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EDITORIAL : Panelco III and its consumers

The Pangasinan III Electric Cooperative (Panelco III) is one of the many electric cooperatives operating in the country. Like the other power cooperatives, its operations rely on the consumer-members who regularly pay their electric bills and shares of stocks. The funds collected from the consumer-members are used to pay the salaries, allowances, perks of the officers and employees including the per diems of the board of directors. The bulk of the funds, however, is used to pay loans, power distribution supply, etc. from power suppliers.

When consumers are experiencing brown outs, they usually blame Panelco III that is in charge of providing power supply in the 5th (except Alcala and Bautista) and 6th districts of Pangasinan, Mapandan in the third district and a part of Manaoag in the fourth district.
Some consumers are not aware that brown outs are not the making of Panelco III but that of the power distribution providers.

Last February, 6th District Board Member Ranjit Ramos Shahani filed a temporary restraining order when Panelco III abruptly increased its power rate by almost 50% in December 2013.northernwatch cartoon 4-28-14
Shahani said the increase was uncalled for and a burden to the public. That petition to the Court, however, was short lived when Panelco III reverted its power rate to the original rates in November 2013. The argument raised for such sudden increase was that there was no public hearing and consultation conducted.
In defending the actions of the Panelco III, the board of directors and management cited the policies of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) and the provisions of the Epira Law otherwise known as Republic Act 9136, or the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001.
RA 9136 is designed to bring down electricity rates and to improve the delivery of power supply to end-users by encouraging greater ompetition and efficiency in the electricity industry. But the management of Panelco III failed to recognize the power of the consumer-members who own the electric cooperative in its abrupt decision.
It is observed that the management and board of directors are playing gods insofar as decision making on their operations is concerned.
Are not the consumer-members as a general assembly more powerful in the decision making that when they think the decisions of the Board are detrimental to them, they could reverse such decision? This is in consonance with the cooperative principle on democratic member control, which states that “cooperatives are democratic organizations that are controlled by their members who actively participate in setting their policies and making decisions. Men and women serving as elected representatives, directors or officers are accountable to the membership.” (more…)

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MAGANES: Why there are ‘onion-skinned’ public officials

vir maganes
The role of the media is to provide information to the public whoever will be affected, and should not be curtailed. The information should be presented such a way that they will be fully digested by the reading public and elicit varied opinions.

When media practitioners are already being controlled, like what most politicians are doing today, then the real issues will not surface, and the people will be denied of the right information.
I have been writing good reviews about the many works of some politicians in the province. I commended them through this column but not even a “word of thank” is given as a compliment. But when I wrote about an issue of public interest, I receive a lot of negative reactions.
” Why did you write that? The family is powerful, that they resented what you’ve written.” These are some comments I received lately. And mind you folks, the comments came not from ordinary persons but colleagues in the media.
Sometimes, as a writer of opinion my views are being suppressed that I could longer fully present the real issues. “Am I writing an opinion purposely to appease the egos of the politicians?” Or, ” Do I have the freedom to write my opinions based on the facts and data at hand?”
One of the problems of the media system in the province is that there are pseudo-press people who just want to bootlick the politicians in order to ask for favors. They have the nerve to crack the issues and resort to personal attacks of the opinion writers. These pseudo-press people don’t deserve to be in the industry. I believe that the media is such a powerful tool to change the communities we are in and such change will make our societies well informed.
Media must be viewed as a partner in development. The working press should not be considered as a commodity that many politicians call them ” pera-pera lang ang mga iyan.” Well, who among us in the industry do not need money? All of us need money to sustain our families and lifestyles. But when money is already the trigger- mechanism and motivation to suppress the truth, I supposed those press people with this kind of thinking in this industry should look for other work.
We are aware that most weeklies in the province contain “press releases.” These are news designed to praise the “powers that be” that the objectives of fair and balanced reporting. Why is this happening? The answer is simple. Many press people do not work independently. The weeklies have to survive and that means a publisher for that matter will be subservient to the whims and caprices of the politicians. These politicians do not want negative reports whether in print or radio. They weld power over the media practitioners to see to it that every news about them is pleasing to read. Poor media men. Their independence is at stake. They succumbed to the desires of politicians. (more…)

