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EDITORIAL: Politics is heating up in Pangasinan


After the political leaders of Pangasinan’s District I declared their support to the gubernatorial bid of former 5th District Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco in the 2016 elections, Governor Amado T. Espino has punctuated his mantra that politics should take a backseat first to his development agenda for the province.northernwatch 8-3-14
But barely two days after he slammed what he called “premature politicking” when he met the village officials of San Carlos City last July 30 when they have a study tour at the Capitol, Espino broke his long silence on whom he will support for the governorship in the 2016 elections.
The official website of the Province of Pangasinan reads, “Governor Espino finally gave his blessing and declared that his eldest son will seek the highest political post in Pangasinan as earlier hinted by the governor in various occasions.”
The son is the incumbent Provincial Federation of Liga ng mga Barangay President and Ex-Officio Board Member Amado “Pogi” Espino III, erstwhile municipal Mayor of Bautista town.
This statement was posted in the evening of August 1.
The said website said there’s a growing clamor for the young Espino to run for the governorship of Pangasinan in 2016. It also said, “BM Pogi, as Pangasinan’s chief executive, will surely perpetuate the rapid progress and brand of good governnace of the Espino Administration as well as to fulfill the vision and mission of the Province of Pangasinan to be the best and to be number 1.”
With that open statement of Governor Espino, the gubernatorial contenders for the 2016 elections narrowed down with Espino and Cojuangco. The latter had earlier declared his intention to run for the governorship of Pangasinan in 2016 last February 10 before a group of news reporters at the Capitol grounds just after Governor Espino delivered his 7th State of the Province Address (SOPA).
Going back to the province’s official website, Governor Espino said in earlier post:” The province’s progress and development will eventually be handed down to the future generation, thus the next leader of the province must be a genuine resident of Pangasinan and should opt to retire in the said province.” (more…)

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Abono wants smuggling declared economic sabotage

By Yolanda Sotelo

DAGUPAN CITY – The party list group which has been at the forefront in the fight against smuggling of agricultural products, wanted the illegal activity to be considered as a form of economic sabotage.

Abono Partylist group filed House Bill 4767 which said while the Philippines had achieved a status as an emerging economy as evidenced by the reports from the recently hosted World Economic Forum, the country continues to grapple with a long-drawn-out battle against smuggling.

The bill is titled “An act declaring direct and technical smuggling as acts of economic sabotage, prescribing penalties therefor and for other purposes” or “direct and technical smuggling as economic sabotage act of 2014.”

Figures gathered by the Abono showed that in 2012 and 2013, a total of P65 billion (P32 billion in 2012 and P33 billion in 2013) worth of agricultural produce like rice, pork and poultry, were smuggled into the country.

“Imagine the taxes lost because of smuggling, and the effects on the local farmers who cannot compete with the low prices of smuggled goods,” Rosendo So, president of Abono party list group, said.

Economic sabotage refers to any and all activities that undermines, weakens or renders into disrepute the economic system or viability of the country or tends to bring about such effects

“Considering the far-reaching effect of smuggling to the Philippine economy and to Filipinos regardless of their socio-economic status, smuggling should be considered as a form of economic sabotage” the bill, filed by Abono representatives Francisco Emmanuel Ortega and Conrado Estrella III, said.

The bill said aside from depriving the government of much needed revenue, smuggling serves as a constant hindrance to the domestic industries’ growth and constitutes as unfair competition to local industries.

“Because of the influx of smuggled goods, local producers and manufacturers are unjustly exposed to unfair competition which eventually leads to their closure and the loss of millions of jobs for Filipinos. Smuggling likewise exposes the public to substandard and noxious products,” the bill added.
The partylist wants persons caught engaging in smuggling and technical smuggling of goods worth a minimum of P1 million to be fined equal to twice the fair market value of the smuggled articles; fine equal to the aggregate amount of the taxes, duties and other charges avoided; iImprisonment of a minimum of eight years and one day up to life imprisonment; and confiscation of the smuggled articles.
The bill defined direct or outright smuggling as an “act of importing or bringing into or assisting in importing or bringing into the Philippines, any article, good or product without the corresponding documents, permits or licenses when these are required by existing laws, order, rules and regulations purchase or sale or in any manner facilitating the transportation, concealment, or sale of such article, after importation, knowing the same to have been imported contrary to law. (more…)

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MAGANES: Why not a Cojuangco-Agbayani tandem in 2016 elections?

