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Department of Education (DepEd) Dagupan teachers join City Schools Division Superintendent Alma Ruby Torio in awarding a plaque of appreciation to Sangguniang Panlungsod members Vice Mayor Belen Fernandez (middle) and Councilors Jigs Seen, Dada Reyna, Alvin Coquia, Karlos Reyna and Alfie Fernandez during the 2nd Children's Congress and Fair opening at CSI Stadia on October 3. (Photo by Mitz Cresencio)

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Business people told to be compassionate to employees affected by typhoons

By Alex Romeo R. Fernandez

DAGUPAN CITY, October 7—A businessman here urged his colleagues to show compassion to their employees who were recovering from the damages wrought by typhoons Pedring and Quiel in the past weeks.

Salvador “Ed” Poserio, Regional Council Director of the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals, said affected employees cannot work normally after such disasters as they have to attend to their domestic duties first.

Employers must excuse the absences and tardiness of the employees, he said even as he urged his colleagues to extend help to their workers, such as rice subsidy, relief goods or loan without interest,

Employees, he said, are partners of progress and priced assets of business establishments and helping them is part of a business’s corporate social responsibility.
Businesses were just about to recover after undergoing the usual lean period from July to September when these were arrested by typhoons.
Productivity slowed down because of the calamity, he said.
Poserio, who owns a computer business in the city, also encouraged other business people not to exploit the situation to make more profits. (PIA-Pangasinan)

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MAGANES: Electricity versus population

I had a hearty laugh the other day when I heard over the radio that anti-Reproductive Health Bill Senator Ralph Recto said that instead of passing the RH Bill, what we need is the electrification of far flung areas in the country. He said that through energizing unlighted areas, population will be controlled and there will be no need for the RH Bill.

Senator Recto must be out of his mind when he said that. An ordinary citizen will not believe that electricity is directly connected to population. How can energization of barangays control population?

I laugh the more when he said that electrification will stop couples from procreating because they will be busy at night. Mr. Recto, the main reason why we have overpopulation is not because the absence of electricity in many areas of the country. It is simply the desire for sex of the couples because of high libido.

There are many factors why couples want many children. These are anchored on their values, beliefs and religion and the absence of right information on birth spacing. An ordinary couple when ask why they want more children, the answer will not be on economics but on the belief that children are gifts from God.

When I was working as a rural development officer way back in the 1980s in Mindanao, we conducted a social survey whether electricity has something to do with population. I could not recall the exact statistics but what I am sure of was the study showed that electricity has no bearing in the sexual activity of couples.

What Senator Recto has in mind maybe is that through electricity, couples will be busy for other activities at night and that the desire to procreate will be tempered a bit. But that will not be the case. What activities they can be busied of? Watching TVs, or maybe listening to radio? There must be more productive activities at night like livelihood so that the minds of the couples will be swayed to other activities. By then, when they retire on bed, they are already tired and no sexual activity will take place.

But this will not happen Senator Recto. The high cost of power will not even invite our poor couples to have electrical connections in their homes. Their modicum income I surmise will be spent more on food and other household needs.

Senator Recto also batted for the decrease of the “conditional cash transfer” or CCT which he said the slashed amount will be used AGAIN for electrification. IIII don’t object the electrification of unlighted areas. This will deter crimes and will maintain peace and order. Lighted places are areas where the “sons of darkness fear ot tread”.

But by golly, Senator Recto’s arguments against the RH Bill is very shallow. He being a US educated person must know more than by ordinary people. Was he able to read the proposed RH Bill? Or, is he intimidated by the Catholic Church clergies that by siding with the RH Bill will be the end of his political career? That was the case of e-VAT which he authored. People floored him not because they don’t like him but because of his anti-poor law before.

The RH Bill is different. It is pro-life and pro-poor. Those opposing it are not enlightened on its provisions that is why they are making waves of denying it. The energization proposal of Recto has no bearing in population. What we need is the RH bill which protects the rights of the couples to use contraceptives. It is not coercive but women-friendly as it will educate them about their reproductive health. And for husbands, it is focused on responsible parenthood.

This is now the time to pass the RH bill. Senator Recto is just in his dreamland and still not awakened by the reality that many Filipinos are living in the morass of poverty.

