ORTIGOZA: Bloody Family Feud in Pangasinan

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Can we call this the “Politics of filling a case just for the sake of a case”? 

 Lawyer Fernando Perito filed a Qualified Seduction case at the prosecution office in Quezon City against “Anak (child)” crooner, the internationally acclaimed folk singer Freddie Aguilar.

Aguilar was accused to having different sexual orgies with a 16 year-old minor.

This cradle snatcher wants to take advantage of the adulation of the child by pretending to be loving her and allegedly marrying her later. This old man deserves to be castrated to spare the children,” Perito argued in his complaint-affidavit given to the prosecutor’s office.

According to Article 337 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines, qualified seduction is the seduction of a virgin over twelve years and under eighteen years of age, committed by any person in public authority, priest, home-servant, domestic, guardian, teacher, or any person who, in any capacity, shall be entrusted with the education or custody of the woman seduced, shall be punished by prison correccional  in its minimum and medium periods.

To the tricycle and jeepney drivers who read this article it means imprisonment of two years, four months and one day to four years and two months.

Qualified seduction means consensual sexual intercourse has been consummated by both the accused and the minor.

My poser: Does Attorney Perito has the proof that Aguilar and the minor copulated?

Ask any Tom, Dick, and Atong and they will tell you that the minor and even her parents, who probably benefited from the generosity of Aguilar, would deny heaven and earth that Freddie has completed his carnal knowledge (sexual relationship) with her.

Baka sabihin niya pa na sexual- free and kanilang relasyon and sheer platonic love ang kanilang affair.

Unless members of the DSWD and Perito resorted earlier to peeping Tom, the prosecutor’s office would dismiss the case.

Tsk, tsk another precious government resources been wasted.


Building Public Offices without Spending

In the press conference called recently by Dagupan City Mayor Belen T. Fernandez, she said the city mulls to build a commercial complex at the new growth corridor in the Jose  De Venecia Highway Extension that connects the Dawel-Pantal-Lucao Road.


“Why not emulate a city in Metro Manila which did not spend a peso for a four-story commercial building. The private sector that built the multi-million peso edifice just ask the city for a Build Operate Transfer or Private-Public-Office to run the ground floor for definite years as its market,” I said.

(Son  of a gun, I saw City engineer Virginia Rosario and City Planning and Development Coordinator Romeo C. Rosario nodded their heads  several times in approval for what I asked).

The mayor said she will consider and study my proposal.

I could not fathom why officials of local government units (LGU) insisted that they borrow tens if not hundreds of millions of pesos just to construct a municipal or city hall or a commercial center.

One examples of this is just under the noses of Dagupenos: Their losing three-story Malimgas Market that was constructed for half-a-billion pesos that continued to bleed the city coffer for P40 million a year of amortization of its P500 million loan from Land Bank of the Philippines.

LGUs borrow from Land Bank, Development of the Philippines, or Philippine National Bank while the LGU hemorrhages in paying the amortization worth millions of pesos a month.

Someone told me that officials of LGUs love to contract loans because of the kickback that runs up to half-a-million peso for each of the councilor who voted for the resolution empowering the mayor to contract the loans, in behalf of the town, with the bank.

Susmariosep, who said elective public office is a bane?!


Urdaneta City has the Goose that lays the Golden Eggs

I asked Mayor Fernandez if we can still regain the grandeur of the Bangus City as the premier city in Region 1 after Urdaneta City eclipsed Dagupan in budget appropriation:

“In 2013 Urdaneta City yearly budget runs up to P637 million (It became P700 million as it included the supplemental budgets, while Dagupan City settled only for P612 million in the same year,” I said.

In 2012, Urdaneta  approved an appropriation of P641 million for fiscal year 2012 compared to Dagupan City that has proposed budget of P P581 million only which was be subjected to some slash by the opposing city council,” I commented.

 Fernandez said, for starter, she will make the One-Stop-Shop business friendly by reducing the processing time of business permits from four days to one hour.

“Why Urdaneta City seems to be richer than Dagupan City?” I posed to some media friends who were near my seat.

“It has the goose that lays the golden egg through its Urdaneta City University!” cried  Northern Time Publisher Lelia Sy.

In my recent conversation with Carabao City Mayor Amadeo ”Bobom” Perez IV, he said UCU used to give the city coffer P200 million a year but because of the slump in the demand for Filipino nurses abroad,  UCU delivered only more than P100 million to the city treasury a year.

Susmariosep, that’s still a huge amount that Dagupan City, San Carlos City, and Alaminos City can not emulate.

But Attorney Gonzalo Duque, who was seated near the mayor, reacted to the questions of City Information Officer Rhee Hortaleza and DWIZ Manager Allan Sison about his take of Dagupan City constructing a city college.

Duque, owner of Lyceum Northwestern University, explained that the city must  first improve its  Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES) on its two year program in K to 12 basic education before it ventures in running a city college. He said that for the city to construct the edifices of the college, it needs P500 million which is impossible because the city is cash- strapped.

“Wala pondo ang siyudad. Asikasuhin muna natin ang basic education na K-12 para mabigyan ng skills ang  mga bata”.

