MAGANES: Quo vadis P-Noy?

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A great political drama, or I may call it zarsuela, has unfolded before our eyes last week. involving the former La Presidenta Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and the present administration under El Presidente P-Noy. There was a tug-of-war whether this government will allow the former president and her husband Mike Arroyo leave the country for the latter to seek medical attention in other countries.

“No, they can’t leave this country!” Those were uttered by Justice Secretary Lelia De Lima who has been in deep paranoia that once the Arroyos will leave the country, they will no longer return to face the cases that are to be filed against them.

So, De Lima upon the order of El Presidente P-Noy issued a watch list order that the Arroyos will be barred from leaving the country where police authorities including the officials of NAIA were alerted to thwart off such attempts.

The former La Presidenta filed a temporary restraining order (TRO) with the Supreme Court. The justices voting 8-5 issued a TRO on the watch list order and allowed the once powerful couple to leave the country.

But by golly, the TRO has not been implemented because in a jiffy, like a raging Japan’s tsunami and Colorado’s tornadoes, a judge from Pasay City Regional Trial Court has issued a warrant of arrest for La Presidenta over an instant case file against her which was done in haste by the Department of Justice and Commission on Elections (Comelec) on alleged electoral sabotage in 2007 elections. Such case on the court is non-bailable.

My question is “why the haste in filing the case? ” What kind of wisdom does DoJ is trying to convey to the Filipino people? Was De Lima over and above the Supreme Court’s order such that she, through her magical wand, all those involved- Comelec, Judge of the Regional Trial Court in Pasay City, the high officials of Philippine National Police (PNP) and other cohorts of this administration acted in unison like the orchestrated music of Philharmonic Orchestra.

Yes, De Lima through P-Noy’s order could do one day the filing of a case against La Presidenta. They could decide in matter of seconds because of the fear that La Presidenta Gloria will do ala Houdini when already out of the country.

Aha.. they could do it swiftly in united decision, but they were not able to do so during the hostage of the Chinese nationals at the Luneta Park in July 2010. And how about the massacre of the soldiers in Mindanao lately by the elements of the Minadanao Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)? Why could they not decide in matter of seconds and minutes in pursuing those criminals? El Presidente P-Noy had not decided favorably on those two international issues at hand.

On the electoral sabotage case, La Presidenta Gloria was accused of directing the Comelec honchos in 2007 to ensure the victory of the Team Unity senatorial slate. But it was not so. The Team Unity suffered a dismal loss in that elections otherwise they could have won handily on the handiwork of La Presidenta Gloria. My mind is at a loss. What electoral sabotage does her critics been barking about? What are they harping at- that La Presidenta Gloria made her team at that time won in elections?

We are now on the nearing end of constitutional crisis. Justice De Lima thinks of herself as the “Super Girl” behind El Presidente P-Noy. She has many public statements that are incongruous with the policies of the El Presidente and the latter also faltered many times in his decision.

The Supreme Court has forewarned De Lima of possible contempt of the Court when she did not implement immediately the TRO. Instead, De Lima maneuvered legal processes against La Presidenta and poor girl of Lubao, Pampanga she’s now under hospital arrest.

Filipinos are known for their compassion. We are known to be forgiving. But the drama in its melodramatic scenes is making us Filipinos vindictive not minding of our Christian values.
Who would be blamed if the condition of La Presidenta worsens? Who would take the blame should she die (God forbid!) without getting her desired medical attention? There will be again public chaos. We are all aware that La Presidenta and her family have still minions of followers. If something bad happens to their benefactor, I believe that these people will do street rallies and put pressures on El Presidente P-Noy. Let us not also discount the fact that in the military and police hierarchies, La Presidenta Gloria still has many followers that, come what may, will always rally behind the back of their former commander in chief.

This administration is invoking justice as the reason behind its action over La Presidenta Gloria’s situation. El Presidente P-Noy has never stopped on capitalizing over the failures of La Presidenta Gloria’s administration. Have you ever noticed that since he won, we have not heard of any concrete plans where this administration is taking us in the next years to come? All we heard were the litanies of La Presidenta Gloria’s alleged corruption during her term and P-Noy had never talked on the good projects she had done. Let’s not be blind, La Presidenta, whether she’s a sinner or saint, has also done her part in the development process of this country.

There maybe good things and bad things in the past administration but certainly this administration of El Presidente P-Noy has also its own share of bad and good things.

Where are we going El Presidente P-Noy? Please tell us soon.

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