MAGANES: Political heat in Pangasinan

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Politics is now seemingly dividing the people of Pangasinan. Even media practitioners are not spared the political frays perpetrated by opposing political contenders. Weekly newspapers and even radio stations are victims of this divisiveness. One could discern through news stories and broadcast whom they are politically siding with.The neutrality of media is being put to test. There are of course paid mediamen whose only intentions are to earn money. You could see them in press conferences in both political fences, afterwards receive tokens and yet they will only write stories for the politicians they are favoring.

While media people are supposed to be the harbingers of truth and factual news, it’s sad to know that many members of the fourth estate are getting paid for what they write- straight news and black propagandas as well. What’s more disgusting and perhaps nauseating is that even those perceived as legitimate media practitioners are joining the wagon of “paid newsmen”. These same newsmen openly abhor the so- called “taliban” press and yet they are even worse in receiving political payolas. We could not blame these practitioners who already sold their reputation and credibility in the name of money.

Okay. While media practitioners in Pangasinan are divisive on whom to support for candidates in May 2013 elections, it is now certain that political bickerings are starting to sprout in the political scene. It’s good for the unchallenged candidates. They don’t have much problems in their political campaigns but those with opponents are likely doing all means to be on top of the political races. An example of this is the fight between Governor Amadeo T. Espino Jr. and the Liberal Party contender Hernani A. Braganza for governor. Espino was sued before the Ombudsman for plunder due to jueteng payolas, Braganza, on the other hand, was also allegedly a subject of complaint for the same offense by his critics because of perceived commissions from projects in Alaminos City, where he is the incumbent mayor. So it now appears that Espino and Braganza are on the same stature- both have plunder cases.

While Espino’s plunder case is real as he was already provided with copies of the complaints to answer, Braganza is yet to receive the official complaint leveled against him. Braganza in a press conference in a restaurant in Dagupan City last January 16 clarified that there’s no plunder case filed against him by his political detractors. ” A political blunder,” Braganza said. He said what was filed at the Ombudsman was a request for investigation. Further, Braganza chided his detractors why do they had to resort to black propaganda and even getting the services of Espino’s legal counsel.

Espino’s plunder case is already at the Ombudsman. Whether it will hold water is for the Ombudsman to decide. We Pangasinenses have only to watch as the political telenovela unfolds before us. On one hand, is the Braganza investigation by the Ombudsman push through? Could it really be converted into a plunder case? If indeed, the complaint against Braganza will prosper, Espino and Braganza will be on equal footing.

With these political development obtaining in Pangasinan, it is surmised that the heat is getting hotter everyday, albeit it’s even more intense during the campaign period on March 29 up to May 10, 2013.

Is the popularity of Vice Governor Ferdie Calimlim Jr.getting dim? Last January 15, Calimlim was one of the guests in the Barangay Night of Villasis. In his message, he defended Governor Espino for not being able to attend the affair . Calimlim said Governor Espino was attending to his sick mother who suffered lately a heart attack allegedly due to black propaganda against his son. Personally, I found that alibi morbid. Why drag the condition of Espino’s mother in the jueteng controversy? Why use the condition of the good old mother of Espino to draw sympathy fom the crowd? This I observed. After Calimlim’s message, he again belted his favorite song ” Ikaw Na Nga”, but it was no longer received warmly by the Villasinians. The applauses were not that thunderous as compared when he was campaigning in 2007. A bystander just an arm length away from me commented: ” Nakakasawa na!”

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