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SB disqualifies Revita as Rosales administrator

ROSALES- After a lengthy deliberations, the Sangguniang Bayan of Rosales said Abigail V. Revita was not qualified for the position of Municipal Administrator.

The issue came about because Human Resources Management Officer Marlon G. Sison made a letter-request for the concurrence of the appointment of Revita after the mayor terminated services of Emil John Serafica from the position of Municipal Administrator.

Municipal Councilor Romy Sim said she Sangguniang Bayan found that Revita did not fit the qualification standards for the position of municipal administrator; and that her appointment did not pass through the judicious selection of the Personnel Selection Board (PSB) which is headed by the Municipal Mayor and composed of the Vice Mayor as Vice Chairman and the councilors and members.

The SB also said the appointment of Revita violated Section 80 of the Local Government Code which provided for the posting of vacancies in at three (3) conspicuous places in the LGU concerned for a period of fifteen (15) days. The vacancy occurred on May 1, 2011.

The appointment also violated the laws on nepotism, Sim said.

Sim said that Rosales has a good stable of people who are qualified to become municipal administrator and given the opportunity will do the town good.

Marami naman taga-Rosales na qualified na maging administrator,” Sim said. “Bigyan mo lang sila ng pagkakataon…gagawin nila ang lahat para mapagsilbihan ang bayan ng Rosales.”

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EDITORIAL: Pnoy’s second SONA

The State of the Nation Address (SONA) is an annual practice began during the Commonwealth of the Philippines. The 1935 Constitution states that the President shall “from time to time give to the Congress information on the state of the Nation, and recommend to its consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.” Thus, the annual address to the Congress became known as the State of the Nation Address.

On July 25, 2011 President Aquino will tell the people the state of the nation.

The SONA will not tell you this.

All in all, there have already been 27 rounds of diesel price hikes since Aquino was sworn in as President on June 30, 2010,

The common price of diesel in Metro Manila is now pegged at P45.60 per liter from P34.25 when Aquino was inaugurated, or a total increase of P11.35 per liter.

Of course, the administration will tell you that the prices are determined by market forces.

And the people will accept the excuse.

The government has the power to ease the burden on the economy of oil price hikes.

Due to Republic Act (RA) 8479 or the Oil Deregulation Law, oil companies in the Philippines able to improve profitability through their weekly price adjustments that are very much higher than what the international price benchmarks warrant.

We are asking the Members of the House of Representatives from Pangasinan to study uselessness of the oil deregulation law and have it repealed.

The nuclear plant in Fukushima Japan is now stable and the fear of thousands of people dying because of the plant did not happen.

The other members of the House of Representatives from Pangasinan should join Rep. Kimi Cojuangco in the use of nuclear power for the energy needs of our economy.

The high elected officials of the province should not believe in the excuse of the PNoy administration that ‘Change is not an overnight process.’

The problems of the Pangasinan economy and its people are urgent.

The people of Pangasinan have the right to be impatient.

Any growing economy needs cheap, clean and safe energy.

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Payola from STL, jueteng, same banana – Archbishop Cruz

By Yolanda Sotelo

DAGUPAN CITY – Accepting payola from small town lottery is no different from accepting payola from the numbers racket jueteng, as almost all the people behind the two numbers game are the same, according to Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz.

“As a matter of rule, STL and jueteng are close partners because most of those who have franchise for STL are also jueteng lords. STL therefore uses also the structure of jueteng operations – from cobrador, cabos, rebisador, pagador and operator,” Cruz said.

But there are little differences between the two games , the anti-gambling advocate prelate said.

One is that payola from jueteng is bigger than the payola from STL.

“This is because jueteng lords usually get more money because they are not under any regulations. They just give whatever is agreed upon. STL on the other hand, is regulated in terms of percentages, like certain percentages is given to congressmen, mayors police, etc.” he explained.

In areas where the local officials promote STL, and is so doing promote jueteng, they earn more as they get payola from both games, he added.

The second difference is that in jueteng, payolas are always paid in cash so there is no money trail to those who receive.

