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virThe 4th State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Benigno S. Aquino III was delivered at the Batasang Pambansa last July 22. It was a jampacked with politicians, kibitzers and foreign dignitaries. The solons outshone each other by wearing fashionable clothes and accessories putting celebrities-locals and foreign in shame. Well maybe, that’s the only time they could show off of their beauties and wealth. Anyway, I am not writing here about what they wore or what were their gimmicks off and on the rotating TV cameras. My only wish then is for them to live simply like Senator Grace Poe Llamanzares who is so simple yet exudes confidence.
PNOY’s SONA is of course far from perfect. I like the parts where he lambasted corrupt officials and praised performing cabinet secretaries. Indeed, he was again in his fighting form punctuated by several incessant coughing to the dismay of those against smoking. PNoy is known as chain smoker. But that’s not the point here. We have a president who could turn things to fruition. His predecessors have been eclipsed by what he did in three years administration. The president performed well last year and there is no doubt about that. Our economy became robust to the envy of neighboring developing countries. However, we have yet to experience the effect of that economy as it trickles down to the grassroots in the countryside.
I was fascinated when he lambasted the Bureau of Customs (BOC), but I was frustrated when there and then he did not fire Commissioner Ruffy Biazon who had been sleeping on his job for so long a time. If I were PNoy, I should have warned Biazon in front of the people in gallery telling him pointblank that if in the succeeding months that he could not eradicate smuggling in this country, then his days in office will be numbered. But instead of firing him, he still gave Biazon the chance. Maybe, Biazon is invulnerable considering that PNoy is still paying a debt of gratitude to him and his father former Chief of Staff, Senator now Rep. Rodolfo “Pong” Biazon. PNoy did not elaborate much about the smuggling of meat products. He dwelt more on the smuggling of rice. He failed to mention that some of the smuggled rice in Cebu Customs warehouse has been stolen by scrupulous employees and their cohorts in the BOC. What happened dear president? You should have apprised us on what happened to those smuggled rice? What’s happening to the smuggling of meat products? Backyard hog raisers are now hard up in their business.
I commend PNoy when he praised DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro. Among his cabinet members, I think Secretary Luistro deserved that commendation. He knows what he is doing particularly in lowering the costs of government textbooks saving the government by P2.5 billion. But there are still public schools needing more facilities like those in Mindanao and hinterlands of Ifugao, Kalinga and Apayao. How about our shortages on classrooms and desks? These should be addressed immediately considering that full implementation of K to 12 will be in three years time.
Another issue that PNoy missed in his SONA is about the P10 billion scam perpetrated by senators and representatives by using dummies. I was expecting that PNoy will tackle this lengthily but he did not. He was very silent about it. He never touched it even with just a line or two. Was he cowed by the presence of those senators and representatives involved in that scam using fake non-government organizations as conduits of funds? He should have mentioned it in that SONA so that his “Tuwid na Landas will be given more teeth and strong signals that they should behave in the performance of their functions as “honorable” men in Congress.
What happened again Mr. President? Your “Tuwid na Landas” is almost through . You have only three years more in that position. We are counting the days that you will really put an end to these scams and smuggling that slowly eroding the confidence of the people towards the government.
As I’ve said, PNoy’s SONA is far from perfect. Within this year, we will again witness how he will run this government. Could he do magic and put us into spell that one day we will wake up in a “utopian-like” government? Can he really lift us from the morass of poverty and the country’s wealth will be equitably be given to the people? Can he be the best president we will have until 2016?
PNoy is undoubtedly sincere in his running the government. But such sincerity should be the role model among all government officials down to the barangay levels. He have shown greatness of managing the affairs of the government but such greatness if not sustained will be likened to a candle in the wind. Its light while illumined a larger area but with the passing of wind, in just seconds it will die.
We expect more from PNoy. Maybe at this time his derisive moniker “noynoying” will now put into oblivion and let’s all join hands expecting a beautiful Philippines or “Filipinas”.
By then, it’s really more fun in this part of the world.
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