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Students and teachers from the various schools in Pangasinan attend the 1st OMB-Luzon Campus Integrity Crusaders’(CIC) Congress last January 24 at the City People’s Astrodome in Dagupan City. The program initiated by the Office of the Ombudsman  aims to promote a culture of integrity by making each student a person of integrity, said Overall Deputy Ombudsman Melchor Arthur Carandang(inset) in an interview after his keynote speech.CESAR RAMIREZ

Students and teachers from the various schools in Pangasinan attend the 1st OMB-Luzon Campus Integrity Crusaders’(CIC) Congress last January 24 at the City People’s Astrodome in Dagupan City. The program initiated by the Office of the Ombudsman aims to promote a culture of integrity by making each student a person of integrity, said Overall Deputy Ombudsman Melchor Arthur Carandang(inset) in an interview after his keynote speech.CESAR RAMIREZ

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Sinag: Smuggled rice maybe unfit for humans

The Samahang Industriyang Agrikultura asked health authorities to check if the 2,000 container vans of smuggled rice held at different ports of the country are still fit for human consumption, considering that they are almost ten months old.
Rosendo So, Sinag president, said the group had information that the shipment of smuggled rice in Manila, Batangas, Davao and other ports, were already six-months old when shipped from Vietnam in September last year.
“Since it is already January 2014, the smuggled rice are already about ten months old. Unlike palay that can be kept for ten months, rice can only be kept for six months and afterwards the quality starts to deteriorate and become unfit for human consumption. So there is a need to check the suitability of the smuggled rice for human consumption,” So said.
The Sinag was also frustrated by the release of 167 container vans of smuggled rice from the Davao port on order of Judge Emmanuel Carpio, who ordered the release.
Carpio earlier issued an injuction against Datu Samson Pacasum, acting district collector of the BoC, from “seizing, holding and alerting the shipments of Starcraft International Trading Corporation which it has sold to one Joseph Ngo. (more…)

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Shahani lashes out Panelco execs

LINGAYEN — Sixth District Board Member Ranjit R. Shahani lashed out the officials of the Pangasinan III Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Panelco) for an indiscriminate power rate increase without proper consultation with the consumers and declaring its “wrong decision unconstitutional.”

In his opening statement made during the Sangguniang Panlalawigan’s Question Hour held last Monday, a fuming Shahani has described the generation charge increased a “dictatorial behavior and collusion” among the Panelco officials which according to him greatly affect the fixed-income consumers.

The question hour was attended by the PANELCO officials headed by Atty. Julius Cesar Peralta, chairman of board of directors and Engr. Celso Sansano, OIC General Manager of Pangasinan following the invitation of the board to the latter via Provincial Resolution No. 378-2014 to shed light on the power rate increase.

The resolution, authored by Shahani and BM Danny Uy, was passed in the wake of the reports that Panelco III has increased its power rate by 50 percent, and has been considered as the highest power rate increase in Pangasinan.

“A decision to increase power rate without due process of public consultations is an insult to the anti-poverty programs of Gov. Espino and would shy away the possible investors here in the province,” Shahani told Panelco officials.

In defense, Peralta said the power rate hike did not come from the Panelco but from the Energy Regulation Commission (ERC) which imposed the increase and “it is against our will.”

“There was no public consultations made because the decision to a power rate increase came from the ERC,” “Kung ang desisyon po na magtaas ng power rate ay manggaling sa amin (Panelco III), iyon ang magkakaroon ng public consultation,” Peralta added. (more…)

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Bani to celebrate ‘Pakwan’ Festival

BANI -In a bid to be named as the Watermelon Capital of the North, the local government here had lined-up several activities for the celebration of the “Pakwan Festival” on February 6 to 9 to promote their best-tasting giant watermelons to tourists who will come during the celebration.

Mayor Gwen Yamamoto said the event aims to boost the tourism industry and to further address the importance of watermelon as the primary product of the town.

The event will start with the unveiling of the Pakwan Fountain located at the center of the municipal plaza followed by the opening of the agricultural fair to showcase the different products of the town.

The four-day celebration will be highlighted with fun fair activities that include bungee jumping, street dancing competition, drum and lyre competition, human pakwan, symposium for farmers associations, and Bani’s Got Talent.

Yamamoto said the target visitors who will join the celebration is about 30, 000 to 40, 000 people. (more…)

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EDITORIAL : Rice smuggling

In 2012, P10 billion or 600,000 metric tons of rice was smuggled into the country. This is based on the volume of trade export of other countries to the country as anchored on the import volume based on Bureau of Customs (BOC) records.

In that same year, smuggled chicken and pork products reached P8 billion, fish and aquatic products at P3.8 billion, sugar at P4.8 billion, and onion and other vegetables at P3.5 billion.

