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A Supreme Court(SC) security personnel frisks a detainee as the latter enters the mobile court last November 24’s Enhanced Justice on Wheels program of the SC infront of the Capitol Building in Lingayen.CESAR RAMIREZ

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‘Accused’ Register of Deeds official reassigned in Alaminos

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

ALAMINOS CITY- An official of the Register of Deeds (RD) who was linked by the Bureau of Internal Revenue to a P9.26 million tax fraud was reassigned from his post in Lingayen to this city.

Lawyer Melvin Castro, the former deputy head of the RD in Lingayen, was reassigned as head of the RD Alaminos, according to sources.

BIR commissioner Kim Henares in a joint press declation of the BIR and Department of Justice accused Castro to have conspired with the 12 heirs of one Gavino Vinluan of selling to Labrador former Mayor Ernesto Acain their two parcels of lands but did not pay the P9.26 million taxes.

The properties have a total area of 358,966 square meters and are covered by Tax Declaration Nos. 12726 and 12729 in Labrador town

According to Revenue District Office-5 chief Atty. Elmer Carolino, Castro’s involvement started when he wrote at the Day Book of the RD in Lingayen a statement that was used by the provincial Assessor office under Nestor Quimbao in issuing new tax declarations in the name of the buyers.

But what Castro wrote there were completely unrelated Barangay Certification dated August 11, 2009 and not a certification for Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR) for the heirs to pay the P9.26 million that was a requirement for the transaction.

According to Carolino, who diligently investigated this anomaly, because of Castro actions the government was deprived with millions of pesos of taxes.

Consequently the BIR sued Castro for violation of Section 258 (E) of the NIRC of 1997, as amended, for allowing the transfer of ownership of the subject parcels of land without a CAR from the BIR certifying that such transfer has been reported and that the Capital Gain Tax (CGT) thereon has been paid.

The 12 heirs of Vinluan were likewise charged with failure to file estate tax return in violation of Section 107 of the NIRC of 1939 (Commonwealth Act 466), as amended, which was the law in effect at the time of the death of decedent Vinluan.

“As a result of the said fraudulent scheme, the heirs of Vinluan were found liable to pay CGT and DST (Documentary Stamp Tax) amounting to P7.40 million and P1.86 million, respectively, inclusive of surcharges and interests. Total tax liability is P9.26 million,”said Henares in a press release.

“The other penalty in the National Internal Revenue Code of Castro will be perpetual

disqualification in office,” Carolino said.

Castro denied in this paper that he owns the signature and certification at the Day Book.

He said that probably somebody forged his signature.

Another source at the BIR who asked anonymity said that the signature specimen’s expert of the National Bureau of Investigation could discover if Castro was telling the truth.

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Dagupan plans to add more dikes along rivers

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – Mayor Benjamin Lim said he would discuss the proposal of an official of the National Irrigation Administration to add more dikes along the river banks of the flood prone villages instead of dredging the rivers, to solve the perennial flooding.

The proposal was made by Area Manager John Celeste of the Project Inspection & Advisory Group (PIAG) of the National Irrigation Administration.

“I will listen to him on what is the best to solve the flood problem (of the city),” Lim said.

Celeste earlier told this paper that dredging operation is not the solution to the flooding problem in the city.

He said swelling of the water is the high tide of the sea.

Manager Celeste, an engineer and resident of Brgy. Pantal, proposed to discuss with Mayor Lim or City Administrator Vladimir Mata a plan to build more dikes above the old dikes on the river banks particularly in Pantal – one of the most vulnerable villages to flood whenever there is high tide.

He also proposed the putting of gates for the drainage underneath the old dikes which can be closed whenever there is high tide so the river could not enter into the residential areas,” he said.

The other flood prone villages here are Lasip, Caranglaan, Malued, Lucao, Tebeng, Mangin, Salisay and many other areas in southern Dagupan.

The mayor compared Celeste’s technique to modern European countries like Netherlands today.

“Talagang mas mababa sila, sa ilalim sila ng sea level. Pero napakaganda ng bansa nila. They can afford to put a dike,” Lim said.

Lim however said that it cost millions of pesos to build dikes.

