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pc_pio at malacanang
Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Secretary Herminio B. Coloma, Jr. (front row, center) and Asst. Sec. Cathryne Jone T. Licudine (front row, 3rd from left) join the staff of the Provincial Information Office (PIO) headed by PIO Chief Orpheus M. Velasco (front row, 4th from left) for a souvenir shot at Malacañang’s Press Briefing Room during the PIO’s Lakbay Aral at PCOO in Malacañan Palace last June 13. Sec. Coloma urged the province of Pangasinan through the PIO to maximize the use of social media and even encouraged the creation of “Pangasinan application” to further the provincial government’s agenda, programs and projects. (Photo courtesy of Malacañang Photo Bureau)

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Give us level playing field- lawyer

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
DAGUPAN CITY-The lawyer of the buyer of the McAdore Hotel asked the court to give his client a “level playing field” by allowing it to intervene and become a party on the declaratory relief case on the annulment of Resolution No. 6738-2012 authorizing City Mayor Benjamin Lim to initiate the sale of the said property.
The case was filed by Sangguniang Panglungsod Ryan Ravanzo.
In their motion for reconsideration and intervention, Lawyer Ferdinand Topacio, head counsel of Amb. ALC Holdings and Management Inc Incorporation, said the case directly affected the company since it is now the registered owner of the McAdore properties and therefore “enjoys not only direct and unmistakable but superior rights over the said property.” (more…)

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Provincial director turn-over postponed


By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – Without any explanation from the Philippine National Police, the transfer of the command of the provincial police in Pangasinan from Sr. Supt.Marlou Chan to Senior Supt. Manuel Velasco has been postponed indefinitely,.
The hand over police ritual should be held last June 22 but was postponed according to Senior Inspector Ryan Manongdo as quoted by broadcaster RJ Jimenez of DWPR when he interviewed the PNP spokesman in Pangasinan. (more…)

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ORTIGOZA: Can Vice Ganda be Sued with Slander?

mortz-nw-colored32In the monologue of Filipino comedian Kim Idol (a cross of minuscule North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and principal massacre suspect Zaldy Ampatuan) he differentiates Maganda (pretty) and Pangit (ugly) in the Philippines.
“Ang maganda ginagawang sales ladies sa TriNoma (part of Ayala high-end malls) , ang pangit ginagawang taga hulog ng sapatos sa loob ng kisami ng Manuela. Bawal siya dumungaw dahil baka makabawas pa sa siya ng customers. Ang maganda ginagawang talk show host sa TV, and pangit ginagawang field reporters. Tingnan niyo si Susan Enriquez (crowd roared) napaka gandang babae pero bakit ginawang field reporter ng GMA-7, baka ano pa ang mangyayari sa bata na iyon!”
Until now sales ladies at the shoe section of Manuela Mall and Susan Enriquez did not sue with slander or libel Kim Idol.
When publisher Larry Flynt asked his editor at the pornographic magazine Hustler in 1983 to write a Q & A satire, with emphasis on the “First Time” slogan of liquor’s Campari between a fictitious Hustler staff and Baptist renowned minister and conservative political activist Jerry Falwell, all hell broke lose. Here are the excerpts of the Q & A for the readers’ perusal and appreciation if the parody merits a libel case:

FALWELL: My first time was in an outhouse outside Lynchburge, Virginia.
INTERVIEWER: Wasn’t it a little cramped? (more…)

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Couple still farming tobacco in their 70s

SAM_4371Text and photo by Brando Cortez

VILLASIS-A couple, both in their 70’s, has been tobacco growers all their life, even as their children have gone away to raise their own families too.

Buensucejo Perez, 75, and his wife Sofronia, 74; or Mang Juaning and Nana Enying, are veteran farmhands in barangay Amanperez, Villasis, Pangasinan.

“We have to farm because we are not pensionados, we need to eat, pay electricity and buy medicines,” says Nana Enying. (more…)

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northernwatch  cartoon 6-24-13

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Press Clubs Fed holds media mid-year workshop

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
BAGUIO CITY- The Federation of Provincial Press Clubs of the Philippines, Inc. (FPPCPI) conducted its national media mid-year workshop assembly at the Benitez Hall, Teacher’s Camp here last June 21 to 23 to assess the state of provincial media and its challenges and vision for the next succeeding years.
FPPCPI President Ronald Allan Sison said the mid-year workshop assembly is a prelude to a bigger gathering of the organization which will be celebrating its golden anniversary in October this year. (more…)

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CORTEZ: Protesta laban sa taas pasahe gumulong sa Brazil

BRAZILIAN CONTINUUM. Tuloy ang mga kilos protesta ngayon sa Brazil kahit umatras na ang kanilang gobyerno sa pagtaas ng pamasahe.

Alam niyo po ba dahil sa pagtaas ng pamasahe sa Brazil ay nagrally ng tuloy tuloy ang mga Brazilians?

Pero, ang inaakalang paghupa ng mga rally ay nagtuloy-tuloy dahil inilabas din nila ang pagtutol nila sa napakalaking gastos para sa pag host ng Brazil sa World Cup.

Ang World Cup po ay ang tawag sa tournament ng iba’t ibang bansa sa lraangan ng football. (more…)

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MAGANES: Press Clubs: Purveyors of truth not instruments of divisiveness

virMedia or press club organizations are mushrooming all over the country. Among the objectives of these organizations are to foster unity among media practitioners, police their ranks, and create harmonious relationships with the public and the government sector.
However, press clubs sometimes are not doing their roles in imparting real information to the public, instead they are becoming as catalysts of politicians in furthering their political ambitions. These realities are the causes why media practitioners are shying away from their press clubs and have no more zest of participating in the clubs’ activities. At most, press clubs’ leaders or officers just think of themselves and debase their lowly members, not thinking of their welfare and in advancing their roles as professional media practitioners.
Last election, we have witnessed how some newsmen took partisan roles in the political scenes. They were subservient to some politicians because they already acted as their personal public relations officers. Worst, these newsmen who were masquerading as “guardians of truth” became instruments of divisiveness among the media practitioners. The press clubs did not, in any way or manner, suppressed such kind of behaviors of their members. The clubs’ officers became “ blind, deaf and mute” like those of the monkeys that were printed in the t-shirts of the Pangasinan Press Club that were distributed by its President Gonzalo T. Duque. (more…)

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‘Night bird’ is the face of Mangatarem forest

By Yolanda Sotelo

MANGATAREM – It looks like an owl and has a wide mouth shaped like a frog’s. It is mostly heard than seen, giving out a harsh growling kaawww or staccato scream wak wak wak.
Meet the Philippine Frogmouth (Batrachostomus septimus) locally known as saksakulap, an uncommon bird that is endemic to the country.
The bird was identified as a symbol of the protection of the Mangatarem forestland, considered a critical area, through a resolution passed by the town’s local government. (more…)

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