In STL, it depends if the payola will be paid in cash, where there is no money trail, or in check, in which where the money go can be traced.

There is also small difference between the collectors for the two games. STL bet collectors have identification cards while those who collect for jueteng do not have.

But when there is STL in an area, the ID-bearing STL bet collectors have two papers – on top is for STL while below is for jueteng, he said.

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JDV pushes for joint drilling in Spratlys

Former Five-Time Speaker Jose de Venecia in an international forum

By Yolanda Sotelo

DAGUPAN CITY – Former Speaker Jose de Venecia pushed for “shelving the issue of sovereignty” among the countries claiming part of or the entire Spratly Islands, and for them to declare the entire area as “common ownership.”

De Venecia said the contending countries should “set aside their pride” and “conduct joint drilling for oil and gas under equitable profit sharing, the second step to the joint seismic monitoring agreement between the Philippines, China and Vietnam.”

The joint survey to identify potential hydrocarbon in the Spratlys and the surrounding waters was conducted by

Philippine National Oil Company, China National Offshore Oil Corporation and Petro Vietnam, in 2005-2006.

“Data gathering and analysis apparently showed a good number of drillable structures, with potentials for hydrocarbons. (But) the agreement has not been renewed, though it should logically be renewed now, perhaps with variations that would lead to drilling for oil ang gas,” de Venecia said.

He said his proposal is similar to what the five Western European countries did to peacefully settle the issue on which country has the right to explore the oil-rich North Sea.

The five countries, United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Germany and Netherlands, peacefully partitioned the North Sea through median lines and are all now involved in oil production. “Now, oil flows to Teeside, England and Stavanger, Noway; and gas to Bremen Germany, a product of peaceful dialogue and geo-political settlement,” he said.

“But since it might be difficult to undertake a median-line partition in the China Sea because the line may straddle some islands, islets and coral reefs, it would be best to declare the entire Spratly area as condominium of invidual interests and common ownership,” de Venecia said.

Under his proposal, the countries claiming the Spratly Islands will have to shelve the issue of sovereignty so they can continue the cooperative work of exploring and drilling for oil and gas fields.

“The countries will rotate leadership over the Spratly Islands. For instance, Philippines will be the administrator for three years, China will be next for three years, then Vietnam, Brunei and Malaysia will be next. It will be a rotating, alternating administration with a common bureaucracy,” he said.

De Venecia said the common ownership of the Spratlys will lead to abandonment of military garrisons leading to demilitization of the entire area.

“This would mean conversion of this area of conflict into a zone of friendship with untrammelled navigation,” he said.

The Philippines and Vietnam accused China of trying to intimidate rival claimants to the Spratly Islands, while China has warned against “alliances directed at third parties,” seeming to imply that Philippines and Vietnam are plotting to deny to China the strategic South China Sea and its reputed rich oil and gas resources, de Venecia said.

But the former representative of the Pangasinan fourth district said China would have no problem accepting his proposed formula because “it was proposed first by Deng Xiaoping, the paramount leader of China’s peaceful rise.”

“I recall Deng bringing it up with then President Corazon Aquino and Vice President and Foreign Affairs Secretary Salvador Laurel after the 1986 People Power Revolution during their visit to Beijing,” he said.

De Venecia said when he was Speaker, he suggested to the Japanese and Chinese political leaders that the same formula could ease the tensions between the two countries over the Senkaku0Diaoyi islets in East China Sea. He also offered the formula to solve theChina-Vietnam conflict over Paracels Islands.

He added that the continuing increases in oil prices “should impel the contending countries to go beyond conflict and stalemate in the China Sea to drill for hydrocarbons in our own front yard and backyard, in our own maritime heartland in the West Philippine Sea.”

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Villasis VM Costales passes away

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

VILLASIS- The vice mayor of this town has passed away in the early morning of July 20 after efforts of doctors at the Polymedic and Trauma Hospital to revive him failed.

Vice Mayor Centenielo Rizal R. Costales succumbed to a heart failure and was declared dead on arrival (DOA) at the hospital.

His wife Susana said that at around 5:00 in the morning of the same day, Vice Mayor Costales woke up and took his medicines and afterwards went back to sleep.

