iniguez na ang mga kasama niya sa misa noong araw ng kamatayan ni Ninoy ay mga kababayan natin sa Makati na nagnanais ng pagbabago doon.
But that is how the Binay corruption charges seem to be playing out.  The Parking Building or the Makati City Hall II brouhaha (a rose by any other name would smell as sweet—but somehow a Makati City Hall II smells better than a Parking Building) is the result of charges of overpricing or “bukol” brought by political opponents Renato Bondal and Nicolas Enciso against the current and previous mayors of Makati. Therefore, politically motivated; therefore, should be ignored. That Enciso apparently is a dying man (Stage 4 cancer, according to him) doesn’t matter.
Ang alegasyon nila Bondal at Enciso na bukol, or overprice or kinita daw po ni Jojo Binay ay dalawang bilyong piso. Ayon sa plunder Law ng Pilipinas, kung ang nakulimbat ay P50 Million pataas ay pasok na ito sa kasong plunder.
The bukol is as much as P2 billion, which is a lot of money. Even if that bukol were only P200 million or “even” just P50 million, that is criminal plunder of the money of the people of Makati, which should be looked into and duly punished. Let’s not forget that. And other charges as well.
Eh ano ngayon kung kalaban sa pulitika sina Senator Sonny Trillanes (NP) at Senator Alan Peter Cayetano (NP)? Nagdeklara na sila na tatakbo for president or vice president. Eh ano ngayon kung ang kanilang target ay si Binay na nagdeklara na din na tatakbong presidente?
Senators Antonio Trillanes IV and Alan Peter Cayetano (who, together with his wife, is being accused of plunder; and who also said the charges against them are “politically motivated”) were the main questioners in the Senate hearing on the Makati City Hall II last Wednesday.  Their objectivity has been questioned, because they, after all, could be potential candidates for “higher office.” Which means president or vice president.  But why?  Is it their fault that Jojo Binay chose to declare his candidacy for the presidency so early in the game?
Nagtataka si prof. Monsod kung bakit hindi itinanggi ni Mayor Junjun BInay ang akusasyon na isang libo ang presyo ng cake na ibinibigay sa senior citizen kapag may birthday. Bakit nga ba kinabukasan ay ang city administrator pa ang naglabas ng presyo na P300 lang daw po ang cake ayon sa ipinakita nilang papeles na ang petsa ay February 2014.
Sa interview ni Bondal sa ANC ay pinanindigan niya na overpriced ang cake. Nakataya ang kanyang lisensya bilang abogado kung fake ang mga papeles na submit niya sa kaso. Ang sulat ni Bondal para imbestigahan ang kickback sa overpriced na cake ay January 2014. Ibig sabihin may ebidensiya siya nabago mag-January 2014 ay mas mataas sa P300 ang presyo ng birthday cake para sa senior citizen ng Makati.
Si prof. Monsod na mismo ang nagsasabi na usap-usapan na ang halaga ay P750 o P800 at ang tsismis pa ay Binay din daw po ang may ari ng bakery na nagsu-supply ng cake!
One wonders why Mayor Junjun Binay did not correct immediately Bondal’s statement that the Makati cakes were worth “mahigit na P1,000.” If they cost only P300, as his people are now trumpeting, why didn’t he say so then, in front of the nation?  Did he not know?  Or is the P300-figure made up?  I am a Makati resident, and the grapevine (about four years ago) was that the cakes cost P750 or P800, and worse—the bakeshop belongs to a Binay.  Can we please have some transparency?  Why is it so difficult to find out who bakes the cakes, and how much they cost the people of Makati?
Bakit naman daw po masasaktan at malulungkot si Jojo Binay sa kinalabasan ng Senate Hearing? Dahil ba vice president siya at dapat special treatment siya? Dahil ba siya ang kandidato ni Butz Aquino ng Makati ay special treatment siya? Dahil ba siya ay kandidato ni Paul Aquino ay special treatment siya? Dahil ba siya ay kandidato ni Peping Cojuangco ng UNA, ay special treatment siya? Dahil ba siya ang uang OIC mayor ng Makati na itinakda ni President Cory ay special treatment na siya?
Vice President Jojo Binay says he is “offended” and “sad” at how the Senate hearings turned out. Considering that he has been in politics for at least 25 years, did he expect any better treatment because he is vice president—lese majeste? Why should he be treated better than the way those senators treat one another?
Noong una hanggang sa Senate hearing ay iwinawagayway ni Junjun Binay ang COA memo na malinis daw ang construction ng Parking Bulding. Ipinagmamalaki niya ang COA dahil sila daw ang magpapatunay na wlang corruption sa Makati. Pero…
Sabi ni COA chairperson na ang COA memorandum na hawak ni Junjun BInay ay internal document. Illegal possession of internal document ba ang kaso dun? Hehehe. For validation pa lang pala ang COA Report. Pangkaraniwan na daw po na nagkakaroon ng sabwatan ang resident COA auditor at ang ahensiyang ino-audit ayon kay prof Monsod kaya daw pong mukhang walang corruption sa pagpapatayo ng Ospital ng Makati at Makati City Hall.
Minsang nagakaroon ng findings kontra sa Makati ang grupo ni COA Auditor Heidee Mendoza. May nakita silang anomaly na milyon milyon ang halaga at inilagaya nila ito sa kanilang report na taliwas sa finding ng resident auditor.
Kaya naman ang appointment ni Heidee Mendoza sa COA ay hinarang ng mga alyado ni Binay sa congress sa loob ng 18 buwan.
Mayor Binay kept repeating that the Commission on Audit (COA) found nothing irregular in any of the five phases of the building construction.  COA Chair Grace Pulido Tan’s statement was that no conclusion has as yet been drawn.  How do we explain the seeming inconsistency?  Simple. The mayor was referring to statements made by the COA resident auditors (supposed to be confidential). Experience, unfortunately, has shown that resident auditors of the COA have often been coopted by officials of the agency they are auditing. (Remember the military scandal?)   That is why, in the case of the Makati City Hall and the Ospital ng Makati, where irregularities were found involving hundreds of millions of pesos, it was not the resident auditors who discovered the irregularities, it was another COA group—the Special Task Force to Audit Expenditures and Infrastructure Projects of the Local Government Units, then headed by state auditor Heidi Mendoza—that made the discoveries. Mendoza, by the way, paid heavily for her very good work: Her confirmation as COA commissioner was held up for 18 months or more by Binay allies in the Commission on Appointments.
Kung matagal nang walang pinupuntahan ang mga akusyasyon kay Binay ay ngayon na siguro ang tamang panahon para sagutin niya ang lahat ng ito. Baka naman daw kasi, magaling lang siyang magtago ng baho.
Vice President Binay will have to do better than say that the charges of corruption against him are old stuff, have never been proven, and are only brought up before elections, and he has consistently won his mayoral elections despite those charges.
We must remember that charges of corruption have been leveled against him since almost day one of his incumbency as Makati mayor.  That they have not been proven doesn’t necessarily mean they are not true. It may also mean he is good at hiding his tracks.
Mabuti na lang at nandiyan ang Senado kung saan nailalantad na ang amga askusayong corruption kay Jojo Binay. Panahaon na para sagutin niya dahil ang magingpresident ang kanyang gusto.
I am glad that the Senate is bringing all these charges in the open.  For too long, these charges have been successfully kept from the public.  The Vice President should answer them one by one.  It is not a mayoral position he is contesting.  It is the presidency.  The people are entitled to have a president that has no corruption attached to his name.
May ill-gotten wealth ba si Jojo Binay? My unexplained wealth ba si Jojo Binay? Paano niya ginastusan ang kampanya for vice president? For congresswoman at for mayor noong 2010? Paano niya ginastusan ang kampanya for senator, congresswoman at mayor noong 2013? Saan kumuha ng perng pambili ng bahay na may elevator si Junjun Binay? Nagmula po ba sa ill-gotten wealth ang pera ng mga Binay? Mahirap po bang ipaliwanag kung saan nagmula ang pera ng mga Binay?
Ang unexplained wealth ng mga Marcos ay na-sequester at isa-isa nang ibinebenta. Kapag napatunayang unexplained wealth ang yaman ng BInay…sequestration din ang kahahantungan.
At the least, Vice President Binay should answer this question:  How, on the basis of his salary as a mayor, which he had been for most of the years since 1986, could he finance a mayoral, congressional and vice presidential campaign all at the same time (2010); and a senatorial, congressional and mayoral campaign soon after (2013)?  The Supreme Court applied a testyahoo to Ferdinand and Imelda: It added up their incomes in their various government positions, and compared them with the value of their acquisitions.  It was on that basis that they declared the couple to have unexplained wealth. Will Vice President Binay pass the test?