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BIR asked not to harass businessmen

By Yolanda Sotelo
 ROSALES– Businessmen from the fifth district asked the Bureau of Internal Revenue not to base the monthly taxes on the sales during harvest months which are the only time their sales go up.Rosendo So, a business leader here, said there are months when the sales really dip, such as during rainy and typhoon seasons.
“But the BIR examiners assume that the sales are the same the entire year, when in fact, there are more months when the businessmen merely break-even.  There are also months when they are at the losing end.
Abono Party-list Chairman Rosendo So (Right) and President Benigno Aquino III.

Abono Party-list Chairman Rosendo So (Right) and President Benigno Aquino III.

It is only during harvest time when farmers have money that the business spikes,” So said.
Eastern Pangasinan, which is the coverage of Revenue District Office – 6 in Urdaneta City, is an agricultural area, and the farmers usually buy their needs such as for construction or repair of their houses, during harvest time.
So also said the BIR should consider the taxes paid by businessmen when they buy their stock.
“They are already paying taxes when they buy stock for their stores. For instance, they buy steel bars for P40, they already paid taxes for that. So when they sell the steel bar for P42, only the P2 should be taxed” he said.
So said he understood that the BIR needs to collect taxes and that each RDO is given a quota each year.
“But they (examiners) should not harass the businessmen, and must not go coerce the businessmen into going into underground deal with them,” he said.
He explained that some examiners would quote exhorbitant amount and when the businessmen bulks, the examiner would tell to businessmen to just pay a certain amount, in exchange for some “considerations.”
“I do not know if the head of the RDO  in Urdaneta knows about this. But I hope he would look into the complaints of the businessmen,” So said.
He said he would ask the Senate to conduct an investigation on the matter. 


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Cojuangco: I can do more as governor


LINGAYEN –  Former  5th District of Pangasinan Rep. Mark Cojuangco said he could do more in the development of  Pangasinan as governor than as a member of the  House of Representatives.

“When I am the governor I will have a bigger pulpit to announce my advocacies. As a congressman I will just be one of the 280 congressmen.

 GUNNING FOR GOVERNORSHIP. Former Pangasinan Rep. Mark Cojuangco declares his intention to run for governor of Pangasinan in 2016 . MORTZ C. ORTIGOZ

GUNNING FOR GOVERNORSHIP. Former Pangasinan Rep. Mark Cojuangco declares his intention to run for governor of Pangasinan in 2016 .

I would just be a voice in the wilderness. A governor has more effort-stature, more leader(ship),” he said.

When asked on his proposal for establishment of nuclear power plants to mitigate the skyrocketing cost of electrical power in the country, he said the realization of his proposal depends on the national leadership.

“We (have) made our position heard. We put forward all possible solution to the problem. The secretary of energy himself has declared that he had no solution to the high prices (of electricity). He said  if you want power you just have to pay the price. I don’t accept that (but) ayaw muna nilang pakinggan ang suggestions ko,” Cojuangco said.

As a private citizen he said his advocacy for cheap energy never waivered. (more…)

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Calasiao Mayor Mark, dep’t heads to meet on projects


By Mortz C. Ortigoza

CALASIAO – The mayor of this town will meet his department heads after the Holy Week to discuss their accomplishments and on-going projects.

“Basically, we are focused on the infrastructure and the service we are going to give to the people,” Mayor Mark Roy Macanlalay said.

The projects include the multi-purpose hall being built at Dinalaoan Elementary School, the covered court at Nalsian – Bacayao Elementary School. He said the Sangguniang Pangbayan would pass an ordinance on anti-littering which he would sign into law this year.

