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Hindi ako ang nagpasara ng fish processing plant – BSL

Dagupan City – “I have nothing to do with the closure of the fish processing plant.”
Mayor Benjamin S. Lim issued this statement in reaction to opposition claims that the seafood plant in barangay Bonuan Binloc was closed by the city.
“Ang nagpasara ay ang Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources office mismo, hindi gaya ng sinasabi nila na ang ciudad ang nagpasara.In fact, I am not even aware na nag-ooperate na pala ang naturang plant. Mismong ang BFAR ang nakasita na nag-ooperate na pala ang naturang planta under Rosario,” said Lim.
He also clarified that until now, Dr. Westly Rosario has not yet filed any application for mayor’s permit contrary to what has been published in a weekly newspaper that the plant ‘remains closed on account of continued refusal of the city government to issue a business permit for its operations.’
“How can they say that when there’s no application from their end to apply for business permit until now. What is there to refuse?” asked Lim.
“Ang concern ko lang diyan ay yung mga taong pinangakoan nila ng trabaho na hanggang ngayun ay wala pang trabaho. Isa pa, dapat matiyak natin na malinis ang kanilang operasyon kasi pagkain ang pinag-uusapan natin dito. Dapat meron silang sanitary permit. Other than that wala na akong paki-alam kung sino man ang gumagamit diyan,” he said.
“Ang balita ko kasi ang mga gumagamit diyan may Maramba ang apelyedo, yung isa Fernandez at yung isa ay may ari yata ng isang malaking shopping mall dito sa ciudad,” he added. (CIO – Joseph C. Bacani)

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FVR to launch WOW book in Pangasinan

Former President Fidel V. Ramos will lead the formal launching of the book of quotations collected and edited by author Melandrew T. Velasco entitled WOW (Words of Wisdom) FVR 111111-111 at the Sison Auditorium in Lingayen, Pangasinan at 3PM on 11 November 2011.
This was announced by Governor Amado T. Espino Jr. who expressed elation over the launching of a landmark book project published and authored by two sons of Pangasinan in the persons of President Ramos and Mel Velasco who has been his long time personal friend. He added that the book launching jibes well with his promotion of history, literature, culture and arts over the last four years as Pangasinan governor.
“This book, 111111-111 FVR WOW, is a roadmap that ties two exemplary lives in one comprehensive volume, serving also as a display of gratitude and admiration from a loving son to a steadfast father—a legacy indeed that has come full circle,” Espino said.
He added that 11111-111 FVR WOW is in every way a hallmark book project for the man behind its vision, Fidel V. Ramos. It is a testament to his selfless, never-ending commitment to nation-building, which had already started even before he became Philippine President.
For his part, FVR has this to say: “This book, 11-11-11-111 FVR WOW or Words of Wisdom, was the outcome of a concept I initially imparted to our family biographer, Melandrew T. Velasco. It was inspired by my desire to honor fittingly the public service of my father Narciso (born on 11 November 1900 in Asingan, Pangasinan) whose 111th birth anniversary we celebrate today 11 November 2011. Thus this
book seeks to organize a compilation of worthy quotes from my statements, speeches and writings and those of others, and launched on 11-11-11 for his 111th birth anniversary.”
Ramos said the main purpose of this project is to summarize in a compact handy volume “best practices” in citizenship and governance that would appeal to people of all ages, especially to the younger ones who will someday assume the mantle of leadership from today’s incumbents.
“The truth has made me realize just how much we need more doses of wisdom in our daily lives as Filipinos—for wisdom sparks inspiration, and if we are a people needy of inspiration to remain competitive, then the more doses of wise words of motivation in nation-building will count all the better,” Ramos wrote in the book’s foreword.
Velasco, fondly called MTV or Mel by colleagues and peers, has taken his book writing career to another level with 111111-111 FVR WOW (Words of Wisdom). This book is the first paperback edition published by MTVi after publishing 10 coffee table books in the last 10 years. As FVR pointed out, WOW will go down in history as the country’s version of Chairman Mao Zedong’s “Little Red Book” that will endure for many generations to come.
Since 2000, he has been entrusted to write other books on the life stories of FVR’s family members and even the RPDEV: An Enduring Legacy: The Life and Times of Narciso Rueca Ramos (Two Editions); In a Class of Her Own: The Life and Times of Angela Valdez Ramos; Uncle Sim: The Life and Times of Simeon Marcos Valdez; Mommy: The Life and Times of Josefa Jara Martinez; Simply Ming: The Life Story of First Lady Amelita Ramos; Teamwork for Enduring Peace and Sustainable Development: Ten Years of the Ramos Peace and Development Foundation, and, Colors of Light: The Life Story of Lucia Mangapit Valdez.
For this year, Mel has launched two major coffee table book projects namely Colors of Light last 11 January 2011 and 11 August 2011, both at the historic Manila Hotel with his tenth opus, Embrace: The Heart of Service, that showcased Mel’s commitment and dedication for the Rotary.