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155 complete skills training in Villasis

Virgilio Sar. Maganes

VILLASIS- Clad in yellow tees provided by the municipal government , 155 out-of school youth and adults trained on computer hardware servicing, electrical installation and maintenance, food processing and massage therapy, were all smiles as they marched to receive their certificates of completion on September 30 at the Public Auditorium here.

The trainees were the first batch of graduates of the Villasis Livelihood and Training Center (VLTC) which were trained by instructors/trainers from the Luciano Millan Memorial School of Arts and Trades(LMMSAT) of Asingan in coordination with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda).

Vice Mayor Paz Sison-Rafanan thanked Mayor Libradita Go-Abrenica, the late Vice Mayor Centenielo Rizal R. Costales, former Villasis Mayor Nonato S. Abrenica, 5th District Rep. Kimi S. Cojuangco and former Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco for the realization of the livelihood and skills development program through the constructione Livelihood and Training Center.

“Without them, the Center would just have been a dream. It is through their efforts that we are now reaping the fruits of the skills development program in our town,” Rafanan said.

To the graduates, Rafanan said, “The certificates you will receive will be your passports to making your lives better. You are lucky because you are the first batch of graduates.”

Rafanan also expressed her full support to the program even as she said that she and her family will give 100% support towards skills and livelihood programs in the town.

Mayor Libradita Go-Abrenica recalled how the project started.

“Parang kailan lang natin sinimulan ito, pero ngayon kayo ay magtatapos na sa mga skills na inyong napili. (As if it was only yesterday tat we started this, but now. you are already graduating from the skills that you have chosen),” Mayor Abrenica told the graduates.

She said that in January this year, VLTC has its ground breaking, on July 20 the building was inaugurated followed by the orientation of trainees on July 28.

Abrenica further said the VLTC also opened more opportunities and the various skills acquired should be used to seek employment or fro the graduates to put up their own business.

” I want you to provide us feedbacks whether you are already employed or self-employed. We could recommend you to companies needing your skills. But first you have to help yourselves,” Abrenica exhorted the graduates.

She also extended her thanks to LMMSAT for the instructional support, to Tesda for its technical supervision, to the SB for the funding of the skills development program, to former. Rep. Cojuangco and former Mayor Nonato Abrenica for the conceptualization of the project and to Rep. Cojuangco for. sustaining the continuity of the program.

“It is the ambition of every parent to have their children earn degrees in higher education. But we are in a society with distorted values in which we are not giving importance to those workers using their skills and hands. In the United States, the highest paid workers are the “basureros” (garbage collectors), the “tuberos” (pipe fitters), electricians. and carpenters. These workers are highly trained and are provided with hi-tech equipment,” said former Rep. Cojuangco. who represented his wife Kimi.

He said that Kimi was in Manila lobbying support from various government agencies due to the destruction wrought by Typhoon Pedring in the province particularly 5th District.

Cojuangco congratulated the graduates and urged them to develop their skills for their future employment.

“The skills that you’ve learned are just the start. Be the best of what you have learned,” he said.

He further lauded Mayor Abrenica for her vision of putting up the VLTC and of pursuing the skills development program in the town.

The graduates were presented for confirmation by. Arturo P. Palma, Center Chief of VLTC. and were confirmed by Dr. Rosa P. Untalan, Vocational Administrator III of LMMSAT.

The graduation ceremonies were also attended by Councilors Arvin B. Castro, Rolando B. Morden, Centenielo Ramon R. Costales, Jr., Cheryl Z. Tan and Rosario Lopez-Limos.

Meanwhile, Mario Guarin who hosted the program, announced that VLTC is now accepting trainees for the second batch with courses in automotive servicing, baking and pastries, bartending, commercial cooking, food and beverages, housekeeping, computer hardware servicing, electrical installation and maintenance, food processing, massage therapy and welding.

Classes for the next batch will start on October 10, 2010.

