MAGANES: Word war of the political titans

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Like a volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo and Mayon Volcano, Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr. has spewed a magma of unprintable words against 6th District Board Member Ranjit Ramos Shahani during an interview over the radio in Dagupan City. The sudden outburst of emotions by Governor Espino stemmed from an alleged statement of Shahani that he ( Espino) is the ” most corrupt Governor the province of Pangasinan ever had.”

Nobody can blame Governor Espino for reacting negatively. No one in his sane mind could accept a sweeping accusation of being a corrupt official, much so that there is a good name and political career to protect.

But the question is whether or not Board Member Shahani has uttered those words in public. Shahani’s statement was allegedly uttered last July 2 during the birthday party of former 4th District Board Member Ribi Villegas. I was with Shahani at that time. I never heard him saying those words. What I heard was “there’s corruption at the Capitol.” It was a statement that to me was not directly at the good Governor. Has there been corruption at the Capitol? That should have been an eye opener for the Governor to look into the allegations. Who are those involved and to what extent?

The word war between Governor Espino and Board Member Shahani should now come to end. And cooler minds should intervene for the sake of our beloved province. However , it seemed that the war is becoming more intense with the coming in of 6th District Board Member Alfie C. Bince. Interviewed over the same radio station, Bince spewed more lava against Shahani whom he described as having personality problem, must undergo psychological, psychiatric and neuro tests.

With Bince’s statements, it is being projected to the public that Shahani is not mentally fit as a public servant. If that is so, why did the electorate voted him in the 2010 elections? Shahani’s character has long been in question- coming late in for appointments, frank and candid, openly speaks out his mind and sometimes bereft of courtesy to other people. But that is Shahani’s trademark.That is Ranjit and no one could question his innate character. Under those questionable traits, Shahani love to serve his provincemates devoid of pretense and masks.

During the first term of Governor Espino, the ever maverick Bince was an opposition. People knew how he lambasted the Espino’s administration in the past. However, he shifted his gear. By being the former staunchest critic of Espino, he is now the one singing in baritone Mendel’s Hallelujah. What’s the difference between him and Shahani? Nada. Both have been oppositions to Espino’ administration. Having said that, I was expecting Bince to be the cooler head. He’s the eldest among the Board Members and could have been the intercessor to patch up the squabbles between Shahani and Espino. But no! He’s now deriding in public the personality of Shahani making the eyebrows of the the gay beauticians in parlors arch in their highest degrees.

Amid the word wars, a board member told me: ” Alam naman nila ang ugali ni Ranjit, pinapatulan pa.”

Well, dear readers politics is now in our midst. We will be expecting more political squabbles in the coming months. Let’s just hope that the word wars will just remain as is and not into violence.

Personal Notes: Happy birthday to Villasis Mayor Libradita Go- Abrenica who celebrated her birthday last July 20. Congratulations for putting the Municipality of Villasis on top by garnering the Gawad Pamana ng Lahi – an award conferred by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).

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