Now that Governor Amado T. Epino Jr. has openly declared that his son Provincial Federation Liga ng Barangay President Amado “Pogi” Espino III will be his candidate for Governor in 2016 elections, speculations are permeating the political air on who will likely be the formidable teams to beat?
Former 5th District Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco, who has been very vocal about his intention to run as governor in 2016, is still yet looking a vice gubernatorial team mate who will likely match his development agenda for Pangasinan and share the same passion for public service.
Since he announced his plans last February 10 for governorship, Cojuangco has seemingly been silent on who will be his running mate. He earlier said he offered the vice gubernatorial position to Vice Governor Jose Ferdinand Z. Calimlim Jr., being an incumbent member of the Nationalist Peoples Coalition (NPC).
However, Calimlim who is known to be a staunch supporter of Espino will probably opt to be the running mate of Pogi Espino.
So, who will be the most qualified running mate of Cojuangco if in case he is still looking for a vice governor? In the last few months, many names cropped up as possible team mate. There’s San Carlos City Mayor Jullier “Ayoy” Resuello , who is now bowing down after completing his three terms in 2016, The young Calasiao Mayor Mark Macanlalay, Urdaneta City Mayor Amadeo Gregorio “Bobom” Perez IV, Dasol Mayor Noel Nacar, also the Provincial President of the League of Municipal Mayors and 6th District Board Member Ranjit Ramos Shahani.
All the mentioned personalities, I believe, are qualified to be the running mate of Cojuangco if they so desire. They have their own personal strengths that would likely be in coherent with Cojuangco’s brand of leadership and vision for Pangasinan.
However, a political observer said Cojuangco must look for a running mate who will not only be in conformity with his leadership style and apparent support to NPC development agenda for the province, but a running mate who has been tested of his leadership and integrity. When I heard that comment from a political observer, I began to speculate. I tried to figure out in my mind on who will match the personality and leadership of Cojuangco. Eureka! I finally found a right tandem combination- a Cojuangco and Victor E. Agbayani team. Hey, this is only a speculation. Former Governor Agbayani, I believe, will be best running mate of Cojuangco in 2016 elections.
Since Agbayani has not said a word yet on his political plans for 2016, let’s toy on the idea that should he be approached by Cojuangco to be his vice gubernatorial candidate , he will readily say yes. If that would be the case, the team would bring back luster to Pangasinan politics and two, it would be a formidable tandem to beat the Espino-Calimlim team.
Like a Mayweather- Pacquiao boxing fight, Espino- Calimlim team is like Mayweather -an undefeated boxer and known for his tactics inside the boxing ring while a Cojuangco-Agbayani team is like Manny Pacquiao, a boxing champ who is loved by the people, known for his quick left punches and likely the best boxer who will ultimately floor Mayweather.
Why a Victor Agbayani? Here are my personal reasons.
Never mind if Agbayani has already been a Governor of Pangasinan, this time he needs to give a little sacrifice for the interests of Pangasinenses. Like Cojuangco, Agbayani is a soft-spoken guy with full of wits and has in his mind and heart the development of Pangasinan. Both are politician-technocrats.Cojuangco has many ideas on how to develop agriculture and tourism in the province while Agbayani, a civil engineer, has many infrastructure programs in his mind for the province.They could complement each other.
Agbayani, before he became a Governor was a vice governor to former Governor Oscar Orbos. His legislative prowess will be needed by Cojuangco to push his development agenda. And should Cojuangco will be out in the country, the province will be in safe hands to Agbayani since he has the experience already as governor. (more…)

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Dagupan cops nab ex-mayor’s brod for shabu