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CORTEZ: Wives do not rape husbands

The most powerful thing you can do to change the world, is to change your own beliefs about the nature of life, people, reality, to something more positive…and begin to act accordingly…- Shakti Gawain

SOULS SISTER ARE GOOD! Walong First Term Congresswomen ang nagbuo ng grupong “Soul Sisters” at sila ang nagtataguyod at nakikibaka para maipasa na ang RH Bill.
Vice Mayor Jojo Pajela, kumusta na po? Alam niyo po ba na ang “Soul Sisters” ay kinabibilangan ng ating Congresswoman mula sa 5th District ng Pangasinan na si Kimi Cojuangco kasama sina Josephine Lacson Noel (Malabon); Sandy Ocampo (Manila); Janette Garin (Iloilo); Bernadette Herrera Dy (Bagong Henerasyon); Abigail Faye Ferriol (Kalinga); Emmeline Aglipay (DIWA) at Sharon Garin (AAMBIS-OWA)?
Ang mga members ng “Soul Sisters” ay umiikot sa kani-kanilang distrito at spheres of influence para ipabatid ang kahalagahan ng RH Bill sa ikauunlad ng buhay ng bawat pamilyang Pilipino.
Dito sa Pangasinan, masigasig na isinagawa ni Rep. Kimi Cojuangco ang isang motorcade at meetings sa lahat ng bayan sa 5th district para ihatid at ipaalam ang nilalaman ng RH bill.
Ang RH Bill ay hindi lang isyu ng maga kababaihan, nakiisa din si 5th district Board Member Niño Arboleda sa pagsuporta at buong araw din na umikot sa mga bayan na kinabibilangan ng distrito.
Mahigit 50 sasakyan ang sumali sa motorcade para sa RH Bill.
Matagal na po ang debate sa RH Bill, hindi lang ngayong 15th Congress kundi noon pang sixteen years nang nakakalipas.
Napakahaba na po ng debate sa RH Bill…Panahon po para ipasa ito at bumoto.
Very passionate itong si Rep. Kimi sa kanyang advocacy dahil sa puso niya alam niyang tama ang kanyang ginagawa.
Very passionate itong si Rep. Kimi sa kanyang advocacy dahil sa puso niya alam niyang para sa nakararami ang kanyang ginagawa.
Very passionate itong si Rep. Kimi sa kanyang advocacy dahil sa puso niya alam niyang ang para sa susunod na salinlahi ang kanyang ginagawa.
UNWATED PREGNANCY IS BAD. Heto naman po ang masasabi nang isang nanay na nakakwentuhan ko sa Villasis habang nagganap ang RH Bill program.
Tama ang sinabi noong speaker na mas maraming unwanted at unplanned pregnancy…alam mo ba na ako at ang aking mister ay Roman Catholic? Kaya natural rhythm calendar method ang ginagamit naming mag-asawa…hindi kami gumagamit ng contraceptive dahil ayaw ng simbahan at wala kaming budget na pambili.
Ang problema, wala kaming magawa kapag umandar na si mister…kahit hindi puede ayon sa natural rhythm calendar method ay pipilitin ka pa rin ni mister.
Nawawala ang pagiging Roman Catholic naming dahil hindi naming nasusunod ang recommended nilang natural rhytmn calendar method.
Dahil pinagbigyan ko si mister, kinabukasan buntis na ako.
Kaya ngayon 38 years old pa lang ako ay siyam na ang mga anak ko.
Unwanted yung pagbubuntis ko at hindi planado kaya naman hirap na hirap kaming buhayin ang aming pamilya.
Sabi nga nila: ‘Wives do not get horny and rape husbands.’
VAT IS BAD! Dapat manindigan ang PNoy government para sa panukala na i-abolish na ang VAT o value added tax.
Sana ay huwag matakot sa IMF o International Monetary Fund sa panukalang i-abolish ang VAT.
Alam niyo ba ang mismong United States ay hindi nagpasa ng VAT law kahit na ito ang inireseta sa kanya ng IMF?
Total, parati tayong gumagaya sa United States, gayahin na rin natin na VAT-free ang Pilipinas.

Ang sabi ng United States sa kanilang pag-reject sa VAT ay ganito: “VAT entails huge spending for new equipment and additional tax personnel while leaving a proportionately small net tax collection and so much confusion.”
Sa ating experience, ang VAT na 12 percent ay ipinapataw sa mga consumers sa lahat ng antas ng market chain pero ang nakakarating lang ay 3 percent.
Iyong 9 percent ay nawawala sa pamamagitan ng kutsabahan ng mga mandarayang negosyante at ilang masasamang element sa BIR.
The rest of the billions disappear along the way – some of it pocketed by cheating merchants and/or conniving taxmen.
Kung kayo ay gumagastos ng P100,000 pesos at lahat ng binili niyo ay may VAT, ang binayaran niyong VAT ay P12,000 na dapat ay mapupunta sa kaban ng gobyerno.

