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EDITORIAL : Oversized Pigs

Backyard hog farmers and commercial hog farmers are now filled with oversized pigs because sales are down.

The Abono party-list attributed low sales to the influx of lean pork meat declared as imported fats, offal and skin of pork from other countries.

Abono Party-list chairRosendoSo said the Bureau of Customs led by Commissioner RuffyBiazon and the Department of Agriculture led by SecretaryProceso Alcala have intercepted a cargo of lean pork declared as fats, offal and skin of pork.

The volume of misdeclared pork that enters the local pork industry eats into the market share of local hog farmers.

Since the imported pork is bought by local consumers, the local hog industry suffers in terms of low sales.

Because of low sales, the hog farmers are forced to lower the farmgate price to be able to disposetheir mature hogs than suffer bigger losses.

The Abono party-list also appealed to middlemen in the pork industry to minimize their greed.

The farmgate price of pork in backyard hog farms has gone down to around P90 per kilo while the retail price has remained at around P160 to P170 per kilo.

If the importation of lean meat through misdeclarationat the ports continues, corn farmers will also suffer.

If hog farmers cannot sell their mature hogs, they will lessen their hog inventory.

Less hog inventory among local hog farmers will mean less corn consumption.

Less demand for corn by the local hog industry will drive down the farmgate price of corn.

Lower farmgate price of corn means lower income for corn farmers.

We join Abono Party-list in calling for higher tariff on imported pork.

We join Abono Party-list in calling for stricter monitoring of imported meat declared as pork skin, fats, and offal.

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CORTEZ: Bakit nag-engage sa peace talks ang RPMP-RPA-ABB?

It is always an option for any armed force waging war to enter into a negotiated peaceful settlement with its enemy… RPMP-RPA-ABB

BOK NANI BRAGANZA ngAlaminos City, Pangasinan, Kumustanapo kayo? Anopobaangmasasabiniyosa peace process? Datirinkayong member ng peace panel, hindipoba?

Ang formal signing ng peace negotiation sapagitanng Government of the Philippines at ng RPMP-RPA-ABB ay naganapnoong December 2000 kung saanangnagingslogan ay “PEACE BEGINS WERE OPPRESSION ENDS.”

Angmgapumirmaparasa RPMP-RPA-ABB ay sinaKaNiloDela Cruz, Ka Ike Delos Reyes at Ka Art Tabara.

Paanoponagsimulaang RPMP-RPA-ABB?

On May 1, 1998, the RebolusyonaryongPartidongManggagawa-Pilipinas (Revolutionary Workers Party) was formally established in its founding congress held in Mindanao island. Aptly enough, May 1 as the intenational working men’s day, marked the historic day when the new proletarian party was established on a national scope, based on the ideological line of Marxism-Leninism. It also marks the final repudiation of the Maoist and Stalinist deviations. It defined the anti-imperialist and democratic transitional program as the line of march of the working class in the country towards socialism.

Ang reading ng RPMP-RPA-ABB ay angPilipinas ay nasa stage ng uneven capitalist development nanasailalimng foreign monopoly control.

Anopoang guiding principles peace talks ng RPMP-RPA_ABB?

Our fundamental principle is that the objectives and duties of the RPM-P/RPA-ABB serve the interest of the class struggle against social injustice at inequity against the capitalist system. Under the present objective balance of forces and in a period of reforms, we have no other option but to engage in a negotiation if only to win demands of the masses that will eventually benefit the revolutionary forces and the masses.

Hence, the correctness at success of our conduct in peace negotiation will be measured according to how it will advance the anti-imperialist and democratic transitional program and ensure the gains to serve our revolutionary agenda at present.

For its effective practical application in the over-all revolutionary struggle in a given period, there are two fundamental bases of Leninism with regards to peace and war. First, the basis for the assurance of maximum gains is the objective balance of class forces. Second, the revolutionary interest in a period of revolution which will determine the direction of war or peace.

Peace negotiation is an integral part of our revolutionary mass movement. Peace negotiation as a revolutionary unarmed tactic can help advance the over-all strategy of revolutionary mass movement. Leninism has defined that entering into a peace agreement is part of the revolutionary tactics, which serve to advance the revolutionary tasks and objectives in a given situation when the balance of forces does not permit the forces of revolution to win a war against the enemies. It has the particular role of providing respite to the revolutionary forces in order for them to avoid worse loses and consolidate success.

In defining this orientation, the Party has therefore decided to engage in a peace negotiation with the bourgeois government in order to maximize the armed strength of the RPA-ABB in the struggle for the well-being of exploited and oppressed working masses. At the same time, it will also serve the objective of maintaining and further strengthening its armed force to be able to continuously serve and protect the interest of socialism.

However, the Party sees this as an indomitable task that will be a difficult and complicated process as it fully knows that the bourgeoisie, especially the ultra-rightists and militarists, have no other desire but the complete destruction of the revolutionary armed forces.

RPMP believes that class struggle, through the mass struggle of the working class, is the only way for the working class to liberate itself from the slavery of capitalism. In this period of reforms, revolutionary organizing and the heightening of the class consciousness of the masses of the working class should be pursued relentlessly through their painstaking organizing, mobilization and education in various forms of struggle for them to obtain their immediate demands. By this the masses will then learn from their own experience the necessity of revolutionary change.

Anopobaang RPA-ABB?

The Revolutionary Proletarian Army-Alex Boncayao Brigade (RPA-ABB) is a revolutionary political army of the proletariat and the oppressed people, carrying a politico-military orientation. All its members and officers uphold the Marxist Leninist principles of the revolution and firm leadership of the political Party of Proletariat (the RPMP). This army accepts socialism as the only alternative system in order to put an end to the oppression and exploitation of the bourgeois class against the proletariat and the people.

The RPA-ABB also supports the complementary role of the armed struggle and of the Army in the workers movement as basic Marxist Leninist principle of the revolution.

Anopobaang parameters ng RPMP-RPA-ABB sa peace negotiations?

There are parameters in our conduct that may be followed with regards to negotiations with the enemy State:

a. We are not to be carried away with the illusion that social reforms can be obtained through peace negotiations. We must also guard against the machinations of the State to exploit our weaknesses or to undermine our revolutionary will.

b. To achieve democratic reforms from the State, we may not compromise nor surrender our position, nor weaken our resolute stand on the seizure of State political power for the working class movement.

c. We may negotiate when we are weak, not only when we are strong. We may employ peace negotiations during periods when we need to regroup and consolidate our forces.

d. With regards to the negotiations between the GRP and the CPP-NPA-NDF, we positively view whatever favorable outcome or positive results may come from the negotiations of the State with the NDF or MILF, bringing concrete benefits to the people. Again in this aspect we may not agree to any condition that would oblige us to surrender our position, or that would leave the basis and roots of the armed conflict unaddressed and unresolved.

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