DAGUPAN CITY – Police have arrested a brother of the ex-mayor of San Fabian town for drug pushing and illegal possession of firearm.
In a report sent to Northern Watch by Supt. Christopher Abrahano, city chief of police, said a police poseur-buyer arrested at two in the morning of July 29 Salvador V. Magliba, 59, alias Ablast, after the Ablast sold to him a sachet containing shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride).
A source, who asked anonymity as he is a friend of the Magliba family, said Ablast is the younger brother of San Fabian’s former Mayor Romulo Magliba and the older brother of the town’s incumbent Councilor Alex Magliba.
According to the website of the Philippine News Agency, the other brother of the suspect is the late Supreme Pontiff Narciso V. Magliba of the influential Crusader of the Divine Church of Christ (CDCC). After his death in 2011 he was succeeded by Romulo as the CDCC’s archbishop.
Abrahano said another two pieces of small heat sealed plastic sachet containing shabu and one piece of .38 caliber “paltik” revolver were confiscated from Ablast.
“Suspect is at the custody of this office while a case of violation of Sections 5 and 11 of Republic Act 9165 (Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002) and Republic Act 10591 (A Comprehensive Law on Fire Arms and Ammunition and Providing Penalties Thereof) is being prepared against the arrested suspect,” he said.
Violation of RA 9165 in the Philippines can be either non-bailable if one has been collared to be selling shabu, or bailable that runs up to P300, 000 if one has been arrested to be using small quantities. (more…)

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Water impoundment seen against climate change

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

URDANETA CITY – The Division Manager A of the Pangasinan Irrigation Management Office of the National Irrigation Administration said that because of the climate change the government should resort to impoundment of water instead of diversion.

Division Manager Renato T. Millan of the Pangasinan Irrigation Management Office .

Division Manager Renato T. Millan of the
Pangasinan Irrigation Management Office .

Renato T. Millan however said so far all of the dams in the huge province of Pangasinan have been diverting water to rice fields.
He cited the proposed multi-billion pesos Alaminos- Bani-Mabini-Sual (Alabamas) irrigation project in the town ofMabini and the Balog-Balog Multi-Purpose Dam Project (BBMP) in Tarlac in Tarlac should be a good example for the impoundment of water.
Aside from being an impoundment of water, the more than P7 billion Alabamas, according to then NIA Regional Manager in Region 1 John Celeste, would be part of a hydroelectric power generating dam expected to produce 26 million KWH every year that would be erected in Balincaguing River in Mabini town. It also promised to irrigate 11,500-hectares of agricultural land in the said towns. He said the project was endorsed by Congressman Jesus F. Celeste (1st District, Pangasinan) and the province’s Governor Amado Espino,

“Our dams are mostly for the diversion of water like that irrigation dams in Mangatarem and in Bugallon,” he cited.
Impoundment of water is where rice farmers particularly can have water to irrigate their crops even during the summer season.
He said the problems of the government why impoundment could not be funded like the Balog-balog in Tarlac and Alabamas in Mabini have been due to the opposition of the people there.

“The other problem is the government is willing to fund the other dams but the rate of return is minuscule,” he stressed.
He said expenses for water impoundment entail multi-million pesos if not billion of pesos. (more…)

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CORTEZ: Travel advisory ni Sec Mar nakatulong laban sa sakuna sa dagat

KALIGTASAN SA KARAGATAN. Kung sunod-sunod ang pagbagsak ng mga eroplano sa iba’t-ibang panig ng munod. Dito naman sa Pilipinas ay walang matindi maritime tragedy na nababalita.

May nagawa din palang mabuti para sa maritime safety si Sec. Mar Roxas ayon sa observation ni prof. Winnie Monsod. Avoided po ang sakuna sa dagat. Avioded po ang kung ano-anung sea tragedy dahil sa isang simple at mabisang patakaran na ibinaba ni Sec Roxas noong nasa DOTC pa siya.

Has anyone noticed that there have been no maritime disasters (involving passengers, anyway) since P-Noy began his term? Thanks to improved Coast Guard equipment and mostly to a very simple but highly effective rule, introduced by Mar Roxas when he was transport secretary: Typhoon Signal No. 1, ships below a certain minimum tonnage not allowed to travel; Typhoon Signal No. 2, no travel by any ship. I hope I am not tempting fate

Tama po ba si prof. Monsod? Sa panahon ng bagyo, walang major sea tragedy. Salamat naman.

Congratulations nga pala kay Sec Roxas sa pagpapalaya sa apat na pulis mula sa mga NPA. Apat na pulis na may kanya-kanyang pamilya na ngayon ay magkakasama na muli.

