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In time for the All Saints Day celebration, this worker starts painting the tombstones of marine mammals such as whales, dolphins, turtles buried at the Fish Cemetery located at the research center of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources(BFAR) in Dagupan City.CESAR RAMIREZ

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SM Rosales transport terminal’s operations illegal – Yu

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

ROSALES- Unless the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) entered into by the SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SMPHI), Hausland Development Corporation (HDC) and this town represented by Mayor Ricardo V. Revita is ratified by the Sangguniang Bayan (SB), the operation of SM City Transport Terminal is illegal.

This was bared by Councilor Mark Anthony R. Yu to the Northern Watch when interviewed last October 20 during the Sangguniang Bayan’s regular session here.

He said that the SB could not ratify the MOA because it was unconstitutional due to the provision of exclusivity rights in favor to the terminal operator.

This was Yu’s reaction to the letter dated October 18 of SM Mall Manager Jersey Y. Mendoza and SM Regional Operations Manager Cesar P. Bondoc reminding the SB that “ within 45 days from the execution of the MOA, (Rosales) shall promulgate the necessary and appropriate Sangguniang Bayan resolution/s ratifying said execution.”

The 45 days ratification period has already lapsed.

The said letter also stated that prior to the establishment of the town’s traffic management code, the SB shall formally declare that the location of the Carmen Rosales Central Transport Terminal (CRCCT) will be in SM Rosales.

“We have to craft a new MOA which is beneficial to the public and in consonance with the existing laws. The traffic management code is general in nature and will not affect at all the operation of SM City Public Transport Terminal,” said Yu.

Councilor Yu cited Memorandum Circular Nos. 2011-150 and 2011-151 dated October 12 from Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse M. Robredo which reiterated the guidelines in the establishment and operation of public transport terminals.

Memorandum Order 2011-150 stated that “LGUs blatantly disregarded said issuance (DILG-DOTC Joint Memorandum Circular No. 1, s. 2008) through the commission of any or all of the following acts: compelling vehicles merely passing through to use the public transport terminals established or designated by the LGUs and imposing fees thereon; closing down existing private terminals or curtailing the operation of said terminals for the purpose of using public transport terminals established or designated by the LGUs; and the LGUs failure to observe policies, standards and limitations on the establishment and operation of public transport terminals.”

On the other hand, Memorandum Order No. 2011-151 suspends the LGU imposition and collection of illegal fees and taxes and directing all local chief executives to “ refrain from enforcing any existing ordinance authorizing the levy of fees and taxes on inter-province transport of goods, regulatory fees from passengers in local ports, and other additional taxes, fees or charges in any form upon transporting goods and passengers; and cause the immediate repeal of the ordinance imposing the above cited fees and taxes.”

It will be recalled that on April 29 2011, SM Prime Holdings, Inc., the Municipal Government of Rosales and HDC entered into a MOA wherein rights to operate the CRCTT was transferred and conveyed by HDC to SM City in the amount of P56 million to be operational within 17 years and to be renewed for another 10 years.

The CRCTT, however, was not operated by SM Prime Holdings, Inc. Instead, it established a new transport terminal in front of the SM City Rosales where fees from transport groups are being collected.

The CRCTT was established with the intention of regulating the flow of traffic and centralizing all transportation terminals in one exclusive transportation facility within the territorial jurisdiction of Rosales.

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MAGANES: Commitment and cooperation on peace and order

Last week, I was surprised to hear over the radio that armed men mercilessly killed three teenagers who are third year high school students of Balungao National High School after coming from a vigil in San Raymundo village of Balungao. They were so young who were full of dreams. But those dreams have been shattered by the diabolic acts of persons who have no high respect on human lives.

