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Sta. Barbara town hall to start soon

By MortZ C. Ortigoza

SANTA BARBARA- The construction of a new municipal hall will start on February this year after the municipal and provincial councils have approved the project to be financed through a P100 million loan from the Land Bank of the Philippines.

Mayor Carlito Zaplan said it was high time to replace the old municipal edifice because it could no longer accommodate the 300 employees.

“Kailangan ng bigyan ng wider space gaya ng mga libro namin doon sa ibang offices kailangan din nila ng wider space,” an employee who asked anonymity declared.

The mayor said the two-story edifice would be located near the national highway to make it more accessible.

“We will build it in Barangay Ventinilla beside the cockpit arena. Perhaps we will remove the cockpit arena,” he said.

The new building will house the executive and the legislative offices.

The mayor noted that the members of this town’s council were elated because each of them will have his own office.

He said negotiation is undergoing to buy another 3,000 square meters of property to complement the 7000 square meter bought earlier.

Assistant Vice President Filipina B. Monje of the Land Bank of the Philippines said that not all the P100 million loan this town contracted this year from the bank would be used for the construction of the new building. She said some of the money would be used for other municipal projects of the Zaplan Administration.

“The loan of Sta. Barbara is being processed for final approval,” she stressed.

Zaplan in the past told the media that he would appropriate P60 million for the new edifice.

Meanwhile, the mayor said the construction of the P140 million plant of RC Cola at Barangay Marunong here is ongoing. He said the P8 million taxes the plant will pay this town yearly will help buttress the revenues his administration gets from the yearly P21 million tax from the plant owned by Ginebra San Miguel in Brgy. Tebag West here.

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CORTEZ: Governor Marlyn

GOVERNOR MARLYN! Hindi daw po isa sa mga binabangit na former congressman ang lalaban para governor. Isang incumbent congresswoman di umano ang lalaban para governor ng Pangasinan.

Kumusta na po ALCALA VICE MAYOR PAOLO MENCIAS! Congratulations po sa mga projects niyo lalo na iyong para sa kalusugan at edukasyon.

Libre ang operasyon sa katarata doon at maraming mahihirap ang nakinabang.

Maayos ang working relation ni Vice Mayor Mencias kay Mayor Manuel Collado kaya maayos ang kanilang panunungkulan.

Sana ay pamarisan sila ng Rosales…tama po ba councilor Romy Sim?

Eto naman po ay narinig ko lang sa isang pulong.

Hindi po si former Rep. Mark Cojuangco ang lalaban bilang governor. Hindi po si former Rep. Jose De Venecia ang lalaban bilang governor. Hindi rin po si former Rep. Conrado M. Estrella III ang lalaban bilang governor.

Malaki na ang karanasan ni Rep. Marlyn Agabas sa public service sa Pangasinan at ang dulo nito ay ang maging Pangasinan Governor.

Naging councilor, board member, vice governor, congresswoman…target: governor.

Sa panahon na nangailangan si PNoy ng dagdag na prosecutor para sa impeachment ni Chief Justice Corona…Rep. Marlyn Agabas ang lumitaw.

Malaking utang na loob ni PNoy kay Rep. Marlyn Agabas na maging team ng prosecutors laban kay CJ Corona.

Dahil sa impeachment, mapapalapit na si Rep. Marlyn Agabas sa kusina ng mga KKK ni PNoy.

Dahil mapapalapit na sa kusina ni PNoy si Rep. Marlyn Agabas pwede na siyang maging administration candidate ni PNoy.

Malaking tulong sa eleksiyon ang maging kandidato para governor ng isang incumbent na presidente.

Nakikita naman natin na kung ano ang gusto ni PNoy…ito ang nangyayari.

Noong ginusto ni PNoy na maging speaker si Rep. Belmonte, naging speaker siya.

Noong ginusto ni PNoy na maalis si Gutierez sa Ombudsman, natangal nga!

Noong ginusto ni PNoy na mma-impeahc ng Congress si CJ Corona, na-impeach nga!

Kapag ginusto ni PNoy na si Rep. Marlyn ang Governor ng Pangasinan…magkatotoo kaya?

Kumusta po kay URDANETA CITY COUNCILOR RIO ESTEVES, kapag walang session at iba pang obligasyon ay nasa bukid si Councilor Esteves. (more…)

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EDITORIAL: First cordless phone

The anti terrorism component of disconnecting all cellular phone signals in the vicinity of Quiapo and the resulting complaints that followed should make the people of Pangasinan rethink of the people’s dependence on cellular phones.

The provincial government needs to assess its present communication set if ever a president sees terrorist threat that may happen in Pangasinan.

We know that Punong Barangays were issued radio communications equipment and landline and the question are…

Are the communication equipment still fully accounted for?

Are the communication equipment still functioning?

According to the website Mohammad, the first “cordless” phone was made by ALLAH. It was the model called Prayer, it never lost a signal, the recharging is done by the Holy Spirit. Use anywhere , any second, any minute , any hour ,and the best thing is you don’t need a space to carry… it is fixed by the day you born in your heart and in your mind so use it and get the best reward.