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Pugaro fisherfok receive financial aid for for ‘kalokor’

DAGUPAN CITY – The Samahan ng Maliliit na Mangingisda sa Dagupan City Incorporated in Barangay Pugaro  received from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the city government the amount of P500,580.00 as livelihood assistance for the purchase of the materials needed in catching fish using the beach seine (kalokor) method.
The amount was turned-over to the fisher folks by DOLE Region 1 Director Grace Y. Ursua and Mayor Belen T. Fernandez on August 19 at the city mayor’s office.
In addition, the city will be giving P125,150 as its counterpart to the project and will be responsible in purchasing the needed materials including  a motorboat that will be used by the association.
City Agriculture Officer Emma J. Molina said the project is ideal for the association considering the fact that the beach seine is being operated by more or less 30 to 40 people, which means that a large number of the association’s members will be benefited by the project.
Molina disclosed that part of the income that will be derived and generated from this proposed project will serve as the revolving fund of the association, which will ultimately augment their fund for the creation and acquisition of more income generating projects.
“The estimated gross income is P1,000 to P1,500 per embankment or P5,000 to P7,500 a day. Net income which will go to the association is pegged at 30 percent of the gross income which is equivalent to P1,500 to P2,250 daily,” Molina explained, noting that higher income is expected during the months of June to September every year during rainy season.
Ursua expressed hope that the marginalized fisher folks in Barangay Pugaro will benefit from the project through increased income and better living conditions.
Fernandez, on the other hand, was grateful to DOLE for helping the small fishermen  not only in terms of providing job opportunities to Dagupeños here and abroad but also in providing livelihood projects to the city, one of which is the nego cart for 60 ambulant street food vendors.
“We are thankful to DOLE because they are not just helping us in our job fairs, which has helped a lot of our city mates in finding jobs locally and abroad but also provided us livelihood assistance for our marginalized fisher folks and street vendors,” Fernandez said. (Joseph C. Bacani/ CIO/ August 20, 2014)


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