Bloody Family War

According to my source, the Philippine National Police would help get justice to the Calaunans of Barangay Talebaew, Calasiao, Pangasinan whose bloody feud that started last year with the Mesinas of Brgy. Longos, Calasiao snapped several lives already.
My police source told me that the grudge war between the two families have cost  five lives and four wounded persons already through gun fires since the traffic altercation that turned physical between Brgy. Chairman Majadiva Mesina and Albert Calaunan in Brgy. Talebaew in 2012.
Calaunans version of the Event that Trigger the Killings
I accidentally met last October 21 at the Justice Hall of Dagupan City two Calaunan sisters Arlene Calaunan Bautista and Beth Calaunan Millan when they accompanied their brother Arnulfo Calaunan, who was handcuffed and was guarded by ten fully armed policemen in camouflage uniform.
Calaunan wounded Mesina and killed his body guard at the public market of Calasiao last October 18. (you can access the complete story of the shooting incidents and the photos of the personalities there athttp://wwwm0ortzcortigoza.blogspot.com/2013/10/fil-am-assassin-arrested-after-shooting.html)
 Arlene told me that the altercation ensued when both Albert and Mesina nearly  bumped each other’s motorcycles in Talebaew in August 2012.
“Kasama ni  Albert iyong pamangkin namin na si Jumel (Calaunan Millan), si Kapitan Mesina naman kaangkas niya iyong anak niya. Mainit si Kapitan kaya noong bumaba sinuntok siya ng kapatid ko sa ulo pero naka-ilag dahil karatista pala siya. Ang ginawa ng kapatid ko ni hand locked niya sa likod si Kapitan. Tapos dumating iyong dalawang pinsan namin.”
Arlene denied to me when I told her that the aiding cousins helped maul Mesina as what I heard from some quarters.
“Pinabayaan silang dalawang magsuntukan. Pero si Kapitan nagbanta sa kapatid ko.”
Arlene said she wanted the media to monitor thoroughly the case since their lives and their siblings and relatives are in danger.
“Pati kami ng ate ko (Beth) ay nagtatago na sa Manila.”
That fisticuff or the mauling incident has been the powder keg to the spates of killings on the sides of both parties.
Chronology of the Murders
In October 2012, Albert Calaunan was killed by a hired gun in Marikina. In December 21, 2012 the father of Mujadiva, Antonio Mesina, a retiring examiner of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, was ambushed by riders in tandem in Brgy. Lasip.
The police in Calasiao arrested Rogelio de Luna – the suspected killer of Antonio – and a case of murder was filled against him.
In July 2013 Jumel Calaunan Millan, the back rider on the motorcycle of Albert Calaunan when the latter bitterly argued and engaged Muja Dave in a fist fight was wounded by an assassin allegedly hired by the Mesinas.
A case was filled by the police against Muja Dave but was immediately dismissed by the provincial prosecutor in Dagupan City as baseless and full of loopholes.
Elvira Quenoljico, the alleged informer of the Mesinas in Barangay Talibaew who monitored the movements of the Calaunans, was murdered by hit men.
Arlito Estrada, 36, the alleged provider of hired killers for the Calaunan, was peppered by bullets from long and short firearms by hired guns that came out from a black car in Brgy. Minien, Santa Barbara.
In October 18, 2013 after the peace covenant of candidates for the October 28 village polls, Mesina and two of his body guards were gunned down by Arnulfo Calaunan, a U.S citizen who arrived last August, when he saw the trio buying banana and lansones at the fruit stand in Calasiao.
 “The Mesinas have killed my brother and wounded my nephew. My other relatives have migrated to Manila because we heard that the Mesinas wanted to exterminate all of them,” the police source quoted Calaunan, who was still dripping with water after he was found hiding in a grassy area.
Calasiao chief of police relieved
Because of this seeming police negligence in preventing a blood bath at the heart of the town, Provincial Police Director Senior Superintendent Marlou Chan, through a commander’s prerogative, relieved Calasiao Chief of Police Noel Vallo after the incident.
It was found out that there were no policemen guarding the peripheries of the puto stalls, a major thoroughfare, after the peace covenant and the meeting of the candidates at the municipal hall.
Another high official at the provincial police office told me that Vallo was relieved because of the PNP three-strike policy.
A week earlier Lolita Rancudo , Department of Education supervisor of Calasiao II of the Department of Education, and her husband were killed by bullets by riders in randem in Brg. Macabito in Calasiao.
Before Mesina and his body guards were shot by Calaunan, Amado Lomibao Miranda,60,  a jueteng bet collector, was shot by motorcycle riding criminals at seven am of the same day in Sitio Cabarun in Brgy. Banaoang, Calasiao.
My source told me the Calaunans felt they were unfairly treated by the justice system after the prosecutor dismissed the case against Mesina on a frustrated murder case against him filed by the police  (under the watch of Vallo’s predecessor) on behalf of Jumel.
“Kaya si Arnulfo was determined to avenge by himself because he felt the police in Calasiao was not on their side.”
Police to file cases against Mesina and his body guard
After the wounding of Mesina and one of his bodyguard and killing of another  bodyguard using unlicensed hand guns, the police provincial office under Chan was hell-bent to file illegal possession of firearm and election gun ban law to the surviving body guard, and a disqualification case against Mesina who enlisted body guards without following the requisites of the laws on illegal possession of firearm and the ban of the Commission on Election on bearing, carrying , or transporting of firearms or other deadly weapons.
Would the spates of murders stop?
Last October 21, ten armed-to- the- teeth policemen of Calasiao brought Arnulfo to the provincial prosecutor’s office in Dagupan City for inquest and filing murder, frustrated murder, illegal possession of a .45 caliber hand gun, and election gun ban raps against him.
With Arnulfo behind bar in a non-bailable murder case as he awaits trial at the Regional Trial Court, and with Mujadiva surviving the assassin’s bullets, and Beth Calaunan Millan planning to reopen the case against his son Jumel who was allegedly ordered by Mujadiva to be murdered, would the bloody family war in Calasiao come to end?
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