Mga pulis na ngayon ay kasama ang kanilang pamilya sa pagdarasal, pagkain at pagharap sa araw-araw.

Bok Nani, kumusta ba sa bundok ng Surigao del Norte? Iyon na ata ang isa sa pinakamahabang seven kilometers na dinaanan mo ano?

Ka Louie Jalandoni, salamat po. Sana masimulan nang muli ang peace talks. Kapayapaan at kasaganaan para sa lahat.

PANAWAGAN NI KRIS AQUINO. Sa paggunita ng death anniversary ni former President Cory Aquino ay nanawagan si Kris Aquino sa mga Pilipino na ipagpatuloy ang suporta kay PNoy. Ipakita ang suporta. Iparamdam ang suporta.

“All of us who love and support Noy should be there with him not only in those moments [when] he is being criticized but, more importantly, [also] in the moments [when] he is doing good,” wika ni Kris Aquino.

“I can tell Noy now that the great majority of people still believe in him; they know what a good job he is doing. But the problem is that his supporters and believers choose to remain silent about their observations,” sabi ni Kris.

SONA 2014. Iba ang timpla ng SONA ni PNoy kaya iba din ang lasa. Mukhang ibang grupo ang kausap niya sa preparasyon ng SONA. Paglingkuran ang sambayanan ang binalikan.

Ang gusto lang i-report ni Pnoy ay nasimulan na ang reporma sa gobyerno para makasama ang lahat sa kaunlaran. Mas maraming nagustuhan nag SONA niya ngayon.

Sincere siya sa laban kontra korapsyon. Sincere din siya sa laban kontra kahirapan. Sincere siya sa transparency. Lahat ng documents patungkol sa pera ng bayan nasa internet.

Kung dati, pinipigilan ang mga cabinet secretaries na umapir sa mga senate hearings, sa panahon ni PNoy lahat umapir sa senado.

Bilang ama ng bayan, nakaatang sa aking balikat, hindi lang ang mga suliraning ating dinatnan at mga lumilitaw sa kasalukuyan—obligasyon ko ring paghandaan ang kinabukasan. Sa bawat sandali, kailangan kong isaalang-alang ang interes at punto-de-bista ng lahat. Isipin na lang po ninyo: Para kang nanonood ng 200 channel sa telebisyon nang sabay-sabay. Kailangan, alam mo, hindi lang ang kasalukuyang nagaganap, kundi ang pinanggalingan at paroroonan ng nilalaman ng bawat channel. Bawal malito, at kailangan, may tugon ka sa anumang tanong, suhestyon, at kritisismo—at dapat sagutin mo ito, bago pa iharap sa iyo. Hindi po madali ang trabahong ito, at tao lang po ako, na kung minsan, nagkakaroon ng agam-agam.

Ngunit buo ang aking loob dahil malinaw ang aking pangunahing layunin: Ang ibalik ang gobyerno sa dapat nitong tuon—ang paglingkuran ang taumbayan sa lahat ng panahon.

SC GUILTY OF CROSS-BORDER FUND TRANSFER TOO. Opo may mga nagsasabi na guilty din ang Korte Suprema ng Cross-Boder transfer of funds na sinabi nilang unconstitutional na ginawa ng executive branch.

Una, wala sa budget nila for the fiscal year of 2012 ang pagpapasaayos ng hall of justice ng Manila at court of appeals building ng Cebu at Cagayan de Oro. Pangalawa, ang pagpapatayo ng mga hall of justice ay nasa poder ng Department of Justice na under sa Executive department…hindi sa judiciary.

Cross-border funding kasi, pondo ng judiciary tapos inilipat sa executive. Unconstitutional daw po ito ayon sa Korte Suprema nang magdesisyon sila sa DAP.

Narito po ang part ng Rappler tungkol sa specifics ng cross-border transfer ng funds.

The Supreme Court may have violated budgeting procedures and the Constitution when it allocated some P1.87 billion (US$43 million)* of its savings to the construction of the Manila Hall of Justice (HOJ). (more…)

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Dagupan ready for ‘Abot-Alam’ program

DAGUPAN CITY–The city of Dagupan is all set for the full implementation of the national government’s ‘Abot-Alam Program’ for out-of-school-youths (OSYs) following the reconstitution of the Local Literacy Coordinating Council.