Pero ano ang nangyayari?
P3,000 lang po ang napupunta sa gobyerno at iyong P9,000 ay napupunta sa bulsa ng mga nagsasamantala sa VAT law.
GLOBAL PINOY CENTER IS GOOD. May isang lugar diyan sa isang napakalaking sari-sari store na tinatawag nilang SM sa Rosales na itinayo upang magbigay serbisyo sa mga past, present at future na OFWs at iba pang kababayan natin na nasa ibang bansa kasama na rin ang kanilang mga kamag-anak dito sa Pilipinas.

Mr. Roger Tan, kumusta nap o kayo? Balita ko na deny daw ang motion to dismiss ng San Roque Dam sa kasong isinampa niyo laban sa kanila. So, tuloy na ang kaso!

Binaha at sinalanta ang inyong mga kababayan sa Rosales hindi dahil sa lakas ng bagyong Pepeng, kungdi dahil sa walang patumangang pagpapakawala ng San Roque Dam ng dambuhalang dami ng tubig.
Okay, balik tayo sa usapan…Para maka-avail ka ng mga perks and privileges na ipinagkakaloob ng GPC, dapat ay maging member ka sa halagang P150 lang.

Ang GPC ay nagkakaloob ng seminars, workshops para sa ikabubuti ng mga members at mga beneficiaries ng mga members.

Ang GPC ay may booth kung saan pwede kang tumangap ng remittance mula sa abroad at puede rin na magpalit ng foreign currency para maging peso.
Meron din cozy lounge area kung saan puede kang mag-relax habang humihigop ka ng kape o kaya naman ay tea.
Malinis at comfortable naman ang rest rooms na para kang nasa hotel.
Kung gusto mo naman makipag-facebook o internet sa kamag-anak o kaibigan sa abroad, may internet sevices sila at naka-WIFI din ang lounge kung may dala kang laptop…oo nga pala meron din libreng video calls doon.

Abono, business clubs conduct ‘Defend vs Dengue’
By Brando Cortez

URDANETA CITY-The Abono Party-list and the Chinese Filipino Business Club, Inc. conducted a ‘Defend Against Dengue’ drive in Urdaneta City.
Abono President Ponciano Onia said the group has been receiving requests for fogging against dengue carrying mosquitoes and have found the Chinese Filipino Business Club, Inc. as partners in bringing the ‘Defend Against Dengue’ campaign.
“Maraming requests na dumarating sa Abono Party-list sa pagpuksa sa dengue at nakahanap naman tayo ng partner na seryosong tumutulong at nagdadala ng kampanya laban sa dengue,” Onia said.
He said that Abono Chair Rosendo So made representations to Mr. Lino H. Uy, president of the Chinese Filipino Business Club, Inc. for possible assistance in the drive against dengue in Pangasinan.
Onia said Abono takes dengue fever as a serious disease and is helping the communities in sharing examples of ways to reduce the number of dengue mosquito breeding sites and how to protect individuals and families against this disease.
‘Defend Against Dengue’ campaign provides misting machines and chemicals together with advice on the prevention of dengue fever and aims to reduce the spread of dengue fever in the country.
Urdaneta City Councilor Rio Esteves representing Mayor Amadeo Gregorio Perez said the city government is serious with its battle against dengue and welcomes the initiative of Abono and the Chinese Filipino Business Club, Inc. for the concrete assistance given to the city.

Esteves said the Defend against Dengue drive was initially conducted in Consolacion Elementary School, Cayambanan Elementary School, Bactad East Elementary School, Pedro Orata National High School and Tiposu Elementary School.
He added that they intend to visit other schools in the coming days in barangays like Macalong, Camanang, Casantaan, Bolaoen, Nancalobasaan, Mabanogbog, and Camantiles.
Other schools to be visited are in Nancaysan, San Jose, Catablan, Labit East, labit West, Palina West and Sta. Lucia.
Onia said that they will also be bringing the ‘Defend against Dengue’ campaign in the municipalities of Bolinao, Binmaley and Bayambang.