Macanlalay also would discuss the apprehension of the unregistered public utility vehicles.

 Vice President Jejomar Binay is welcomed by Calasiao Mayor Mark Roy Macanlalay during his visit in the town last April 8 where he visited the repaired and rehabilitated senior citizen building and turned-over four wheelchairs and some health equipment. Binay helped in the funding for the repair and rehabilitation of the said building.CESAR RAMIREZ binay2.JPG: WHEELCHAIRS. Vice President Jejomar Binay turn-over four wheelchairs and other health equipment for senior citizens during his visit in Calasiao town last April 8. With Binay in photo are Calasiao Mayor Mark Roy Macanlalay(in checkered polo); Ernesto Brosas(2nd from left, 2nd row), president of Federation of Calasiao Senior Citizen; and other officers and members of the senior citizens. CESAR RAMIREZ

Vice President Jejomar Binay is welcomed by Calasiao Mayor Mark Roy Macanlalay during his visit in the town last April 8 where he visited the repaired and rehabilitated senior citizen building and turned-over four wheelchairs and some health equipment. Binay helped in the funding for the repair and rehabilitation of the said building.CESAR RAMIREZ
binay2.JPG: WHEELCHAIRS. Vice President Jejomar Binay turn-over four wheelchairs and other health equipment for senior citizens during his visit in Calasiao town last April 8. With Binay in photo are Calasiao Mayor Mark Roy Macanlalay(in checkered polo); Ernesto Brosas(2nd from left, 2nd row), president of Federation of Calasiao Senior Citizen; and other officers and members of the senior citizens. CESAR RAMIREZ

“But I told the motorized tricycle drivers and operators to secure the requirements,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, Macanlalay said  the former principal, Dr. Lourdes Servito of Calasiao Comprehensive National High School is still receiving pay from  the school despite being assigned as an acting city assistant superintendent of the Department of Education in Dagupan City.

He said this was because the  Department of Education has yet to assign a new plantilla position in the city.

He explained that the same situation is expected for the post of the incoming principal in the roughly 5,000 strong students’ high school here where the new head of teachers will draw his or her salary from the last school he/she comes from.

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ORTIGOZA: Did those Hermano Mayors Pocket the Fund?


What is the difference between South Korea’s Danwon high school Vice Principal Kang Min-gyu, 52, and pork barrel scams alleged conspirators Janet Napoles, Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, and Ramon Revilla?
Kang committed suicide by hanging himself with a belt on his neck on a tree because of the shame where a ferry that carried 476 passengers mostly students under his watch capsized. Among the passengers, 202 as of press time have been saved.
274, son of a gun, have been feared drown.
What’s the difference between former Army general Angelo Reyes and former police chief Avelino Razon (who is incarcerated now at Camp Crame for malversation in connection with the alleged bogus repair and maintenance of 28 police armored vehicles to the tune of P358.58 million in 2007 and 2008),plunder accused Generals Carlos Garcia, Jacinto Ligot, and Lt. Col. George Rabusa, and Supt. Dionesio Borromeo, former Dagupan City chief of police ( who is jailed at Muntinlupa after he was accused of allegedly protecting a trillion of pesos worth of illegal drug shabu laboratory in La Union), and Euro Generals?
Reyes who was fingered to be involved in hundreds of millions of pesos of “paba-on” shot himself to death because he could not bear the shame the accusation being hurled to him by the media and senators of the Republic.
Except for Kang and Reyes, the rest have the gall to tell us: “Just see you in court”
A snappy chief of police recommended by a general in his present post would not acquiesced to the offer of his patron to grab a bigger and “lucrative” police station in Pangasinan.
“Hindi ko na tinanggap kasi iyong papalitan ko dito (a smaller police station in a first class town) nagyayabang na walang “Eyer” (Philippine Military Academy or Philippine National Police Academy graduate) na puweding pumalit sa kanya.
His predecessor, an ROTC graduate who joined the officers’ corps of the police, has been crowing about his high and mighty backers in and outside the government.
This snappy police chief, a PNPA alumnus, was even told by his PNPA fellow alumni members in the province to stay put as they were offended by the remarks of this ROTC graduate.
“We just want to show to him that he was not invincible”.
Who said that the intrigue at the PNP is between PMA and PNPA graduates? Nandiyan din ang intriga sa mga ROTC graduates, although considered as nuisance, in the lobbying game for the post of chief of police.
I asked recently veteran media man Ruel Camba, PR man of Dagupan City Vice Mayor Brian Lim, why on earth his patron and city councilors Guillermo Vallejos, Red Erfe-Mejia, and Alvin Coquia have the gall not to answer the vitriol against them of the community newspaper Sunday Punch that says every week of its issue “Sabihin ninyo sa tao kung magkano ang kinita ng Dagupan sa mga nakaraang fiesta at Bangus Festival. Huwag ninyong ibulsa ang pera ng Dagupan at tama na ang pagsisinungaling ninyo”
Son of a gun, is this another Kang and Reyes argument?
The deafening silence of these folks is very damaging on their reputation. (more…)