Mayor Belen T. Fernandez, council chair, held a meeting with the 15 members of the council on July 31 at the city museum who reported to her that the city has already completed with the mapping of OSYs in 31 barangays with the help of volunteers of the city–the Barangay Health Workers.

Based on the result of the survey, Barangay Lucao has the highest number of OSYs at 493, Barangay Pantal, 257; Poblacion Oeste, 223; Bacayao Sur, 219; Calmay,147; Pogo Chico,126; Bacayao Norte, 123; Pugaro, 108; and Mayombo, 106.

The rest of the barangays recorded only two-digit number of OSYs with Barangay II having the lowest number at five OSYs.

All in all, the total numbers of OSYs in the city is 2,705, of whom 1,436 are enrolled under the Department of Education’s (DepEd) ALS (Alternative Learning System), 1,256 are undergoing training under the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) with 13 having already graduated but remained unemployed.

Fernandez asked ‘Abot-Alam Program’ focal person DepEd Education Supervisor Liberty Roxas to submit a prepared budget for the OSY ALS program which is expected to last for 10 months.

“Kailangan natin ito para malaman natin kung ilan ang kailangan nating mga magtuturo sa ALS so that the city can throw its share in sustaining the program,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez prefers that the learning sessions of OSYs enrolled in the ALS be done in every barangay using the facility of all public schools. She discouraged having just one venue where the ALS teachers will conduct their classes.

“This is to encourage more OSYs to avail of the program by spending nothing at all while completing their studies under the program,” Fernandez said.

It is the goal of the ‘Abot-Alam’ Program to achieve a zero OSYs by 2016 under the administrarion of President Benigno S. Aquino III.

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Binalonan, BayanTel launch Wi-Fi hotspot in town

by Virgilio Sar. Maganes

BINALONAN- Residents of this agricultural town, particularly the students, could now access hotspot internet with fast and efficient service after Mayor Ramon V. Guico and the municipal officials launched the Wi-Fi Internet last August 1 at the Food Center in coordination with Bayan Telecommunications (BayanTel), the telco provider of the project.
The project envisioned to catapult the town as one of the ICT sites for business process outsourcing (BPO) and to spur economic activity and. attract more business investors.
Mayor Guico said connectivity to the internet will enhance business growth and opportunities and offers the ease of sourcing timely information with just a click of a button.
“I thanked the Sangguniang Bayan headed by Vice Mayor (Melecio) Patague for making this project possible. For two years the Internet access was very slow. The long wait is worth. We have now the Wi-Fi hotspot internet service. Thank you to BayanTel, our partner with Globe, ” Guico said.
Mayor Guico said the Wi-Fi service is available to the entire Poblacion area, municipal hall, public auditorium, library, public market , Rock Garden and the school campuses of Juan C. Macaraeg National High School, Binalonan. North Central School , Binalonan South Central School and the University of Eastern Pangasinan.
“We hope to expand the service soon to include if possible all barangays (villages) of the town. The Rock Garden will be converted into a techno hub. We will also install CCTV cameras, which cost P3 million, in strategic places to monitor the peace and order of the town. This will be completed in three months time,” he said. (more…)

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ORTIGOZA: Mayors hit greedy congresswoman