The culprits were arrested but incessantly denied their participation in the killing spree in spite of a lone witness – another teenager in company of those killed but survived. What was disgusting is the participation of a police officer that is supposed to be a protector of innocent civilians. What drove them to do that dastardly act is still a mystery. Why kill those helpless teenagers who could not even retaliate to the fiery bullets coming from high-powered guns? Was the killing a vendetta? It was one of those being eyed as reasons by the investigating police officers. If then, why don’t those killers look for the persons they wanted to avenge with?

The crimes in Pangasinan are rising. That is real. If you go to Philippine National Police (PNP) offices in every town and look at their records, crimes have indeed increased. The situation cited earlier was only among those crimes against persons that is giving shivers down the spine of ordinary citizen. How about crimes against properties? We often hear carnapping. We even heard that even electrical lines festooned along streets and highways are stolen. How about other drug related crimes that oftentimes lead to the summary execution of the suspected pushers and users? Do our police authorities not avert these kinds of crimes? How about us citizenry? Do we just close our eyes to these and let the police elements do their work?

The enforcement of peace and order is not only the responsibility of policemen and other law enforcing agencies. We the ordinary citizens have to do our part. We should also do our reciprocal commitment and cooperation in combating crimes in the neighborhood. We should serve as watchdogs and be brave enough to work with police officers in crime prevention and the enforcement of peace and order.

The reason why crime prevention is not working in our communities is the fear of reprisal from criminals. At most, people are cowed. They don’t want to come out as witnesses. They fear for their lives including the lives of the members of their families because sometimes the government has no real program on witness protection. Another factor is the “bata-bata” system that when those involved are close to the politicians, the perpetrators of crimes have always the confidence to do their dastardly motives- be it killing innocent people or stealing properties of others. Sometimes, our justice system does not work well also. Because of the “due process of law,” this is being abused not only by lawyers but also the state prosecutors or even judges in delaying the delivery of justice.

While I said that reciprocal commitment is needed from the citizenry, there is also a need for police authorities to improve their community relations. Prosecution must be speedily dispensed and judges must also be wary of lawyers’ tactics of dragging and postponing case hearings.

Speaking of police community relations, the best allies for the prevention of crimes are the barangay officials including the barangay tanods. These force multipliers must be properly trained. They should be taught on proper handling of cases and on how to arrest erring persons. But sometimes, barangay officials are not even aware of simple human rights. They are not also aware of the demarcation line between law enforcement and their duties and responsibilities.

This government must also keep track of loose firearms. How many times I’ve witnessed that even barangay captains and tanods have in their possessions loose firearms? How many times I’ve seen ordinary citizens have their guns tucked on their waists without licenses and proper permits from the authorities?

Good relationship between police authorities and the citizenry, I believe, will boost our quest for peaceful communities.

And you must also do your share.

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Abrenica turns over mini-tractors, trailers to village heads

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

VILLASIS- In support to the agricultural sector and to enhance productivity of the different barangays of this town, 20 units Kubota mini-tractors (small farm tractors) with trailers were turned over to village heads by Mayor Libradita G. Abrenica last October 17 at the Agricultural Center, Barrca village here.

Abrenica said the small farm tractors are intended for public services only. However, these could be rented out to farmers on a short-term basis provided that all expenses will be shouldered by the private user.

“If used improperly and not in consonance with what we agreed upon, I will pull out the units from you, but of course with proper notice,” Abrenica told the village heads.

She said the units could also be pulled out from the barangays if the municipal government needs them for development operations.

Prior to the turn over, village heads signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) which stipulates the duties of the municipality as well as the barangay councils of the 21 barangays.

Through its designated farm operation manager, the municipal government shall monitor/inspect the units if they are properly used, provide general check up and change oil every three months. Cost of motor oil and filters will be shouldered by the barangays.

The barangays, on the other hand, shall have full responsibility in safekeeping the small farm tractors and shoulder the expenses for drivers, diesoline and their regular maintenance.

“This small farm tractor will be of great help to us in the barangay. We could use it for the hauling of farm products from our barangay to the market center,” said Daniel Ogana, village head of La Paz.

