ORTIGOZA: Rackets at Register of Deeds, BIR, and Assessor’s office

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Do you know how taxpayers in cahoots with unscrupulous personnel of the BIR, Register of Deeds, or/and Assessor’s office in the local government unit (LGU) dupe the government of tens of thousands if not millions of pesos of revenues?

I learned from a top honcho of the BIR that there are some collection agents (CA) of the BIR particularly those assigned at the LGU (city or municipality) who swindle taxpayers like overseas contract workers.

The modus is a CA gets the monies from the taxpayer who is a buyer of a real property.
The money he/she gets is intended for the capital gain and documentary taxes the vendee is going to pay at the Register of Deeds which approves the transfer of the RPT from the seller to the buyer.

My source said BIR personnel sweet talks the vendee that he/she does not worry even he/she goes back abroad as the CA would expedite the payment of the taxes.
But the eventual result is tragic: the BIR‘s malefactor pocketed the money.
“One even pocketed P750,000 at the expense of an OFW,” my informant told me.

Another racket concocted between a seller and a buyer is made because of the conspiracy of some personnel at the Register of Deeds and the Assessor’s Office .

They ask the seller and buyer to bypass the BIR by directly transacting with them through “Direct Transaction” for the transfer of the ownership.

“This is illegal that could put in a bind either the seller or the buyer through fine and penalty that are attached to the transaction. Not to mention the criminal liability. But this is being practiced all over the country,” my source told me.
Another anomalous practice allegedly perpetrated by the RD is the latest case filed by the tax’s central office in Manila against the former head of the RD in Dagupan City.

“She knows that the CAR (Certificate Authorizing Registration — where the capital gain tax, documentary tax, estate tax, or inheritance tax is listed) was transacted in RDO-6 in Urdaneta City,” told to me by Atty. Beverly Milo, the chief of Revenue District Office-6 who oversees Eastern Pangasinan.

Milo said despite the CAR’S control number is traced to RDO-6, Atty Cecilia Munar still approved the sale of 1,282-square meters (not 1,282 hectares as previously quoted by the Philippine Daily Inquirer and by this column) of a hotel in Fernandez Avenue in Dagupan City.

Milo said Munar should have seen that the approving tax office should be Revenue District office-4 of the BIR in Calasiao, Pangasinan and not the RDO-6 in Urdaneta City.
BIR commissioner Kim Henares said there was a conspiracy between vendor Humberto Cason Solis and vendee Elma dela Cruz Versoza using the same Transfer Certificate of Title numbers by falsifying through replacement, alteration, addition and superimposition of details on the face of the document, among others.
Beside, the CAR used by the Solis and Versoza to sell a commercial land in Dagupan City was a previous CAR they used when the seller sold an agricultural land (with a cheaper tax valuation) to the buyer in Pozurobuio town.
Because of this deceit, the government lost P51.49 million of revenues inclusive of surcharges and interests, thanks but no thanks to Atty Munar whose indispensable participation consummated the anomaly, according to the BIR.
As a consequences, Atty Munar was sued for permitting the transfer of the said properties in direct violation of Section 58 (E), in relation to Section 269 (e) and (h) of the Tax Code.
As of press time, I am still waiting when the BIR central office would sue the former head (she already retired from service) of RD in Dagupan City with an Anti-Graft & Corruption case or cases.
Milo said the one who unmasked this shenanigan at the RD was the children of Solis after he sold the property to Versoza – “a very special friend”.
Oh, I just learned that the no-nonsense Atty. Milo has been waging a battle against fixers in and out her office that victimized unwary taxpayers.
She even published a paid newspaper advertisement warning the public not to transact with Perla Mondina – as suspended staff of One Time Transaction (ONETT) who gone Absent Without Leave (AWOL).
Holy Casserole and Guacamole,last Thursday I just posted my column “Belen outsmarted by Lim and Mata” at my blog Pangasinan News Aro’ (16 thousand hits already, aheem!). It was about “Political Maneuvering 101” of Mayor Benjie S. Lim and City Administrator Vlad Mata that I excitedly scribbled on a bond paper without a tinge of knowledge that another “Chutzpah ” has just dawned the following day Friday.
“Geez man, what you did is a blue print for other local government units to emulate where the vice mayor and majority of the aldermen have been outfoxed,’ I told my spy at the city hall.
Susmariosep, this is a political Machiavellian stroke that made many followers of grassroots politics’ jaw dropped.

“Is it true that Councilors Chito Samson, Alvin Coquia, Karlos and Dada Reyna received P1.5 million each just to railroad, er, pass the resolution to sell the McAdore Building?” I posed.

My mole emphatically reacted: “That’s preposterous. The amount is so huge (for an edifice that is being bought for up to P75 million). Besides, McAdore has not yet been sold!”

My spy told me that even if the proposed resolution has been discussed in the following regular Monday session last week, it can still be passed with the concurrence of the same number of the four councilors (a columnist of another newspaper lividly called these dads as Judases who sold their souls for 30 silver).

“The special session will not bode well for Vice Mayor Belen (Fernandez). Imagine, she presided the regular session and the four of her allies sided with the proposed resolution that comes from the mayor. Can you see the embarrassment that would cost her?” posed by my mole.
With chips falling apart from the armor of vice mayor Belen, would this be the end of the vaunted Fernandez et al majority gripped in the city council?

My spy sheepishly responded to my query with his Shakespearean English whose construction I only read at the columns non-pareil of the late Maximo Soliven and Teddy Benigno: “It’s a political climatology changes by tectonic proportion in the legislative landscape of the city council!”

Sannamagan, my media pal calumnist, er, columnist Ronel de Vera of the German national dailies Der Spiegel and Suddeutsche Zeitung retorted: “Mortz baby I will quote that quip as my own. Mahal iyan pag nabasa ni meyor and Vlad!”
Oh pahabol pala, I met City Councilor Jigs Seen, the brother in law of the vice mayor and one of the three councilors who did not attend the session, at the Panaderia Antonio the other day. I asked him if because of the allegation that his colleagues sold their souls to the executive department a sign that the remaining members of the vaunted majority is now a vanquished minority? He answered slowly in the negative. He said the majority is still there in the august chamber. (You can read my selected intriguing but thought-provoking columns at http://mortzortigoza.blogspot.com. You can send comments too at totomortz@yahoo.com).

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