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Provincial government officials and employees join hands in cleaning the beachfront in Lingayen last October 3 of the debris left by typhoon Quiel..CESAR RAMIREZ

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Abono tells Senate: San Roque’s water above spilling level

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
ROSALES – The complainant against the San Roque Power Corporation (SRPC) and the National Power Corporation (NPC) about the massive flood that submerged many parts of Pangasinan in 2009 reported to the Senate why the two agencies maintainwater level above 285 Meter Above Sea Level (MASL).
Abono chair RosendoSo said this was in flagrant violation of the agreed protocol to maintain dam water below 280 MASL.
He assailed the two corporations’ decision to have a reservoir above the critical water level in contrast to other power dams in the country that maintain their reservoirs’ water below the critical level.
“They are still keeping for power generation so I told the Senate about the issue,” So said.
He said he reported the violation of the protocol because of his fear that officials of SRPC and NPC are courting another disaster similar to what Typhoon Peping (international code named Parma) brought when it submerged many parts of central and eastern Pangasinan in October 2009.
The flooding was blamed on the two companies after they released 5,286 m3/sec of water at three in the morning of October 9, 2009 when its water level reached 289 MASL.
Prior to So’scomplaint at the Senate, SRPC and NPC maintained285 MASL after typhoons Pedring and QuielvisitedPangasinan last September 26 and October 1.
Under the threat of another TyphoonRamil,So said the two corporations should not only look atthe profit that power generation will bring, but should look also at the safety of people downstream.
“Angdireksiyondiyanangtao pa rinangprotektahan,” he said.
A report by aninvestigation committee that was composed of government officials on the causes of the deluge in Pangasinan, said when the water level was already above 284 MASL, the NPC should have started spilling water.
“Not spilling more water at that time ran the risk that there is very little flood control storage available – thus rendering inutile the flood control function of the reservoir, which is exactly what, happened,” the report said.
So also appealedto the Regional Trial Court here that the case with damage to properties he and a resident here Roger Tan filled in 2010 should be expedited.

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ORTIGOZA: Paulo Bediones, TV5 scare tourists away from Hundred Islands

The management of TV5, one of the conglomerates under business tycoon Manny V. Pangilinan (MVP), should chide actor Paulo Bediones and the producer of a documentary program “Under Special Investigation (USI)”.
Last September 25, 2011 USI featured a show dubbed “HALIMAW SA DAGAT (Monster in the Sea). Bediones hyped the pre-show for several days in the vernacular before it went public.
“The City of Alaminos in Pangasinan is known for its hundred islands, white sands and breathtaking views. But behind this beauty lurks a monster that can kill a person in thirty seconds” the actor zealously said.
Instead of helping the Hundred Islands National Park (HINP) through MVPs Shore it Up 2011 (where selected workers of MVP’s conglomerates took part in protecting the marine biodiversity on top of just cleaning the shore and its underwater areas there before USI aired its show), Bediones has instead driven away many tourists not to go to the world class destination.
Bedionessaid that sea snakes there could shame the venomous cobra, deterringmany touristsfrom going to the HINP.
“Ay nakakatakot na palang pumunta doon sa Hundred Islands,” I heard somebody quipped.
According to my source, the “Halimaw sa Dagat” was only a shrewd teaser of USI to get the attention of the viewers who can go either to the other two rival TV channels ABS/CBN and GMA-7 that simultaneously compete with it in that evening show.
“Paano naging pinaka poisonous iyang sea-snake?Sa tagal ko na dito sa Alaminos Citywala pa akong narinig nanamatay sa tuklaw diyan ng sea snakes,” a media man commented.
“Ang alam ko takot ang sea snakes sa tuklaw ng mgamangingisda duun na may dalang kuatro kantos (poor man’s liquor),” he continued.
Has the research team of USI committed a sloppy investigation?