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MAGANES: Public service above law?

The townspeople of Rosales are not aware that since 2007, the Rural Health Unit (RHU) of the town was operating illegally as a hospital. It was not known not until October 14, 2011 when the Department of Health (DOH) -Center for Health Development (CHD) of Region I conducted. monitoring of RHU laboratories. To the surprise of the monitoring and licensing team, Rosales’ RHU was operating not only as a center for preventive medical services but as a hospital.

The findings prompted the DOH-CHD to issue a cease and desist order for the RHU to operate as a hospital since it is in violation of the Hospital Act or Republic Act No. 4226. It took. 4 years for the said agency to discover the illegal operations of the RHU which has already been providing medical services to the townspeople of Rosales such as general medicine, general pediatrics, general surgery and general obstetrics and gynecology. The RHU has been equipped with medical equipment and instruments for the said services.

What happened to Rosales is an eye opener to other local town executives. The mayors, although wanting to provide services to the people, they are still governed by laws, rules and regulations. There’s a tug of war between the desire to extend service and the statutes that govern the same.

Mayor Ricardo V. Revita could be commended for such action of giving medical services to his townmates. However, he has to abide with the existing laws of the land. No man is above the law. The laws have been crafted to protect the right of the people as well as to invoke proper order, and in this case on medical services.

What would have been the liability of the local government unit of Rosales if during those years, the operations of the RHU as hospital have discovered medical malpractice? What could have been the sanctions imposed by the DOH-CHD) on such cases?

DOH-CHD, for a fact has also slept on its job. Why did it take them that long to monitor the illegal operations of the RHU? If they could have done it earlier, Rosales administration could have done immediate actions such that requesting from the said agency to accredit the RHU as a first level hospital.

This is not only for DOH-CHD. There are agencies in the government that are not keen on imposing sanctions to those that violate the law and yet when they are caught in not doing so, these agencies wash their hands.

DOH-CHD has been remiss on its duties, that is a fact. Mayor Revita had only the good intention to serve his people. But such intention has been clouded by the imposition of existing laws of the land with which he has to comply.

I personally commend Mayor Revita ( peace be with you sir!) when in his letter as response to the cease and desist order of DOH-CHD said, “But with your letter this time, rest assured that we have learned our lesson and will be guided accordingly pursuant to our existing rules and regulations. I will however be more grateful if you will help us find ways to enable us operate a hospital soon. Thank you and our apologies.”

Bravo! Mayor Revita. This time you humbled yourself to the pressures of DOH-CHD. I hope that humility will be part of your virtues not only if sanctioned by higher authorities but also in dealing with your constituents and other public officials of Rosales.