Earlier, 2nd Highway District Engineer Rodolfo Dion of the Department of Public Highways underscored the need to dredge not only Pantal but the upper stream Sinocalan River in Sta. Barbara town that aggravates the flooding in the city.

He recalled that Pantal River was very deep many years ago that it was able to accommodate the big volume of water being discharged from Sinocalan River.

The river is now however very shallow and too narrow because of accretion.

The Pantal River in Dagupan is where Sinocalan River drains. Sinocalan is connected to Toboy and Tagamusing Rivers in San Manuel and Binalonan, and the Mitura River in Urdaneta.

Dion said a dredging machine from DPWH needs 200 liters of diesel fuel per hour, equivalent to one drum or approximately P10, 000 more or less.

But the recovery for one-hour work is high – at least 1,000 cubic meters he noted. He also recommended six-hour a day dredging for at least one year.

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ORTIGOZA: Dagupan CIO remiss on its duty?

It seems the City Information Office of Dagupan City has not been answering the criticisms launched by the political detractors of Mayor Benjie S. Lim.

Take these three damaging attacks for example where the name of the mayor was dragged:

1) He bypassed the Sangguniang Panlungsod by not approving the P13.1 million calamity fund in 2010;

2) He was responsible for the demolition of settlers at Sitio Opot in Brgy. Bonuan Gueset;

3) Administrator Vlad Mata illegally signed the waiver in lieu of the Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection (CFEI) from the City Engineering Office for the building of illegal structures at Sitio Silungan in Bonuan Binloc.

I did not see any press releases from the CIO rebutting these scathing attacks until I discussed this with the city administrator last week.

Mata emphatically torpedoed the three issues by the following:

1) SP was not bypassed. He said new Republic Act 10121 or known as “Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010” says that the mayor can use even 100 percent of the five (5) percent Calamity fund without the dads’ imprimatur;

2) Demolition at Sitio Opot was an order from a court through a Writ of Execution in behalf of the private owner;

3) His signature affixed above the printed name of Mayor Lim was a forgery. Mata said he is ready to sue with Falsification of Public Document the person who forged his signature.

Mata deplored that he learned the No. 3 issue last Thursday or four days after the detractors of Lim were exploiting it with gusto.

Mata confidently explained that waiver he allegedly signed was bogus.

Firstly, the new logo of the city was attached to the waiver dated November 10, 2010 when the city has only started using it last June or July 2011; secondly, the signature was signed by the malefactor using a ball pen. Mata said he uses a sign pen every time he signs a document; thirdly, every page of the waiver has a stamped seal. Mata said that Mayor Lim uses only the city seal in his official letter.

Mata told me that the people at the CIO should be updating him pronto after the detractors break the news for public consumption.

These faux passes could serve as a wake up call to the Joseph Goebbels at the information office.
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MAGANES: Quo vadis P-Noy?

A great political drama, or I may call it zarsuela, has unfolded before our eyes last week. involving the former La Presidenta Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and the present administration under El Presidente P-Noy. There was a tug-of-war whether this government will allow the former president and her husband Mike Arroyo leave the country for the latter to seek medical attention in other countries.

“No, they can’t leave this country!” Those were uttered by Justice Secretary Lelia De Lima who has been in deep paranoia that once the Arroyos will leave the country, they will no longer return to face the cases that are to be filed against them.

So, De Lima upon the order of El Presidente P-Noy issued a watch list order that the Arroyos will be barred from leaving the country where police authorities including the officials of NAIA were alerted to thwart off such attempts.

The former La Presidenta filed a temporary restraining order (TRO) with the Supreme Court. The justices voting 8-5 issued a TRO on the watch list order and allowed the once powerful couple to leave the country.

But by golly, the TRO has not been implemented because in a jiffy, like a raging Japan’s tsunami and Colorado’s tornadoes, a judge from Pasay City Regional Trial Court has issued a warrant of arrest for La Presidenta over an instant case file against her which was done in haste by the Department of Justice and Commission on Elections (Comelec) on alleged electoral sabotage in 2007 elections. Such case on the court is non-bailable.

