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The officers of the Fertilizer Industry Association of the Philippines like Dan Oñate and Robert Castro support the formal organization of SINAG as convenor and joined the call for cooperation among the different industries in Agriculture. For example, the call is for other industries to extend to the rice industry when it is engaged in an issue. In the same manner that other industries should support the fish industry when it is in trouble. Also present were officials and members of the Association of Fertilizer and Pesticide Dealers, Distributors, Outlets of Pangasinan headed by Danny C. Sim. BRANDO CORTEZ<a

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‘Name game’ for village polls candidates

By Yolanda Sotelo

DAGUPAN CITY –There they go again – using the monikers that sound funny and even ridiculous and which they may have hated when they were children– but which the runners in the barangay polls on October 28 hope would win them seats.
“It is for name recall, for their barangay mates to easily find their names in the list of candidates,” Pangasinan Provincial Election Officer Marino Salas said.
He said around 30,000 filed their candidacies to become heads or councilmen of the 1,364 villages of Pangasinan’s 44 towns and four cities. The number is almost double the number of candidates in the last barangay elections, which was less than 20,000.
The list of candidates could make one chuckle, but Salas said the polls could be volatile as those running against each others are neighbors and even members of the same family “who know the dirty secrets (baho) of each other,” he said.
But before the seriousness of the elections get to us, let us do some Name Game first.
“Very good,” “Mr. Clean” and “Sunshine” may make the day of voters and go for Sally Noreen Aquino of San Aurelio 2nd in Balungao; Virgilio Medros of Pugardo, Balungao and Ferdinand Galdones of Lapaz, Umingan, respectively, who are all gunning for kagawad seats.
But would they vote for “Crooks” or Eugenio de Perio of Concordia Bolinao, “Buwaya ” or Ruben Valdez or Sumambit, Bayambang? Or for candidates of San Nicolas who go by the name “Abusayap” like Wilson Orencia of Bensican, and Angelito Castillo of Camangaan. (more…)

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Fish pens, cages in Pangasinan operate sans ECC

By Yolanda Sotelo

LINGAYEN -None of the aquaculture operators in Pangasinan ever secured an environmental compliance certificate (CDO) from the Environment and Management Bureau, despite the years that they have been operating their fish farming venture, an EMB Ilocos regional official said.
The issue surfaced after the EMB Ilocos Regional office issued a CDO to the 31 operators of fish cages in Sual as they were found to be operating without ECC.
EMB Ilocos Regional Director Joel Salvador said the issue started in Sual after the Sual power plant management pointed out how the fish cage operation may pose threat to the security of the plant, citing incidents when fish that got loose from the cages found their way to the plant’s water intake.
EMB personnel then conducted inspection of the water environment in the town’s aquaculture area and found that there is “degradation of the water quality,” Salvador said. (more…)

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Police Senior Supt.Marlou Chan(left), Pangasinan PNP director, leads in the distribution of the 399 units of Glock pistols last October 21 at the Pangasinan PNP provincial office in Lingayen. The 399 is the first tranche of the distribution as they will also distribute another 336 units this week. Priority for the Glock firearms are PO1s to PO3s without issued firearms and those who passed the proficiency on Glock pistol. Patrol shoes were also distributed.CESAR RAMIREZ

Police Senior Supt.Marlou Chan(left), Pangasinan PNP director, leads in the distribution of the 399 units of Glock pistols last October 21 at the Pangasinan PNP provincial office in Lingayen. The 399 is the first tranche of the distribution as they will also distribute another 336 units this week. Priority for the Glock firearms are PO1s to PO3s without issued firearms and those who passed the proficiency on Glock pistol. Patrol shoes were also distributed.CESAR RAMIREZ


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Civil society, basic sectors to take part in budget preparation


DAGUPAN CITY – Mayor Belen T. Fernandez expressed her support to the Bottom-Up Budgeting approach with different leaders of civil society groups, peoples’ organizations and the marginalized sectors of the society will take an active part in crafting the city’s plan for the 2015 National Poverty Alleviation share.
            During the Civil Society Organizations Assembly last October 22, Fernandez said the new budget approach involving the participation of citizens will ensure that public funds will be used with transparency and spent directly to the most basic needs of the people especially the poor.

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ORTIGOZA: Bloody Family Feud in Pangasinan



Can we call this the “Politics of filling a case just for the sake of a case”? 

 Lawyer Fernando Perito filed a Qualified Seduction case at the prosecution office in Quezon City against “Anak (child)” crooner, the internationally acclaimed folk singer Freddie Aguilar.

Aguilar was accused to having different sexual orgies with a 16 year-old minor.

