MAGANES: Magnanimity in victory

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virThe election fever has subsided. Black propaganda, mudslinging and tongue-lashings have been put into bin. By now, all the winners in the May 13 elections have already been proclaimed by the Commission on Elections (Comelec). Indeed, the electoral process was grueling and tiresome- 90- day campaign period for the senatorial candidates and party-lists and 45 days for the local candidates.
In Pangasinan, Governor Amado T. Espino Jr. and Vice Governor Jose Ferdinand Z. Calimlim Jr. have once again romped off with their new mandates over their opponents Alaminos City Mayor Hernani A. Braganza and Gen. Arturo C. Lomibao for governor and vice governor, respectively.
The Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) has proven itself as the premier political party to reckon with in the province with the orchestration of former 5th District Rep. Marcos “Mark” Cojuangco. NPC floored the local candidates of President PNoy’s Liberal Party although it fared well at the senatorial level. As of this writing, nine senatorial candidates from the Liberal Party are faring well in the latest Comelec’s canvassing while only three candidates from the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) will likely make it in the Magic 12.
There are many lessons learned from the campaign period in Pangasinan.
First, no amount of presidential endorsement could make any candidate during elections. Second, political machinery of the gubernatorial post down to the municipal councilors matter most especially when it is backed by the supposedly non-partisan barangay officials. Third, the traditional system of campaigning still works at the local levels. Non-conventional approaches just what gubernatorial candidate Nani Braganza did is still not acceptable to the electorates. Fourth, party candidates at the local levels should not rely on their party mates at the national level. During the campaign, candidates will switch loyalties and do not adhere to their party anymore.
The bottom line will always be the desire to win, and at all cost will do their best to capture the imaginations of the electorates. Fifth, money speaks. I don’t believe that the candidates who won did not resort to vote buying. Money and grocery items poured during the election. The avalanche of support by the voters to the winning candidates, I presumed, was not the “voice of God” but the “ voice of gold and silver.” The voters were enticed by the glimmering P500 and the grocery items. I overheard one voter who said: “ It’s better to get the money and goods they are giving, since after the election, the officials will just ignore our needs.” And I agreed, with reservations, on what he said.
By the way, there was a very low turnout of voters in the whole province of Pangasinan. It was reported that the voters’ turnout was only 59.9%, which means that 40.1% or a total of 640,000 voters out of 1.6 million did not cast their votes. This figure is very alarming. Does it mean that voters are now having lukewarm attitude toward our electoral process? Or, were the voters did not go to the poll centers for fear for their lives? A 10%-15% numbers of voters not voting could be acceptable maybe due to deaths or migration to other places. But not 40 or so percent.
Well, every analysis after the election seemed futile. The winning candidates have been proclaimed and whether we like it or not, they will serve us for another three years. Our role now is to see to it that they will perform well and hope that they will provide our basic needs. Let’s watch their actions. Let’s watch their development agenda. But most of all let’s always watch our conscience and ask ourselves: “ Did we elect the right candidates? What if I have elected the other candidates who have no money, will they be good leaders in our midst? Will they be the right persons who will work closely with the advocacy of PNoy of “Tuwid na Daan”? Yes, there will be many questions to be answered. Let’s unshackle the bondage of knotted confusions that have been putting us into despair. Let our freedom work for the interest of the people and not for the few politicians.
After the election, I hope that the good relationship of the media practitioners in Pangasinan will be revived. Even the media people were not spared from divisiveness. Of course, we are part of the electoral process. We have to take sides, but by taking sides with our favorite candidates do not mean that we have shunned each other friendships. Let’s return to our work with heads up high. We have done our best although there were misgivings. But that’s how politics work in Pinoylandia. To our media friends, let’s bury those nasty moments wrought by the previous electoral process. Let’s move on and do our duty as the real harbinger of truth and information to the people.
Through this column, I would like to congratulate personal friends who are close to my heart for the victory last elections: In Villasis, congratulations to Mayor Dita Abrenica for her second term, Vice Mayor Paz Sison Rafanan who won unopposed and the following Councilors-elect: Louie Sison, Nong Costales, Doming Rafanan, Judith Morden, my kumpare Arvin Castro, Rolly Morden and Richie Cacapit.
In Rosales, my congratulations are extended to Mayor-elect Susan P. Casareno, Vice-Mayor-elect Harry Bernabe and Councilors-elect Romy Sim and Tony Muya.
My congratulations go also to Mayor Bobom Perez of Urdaneta City who ran unopposed and Councilors-elect Jigz Agsalud, Jesus Basco, Blesildo Sumera and Rio Esteves.
To all of you, I doff my hat for a job well done. Congratulations!
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