Last week I wrote an article on this paper titled “BIR exposes anomalies at the Register of Deeds-Pangasinan” which can be accessed at
Ma. Carla Cacapit, the alleged culprit behind the fake Certificate Authorizing Registration(CAR) at the Register of Deeds (RD) in Lingayen, said she was being tried by publicity as criminal by the media, particularly the ABS-CBN and GMA-7 after she was caught ‘red handed” in an entrapment operation by the police’s Criminal Investigation & Detection Group (CIDG).
“What entrapment? I was only invited by the CIDG. I was not arrested. Neither was there a complaint nor a warrant of arrest against me,”Cacapit proudly told me.
She told me that she did not know personallyMrs. Nelia F. Doria ofDagupan City.
Doria was the complainant of estafathrough falsification of Private Documents, againstCacapit as told to me earlier by BIR lawyer Elmer Carolino who stumbled on this racket at his office in Alaminos City.
“I don’t know personally Doria. Somebody gave the CAR to her. Why zero in on me. I don’t know her” Cacapitincessantly told me.
The other day, Atty. Beverly Milo, chief of Revenue District Office in Western Pangasinan, told me another case of hanky-panky by enterprising people that concerns the CAR.
She said a situation about a purchased land in Pozzurobio, Pangasinan where the Capital Gain Tax (CGT) through the CAR was P11,000 because the land was classified as agricultural land.
“That CAR was altered in Dagupan City by replacing the location of Pozzurubio with Dagupan City but not replacing the agricultural land with commercial land that was purchased in that city“.
The CGT in Dagupan was assessed to run by more than P300,000.
She said the government was deprived by that tax since the taxpayer still pays the P11,000 valuation of the land in Pozzorubio.
Here’s what the takes of Atty Milo on what Atty. Carolino has exposed:
“We thought it (shenanigans) only existed in other provinces. Nandito na pala sa atin, “Atty. Milo said.
Many thanks to Jaime Aquino for unmasking through his “unsavory style” the Salgado spouses –owners of a local tabloid based in Urdaneta City- are.
Jaime, in his Northern Star, published an article “SuportahansiMortz” after he was asked by Evelyn Salgado to attack me in his paper after I exposed their patron Board Member Danny Uy telling me that members of the provincial board were recipients of jueteng payolas.
Jaime said that in deference to the death of his idol Apple’s Steve Jobs, he would feature in his website (Yes Virginia, Jaime is in Cyberspace)after the burial of Jobs his scholarly articles on people like the Salgados and how they treat a fellow media member who was only telling the truth.
(You can read my selected intriguing but thought-provoking columns at You can send comments too at

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Bayambang still listing typhoon damages

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
BAYAMBANG- This town is still doing inventory of the damages on agricultural products after the devastation brought by typhoons Pedring and Quiel, Mayor Ricardo Camacho said.
Camacho said municipal employees are listing the total damages in all the villages before submitting to the provincial and national governments.
Bayambang, like most Pangasinan town, is reeling from the signal number 3 typhoons that brought massive flooding on the last week of September.
“The national government gives subsidies because of calamities, like seeds to farmers. Maybe the national government will give again this time to Local Government Units. But we will also have counterpart funds to help our townmates,” Camachos said.
He said Bayambang is primarily an agricultural town.

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Days of illegal fishers in Dagupan numbered

DAGUPAN CITY– The days of illegal fishers here are numbered!
Starting this early November, the recently -formed deputy fish wardens group tasked to catch the elusive illegal fish pen operators and fishers will be deployed, Mayor Benjamin S. Lim disclosed the other day.
The wardens have undergone a three-day training from October 5 to 7 at the BSL Hall of the City Schools Division Office under the auspices of then city government in partnership with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR).
Lim conceived the formation of the fishery guarding squad to clean, dredge and protect the city’s rivers from pollution and environmental degradation in line with his vision to make the waterways as tourist attractions and to sustain their resources.
Other training speakers were City Administrator Vlad Mata and BFAR Region 1 Director Nestor Domenden and Councilor Alvin Coquia, who chairs the Sangguniang Panlungsod’s (SP) Committee on Agriculture.
Among the topics covered in the training were the Mandate of the Deputy Fish Wardens, Republic Act 8550 also known as the Fisheries Code of 1998, Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species, Practical Navigation and Detection and Apprehension of Illegal Fishing.
Facilitating the workshop were local and regional officers from the (BFAR) and representatives from the city government and City Agriculture Office.
At the end of the first and second training days, series of practicum were done to test the skills of the participants.
City Agriculturist Emma Molina presented the training graduates who were confirmed by Lim who was lssisted by Domenden in awarding the certificates to the graduates.
Headed by the City River and Coastal Protection Management (CRCPM) Officer Butch Gutierrez, the fishery guarding squad composed of four delegates from Philippine Navy (PN), eight from the Philippine National Police (PNP), eight officials from the barangays of Bonuan Gueset, Binloc and Pugaro and selected City Government officers, was created in line with Lim’s award-winning ecological awareness thrust “Ilog ko, Bilayen ko”.
In an interview, Molina said that two teams similar to the fish warden ensemble are currently in the works – the Bantay Ilog and Bantay Dagat Task Forces – which are to be deployed next year. (CIO)

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