EDITORIAL : How farmers benefit from PDAF

August 17, 2013 at 7:34 pm Leave a comment

One program on which the Abono Party-list uses its Priority Development Fund (PDAF) is in the implementation of the Pangasinan Corn Production Program.

A corn farmer from Villasis, usually borrows around P22,000 from traders/lenders at 20% interest for the purchase of seeds and fertilizers needed to for a one hectare corn plantation.

The debt will be charged interest during the entire planting cycle which usually takes 120 days from planting, to harvest and selling of the corn, to payment of debt.

The corn farmer borrower will have to pay the interest of 20% per month on the principal amount of P22,000 equivalent to P4,400 multiplied by four months which totals to P17,600.

In order to liberate the corn farmers of Pangasinan from this exploitative situation, the Abono Party-List engaged the corn farmers from the municipalities of Rosales, Balungao and Santa Maria on a pilot corn production project.

The objective of the program is to eliminate the burden on the corn farmer of having to pay the P17,600 interest on top of the principal amount of P22,000 to the trader/ lender by providing corn seeds and fertilizers with no interest.

The participating corn farmers from the three municipalities were not only able to repay the principal amount used for the purchase corn seeds and fertilizers but were able to spend the P17,600 on basic needs which they formerly paid as interest on loan from traders/lenders on other basic needs.

The Pangasinan Corn Production Program was born out of the pilot project with the objective of increasing the corn farmer’s income and increasing the area planted to corn as a response to the Aquino Administration’s goal of food self-sufficiency.

The program loans out corn seeds and fertilizers to farmers without interest and the money paid back by the farmers are used to purchase a new batch of corn seeds and fertilizers for relending.

The involvement of the local governments guarantees that the farmer beneficiaries are genuine with monitoring and technical assistance from the municipal agriculture office.

The fund utilization is properly guarded by the Commission on Audit.

The Pangasinan Corn Production Program will be on its 4th turn-around this September that is planned to plant corn to 3,000 hectares involving farmers from 20 municipalities of Pangasinan

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