These figures will just prove that the bad state of the agriculture industry in this country could be attributed to the rampant smuggling of agricultural products. When pork was at the headlines on smuggling of offal and internal parts passed as “good meat,” the Federation of Hog Industry in the country cried foul. The organization fought for the termination of pork smuggling and it was so. Though not totally stopped, pork smuggling has lessened, to the relief of the backyard hog raisers.

After the triumph over pork smuggling, here came ” rice smuggling” that is slowly killing the main livelihood of million of Filipino farmers whose main crop is palay. Rice smuggling has been the subject of news headlines in the past years. Imported rice found its way to the warehouses of the National Food Authority (NFA).Smuggled rice, on the other hand, found their way to markets, which command lower price than that of the farmers’ produce. Our poor farmers greatly suffered. Their palay crops could not command high price and could not compete with the smuggled one.

Lately, the Senate House conducted an investigation on rice smuggling in the country. David Bangayan’s name came out into the open as the one who is cornering rice smuggling activities. When called during the Senate inquiry, Bangayan denied his participation in rice smuggling. Later on, he was identified as David Tan, the “Goliath of rice smuggling,” which he denied. (more…)

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More drugs pushers nabbed in 2013 vs. 2012 – Police

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – The provincial police of Pangasinan arrested more violators of anti-drugs law in 2013 as compared to 2012.

Based on the records of buy bust operations, issuance of search warrants, uprooting of marijuana plants, apprehension including arrest through plain view possession of the illegal substance , numbers of pushers and users nabbed, and numbers of cases filed by the police in court against the suspects in calendar years 2012 and 2013 the Police in Pangasinan under then Sr. Supt. Marlou C. Chan showed he snared more pushers and users in 2013 than in 2012.
According to the report on the enforcement of Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 (RA 9165), a total of 277 anti-illegal drugs operations were launched by the police provincial office (PPO) in Pangasinan which resulted in the arrest of 423 pushers and users and the confiscation of 378.412 grams of Shabu, 399.49 grams of dried marijuana leaves and 22 marijuana plants with a total estimated Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) value amounting to Php2,494,039.80 and the filing of 354 criminal cases in different courts.

“These accomplishments speak well of our serious campaign against drug menace as compared to the accomplishments garnered during Calendar Year 2012 with only 204 operations conducted, 283 users and pushers arrested and confiscation of 293.6887 grams of shabu, 1,262,069 grams of dried marijuana leaves and two marijuana plants with a total estimated DDB value amounting to Php 2,004,031.80 and the filing of 283 criminal cases,” according to the report. (more…)

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MAGANES: Media as change agent

vir maganes

There is a wide clamor among media practitioners in the country for the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill to be passed by the Congress to make government activities, particularly its financial transactions, accessible to the public. The bill has long been debated upon in both chambers of Congress- House of Representatives and the Senate, but its approval is still to be seen. Why the solons are deferring its approval (the bill was not certified as urgent by President Benigno S. Aquino III but it part of his promises during his presidential campaign in 2010), is beyond comprehension.

The FOI is perceived not only by the media but also the academe and the public, as the vehicle and means that the PNoy Administration’s quest for real ” Tuwid na Daan” could really be put to use. The bill will provide thorough access by media practitioners to government documents as well provide the right information to the people. While the Constitution guarantees that “public office is a public trust,” the government is laden with controversies especially massive corruption in all levels.

Media, in its quest for truth, is sometimes denied access to government transactions Thus, in exposing some anomalies in government, media is oftentimes regarded as not purveying truth. Most news stories are regarded as untruthful and not presented as balanced reporting, to the consternation of many public officials.

Some of the reasons presented by solons for not working on the approval of FOI are: It could be used by media as a tool to harass public officials, access to public documents is not absolute and it could be an instrument to put the national security in peril particularly if it concerns peace and order. . Solons said they are working on some provisions of the bill that will include safety nets in order that if approved, FOI will not be abused by the media and the public. (more…)

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Espino to student journalists: Adhere to responsible journalism

LINGAYEN – Adhere to responsible and development-oriented journalism.
This was the message of Governor Amado Espino Jr. to about 120 campus journalists from the different campuses of the Pangasinan State University during the socialization night as part of a two-day course on journalism.
The message was read before the students by Provincial Information Officer Orpheus Velasco.
The two-day activity included lectures on libel laws and journalism ethics; writing of journalistic pieces that included news, features, editorials and sports news plus digital page lay-out given by veteran journalists in the province.
The Governor thanked the student-editors, advisers and consultants for giving priority to PSU students in honing their journalism skills and for publishing relevant information and updates on the development thrusts of the provincial government.
“This certainly reflects that media practitioners in our province really had a great foundation in journalism from their college where they cut their teeth in campus journalism as a breeding ground of creative and critical thinking,” he said. (more…)

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 A girl sits at a corner near these ducklings being sold for P10 a piece at a sidewalk in Dagupan City. CESAR RAMIREZ

A girl sits at a corner near these ducklings being sold for P10 a piece at a sidewalk in Dagupan City. CESAR RAMIREZ

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