‘Name game’ for village polls candidates

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By Yolanda Sotelo

DAGUPAN CITY –There they go again – using the monikers that sound funny and even ridiculous and which they may have hated when they were children– but which the runners in the barangay polls on October 28 hope would win them seats.
“It is for name recall, for their barangay mates to easily find their names in the list of candidates,” Pangasinan Provincial Election Officer Marino Salas said.
He said around 30,000 filed their candidacies to become heads or councilmen of the 1,364 villages of Pangasinan’s 44 towns and four cities. The number is almost double the number of candidates in the last barangay elections, which was less than 20,000.
The list of candidates could make one chuckle, but Salas said the polls could be volatile as those running against each others are neighbors and even members of the same family “who know the dirty secrets (baho) of each other,” he said.
But before the seriousness of the elections get to us, let us do some Name Game first.
“Very good,” “Mr. Clean” and “Sunshine” may make the day of voters and go for Sally Noreen Aquino of San Aurelio 2nd in Balungao; Virgilio Medros of Pugardo, Balungao and Ferdinand Galdones of Lapaz, Umingan, respectively, who are all gunning for kagawad seats.
But would they vote for “Crooks” or Eugenio de Perio of Concordia Bolinao, “Buwaya ” or Ruben Valdez or Sumambit, Bayambang? Or for candidates of San Nicolas who go by the name “Abusayap” like Wilson Orencia of Bensican, and Angelito Castillo of Camangaan.
Would “Rambo” or Jeffrey Martinez of Malilion of the same town make it?
And really, would one trust a Bandit (Henry Mariñas of Amanoaoac, Umingan); and not cower in fear and vote for “Saddam” or Amado Balala of Carusucan Norte, Anda?
There are candidates, too, who are obsessed with numbers – 30 (Servillo Nebran of Dacap Sur, Bani) and 5-6 (Lee dela Cruz of Bannawang, Malasiqui), while “Five_W (Warlito dela Cruz of Pindangan East, Alcala),” may be missing his one H.
Do the nicknames “Pogi(Ralonito Balmores of San Rafael East, San Nicolas),” and “Pangit (Melchor Palma of Zone I, Rosales) really show their physical attributes? Has “Pugot (Francisco Peralta of Catungi, Bolinao) really lost his head?
Animals seemed to be a favorite of parents when giving “pet names” for their kids, but makes one wonder why female candidates were given such “manly” name “Kabayo (horse)” like Elyn Guevarra of Ballag, Bani; and Maricris Nipal of Sampaloc, Bolinao.
Then there’s “Kanding (goat) or Celso Vallo of Batangcawa, Bayambang), “Bakabaka (cow-cow)” or Ruben Lopez of Pugaro, Balungao; “Beklat (a kind of snake) or Rodrigo Bugarin of Apalen, Bayambang; and Bulldog (Miguel Imbuedo Sr. of Guiset Sur, San Manuel.
If there are “flying voters,” there are “flying candidates” like Wawak (Domingo Salinas of Cabeldatan, Balungao), Kalapati (dove) or John Laureta of Carusucan Sur, Asingan; Manok (chicken) Arnon Macaraeg of Polong Sur, Malasiqui, and Heron (Heronico Pasca of Ninoy, Aguilar) and Lamok (mosquito) or Mary Soprepeña of Papallasen, Umingan.
Some can “swim,” too; like Bangus (Alfredo Dizon of Santa Maria, Alaminos City and Jerry Cayabyab of Telbang, Bayambang and Saturnino Paras of Cabatling, Malasiqui),and Pusit (Reynaldo Tenaza of Banog Sur, Bani).
“Pandisal or bread” (Nicolas Cabudoy of San Bartolome) may go well with “Palaman or spread” (Efren Muñoz of Atainan, Alcala) such as Tagapulot or honey (Eddie Oquin of Centro Toma, Bani) or Bocayo (Ricardo de Vera of Asingan, Bayambang).
Ilocanos love “Kilabban” or eating cold rice for snacks (Manuel Espiritu of San Pedro Apartado, Rosales) with “Adobo” or Henry Morales of Alingan, Bayambang, with a side dish of Tinapa (William Cruz of Binmaley, Poblacion), Kamatis (Pedro Bugarin of Aliaga Malasiqui) and Sibuyas (Alfredo Irang of Catuday, Anda).
Serve the dishes with plenty of Patis or fish sauce (Annie Ubaldo of San Pedro Ili, Rosales ) but please don’t serve it “Bangles” or already rotten (Ramil Bergonia of Tawintawin, Alaminos City), and definitely not near “Takke or feces” as Antonio Francisco of San Julian, Balungao, would want to be remembered by the voters.
“Misis” or Raquel Serrano of Apaya, Mapandan, may not vote for “Loverboy” Francisco Soriano of Polo, Alaminos City. But perhaps “Bakla” Roberto Ferrer of San Vicente of the same city, and who may like to wear “Pantylet (Jolly Robino of Tipor, Bani),” would, while“Bading (Salvador Rillorta of San Macario Sur” may even say “Wow (Mario Baraquio of Bocboc East, Aguilar)”

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