My question is “why the haste in filing the case? ” What kind of wisdom does DoJ is trying to convey to the Filipino people? Was De Lima over and above the Supreme Court’s order such that she, through her magical wand, all those involved- Comelec, Judge of the Regional Trial Court in Pasay City, the high officials of Philippine National Police (PNP) and other cohorts of this administration acted in unison like the orchestrated music of Philharmonic Orchestra.

Yes, De Lima through P-Noy’s order could do one day the filing of a case against La Presidenta. They could decide in matter of seconds because of the fear that La Presidenta Gloria will do ala Houdini when already out of the country.

Aha.. they could do it swiftly in united decision, but they were not able to do so during the hostage of the Chinese nationals at the Luneta Park in July 2010. And how about the massacre of the soldiers in Mindanao lately by the elements of the Minadanao Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)? Why could they not decide in matter of seconds and minutes in pursuing those criminals? El Presidente P-Noy had not decided favorably on those two international issues at hand.

On the electoral sabotage case, La Presidenta Gloria was accused of directing the Comelec honchos in 2007 to ensure the victory of the Team Unity senatorial slate. But it was not so. The Team Unity suffered a dismal loss in that elections otherwise they could have won handily on the handiwork of La Presidenta Gloria. My mind is at a loss. What electoral sabotage does her critics been barking about? What are they harping at- that La Presidenta Gloria made her team at that time won in elections?

We are now on the nearing end of constitutional crisis. Justice De Lima thinks of herself as the “Super Girl” behind El Presidente P-Noy. She has many public statements that are incongruous with the policies of the El Presidente and the latter also faltered many times in his decision.

The Supreme Court has forewarned De Lima of possible contempt of the Court when she did not implement immediately the TRO. Instead, De Lima maneuvered legal processes against La Presidenta and poor girl of Lubao, Pampanga she’s now under hospital arrest.

Filipinos are known for their compassion. We are known to be forgiving. But the drama in its melodramatic scenes is making us Filipinos vindictive not minding of our Christian values.
Who would be blamed if the condition of La Presidenta worsens? Who would take the blame should she die (God forbid!) without getting her desired medical attention? There will be again public chaos. We are all aware that La Presidenta and her family have still minions of followers. If something bad happens to their benefactor, I believe that these people will do street rallies and put pressures on El Presidente P-Noy. Let us not also discount the fact that in the military and police hierarchies, La Presidenta Gloria still has many followers that, come what may, will always rally behind the back of their former commander in chief.

This administration is invoking justice as the reason behind its action over La Presidenta Gloria’s situation. El Presidente P-Noy has never stopped on capitalizing over the failures of La Presidenta Gloria’s administration. Have you ever noticed that since he won, we have not heard of any concrete plans where this administration is taking us in the next years to come? All we heard were the litanies of La Presidenta Gloria’s alleged corruption during her term and P-Noy had never talked on the good projects she had done. Let’s not be blind, La Presidenta, whether she’s a sinner or saint, has also done her part in the development process of this country.

There maybe good things and bad things in the past administration but certainly this administration of El Presidente P-Noy has also its own share of bad and good things.

Where are we going El Presidente P-Noy? Please tell us soon.

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DepEd Pangasinan II conducts skills competitions

by Virgilio Sar. Maganes

VILLASIS- “I could see your enthusiasm, but such enthusiasm must be put into actions.”

These words were conveyed by Virgilio R. Barba, education program supervisor for technology and livelihood education (TLE), to the teachers of Cluster H high schools where their students competed in various skills under the Student Technologist and Entrepreneurs of the Philippines (STEP) at the Don Ramon E. Costales Memorial National High School (DRECMNHS) last November 18.

Barba commended the managing committee headed by DRECMNHS Head Teacher Ariel M. Tugare and the members of the working committees which he said have done a good job in making the activity a success.

With this year’s theme “Celebrating 10 Years of Inspiring STEPs,” the participating schools of Cluster H competed on skills such as e-bookkeeping, e-poster making, power point presentation, dish gardening, business planning, manicuring and pedicuring, hair cutting andother technical skills.

Cluster H is composed of Juan Macaraeg National High School (Binalonan), Angela Valdez Ramos National High School (Asingan), Don Ramon E. Costales Memorial National High School ( Villasis), Cipriano P. Primicias National High School (Alcala), Bautista National High School and Rosales National High School

Antonio Villar Sr National High School of Sto. Tomas was not able to join the competition.

