MAGANES: Year 2013, a continuing past?

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At the advent of any new year, we always expect things and events to be better or at its best compared to past years. Many people cling to the tradition that at the click of midnight of December 31, the surroundings should be noisy and filled with joy. Firecrackers and pyrotechnics illuminate the houses with tables filled with food plus 12 varieties of fruits. Other people wear polka dots to invite good luck with coins jingling inside the pockets to entice the spirit of prosperity.

These traditions go on for years. These cultural practices are sometimes the cause of lost lives just like what happened during the night of 2012 while waiting for the coming in of 2013. Instead of firecrackers, people who are not mentally deranged use real guns for the needed noise. These guns, albeit loose firearms, were aimed at innocent revelers costing their lives, and shattering and silencing their dreams forever.

While the government has been good in its propaganda of ” Iwas Putok”, there were less efforts to curb the manufacture of firecrackers much so in cracking down on the owners of loose firearms. When will we ever learn? Of course, we will always look forward to a bright new year, but when lives have to be lost, it is better to just stay at home in the silence of prayers and meditations. That’s what we did last new year’s celebration .

What’s in store to Pangasinan politics in 2013?

The campaign season has not yet officially started but the candidates vying for electoral positions in the May 13elections are already busy doing rounds of visits in barangays (villages) and municipalities. They busy themselves with speaking engagements in Christmas programs usually organized for the purpose of raising funds. The candidates have shelled out a lot of money just to endear themselves to the communities especially to the would-be voters. If those rounds of speaking engagements could be translated into real votes of course, is uncertain.

The official campaign period for local candidates- governors, vice governors, representatives, board members, mayors, vice mayors and councilors will start on March 29, which means that it’s still three months more to go. This means also that the candidates will be shelling out more moolahs to bankroll their campaigns. “Pera-pera lang ang election,” this was said by a political bigwig in Pangasinan.

Pera-pera is a word to connote massive vote buying. In local parlance , this is translated figuratively that voters are ” mukhang pera.” Pera-pera lang means that there’s no need for politicians to frame -up development agenda and advocacies. They will just go to the voters and give them money- the highest price is P1,000 down to P250. According to a voter I talked with P100 as vote payment is not acceptable. ” Ang P100 ay barya lang,” he said to my amazement. He who has the gold rules, is true indeed. However, as an advocate of clean and honest elections, I am still optimistic that voters will be enlightened and vote for the deserving politicians.

Going back to my question, what’s in store in Pangasinan politics? Many media colleagues and political pundits are one in saying that the Espino-Braganza toss up for governorship is getting exciting as the campaign period draws near. A political kibitzer said that Braganza’s popularity has soared up against Espino. Whether Braganza’s meteoric rise could be sustained until the campaign period is worth watching. However, it could not be disputed that an incumbent governor has always the edge over his opponent. There are rumors in the media circles that Espino’s popularity dwindled and dimmed by the “jueteng” scandal spawned by Bugallon Mayor Ric Orduna. Governor Espino at this point in time should conduct loyalty check among the NPC’s mayors and allies.

The vice gubernatorial race will be more exciting. Former police general Arturo C.Lomibao, Nani Braganza’s running mate under the Liberal Party, has gained grounds. A political observer said that Lomibao’s secret weapons have slowly surfaced during the last three months. This same observer said that Vice Governor Calimlim should not rely much on his tandem with Governor Espino. Calimlim, he said , should come up with his own campaign strategies. Well, personally Calimlim is such a good guy that I am still confident that he could recover some setbacks. As an unsolicited advice, he has to limit his singing. He must project himself not as an entertainer but a public official who’s concerned with the province development.

Well, dear readers may 2013 be a fruitful year to all of us.

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