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CORTEZ: Name changer


CHANGE MENTALITY. Hinihikayat ni former Pangasinan 5th district congressman Mark Cojuangco ang mga taga-Pangasinan na iwaksi ang mga negative na kaisipan na “Hindi natin kaya,” “Puwede na” at “Development destroys the environment.”

Ang itinutulak ni Cong Mark ay “The Filipino can,” “Excellence Mentality,” at “Development and Environment go together.”

Ang kaunlaran ng Pangasinan ay nakasalalay sa ‘The Filipino can’ panahon na para ibasura ang kaisipang ‘Hindi natin kaya.’

Ang kaunlaran ng Pangasinan ay nakasalalay sa ‘Excellence Mentality’ panahon na para ibasura ang kaisipang ‘Puede na.’

Ang kaunlaran ng Pangasinan ay nakasalalay sa ‘Development and environment go together’ panahon na para ibasura ang kaisipang ‘Development destroys the environment.’

Pumupunta na sa iba’t-ibang bayan ng Pangasinan si Cong Mark Cojuangco para ipakilala ang sarili bilang alternatibong governor para sa 2016.

Ginagamit niya din ang pagkakataon upang makuha at marinig ang mga isyu na dapat mabigyang solusyon sa level ng provincial government.

Ang makukuhang mga isyu ni Cong Mark Cojungco ang magiging basehan ng isang plataporma de gobyerno na mula sa masa para sa masa.

ON CHANGE OF NAME. Siguro naman ay kilala niyo or narinig niyo ang name na Nelson Mandela. Siya ang lider ng mga katutubo sa South Africa na nagmulat sa mga kasamahan para angkinin ang sarili nilang lupang tinubuan. Nagwagi sila laban sa mga mananakop.

Minsan sinabi ni Mandela ito, “ang mga mananakop na dumating sa kanilang bansa ay may dalang bibliya, at sila ay tinuruang magdasal ng nakapikit ang mata,… nang imulat nila ang kanilang mata,… hawak na ng mga mananakop ang kanila lupa at hawak naman nila ang bibliya”.

Dahil sa pangyayaring iyan ang tingin ng mga katutubo sa South Africa sa mga mananakop ay traydor, landgrabber.

Ganyan din ang nangyari sa Pilipinas, hindi po ba? May isang panahon sa ating kasaysayan na ang mga lupain dito ay pag-aari ng mga katutubo at ng mga convert sa Islam or mga Muslim.

Kung si Mandela ay katutubong Pilipino, ito ang masasabi niya: “ang mga mananakop na Kastila na dumating sa ating mga bayan at mga isla ay may dalang bibliya, at ang mga kababayan natin ay tinuruang magdasal ng nakapikit ang mata,… at nang imulat nila ang kanilang mata,… hawak na ng mga mananakop ang kanila lupa at ang natirang hawak naman nila ang bibliya”.

