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Conjoined twins born in R1MC dies after 23 hours

By Yolanda Sotelo

DAGUPAN CITY –It was a sad day for the medical personnel of the Region I Medical Center when a conjoined twins, “the third case in the world,” died 23 hours after it was born on Wednesday night.
Dr. Michael Canto, RIMC’s public relations officer, said the female babies were Parapagus dicephalus, or in layman’s terms, Siamese twins.
Their bodies were joined but they have two heads. They have one set of arms, one set of legs and one external genitalia. The babies have organs compatible to life which are spines, hearts, livers, kidneys, lungs.
“This would have been a feather on the hospital’s cap if the babies survived,” Canto said.
(According to Wikipedia, there are two known Siamese twins in the world–Americans Abigail Loraine HenselBrittany Lee Hensel, who were born on March 7, 1990; and Chang and Eng Bunker brothers were born on May 11, 1811 in Siam (now Thailand). (more…)

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Police Supt. Paquito Navarrete(left), deputy provincial director for operations of Pangasinan PNP, seals the service firearm of a member of the Pangasinan PNP’s Special Weapons and Tactics(SWAT) team last December 27 at the Pangasinan PNP provincial office in Lingayen. At center is a member of the Alaminos City-based Hundred Islands Practical Shooting Association(HIPSA) who assisted in the sealing of the police’s service firearms. The PNP has conducted yesterday the simultaneous sealing of service firearms of police personnel nationwide to ensure that no police personnel will indiscriminately fire their guns during the New Year celebration.CESAR RAMIREZ

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Calasiao puto receives bulk orders for the holidays

CALASIAO– Producers of the famous puto from this town will have to work double time as orders for the sticky native cake bulked up for the holidays.
Rudy Dela Cruz, president of the Calasiao Puto Producers Association, said orders and sales for puto have increased even before Christmas.
Dela Cruz said they have received orders from other towns thus the need for overtime production.
“Malakas ho ngayon lalo na nung bago mag-Pasko. Tuloy tuloy na ang production at may shifting (ng personnel) araw at gabi.(Sales are brisk especially before Christmas. Production is continuous and personnel have shifting schedules day and night),” Dela Cruz said.
He said a stall can sell at least 100,000 pieces a day during the holidays. (more…)

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Manaoag sees 4– cornered mayoral contest

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
MANAOAG – Political maneuverings seemed to have already started this early in this pilgrimage town.
A political kibitzer said there are four mayoral wannabes in 2013 local polls, when Mayor Napoleon Sales steps down from his last term.
The kibitzer said the contenders for the mayoralty post are Dr. Angie Sales (wife of the mayor), Vice Mayor Kim Amador, Board Member Jeremy Agerico “Ming” Rosario, and Eleuterio “Tery” Sison.
“But the most (prominent) among them is BM Ming (Rosario) who zealously consults Manaoag folks on their problems and he is willing guest speaker even in far-flung villages,” a supporter said.
Sison, a former councilor who lost in the mayoralty and provincial board races in 2007 and 2010, said he would either run for the provincial board or the mayoralty of this town. (more…)

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ORTIGOZA: The Rabble Rousing JDV at 75

This columnist who used to patronize “turo-turo” (small eatery) has found himself sporting the coat and tie he inherited from his grandpa while partaking of a more than a thousand peso per plate dinner hosted by “birthday boy” former five-time speaker Jose de Venecia at the swanky Golden Bay Restaurant in Pasay City.
The almost 1000 visitors composed of present and former political high rollers of the country, foreign leaders and ambassadors spent the chilly night of December 26 feasting with Chinese cuisine with the de Venecias and (Speaker Joe’s wife Congresswoman Gina’s) Vera-Perez clans during the visionary and rabble rouser’s natal day.
As what an able ally of the former speaker former congressman Ed Zialcita declared to open the festivity: “We are her to celebrate JDV’s 100th birthday!”
Of course he was joking; JDV (Joe’s monicker) was still young at heart at 75 and a diplomatic talent the present dispensation should have tapped pronto.
I bumped into my favorite columnist in college, the irrepressible Hilarion “Larry” Henares.
This wannabe political columnist in the province of Princess Urduja told the half-ilonggo-half-Pangasinense member of the illustrious Maramba clan of Sta. Barbara (my wife’s town, too in Pangasinan) that yours truly is an Ilonggo too and a media pal of the de Venecias who hail from Dagupan City.
Henares, accompanied by his daughter-in-law Commissioner Kim Jacinto- Henares of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, surprisingly posed:
“Oh, ilonggo ka man (Oh, so you’re Ilonggo?) ?
“Hu-od sir (Yes, sir),” I retorted in Hiligaynon.
“Amtam so mansalitay Pangasinan (You speak Pangasinan?)? He posed again in Pangasinan.
“Amtak sir. Makapagsalitak so salita yo with JDV (of course sir, I can speak too your dialect and JDV’s),” I told him in my haphazard Pangasinense.
“We missed very much your political prose, “I told him.
I and my college pal Rene Pacolor (now a mentor who has a doctor in Social Science, and Larry’s number one fan in Cotabato) could not forget his eye –catching column humorously entitled, like for one, “USA speaks softly and carries a big Dick”.
We missed Larry’s distinct irreverence and propensity to brand the high priests of the US embassy and Philippines politics with names like Kulas Platypus for former Ambassador Nicolas Platt and Small Dick (for then Senator Dick Gordon) Crocodile Dundeeng (for former Ambassador Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco), and Lechon Drilon (for Senator Frank Drilon).
Of course I could not forget his opinions on Council of Trent, colonial lackey, the Central Intelligence Agency, American monopolists, and the Holy Mafia’s Opus Dei represented by the baldy rightist economist and anti-condom warrior Bernie Villegas