Alex Sison, village head of Zone I (Poblacion) said that the tractor and the trailer would be used in hauling wastes and garbage within his barangay.

“Collection of garbage will now be easier for us,” Sison further said.

The small farm tractors were funded out of the tobacco excise tax share of the town under former 5th District Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco.

Each unit including the trailer costs more or less P300,000.

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Thousands of students from the public and private schools in Dagupan City hold candles as they sing together Malinac Lay Labi, a Pangasinan love song, last October 14 in front of the St.John the Evangelist Cathedral in the city. The activity is part of the culmination activity of Sanengseng, a choral competition initiated by Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas and the Department of Education(DepEd).CESAR RAMIREZ

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Body formed to probe San Carlos shooting

CAMP BGEN OSCAR M FLORENDO — The Region 1 police formed Special Investigation Task Group (SITG) “Dela Cruz” to conduct an in-depth investigation of a shooting incident that led to the death of the village chief of Barangay Mestizo, San Carlos City, Pangasinan last October 20.

A report reaching the Police Regional Office 1 (PRO1) headquarters disclosed that the victim, identified as Abraham dela Cruz, a resident and Acting Barangay Captain of said place, was on his way home when unidentified suspects riding in tandem aboard a motorcycle shot him near his house at about 10 o’clock in the morning.

The suspects escaped after the incident, passing the barangays of San Juan, Baldog, Talang and Aponit, all in San Carlos City.

A hot pursuit operation was conducted following information that a certain Ramon Yanes, a Barangay Kagawad of Barangay Balaoac of said city, was one of the assailants. When approached by police officers to be invited for questioning, Yanes was found to be in possession of a caliber .45 pistol. Failing to present any document to legally possess said firearm, Yanes was put under arrest.

Also confiscated from Yanes along with the caliber .45 pistol were seven (7) live ammunition, two (2) magazines with seven (7) live ammunition, nine (9) live ammunition for M14 rifle, a camouflage pouch and a camouflage jacket.

Yanes, who denied participation in the killing, was subjected to paraffin testing and the confiscated firearm was also subjected to ballistics examination and cross-matching. He will be included in a police line-up for possible identification by witnesses.

Records show that Yanes has been the subject of several operations and investigation for his alleged involvement in gun-for-hire activities.

A case for violation of Republic Act 8294 is being readied against Yanes for illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

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Employment rate in Region I hits 91.9%

By Venus H. Sarmiento

DAGUPAN CITY, 25 Oct – More and more Pangasinenses and Ilocanos are having jobs as employment rate in the region reached 91.9 percent in a survey conducted by the National Statistics Office.

Statistician Edgar Norberte said the quarterly survey for the labor force is still on-going but the July 2010 data are more or less the same as the 2011 data on employment.

Norberte said the concept of employment in their surveys are those working in the 15 to 65 year old age bracket and includes people working for at least one hour a day.

“Kahit isang oras ka lang nagtatrabaho sa loob ng isang araw, considered employed ka,” Norberte clarified during the ‘Pantongtongan Tayo’ radio program of the Philippine Information Agency aired over Radyo ng Bayan-Dagupan Tuesday.

No data, however, were given as to the percentage of employment per province.

He said the labor force survey is essential for government agencies and even local government units because the results will serve as the basis for planning of government programs.

It is one of the major surveys being spearheaded by NSO today plus two ride- on surveys: survey on overseas Filipinos and survey on children aged 5 -17.

Norberte appealed to home owners to cooperate with the enumerators or field interviewers once they are chosen as respondents. He said the surveys being undertaken are bounded by confidentiality, thus the human rights of the respondents are not violated.(PIA-Pangasinan)


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CORTEZ: WPDH inaayos na ni Gov

Inaayos na pala ang Western Pangasinan District Hospital diyan sa Alaminos City, Pangasinan sa pamamagitan ng provincial government.