Dahil din sa pananakop ng mga Kastila sa atin, ang tingin ng mga Muslim na Pilipino sa mga Kristiyano ay traydor, landgrabber.

Tinatangap po ba natin na minsan ang Maynila ay nasa liderato ni Rajah Sulaiman? Tinatangap po ba natin na totoo sina Rajah Lakandula, Datu Sumakwel, Datu Paiburong, Datu Dumalugdog’ Datu Kalantiao at iba pang rajah, datu at sultan sa kasaysayan ng mga bayan natin?

Tinatangap niyo po ba na si Lapu-lapu ay totoo at siyang pumatay kay Magellan. Lahat sila ay mga ninuno natin.

Si Datu Kalantiao ay isang Muslim na nagpakilala ng Code of Kalantiao. Ayon sa ating mga kapatid na Muslim, ang Code of Kalantaio ay ang Shariah Law.

Kathang isip lang ba si Datu Kalantiao? Sa mga kapatid natin na Muslim na Pilipino…Hindi.

Kathang isip lang ba ang Code of Kalantiao? Sa mga kapatid nating Muslim na Pilipino…ang Code of Kalantiao ay pareho ng Shariah Law. Totoo ang Shariah Law. Hindi kathang isip lang.

Dahil hindi napatunayan ng Pangasinan Historical Commission na may totoong Datu Kalantiao, kinailangan na tangalin siya bilang pangalan ng isang building sa capitol compound.

Dahil sinabi ng isang Mr. William Henry Scott na hindi totoo si Datu Kalantiao, dapat na siyang mabura sa kasayasayan ng Pilipinas. Henry King Ahrens ang baptismal name ni Scott. Nagpalit po siya ng name parang Kalantiao building na changed to Palaris building.

Isang US military soldier si Scott, na ang front dito sa Pilipinas ay isang historian ng Cordillera Region, at every now and then ay ipinapatawag ng Amerika sa mga digamaan nito.

Nadiscover ba ng commission na ang Alaminos ay Islamic… as in Arabic ang pinagsimulan? Ang Alaminos, ayon sa kaibigan nating Muslim ay galing sa Arabic na Al Amin na ang ibig sabihin ay mapagkakatiwalaan. Trustworthy. Al Amin plus nos equals Alaminos. Hehehe.

Ohaaa! Bok Nani Braganza, iyan ang sabi ni Ka Mike na ngayon ay Ustadz na ang name niya dahil Balik Islam na siya.

Bakit kailangang mabura si Datu Kalantiao? Para magpatuloy ang paghahari ng kaisipang mas mataas ang uri mo bilang Pilipino kung ikaw ay kristiyano.

Ang itinutulak ni Mr Scott at ng Pangasinan Historical Commission ay dapat ang masusunod ay ang Bibliya at ang mga batas na gawa ng Republica g Pilipinas. Dapat hindi masunod ang Code of Kalantiao or ang Shariah Law.

Ang pagpapalit ng pangalan ng Kalantiao Building ay nagbubura sa isang panahon sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas na minsan ay may isang Datu Kalantiao at Code of Kalantiao na kinilala ng mga tao bago tayo sinakop ng mga Kastila gamit ang Kristiyanismo. (more…)

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LIKE THE WILD WILD WEST Horses roam free in Burgos

