MAGANES: Bam Aquino- Ninoy’s opportunist ‘clone’?

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If you look at him, he’s more of a Ninoy Aquino than his own persona. He wears eyeglasses and sports hairstyle just likes of his martyr uncle Ninoy- a personality he adopted to look like him thinking that he will become popular and pull his way up to the Senate.

Bam Aquino or Benigno Aquino IV is a “clone” of Ninoy, but maybe only his looks but not much Ninoy’s experience as a public servant. We must remember that Ninoy Aquino started his political career as mayor of Concepcion, Tarlac then became a governor of Tarlac at a tender age. This means that Ninoy was never that ambitious when he was younger. He knew that he had to start from a lower position in which he did before he became the youngest senator of the land and the number one nemesis of the late strongman President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

But Bam Aquino has no solid credentials on public service and governance. What he can boast of was his being the youngest chair of the National Youth Commission (NYC), a position he owed from then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. I am just wondering what accomplishments he had done for the Filipino youth. He is maybe the youngest of the 33 senatorial hopefuls but this is not his exclusive right to be in the Senate. Like Grace Llamanzares and Nancy Binay who are inexperienced in politics and public service, Bam should not be in the Senate because he lacks the experience to weld laws. The three are just using their family names to propel their popularity as senatorial candidates, not considering that they don’t have the capabilities to be senators, if they win.

One may argue with me that Bam Aquino had graduated as a summa cum laude with a degree of Management Engineering from the prestigious Ateneo de Manila University. And with that credential, then he has all what it takes to be a senator. It’s a big NO! If we will equate that honor to be his passport in the Senate, then all we have to do is to encourage all college graduates with honors-summa cum laudes, magna cum laudes and cum laudes to run for political offices from municipal councilors up to presidency. But that’s not how politics and government service work. Politics should be manned by experienced politicians who have been honed in public service, and Bam Aquino is outside of such qualifications.

If one will notice the political advertisement of Bam Aquino, it is very apparent that he is using the memories of Ninoy Aquino, the late President Cory Aquino and his cousin President PNoy. In said advertisement, the three Aquinos are prominently displayed in the background of Bam as if projecting that he is indeed an Aquino, and has to be elected to the Senate. Just like Grace Llamanzares who is using the memory of Fernando Poe Jr., Bam is indeed using dead persons to win the electorate on his side. Why don’t he just concentrate on his advocacies if there is and work for his own popularity? Hindi na nga nag-iisa si Ninoy Aquino. He is being impersonated by no other than his nephew Bam Aquino.

Bam Aquino wants to be an instant senator, that is clear. He wants to be elected into the Senate because he is an AQUINO. It is not clear however what will be his platform of government. He was once an appointed government official of President Arroyo, the past president whom President PNoy wants to be incarcerated allegedly due to corruption. His father, Paul Aquino, was the political propagandist of President Arroyo.
With all that realities, electing Bam Aquino as senator needs a closer look. Why do we have to vote an opportunist when there are other experienced candidates for senators who deserved our much needed votes in the like of Teddy Casino, Jack Enrile, Risa Hontiveros , Cynthia Villar and Ed Hagedorn. Bam for senator? Forget it!


Pangasinan is at present bombarded left and right by many party-lists. They want to get a part of the pie of this vote-rich province. But Abono Party-list is not unfazed by these other party-lists. Chairman Rosendo O. So is very confident that with the track records of Abono including its advocacies on anti-smuggling of agricultural products, Pangasinenses will overwhelmingly support it on May 13.

Abono has been in the forefront of alleviating the lives of the farmers and fishermen including backyard hog raisers. It must be remembered that in Pangasinan, Abono spearheaded two agricultural expositions from which farmers and fishermen learned a lot. Who could forget the Gulayan at Maisan sa Eskwelahan and Maisan sa Barangay? These two programs earned admiration from school administrators as well as the village officials. Aside from the two programs, the corn production program was a success including the certified seed production program which was the brainchild of Abono Partylist Rep. Robert Raymund M. Estrella Jr. The latter earned an award for the provincial government, being a breakthrough program on agricultural development.

Abono deserves once again to be elected into the House of Representatives. It has now three famous nominees- former 6th District Rep. Conrad M. Estrella III, Francisco “Pacoy” Ortega of La Union and lawyer Katrina Caitlin Dy of Isabela. God willing, the three top nominees will spell great difference in the lives of farmers in the next three years.

Abono Partylist… for it on May 13.

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