Kausap ko kamakailan ang dalawang mayors sa isang congressional district dito sa Pangasinan.
Sabi ng isa kung si Governor Amado T. Espino ang tatakbong congressman sa kanilang district, lahat silang mayor ay susuporta kay Espino.
“Hindi nagbibigay ng share sa mga projects itong congresswoman namin. Ayaw sa kaniya ng mga mayors dito.”
Sinabi ko na noong isang taon may kausap ako na alkalde ng ibang distrito at sinabi niya sa akin na masaya siya sa congresswoman nila.
“Dito sa bayan ko basta may project na pinapagawa si congresswoman may 3% na S.O.P (euphemism ng ‘cut” sa kurakot) na binibigay sa amin ang contractor niya.”
Sabi niya kustombre na daw iyon noon pa ng congresswoman nila.
Iyong ikalawang mayor naman bukod sa ayaw niya rin sa congresswoman nila, sinabi niya sa akin na mahina daw ang District Engineer (DE) ng Department of Public Works & Highway na naka assign sa kanila.
“Tingnan mo iyong tulay na pinagawa nila dito sa bayan ko, sing-taas na ng mga bubong nga mga kabahayan sa paligid,” aniya.
Sinabihan daw niya iyong DE at mga taga regional office na kung ipipilit daw nila iyong tulay, kahit huwag na daw gawin iyon sa bayan nila.
“Sinabihan niya ako na sulatan ang (DPWH) national office kung gusto namin na pababaan ang tulay”.
Tinuro pa sa akin ng mayor ang pinagagawa na rip-rap sa isang bayan na designed ng DE sa slope protection ng isang ilog.
“Tingnan mo iyong pinagagawa tinapalan ng mga bato ang slope, e lalong sumikip ngayon iyong takbo ng ilog. Dapat nagbawas ng lupa sa river bank tapos nilagyan ng mga bato at alambre para hindi sumikip.”
Aniya ang DE na ito ay O.I. C DE lang. Ni-re-renew lang daw iyong pagiging DE niya taon taon dahil malakas sa congresswoman nila na kasama niya sa pang-contrata ng mga projects sa pamamagitan ng mga dummies nila.
“Hindi pa nakakapasa sa examin iyan.Dating checker lang iyan ng DPWH.”
English naman po tayo: Look what the idiotic “No Helmet Law” in Dagupan City has done. Many motorcycle riders are apprehensive in entering the city in case the law, which has fines of P200for first offense, P300 for the second offense, P500 and imprisonment for the third offense and subsequent offenses, would be implemented late of August or early of September this year.
When I joined twice lately the 8:00 to 10:00 a.m prime time radio program of Ruel Camba at DWPR-Power Radio a lot of texters said they fear entering the city. (more…)

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‘Rimat ti Amianan’ to showcase regional products, culture and cuisine

DAGUPAN CITY – The city will host ‘Rimat Ti Amianan’, an annual market promotion activity of the Department of Trade and Industry dubbed as “Treasures of the North” that aims to promote the ‘ best of the best’ trade and tourism products and services of Region 1.
Mayor Belen T. Fernandez and officials of DTI Region 1 discussed the final details of the trade fair which is scheduled on October 20 to 26 at the CSI Stadia in Barangay Lucao._1340510_Fotor
MBTF MEETS MEMBERS OF THE LOCAL LITERACY COORDINATING COUNCIL – Mayor Belen T. Fernandez (center) holds a meeting with the designated members of the Local Literacy Coordinating Council of the city to discuss the progress of the national government project ‘Abot-Alam Program’ which she is fully supporting as it is a big boon to the city’s Out of School Youths (OSYs). Dagupan is among the five areas chosen as pilot areas for the program.The others are Tawi-tawi, Zamboanga, Ilio-ilo City, and Santiago City in Isabela. (CIO photo by Jojo Tamayo)

Among the components of ‘Rimat Ti Amianan’ are product exhibits, provincial tourism pavilions, tourism summit, and cultural show presentations in coordination with the Department of Tourism.
The exhibit will feature some 80 exhibitors from the four provinces of Region 1, as well as those from Region 2, 3, and the Cordillera Administrative Region.
Among the products to be displayed in the exhibit are fresh and processed foods, furniture and home furnishings, gifts, housewares, garments, organic and natural products, health and wellness products, ornamental plants, and tourist-oriented products and services.
There will also be a Seafood Festival where various aquaculture products and seafood dishes will be showcased to consumers via a cooking demo to be conducted by a professional chef.
The rich culture and cuisine of Region 1 will be just one of the highlights of the yearly exhibition, now on its 12th year to be held for the first time outside of La Union. The activity also aims to strengthen the marketing and negotiation skills of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the region, and prepare them to penetrate national and global markets.
As part of the program, awards will also be given for the Most Innovative Product, Best Tourism Pavilion, Best Dressed Booth, and Top Sellers for Food and Non-Food categories.
Rosemary Quitos, head of the Business Development Division of DTI, said the activity will provide business owners an avenue to display their products.
“The ‘Rimat Ti Amianan’ will be an opportunity to expose the various products being produced in Dagupan City and other parts of the region. We expect visitors and buyers coming from Luzon at the trade fair, which will definitely boost the city’s economy,” said Quitos. (more…)

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