Barba further said the holding of the STEP’s competition was one way of uplifting the skills of the student in various technical fields and to equip them with technical know-how for livelihood endeavors.

He said that this year’s competition in the division, the various high schools were grouped into clusters where big/old high schools as one clustered groups and barangay national high schools as other clustered groups.

The winners in the clustered groups, Barba said, will compete in the STEP’s Division Level competition which will be held in Mangaldan National High School on December 9.

Capping the competition was the Search for Mr. and Ms. STEP 2011 where the candidates of each school competed in shorts wear, techno-wear, Filipiniana and barong tagalog wear, talent presentation and interview portion.

The activity was meant to develop the personality of the students in terms of stage projection, handling questions and answers and in showcasing their talents.

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EDITORIAL: Palarong Pambansa 2012 in Pangasinan

Pangasinan’s hosting of the Palarong Pambansa will definitely contribute to stirring the local economy and the local government should start creating an atmosphere for businesses that will serve the interest of the participants.

The Palarong Pambansa Program is an annual multi-level national scholastic athletic competition conducted by the Department of Education and participated in by the elementary and secondary pupils / students both from public and private schools.

The major objective of the Palarong Pambansa is to promote Physical Education and Sports as an integral part of the Basic Education Curriculum and as an affirmation to the schools’ commitment to the full development of the great potentials of the youth to become responsible and globally competitive citizens of our society.

The Province of Pangasinan advanced its keen interest in hosting the 2012 games and is aware of the responsibilities as host.

The province of Pangasinan shall ensure the availability of all technical facilities, billeting quarters, playing venues, transportation and other amenities.

The province of Pangasinan shall ensure the availability of technical equipment, materials and supplies which shall be according to the specifications prescribed by the Technical Management and Games Administration Committee.

The province of Pangasinan shall promote and sustain the socio-economic and cultural development of province.

The province of Pangasinan shall ensure peace and order.

The province of Pangasinan shall source funds from other government and non-government agencies.

We must remember that the participants are elementary and high school students whose impressions and experiences in Pangasinan will be brought home to their own provinces.

These children will be here away from their parents and this is the opportunity for the province to showcase that Pangasinan is the best place to invest, work, live and raise a family.

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CORTEZ: Gusto ni PNoy na umalis si PGMA at huwag na bumalik

Councilor Romy Sim, kumusta nap o kayo? You know what? Manny Pacquiao earned $22M from the fight. Juan Manuel Marquez earned our respect…pareho pala silang Manuel.

Sa isyu ng Pacquiao at sa isyu ng pagbiyahe ni PGMA ay natatabunan ang isyu ng kahirapan ng mga Pilipino.

Kamakailan lang ay maraming nasabat na sibuyas ang Bureau of Customs mula sa ibang bansa at ito ay ibebenta nila dito ng mas mura sa presyo ng mga Pilipinong nagtatanim ng sibuyas.

Ibig sabihin niyan ay sobra o labis ang kanilang production ng sibuyas.

Ayon kay kasamang Karl heto daw po ang kahulugan ng krisis ng labis na produksyon.

“Ang labis na produksyon ay partikular na kinukundisyon ng pangkalahatang batas ng produksyon ng kapital: ang magprodyus sa hangganang itinatakda ng mga pwersa ng produksyon, ibig sabihin, ang paggamit sa maksimum na dami ng paggawa sa takdang dami ng kapital, nang walang pagkukunsidera sa aktwal na hangganan ng pamilihan o sa mga pangangailangang nakabatay sa kakayahang magbayad; at ito ay naipapatupad sa pamamagitan ng tuloy-tuloy na ekspansyon ng reproduksyon at akumulasyon at, kung gayon, ng palagiang rekonbersyon ng kita sa kapital, habang sa kabilang banda, ang masa ng mga prodyuser ay nananatiling nakatali sa abereyds na antas ng mga pangangailangan, at kinakailangang manatiling nakatali rito alinsunod sa kalikasan ng kapitalistang produksyon.”