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EDITORIAL: I love Pangasinan

Governor Amado T. Espino Jr said that “If we say we love Pangasinan, we should then make it lovable.”
We believe that there is true love when there is peace among the people especially among the leaders of the province.
To make Pangasinan lovable, the provincial government launched the “I love Pangasinan” campaign at the opening of the Tourism Month celebration.
With the competitiveness of stakeholders, the concept of tourism has evolved to become more activity-based, rather than destination-based.
Tourists, whether domestic or international, have also become quite discriminating and discerning, and, when traveling, look out for the so-called five As, which are access, accommodation, attraction, activities, and amenities.
For starters, the Hundred Islands National Park of Alaminos City which is in Pangasinan, is one of the tourist spots accredited internationally.
Will the provincial tourism office make an extra effort in teaming up with Mayor Hernani Branganza in promoting the Hundred Islands?
Espino is encouraging all 44 towns and cities to effect cleanliness and be more tourist oriented because tourism will bring jobs and business opportunities for the local negosyantes.
Is the provincial tourism office ready to promote the Bangrin Mangrove Forest as a tourism destination in Bani where the mayor is Marcelo Navarro Jr. which is also in Pangasinan?
The Municipal Government of Bani let by its mayor Marcelo Navarro Jr. is a recent awardee in the 2011 Para Del Mar Award which gives recognition to outstanding management practices of marine protected areas all over the Philippines.
We love to see the “I Love Pangasinan” campaign succeed with our Governor joining hands with Alaminos City Mayor Nani Branganza in promoting the Hundred Islands National Park and with Mayor Navarro in promoting the tourist spots in Bani and mayors in other tourist areas in Pangasinan.

Perhaps this is the chance where politics can be sidelined in the effort to promote tourism in Pangasinan.

The I Love Pangasinan campaign will not only make tourism the biggest job-generating industry today but will also make friends out of political enemies.

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Pangasinan corn is No. 1- hog raisers

By Brando Cortez

VILLASIS Pangasinan-The National Federation of Hog Farmers Inc. (NFHFI) declared that Pangasinan corn is number one among hog farmers in the country.

NFHFI Chairman Dr. Zosimo De Leon said that Pangasinan corn is number one in terms of quality.

“Ang mais po ng Pangasinan ay number one, kapag ang truck ay galing Pangasinan…wala na pong buriki, hindi na po naming tinitingnan, wala na pong sample” De Leon said. “Maganda po ang moisture content, walang amag.”

De Leon’s statement was made during the launching of the Pangasinan Corn Program in Villasis, Pangasinan.

Abono Party-list together with the Department of Agriculture, Provincial Government of Pangasinan, National Agribusiness Corporation and the National Federation of Hog Farmers, Inc. launched the comprehensive Pangasinan Corn Production Program for the next corn cropping season starting this October.

The program put together all stakeholders in the corn industry with the target producing yellow corn and selling it to hog farmers.

The program was initially a pilot project of Abono Party-list in selected corn growing towns in the 5th and 6th districts of Pangasinan where the corn farmers were provided corn seeds, fertilizers and crop insurance to be repaid upon harvest.

Abono Party-list chairman Rosendo So said that that Pangasinan corn farmers are reliable and trustworthy when given the responsibility of repaying loans.

So talked with Department of Agiculture Secretary Proceso Alcala Jr. regarding the success of Abono’s pilot project for possible additional then convinced Governor Amado T. Espino Jr to also give support for a province wide corn production program.

He also approached members of the House of Representatives from the corn producing congressional districts namely: Rep. Rachel Arenas of 3rd district, Rep. Gina De Venecia of 4th district, Rep. Kimi Cojuangco of the 5th district and Rep. Marlyn Agabas of 6th district together with the municipal mayors of Bayambang, Malasiqui, San Jacinto, Manaoag, Sison, Villasis, Sto. Tomas, Alcala, Bautista, Rosales, Balungao and Sta. Maria for support to the proposed Pangasinan Corn Production Program.

NFHFI Chairman Dr. Zosimo De Leon said that there will be no hog business if there is no corn.