Everyone is very dependent on cellular phones and the Quiapo experience should teach us that in one stroke cellular phones will become useless even in life and death situations.

The people’s last resort as they often do in times of calamities and disasters is to turn to prayer.

Bob Ong once said, “ayokong nasasanay sa mga bagay na pwede namang wala sa buhay ko.”

Everyone has a cell phone now. But a lot of powerful people have learned not to have a cellular phone.

Billionaire Warren Buffett doesn’t use one…46-year-old Russian Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov who owns the New Jersey Nets and a presidential candidate for 2012 doesn’t use one.

People up to the 90’s were not dependent on cellular phones and they had great conversation.

Can Pangasinan be a happy place to live in without cellular phones?

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MAGANES: It’s more fun in the Philippines!

I just don’t know why the Department of Tourism (DOT) coined its new slogan- It’s more fun in the Philippines! when previous administrations have already coined the tourism slogan that already captured or lured the interests of both local and foreign tourists.

We have before Mabuhay Philippines by the country’s flag carrier, Philippine Airlines and then the Wow Philippines of the Department of Tourism under then Secretary Dick Gordon under President Fidel V. Ramos’ administration. Wow Philippines was not altered under President Gloria Macapagal -Arroyo’s administration.

What’s in a slogan? Does changing the “Wow Philippines into “It’s more fun in the Philippines,” changes the tourism realities that we are left behind other countries in tourism development and promotions? Will “It’s more fun in the Philippines” really promote our tourist destinations that have not been developed or have been neglected for years? (more…)

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Harbest conducts farmers’ techno-forum

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

ROSALES- The Harbest Agribusiness Corporation conducted a techo-forum on the latest trends on vegetable farming last January 14 in its farm demonstration site in Carmen East village here.

Farmers from various parts of the country including those in Pangasinan were the participants who were treated to farm demonstration on new farm implement, the use of more profitable vegetable seeds and other agricultural technologies that will assure higher yields of farmers.

Harbest President Arsenio Barcelona said the techno-forum known as “Agri-Kapihan” aimed to present to the farmers of the newest trends in vegetable crop production. (more…)

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A carabao in colorful paints passes near the statue of a farmer and a carabao during Carabao Festival in Bugallon town last January 12. The festivity coincides with the Bugallon Day, honoring Gen.Jose Torres Bugallon.CESAR RAMIREZ

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Technical smuggling of meat affects local hog industry- Abono

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

ROSALES- The country is losing about P2 billion to P3 billion in revenues due to the technical smuggling of frozen meat products, which also greatly affects the local hog producers.

Abono Party-list Chair Rosendo O. So said unless the government will totally stop meat importation, even corn farmers will be affected as their products will not be bought by feeds companies.

“Based on United Nations’ data, there was a total of 105 million kilos of hog bellies and good meat that entered the country last year which does not jibe with the local data. More or less 56 million kilos of imported meat products are offal which are under declared. This is a blatant technical smuggling,” So said. (more…)

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City outlines investment plans for Malimgas Market

DAGUPAN CITY – The City Tourism and Investment Promotion Center (CTIPC) has outlined its plans on developing the Malimgas Market as phase one of zeroing on Mayor Benjie Lim’s goal of marketing the city as a clean and orderly place to invest in.

Members of the CTIPC technical working group (TWG) composed of concerned department heads and technical consultants met to discuss strategies on the massive development and promotion of the city’s prime commercial enterprise facility to be undertaken starting January or February this year.

“That’s why we need to prepare Malimgas Market for that marketing drive,” said executive assistant III Deborah Castillo of the city mayor’s office, who presided over the meeting in representation of city administrator Vlad Mata, at the CMO conference room.

Castillo presented the team advertising schemes such as procuring two separate brochures on the available and the occupied stalls at Malimgas and the launching of regular crowd-drawing activities at the market, such as “Cancionan ed Malimgas.”

She, however, pointed out that those visions for the market would not succeed if it would remain as a “Maringot Market” as many market goers now refer to. (more…)

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ORTIGOZA: Poor Dagupan, Laoag and Urdaneta have left her

What I don’t like about many of the Catholic clergies in this country, they side with issues that are no brainier.

For instance issues like the artificial methods of birth control.

The evidence of the absence of free contraceptives glares its ugly head in our street.

Poor families keep bearing children that become street urchins, petty criminals, you name it. Vehicles on the streets’ slums are hampered by poor malnourished kids playing their things there.

“These sorry sights would aggravate for another ten years from now,” I told somebody in the car as I negotiated carefully the roads.

By the way, we are already 101,833,938 (July 2011 estimate) million rambunctious Filipinos. Number 20 in the world in terms of demography.


Then here comes my neighbor on this paper retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz and a priest who officiates a novena mass at the Supreme Court lately for the beleaguered chief justice Renato Corona.

I could forgive and forget Cruz craps at the executive department of the government that he accused of bullying the chief magistrate, but I nearly kicked my TV after I heard the officiating priest asking Corona if he is ready to become a saint after the conclusion of his impeachment try. (more…)

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