Idinadag pa ni kasamang Karl na “. . . ang isang krisis ay maipapaliwanag lamang bilang ang resulta ng isang disproporsyon ng produksyon sa iba’t ibang sangay ng ekonomya, at bilang isang resulta ng isang disproporsyon sa pagitan ng konsumsyon ng mga kapitalista at kanilang akumulasyon. Ngunit tulad ng umiiral, ang pagpapalit ng kapital na naipuhunan sa produksyon ay nakadepende sa kalahatan sa lakas magkonsumo ng mga uring di lumalahok sa produksyon; habang ang lakas magkunsumo ng mga manggagawa ay nalilimitahan sa isang bahagi ng mga batas ng sahod, sa iba pang bahagi ng katotohanang nagagamit lamang sila hangga’t maaari silang magamit ng uring kapitalista nang tumutubo. Ang ultimong dahilan ng lahat ng tunay na krisis ay laging mananatili sa paghihikahos at nalilimitahang konsumsyon ng masa kasalungat ng paghahangad ng kapitalistang produksyon na paunlarin ang mga pwersa

RIGHT TO TRAVEL! Sa issue ng pagbawal kay PGMA to travel abroad for whatever reason, nagkamali sina President Aquino and Secretary De Lima o talagang sinasadya nilang manindigan dahil may iba silang strategy at objective.

Sa unang tingin ang isyu ay ang human right na constitutional right pa.

Ang issue ay ang simpleng karapatan na right to travel.

Pabayaan na natin ang konsepto ng right to be presumed innocent…right to travel na lang.

Kung ang isang dating president ay hindi nabibigyan ng kanyang karapatan na guaranteed ng Constitution, paano na ang isang ordinaryong mamamayan?

Ang susunod na limang taon ng PNoy administration ay pangingibabawan ng paglapastangan sa karapatan ng ordinaryon Pilipino.

Rosales Vice Mayor Jojo Pajela, sana mapondohan ang pangarap niyo na magkaroon ng community hospital ang Rosales. Mataas sumingil ang mga private hospitals diyan.

Heto po ang sinabi ni Sen. Chiz Escudero sa TRO ng SC.

The decision of the Supreme Court is fair and reasonable.

While I believe that PGMA has to answer for a lot of things, she should be made to do so under the proper constitutional processes. To prevent the possible flight of the former president from facing the accusations against her, the justice department should exercise its mandate by filing appropriate charges in courts and petition for a hold departure order. This is the proper legal action which does not circumvent constitutional and basic rights.

PINAPAIKOT TAYO NI PNOY! Ang Korte Suprema ay isang separate body ng governance, iyong isa ay legislative, at iyong isa pa ay legislative.

Ang alam ng lahat ay ang Korte Suprema ang pinakamataas na hukuman at ang desisyon nito ay dapat ipatupad.

Pero ano ba itong ginagawa ni De Lima? Tinuturuan niya ang mga Pilipino, ang mga pulis at military na huwag tangapin ang desisyon ng Korte Suprema.

Mas gusto nilang pakingan at ilabas ang dissenting opinion ng minorya.

Pero sa lahat ng debateng nangyayari, sa totoo lang, gusting gusto ni PNoy na makaalis na si PGMA at huwag nang bumalik.

Mahigit 500 days na sa Inidoro ng Malacañan si PNoy at ang kanyang tropa pero hindi pa nila nakikita kung ano ang kaso na dapat isampa kay PGMA.

Malapit na ang taning (makulong si PGMA sa Pasko) na ibinigay ni PNOY pero wala pa silang matibay na kaso na naisasampa sa korte.

Ang pinakamagandang ginawa nilang paraan ay inilipat nila sa Korte Suprema ang responsibilidad kung paaalisin si PGMA o hindi.

Kung umalis si PGMA at hindi na bumalik, sasabihin na lang nila na guilty si PGMA kahit walang ebidensiya.

Hindi masisisi si PNoy sa pag-alis ni PGMA dahil Korte Suprema ang nagdesisyon.

Safe na si PNoy sa kanyang pangako na ipakulong si PGMA dahil pinayagan ng Korte Suprema na makaalis.

Safe na si PNoy sa kanyang panagako na ipakaulong si PGMA kahit walang matibay na kason silang naiharapa sa korte.

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