PIO Butch Velasco, kumusta ka na daw sabi ni Bok Nani! Madadagdagan pala ang bed capacity ng WPDH at meron pang diabetes clinic, orthopedic surgery at 24-hour pharmacy service.

Noong huli akong bumisita doon may problema sa cleanliness sana naayos na rin yun.

Dati ang ibig sabihin ng WPDH ay Wag Punta Dito Hospital!

Ngayon, marami na palang tumatangkilik sa WPDH…Ibig sabihin gumanda na ang serbisyo at facilities.

Meron nga palang nabangit sa akin na isang hospital na ang tawag nila ay Every Patient Dies Here, kaya lang hindi ko alam kung saan lupalop ng mundo matatagpuan iyon o kungmeron talagang hospital na ganoon.

Kung si Gadaffi may legacy sa tubig para sa Libya, si Gov may legacy sa larangan ng kalusugan para sa Pangasinan.

PAGCOR ni PNoy. Lumalabas na talagang iba ang management ng Pagcor noong panahon ni PGloria lumpara sa management sa panahaon ni PNoy.

Mayor Bobom Perez ng Urdaneta City, kumusta na po kayo? Alam niyo po ba na sa chairmanship ni Cristino Bong Naguiat ang gross income ng Pagcor ay mas mataas ng 30 percent kung saan ang income ng Pagcor sa loob ng 3 quarters ng 2011 ay umabot ng P26.78 billion. 

Ang isang naging sekreto ay ang pagbaba ng operating expenses sa 37 percent mula s 45 percent ng gross income.

Si Pagcor Chairman Bong Naguiat ay dating nagmamanage ng Sacred Heart Hospital sa Urdaneta City. Siya ang responsible sa malaking improvement sa serbisyo ng naturang hospital.

BASILAN MASSACRE. Dapat nagresign ang commanding officers ng mga namatay na sundalo sa Mindanao.

Ang mga pamilya ng namatay na Sunday ay dapat humingi ng hustisya sa pamunuan ng Sandatahang Lakas ng Pilipinas dahil sila ang in command ng kanilang operations.

Internal sa Sandatahang Lakas ng Pilipinas ang kahinaan kaya sila natalo sa laban. May problema sa loob ng military establishment.

Ang mga opisyal ng mga namatay ay pinag-aral ng sambayanan sa Philippine Military Academy upang manalo sa lahat ng laban na kanilang haharapin pero natalo sila.

Ang mga opsiyal ang nagplano at nagimplement ng plano para sa mission nila sa Basilan.

Ang kasawian ng mga sundalo ay dapat isingil sa mga ospisyal ng military.

ARMM GOV HATAMAN. Bok Nani Braganza, mukhang hindi na mapipigilan ang pag-upo ni Ka Mujiv Hataman bilang OIC governor ng ARMM. Ikaw, kaylan ka magiging governor?…sa Lions Club. hehehe

Katulad mo, matagal din siyang kasama sa kilusang nananawagan sa panlipunang pagbabago hanggang magkaroon ng biyakan at sa RJ sila napapunta.

Noong huli kaming nag-inuman, 2003 at iyon, Pale Pilsen pa rin kaya ang brand niya kahit san mig lights na ang preference ng iba.

Peace and Development and dala nilang isyu sa Mindanao noong mga panahong iyon kasama sina Ka Suk, Ka Ike.

Tapos ang partido doon ay Rebolusyonaryong Partido ng Manggagawa-Mindanao (RPMM) na meron sariling Peace Process with the government.

Ang armed group nila ay ang Revolutionary People’s Army (RPA) at ang youth group nila ay ang Katipunan ng mga Kabataang Kadre (KKK).