By Yolanda Sotelo 
BURGOS  – In some villages of this western Pangasinan town, horses  roam around wild and free, as they provide a convenient means of  transportation among the residents.
There are modern public transportation that ply the villages like jeepneys and tricycles, but these are few and they come far in between. 
Thus the native horses which the resident breed, became the convenient means to get to other areas,  including the Poblacion, John Asuncion,  a member of the tourism council, said.
Ilio-iloi, which has awe-inspiring beaches of rock formations and white sand, is more than 20 kilometers away from the town proper. The road that leads to the beaches passes through the villages of Sapa Pequeña, Sapa Grande, Concordia and Pogoruac,   is paved only up to Concordia.
It is the  villages of Pogoruac and llio-iloi  which still have plenty of horses, Asuncion said. The villages   have 1,448.79 hectares and 1,517.33 hectares respectively of rainfed agricultural areas. 
The horses usually do not have modern housing either, and their “stables” are thatched roofs in the yards or the fields and they cool themselves under the trees.
“They are free to roam around the agricultural fields” Nasario Villanueva, 87, a resident of Ilio-ilio and who owns two horses, said.
Aside from providing transportation to the villagers, the horses also provide entertainment to them. Every Wednesday, horses races are held along an unpaved road in Pogoruac, he said.  (Horses can’t race in cemented roads as it would hurt their feet.)
Horse owners from the two villages (and sometimes from Concordia and  Sapa)  come to  Pogoruac for the races, he said.
Villanueva used to join the races but aged has caught up with him and now he does not even ride his horses anymore.
He said some residents raise horses to be sold to interested buyers.
Sharon Lapez, the town’s tourism officer, said the local government is planning to include horse racing in the fiesta activities in May.
“It is a traditional game in the town, and we want to revive the tradition,” she said.


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DPWH to Start dredging Dagupan rivers 

53rd National Executive Board Meeting of the LCP

LEAGUE OF CITIES MEETING. Mayor Belen Fernandez (2nd from left) attends the 53rd National Executive Board Meeting of the LCP last March 18 with DILG Secretary Mar Roxas and LCP National President Mayor Herbert Bautista of Quezon City spearheading the meeting Fernandez is press relations officer of the league.. (CIO photo by Jojo Tamayo)

By Brando Cortez
DAGUPAN CITY- The proposed dredging of the silted river system of Dagupan City is set for implementation to address the recurrent floods the city experiences during rainy season.
City mayor Belen Fernandez said solving the flooding problem of the city will ensure continued economic activities even when there is continuous rains.
Fernandez also thanked Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas for facilitating the faster processing and approval of the project with Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).
Fernandez earlier solicited the assistance of  Roxas on the urgency of dredging the rivers in Dagupan before the rainy season sets in.
District Engineer Elpidio Paragas of the DPWH and Mayor Fernandez agreed to a rivers dredging project in a meeting held on September 9, 2012 at the city hall as an answer to the frequent flooding the city experiences during heavy rains.


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Recognizing Pangasinenses who excelled in their fields of endeavour is the paramount objective of the Asna Awards. This was started in 2010 by the Espino administration. The awarding coincides with the annual founding day celebration of the Province of Pangasinan, which is April 5.northernwatch cartoon 4-20-14 (1)
Asna, according to the organizers, is the old form of the Pangasinan word asin (salt), from which the name of the province Panag-asinan is derived.
It stands for a man’s good character or good demeanor, as in “maasnan impan-ugali” (meaning affable or good character). The Asna awardees, therefore, are outstanding Pangasinenses who are truly “worth their salt.”
The 5th Asna Awards Night and Grand Ball was held at the Sison Auditorium during the commemoration of the 434th founding day of Pangasinan last April 5.
The awardees – to whom we doff out hats – are Ronald Costales (Organic and Agriculture Development), Guillermo De Venecia (Medicine and Humanitarian Service), J. Prospero De Vera III (Education), Gonzalo Duque (Public Service, Promotion of History, Culture, and the Arts), Marietta Primicias-Goco (Community Development), Pocholo Malillin (Performing Arts), Cesar Quiambao (Business), Gloria Romero (Film), and Antonio Villar Jr.(Public Service). We offer our congratulations to the awardees
We agree that the objectives of the Asna Awards are noble. It is a form of reward to Pangasinenses who have truly made their way to the top of their chosen profession or vocation. (more…)

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