“ Kung wala po ang mais, wala po ang aming negosyo,” De leon said. “Kami po ay samahan ng mga magbababoy sa buong Pilipinas at kami po ay interesado sa inyong produksyon ng mais.”

He said that hog consumption of corn is about 2 kilos per day… and it will take only 3000 hogs to consume the 5.5 tons to 6 tons of corn produce from one hectare for one day.
De Leon, therefore, challenged the corn farmers to increase their production to meet the daily hog feed requirements of the hog farmers.

“Ang baboy po namin ay humigit kumulang kumakain ng 2 kilong mais araw araw,” De leon said. “Kaya iyong ani niyong mais sa isang ektaraya na 5.5 tons to 6 tons ay kakainin lang ng tatlong libong (3,000) baboy sa isang araw…isang araw lang, ubos na.”

“Kaya niyo po ba na magbigay ng ani ng nararapat na dami ng mais?” De Leon said. “Kami po ay interesado sa inyong produksiyon ng mais.”

TWO YEARS NA! Opo, two years na ang nakalipas, wala pang naigagawad na hustisya para sa mga nasalanta ng pagpapakawala ng San Roque Dam ng tubig na sumira buhay, ari-arian at mga pananaim sa Pangasinan.

Na-deny pala ang petition ng San Roque Power Corporation na i-dismiss ang kasong isinampa ng Goldon Agritec at ni Mr. Roger Tan laban sa kanila.

Kahit paano umuusad naman pala ang mga kasong isinampa laban sa National Power Corporation at San Roque Power Corporation.

Hindi pa po inilalabas sa publiko ang findings sa mga hearings na isinagawa ng congress at senado tungkol sa pagbaha at sakuna na dulot ng tubig mula sa dam.

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ORTIGOZA :A Smart-Aleck Woman Legislator

Who is this official of the Bureau of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources (BFAR) who will be booted out anytime from now according to a source?
Another source told me that this high official was even sued by his subordinates at the Ombudsman of Anti-Graft & Corrupt Practices Act.

He said one of the reasons why he was charged criminally was he deposited the check from a contractor of the bureau to his own personal bank account.
The members of this law making body (Sanggunian) in Pangasinan are mostly hypocrites.
A source at the executive department of that Local Government Unit (LGU) told me that almost everybody there were on the take of a sum illegally on the basis of quid pro quo (a favor for a favor ) every time their mayor asks for a new legislation.
But what got the goat of this officer and many members of the Sanggunian is a woman councilor who has the audacity to criticize in public the policies of the mayor at the same time insist to receive pro-rata (equal sharing) the bribe the executive gives to each of them.
“Makapal din ang mukha, kunwari oposisyon and stalwart. Pero pag bigayan na ng suhol ang gusto niya kung ano ang binigay sa mga kasama niya ganoon din sa kanya,”he hissed.
My source told me that this woman solon would not heed the invitation of the executive officers to come to their office to discuss her role in the request of the former. She wants that every negotiation with her would be through phone.
She is grudgingly a smart-aleck. She receives bribes but portrays to her duped constituents her being a fiscalizer and Mrs. Clean.
Thanks to the intercession of GMA-7 TV reporter Shiela Finuliar. Last Monday, and under Typhoon Pedring’s signal no. 1, she brought me to the training camp of World’s pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao. I have some tete-tete with the congressman and his team like Columbian conditioning coach Alex Areza, trainer and dietitian Noy Nerez , trainer Buboy Fernandez ,police body guard Sgt. Lachica (the last three were true-blooded Ilonggo like me), Bernanabe Concepcion ( who told me that the hardest punching pug that hits him is Puerto Rican knock-out artist Juan Manuel Lopez), Pacman’s sparring partner Venezuelan Jorge Linares. I and Linares instead of talking about boxing discussed with me that indeed Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez is very popular there.
“Yes, he was a military paratrooper,” he told me.
You can read somewhere in this paper my take-no-prisoner no-holds barred interview with Areza on Pacquiao not heeding the Olympic drug test dares of IBO Junior Welterweight champ Floyd Mayweather, Jr. , Pacquaio not on the level of Mayweather, and my prognosis a bigger Pacquaio knockin’ out cold challenger Juan Manuel Marquez.
(You can read my selected intriguing but thought-provoking columns at You can send comments too at

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