“Why not write again a column,” I told him after we have our photo ops.
He chuckled and told me he has already a TV and radio shows.
I asked him the whereabouts of my “mentor” another columnist non-pareil Antonio “Tony” Abaya who used to send this writer pamphlets like “A Funny thing Happened on the Way to Communism,” “the Other Face of Imperialism”, to name a few, and his weekly article of his column at the Manila-Standard Today at my email.
“Oh, Tony had a stroke thus he does not write anymore,” Larry told me in his distinct American accent he learned probably at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
If Larry and Tony molded my political thinking, JDV’s rabble rousing spiels intrigues me no end since I want to emulate it.
If evangelicals applause and stomp their feet every time a Jimmy Swaggart- like- preachers emphasized a point in a sermon, JDV’s gift of gab – he sprinkled with his wide knowledge of international politics – electrify the ho-polloi as they reciprocate it with their incessant round of applause .
I myself is mesmerized to JDV’s verbal spiel, I could listen to him for hours unlike the minutes I could afford to our boring Baptist pastor nearby.
Geez, its sheer entertainment!
“Eleksiyon angapoy eleksiyon, yog -yog angapoy yog-yog, delap angapoy delap wadya ak para silbi-an kayo! (Election or no election, earthquake or no earthquake, flood or no flood, I am here ready to serve all of you my constituents,” is one of his “ding-dong” verbal magic that captivates and endears him to the crowd.
The other one is an analogy of his distinct two liners where the second sentence he punctuated emphatically that turned the masses, even those at the boondocks of his congressional district, wild:
“I will be giving 90 diesel powered water pumps now! I will be giving 90 diesel powered water pumps next time!!!”
If the world in the 20th Century has witnessed the declamation prowess’s of Adolf Hitler at the Reich-stag and Winston Churchill “ Never Surrender “ at the House of Commons, the 21st Century has its Joe de Venecia who not only enthralled the Filipinos at the podium of the August Chamber when he was five-time speaker, but spelled those wide-eyed foreign dignitaries (who are members of either the International Conference of (All) Asian Political Parties he co founded and co-chairs , or the Centrist Asia Pacific Democrats International where he is the president) of his exceptional verbal talent.
(You can read my selected intriguing but thought-provoking columns at You can send comments too at

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Malasiqui starts to construct P50M building

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

MALASIQUI- Mayor Armando Domantay said the construction of the annex building of the municipal hall has started through progressive billing.
Progressive billing is a policy of the bank in which the bank releases the amount of the loan equivalent to the cost of the constructiona portion of the building.
Domantay said this town has loaned P50 million from the Development Bank of the Philippines in Dagupan City for the annex building.
The construction however was not spared by controversy, he said.
Earlier, Association of Barangay Captain President Alfonso Soriano called the P50 million building as the most expensive municipal hall in the Philippines in terms of its price per square meter. (more…)

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MAGANES: An ill-mannered town executive

December has always been regarded as the happiest month of the year. It has to be. Christians all over the world are celebrating the “birth” of Jesus Christ known as Christmas. Gift giving, family reunions and long vacation characterized the celebration of the holidays.

Woe to the people of Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City in Mindanao. Last December 19, typhoon “Sendong” through its fury of flashfloods claimed more than 1,000 lives. They were in their deep slumbers at the wee hours of morning on that fateful day, and then tons of logs and floodwaters came rushing into their homes. Water has been reported to be 20- foot deep. (more…)

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Abono distributes gifts to indigent pupils; SM City Rosales to special kids, PWDs

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

It’s Christmastime! It’s a time of giving and sharing. Joy and gladness fill everyone’s hearts. Less fortunate people like the indigents, special children and persons with disabilities are the happiest.

Two organizations gave gifts with a twist.

Abono Partylist chaired by Engr. Rosendo O. So, through his wife Julie and daughter Juslyn led the distribution of gifts on December 21 to 400 indigent pupils in four schools of Villasis- Lipay Elementary School, Puelay Elementary School, West Poblacion Elementary School and Villasis I. Central School.

The pupils received school supplies and some goodies.

The same gift giving activities were also done in various schools in Urdaneta City with the assistance of City Councilor Rio Virgilio Estevez.

“ Mag-aral kayong mabuti and Merry Christmas,” said Julie So to the pupils. (more…)

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