This cradle snatcher wants to take advantage of the adulation of the child by pretending to be loving her and allegedly marrying her later. This old man deserves to be castrated to spare the children,” Perito argued in his complaint-affidavit given to the prosecutor’s office.

According to Article 337 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines, qualified seduction is the seduction of a virgin over twelve years and under eighteen years of age, committed by any person in public authority, priest, home-servant, domestic, guardian, teacher, or any person who, in any capacity, shall be entrusted with the education or custody of the woman seduced, shall be punished by prison correccional  in its minimum and medium periods.

To the tricycle and jeepney drivers who read this article it means imprisonment of two years, four months and one day to four years and two months.

Qualified seduction means consensual sexual intercourse has been consummated by both the accused and the minor.

My poser: Does Attorney Perito has the proof that Aguilar and the minor copulated?

Ask any Tom, Dick, and Atong and they will tell you that the minor and even her parents, who probably benefited from the generosity of Aguilar, would deny heaven and earth that Freddie has completed his carnal knowledge (sexual relationship) with her.

Baka sabihin niya pa na sexual- free and kanilang relasyon and sheer platonic love ang kanilang affair.

Unless members of the DSWD and Perito resorted earlier to peeping Tom, the prosecutor’s office would dismiss the case. (more…)

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ISO- certified R1MC to continue serving poor for free

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
DAGUPAN CITY – Despite being certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO), the Region 1 Medical Center (R1MC) still maintains its “no balance billing payment” to indigent patients, hospital authorities said.
“Tuloy pa rin no balance billing sa mahihirap,” Regional Director Myrna Cabotaje of the Department of Health said.
Dr. Roland Mejia said despite the A-1 service and the improvements done by the management of the hospital, only the moneyed patients would be charged.
“We are not a private oriented hospital. Even if the quality of our service has surged we do not compete with private hospitals,” he said.
Mejia continued that as an ISO 9001: 2008 certified, R1MC is mandated to put an action center with a suggestion box where the hospital clients can put their suggestions and complaints.
He said every four o’clock in the afternoon, all the complaints are collected for immediate action.
“As a feedback mechanism, the R1MC maintains a website and a Facebook account where feedbacks and complaints can be posted,” he said.
Mejia cited that private hospitals in Pangasinan are not yet ISO certified. (more…)

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MAGANES: ‘ Bokatot’

vir maganes

The entry of technologically-advanced farm equipment is a welcome move in advancing agricultural productivity in our country. The government is bent on improving the process of agricultural products to increase the income of farmers and also to enhance their technical know -how in palay production.

For instance, we have now mechanical drying facilities that farmers no longer resort to drying their crops in solar pavements, palay mechanical planter that could plant palay seedlings in a lesser time, mechanical reaper that could harvest palay with lesser labor and also mechanical thresher and mini rice mill.

All of these equipment are designed to process palay production in most efficient and cost effective ways. However, are our farmers technologically-prepared with the coming of these high end equipment? Lately, I’ve seen a new equipment for palay processing with combined reaper, threshing and bagging as it operates during a harvest. It’s an awesome farm equipment with lesser workforce and is cost efficient. As I watched it’s operation, a man nearby quipped that the said equipment is “bokatot,” an Ilocano term for greediness. (more…)

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FOR BEING GOOD PAYERS Abono lauds Alcala farmers

by  Virgilio  Sar. Maganes
ALCALA -” I commend the farmers here for being good payers of the loans extended to them on corn production program. Under the Program, we have already collected around 80% repayment. Thank you for your support to the corn production program, which is now on its third year of implementation. “
This was said by Abono Party list Chair Rosendo O. So  before a group of more than 200 farmers during the initial distribution of  corn seeds and fertilizers at the gymnasium here last October 23.
So explained the mechanics of the Program, which he said is using the “plant now, pay later” scheme. For every hectare, a corn farmer will receive two bags of corn seeds, 12 bags of urea and eight bags of complete (triple 14) fertilizers.
The costs of these farm inputs,  So said,  will be paid after harvest and the farmers have the option to sell them as “corn on the cob” to the National Agribusiness Corporation (Nabcor ) or to private traders. (more…)

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31 Pangasinan donates P2M to Bohol

CYMERA_20131019_122431LINGAYEN – The provincial government of Pangasinan will donate P2 million to the province of earthquake-damaged Bohol to help in its relief and rehabilitation/

The Provincial Board passed Resolution No. 184-2013 authorized Gov. Amado T. Espino Jr. to donate from the calamity fund of the province P2-million to Bohol last October 21.

The provincial government opted to give financial help to Bohol over Cebu for being the poorer and more devastated province.

Vice Governor Jose Ferdinand Z. Calimlim Jr. said the province’s donation will greatly benefit thousands of families in Bohol. (more…)

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