To ang dahilan kung bakit may Kabataang Kadre, Bilang pagtalima sa makulay at makasaysayang pakikibaka ng mga uring inaapi at mamamayang pinagsasamantalahan at sa malaking ambag nito sa pagpapaunlad ng lipunan, ang KKK at ang buong kasapian nito ay kumikilala sa uring inaapi bilang siyang haligi at pangunahing lakas na siyang tutulak sa pagbabago ng lipunan at ng mundo. Alinsunod nito, ang Katipunan ay kumikiling sa uring inaapi at kumikilala sa naghaharing uri bilang siyang katunggaling uri.

Ang kamulatan ng mg kabataan kadre ay nasa antas kinikilala nila na sa pamamagitan ng pagkontrola sa edukasyon, medya, musika, pelikula, pananamit at iba pang mga pauso, ay halos epektibong nalansi ng burgesya ang mga kabataan. Dahil dito, naging watak at kalat ang kabataan na sana ay may malaking papel na dapat gampanan upang wakasan at lansagin ang sistemang mapang-api.

Ang dala nila ay tri-people government na sumusuporta sa right to self-determination ng Moro at Lumad na may oryentasyong anti-kapitalista, anti-imperyalista at sosyalista.

Hanggang sa iluwal ang Anak Mindanao (AMIN) Party-list at siya ay naging congressman…

Bok Nani Braganza, armado ng kamalayan kayulad ng dala mo, mkakayanan kaya ni OIC Gov Mujiv ang pagtatanim ng punla para sa panlipunang pagbabago sa ARMM?

FILIPINO CHURCH BUYS SCENIC PROPERTY! Mareng Gypsy ni Mnay Gina, nabasa mo ba ito? The Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) church now owns the town of Scenic, South Dakota, after purchasing the 46-acre property for over $700,000.

Eto po ang description ng Rapid City Journal,

The town of Scenic was established in the early 1900s to serve as a stopping point alongside the railroad that went through the town, said Leo Stangle, who has lived in the eastern Pennington County town since 1949 and owns Gopher Choker, a pest-control business.

Stangle said Scenic holds a rich history hidden beneath its rugged exterior.
“Scenic used to be quite the little town in its day,” he said. “It was once a cowboy and railroad town — and maybe a little rough now and then.”

Scenic once had a functioning bank, grocery stores, a church, a high school and even a hotel in its early days. However, he said, Scenic hit a downhill slide and businesses began shutting down, beginning in the 1930s, when the Depression set in.

“Farmers had big families to feed, and there just wasn’t enough employment for everyone anymore, so gradually, people started to leave, and then the businesses in town suffered and also started shutting down,” he said. “People had no choice but to move out.”

Eto naman po ang description ng Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism tungkol sa Iglesia ni Cristo, “The Iglesia commands strict obedience from its members. It votes as a bloc, and its leaders are wooed by politicians eager for support.”

Eto pa ang dagdag nila sa economic power ng INC, The report describes the faithful as insular and believing that there is no salvation except through the Iglesia. It says church leaders have business interests in companies in the fields of education, medicine, media, manufacturing, construction and legal services. The church also has its own television broadcasting network.

Lesson: Ano bang klase management meron ang catholic church at iba pang churches? Bakit kailangan pang magsolcit ng SUV ang bishop sa PCSO? Bakit hindi nila kayang gayahin ang management ng INC?

Farmers welcome Millan as PIMO
Brando Cortez

Urdaneta City- Pangasinan Federation of Irrigators Assocition President Oftociano Manalo welcomes the appointment of Engr. Renato Millan as the new Provincial Irrigation Management Officer for Pangasinan as a result of the the revamp at the National Irrigation Administration initiated by President Aquino.

Manalo said that he and the farmers welcome the appointment of Engr. Millan to manage irrigation projects in Pangasinan.

He said that Millan is approachable and makes it a point that there is no barrier between NIA and the farmers.

“Matagal na naming kasama sa irrigation si Engr. Millan,” Manalo said. “Alam niya ang mga problema ng mga magsasaka at suportado siya ng mga irrigators associations sa Pangasinan.