Last November 3, colleagues in this paper Mortz Ortigoza, publisher Yolanda Sotelo and editor Brando Cortez filed their counter-affidavits on the libel case filed by 6th District Board Member Alfonso C. Bince, Jr. at the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office in Lingayen. I was also there to file my affidavit as a witness and as a lasting gesture of support to my colleagues because I personally believe that the libel case will not hold water as long as what had been written were true and of the interest of public service.

The litigation, however, is a long process. It will not only entail money but also robs one of time. But that’s how it will be when the libel case filed will be joined by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office (the group requested the inhibition of the provincial prosecutor for obvious reason- he is a brother of the complainant) and finds a probable cause.

I was surprised last Friday while watching the TV broadcast of GMA’s Balitang Amianan when Board Member Bince said he will be open for dialogue to those he filed a case with. Bince was the guest of the Media in Action in that day at the Pedrito’s Restaurant in Dagupan City sponsored by the Pangasinan Press Club (PPC).

I could sense the sincerity of Bince when he said that over the TV broadcast. He humbled himself. He said that he has no personal grudge against Mortz Ortigoza and his co-accused of libel. He was in his high spirit, the ever maverick Bince I looked up to with awe and respect.

Maybe, a dialogue really is better than pursuing the libel case. My colleagues, including me, I suppose will also welcome that move in order to thresh out miscommunications and misgivings. I hope it will materialize soon so that whatever wounds that have been inflicted by the articles of Mortz Ortigoza ( I believe he did it in good faith) will be thrown once and for all into oblivion.
Media and public officials must work hand in hand in bringing information to the general public. Media serves as the mirror while public officials must always look and ask themselves in the mirror if they are faring well in their jobs.

Again, personally I welcome such dialogue with Board Member Alfonso Bince Jr.

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Rosales dads bat for community hospital

by Virgilio Sar. Maganes

ROSALES- Following the closure of the Rural Health Unit (RHU) here as a hospital by the Department of Health (DOH), the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) headed by Vice Mayor Dominador “Jojo” E. Pajela, Jr. is batting for the establishment of. Don Conrado F. Estrella,Sr. Community Hospital.

The DOH through its Center for Health Development (CHD) in Region I issued last October 14 an order to Mayor Ricardo V. Revita to cease and desist in operating the RHU as a hospital which is in violation of Republic Act No. 4226 or the Hospital Act and its implementing rules and regulations (IRR).

DOH found out during the inspection of the Licensing Team from the CHD that the RHU of this town was operating as a hospital without the necessary licenses from the said agency.

The RHU has been operating as hospital since July 2007 following the clamor of the townspeople for continuous medical services.

Vice Mayor Pajela, a medical doctor by profession, said that the operation of the RHU as a hospital violates the Hospital Act since RHUs are established for preventive health services and not for curative and other high level of medical services such as surgery.

“With the closure order of DOH which the local government has to abide with, this is now the time to establish a community hospital to meet the medical needs of the town’s constituents,” he said.

Pajela said that the SB will lobby with the Abono Partylist and 6th District Rep. Marlyn Primicias-Agabas for possible funding for its construction and for land site.

Pajela further explained that medical standards and requirements must be met to establish a medical and diagnostic clinic.

” With the establishment of a community hospital, the RHU should be manned by the Municipal Health Officer while the hospital shall have separate plantilla of health workers headed by a qualified and experience medical director,” Pajela said.

Meanwhile, Mayor Revita responded to the cease and desist order in his letter of October 25, 2011 invoking that his action for converting the RHU as a hospital was ” in response to the increasing medical needs of our townspeople and in heed to the call of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Pangasinan to duplicate the RHU of San Quintin, Pangasinan which was then operating 24/7.”

He further stated in his letter response that “as an elective official sworn into power by my constituents, I owe and am duty bound to serve my town mates. Thus, in the event that ailing patients avail of our medical services empty handed, I cannot simply turn my back on them after rendering our basic health service, or drive them away.”

Revita further stated that with the cease and desist order ” rest assured that we learned our lesson and will be guided accordingly pursuant to our existing rules and regulations.”

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