Millan said that PIMO Pangasinan will provide its best efforts in the field of irrigation management and development to meet the government’s target in the implementation of the rice self-sufficiency and food self-sufficiency programs of the Aquino administration.

Millan took over the post of Engr. Helsy Bermudez ho was promoted to manage the Magat River Integrated Irrigation System (NIA-MARIIS) in Isabela.

Engr. Gerry Oculto together with Pangasinan Federation of Irrigators Assocition President Oftociano Manalo accompanied Bermudez to Isabela for the turnover ceremonies said that the NIA-MARIIS is the send largest irrigation system in the Philippines and the Magat Dam is under the management of NIA.

“Sa panahon ng tag-ulan, kailangang matulog si Engr. Bermudez sa Magta Dam para ma-monitor ang paglaki ng tubig sa Dam,” Oculto said. “Tamang monitoring ang kailangan para sa pag-release ng tubig.”

Former Regional Irrigation Manager John Celeste has been moved to the Projects Inspectorate and Advisory Group (PIAG) Reporting directly to NIA Administrator Antonio Nangel.

Celeste said that his new task covers regions 1, 2, 3 and CAR and will involve the inspection of irrigation projects in terms of quality, quantity, and social benefits.

“Iikot po ako para tingnan kung substandard ba ang trabaho? O kaya naman ay bloated ba ang report of accomplishments,” Celeste said.

“Titingnan din natin kung ilang talaga ang hectares na nabigyan ng new irrigation at ilang hectares ang nabigyan ng irrigation sa pamamagitan ng pag-rehabilitate ng irrigation canals,” Celeste said.

Department of Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala has ordered a major revamp of all the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) regional directors to improve its performance.

NIA accomplished 25 percent of the targeted area of 30,958 hectares worth P14.88 billion but already incurred P9.32 billion in obligations.

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EDITORIAL : The Great Man-made River Project of al-Gadaffi

“The River is a new lesson and an example in the struggle to achieve self-sufficiency, food security and true independence. No nation that depends on a foreign country to feed its people can be free. The Great River is a triumph against thirst and hunger. It is a defeat against ignorance and backwardness. It reflects the determination of Libyans to resist colonial pressure, to acquire technology, to develop, to improve their lives, and to control their own destiny in accordance with their own free will…”Ali Bhagdadi.

Libya is in the news because Muammar al-Gadaffi is dead.

Libya is 90 percent covered by the Sahara Desert and Libya needed a big irrigation project and they constructed the world’s largest irrigation project.

It was in October 3,1983, the General People’s Congress held an extraordinary session to draft the resolutions of the basic people’s Congresses, which decided to fund and execute the Great Man-Made River Project within 50 years.

…and The First Water to Tripoli was inaugurated on September 1, 1996.

The total cost of the project is projected at more than US$25 billion. Libya claims to have completed the work to date without the financial support of major countries or loans from world banks.

For whatever it is worth Gadaffi will be dead for a long time and the people of Libya will still be drinking from the Great Man-made river Project, they will still be watering their plants from the Great Man-made River Project.

Gadaffi may be a tyrant but he also had a vision of turning the Sahara Desert into the Garden of Eden by constructing an artificial river manifesting his genuine desire to make water available for the people of Libya.

The Great Man-made River project currently delivers about 6.5 million cubic meters of water per day for agriculture and human consumption. This means that the system produces water at 2.37 cubic kilometers annually, or 100,000 gallons per person per year.

As of his death, the project is only on its third phase…two decades more.

Will the new Libyan administration continue with the project? Or will it stop the project?

Remember the Bataan Nuclear Plant mothballed by the Cory Administration!

The Bataan Nuclear Plant’s twin in South Korea has been in operation for years and has been providing cheap and clean power to its residents and factories.

The new Libyan administration should continue the project because when completed it will provide water to irrigate about 382,850 acres of farmland to for food production.

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