She said that here was no trace of him to be not in good condition as that was what he regularly did every morning.

However, at 6:00 in the morning when they tried to wake him up, Costales was already immobile with no trace of life. They brought him to the Polymedic and Trauma Hospital but was already declared dead.

“ He died peacefully without any struggle. We are consoled of the fact that he yielded his life without giving us worries,” Susana said.

Costales had a kidney transplant at the National Kidney Institute on December 23, 2010, from which he was recuperating.

Costales or Nielo to his friends, is the son of the late Don Ramon Evangelista Costales, a former mayor of the town, and Dominga Raguindin.

He is the third child among the eight children- Cholito, Victoria, (a brother who died at an early age), Ramil, Ramon,Jr., Vanni and Ariel.

Nielo’s political career spanned for four decades.

He was elected in 1980s as the Barangay Captain of San Nicolas village and became the President of the Association of Barangay Captains (ABC) now known as Liga ng mga Barangay.

He later ran for councilor and won. He held the position for many terms and in 1998 he won as Vice Mayor. In 2002 elections, he ran as municipal mayor but lost to former Mayor Nonato S. Abrenica. In 2004 elections, he again ran as councilor and won.

He was elected again as vice mayor in 2007 and re-elected in 2010 elections, a position he held until his death on July 20, 2011.

He is survived by his wife Susana (Ramat), daughters and sons-in-law Mona and Ji-Ar, Korina and Ronald, Maria Theresa and sons Centenielo Ramon, Jr. and Centenielo Louis.

He was 49 years old having been born on December 31, 1961.

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MAGANES: Goodbye my brother, my friend

At first, I couldn’t believe that he’s forever gone. He was hale and strong so I thought there were no signs of him going already. At 9:30 the night (July 19) before his demise, he called me up and reminded me of his requests to be written. Afterwards, we talked about his condition when which he told me he was all right. He’s been recuperating from a kidney transplant which he told me several times had given him more hope to live. That was a decision he had to do after undergoing several months of dialysis which deteriorated his health.

He was a picture of good health when I visited him at the Mayor’s Office when he was the OIC-Mayor for two weeks. He intimated to me that after his three year term, he will be leaving politics and will concentrate more on attending to his family. I told him that will be a good decision for him to fully recover from his illness.

But everything changed. In the morning of July 20, I was totally surprised when news broke up that Villasis’ Vice Mayor Centenielo Rizal R. Costales has yielded his life. I was dumbfounded thinking why on earth that happened. He was so good. He was healthy. He was full of life.He had many plans ahead of his time. But then, life is really like a lighted candle. At the first blow of wind it will be out, and there will be no more light.

My brother Nielo is gone. He died in his sleep peacefully without giving his family worries of hospitalization and of taking care of him because of lingering illness. That, maybe, was his way of leaving his loved ones and friends – to die unnoticed and with serenity.

Nielo and I belong to the Guardians, a brotherhood organization where we welded our brotherly relationship. In 1998, he was one of those who encouraged me to join the organization. I declined many times the requests for me to join, but it was through his prodding that I finally joined. He’s brother Keoma ,his pseudonym in the Guardians and a brother in the real sense of the word. Since then, our relationship became stronger. That brotherhood turned into friendship that I treasured through the years.

As a friend, Nielo was not selfish. He’s a person to whom I could easily air my problems – personal and otherwise. I reciprocated that friendship with respect that’s why whenever he requested me for something to do, I easily obliged like helping out mutual friends and even representing him in his speaking engagements.

Nielo is gone. Yes, physically gone as his journey on earth has ended. He is now in another spectrum of life -life where there are no worries but eternal bliss in the bosom of the Creator and our Lord Almighty. He’s a great loss to us but he’s a gain in heaven. I know that his greatness will be with us forever.

Nielo, my brother and friend wherever you are I know that you are now at your happiest moments. Your life’s journey was so colorful. You have touched many lives. You have shown to us how to be a great leader but most of all you have shown to us how to be a brother and a friend.

Now that you are gone that friendship will be accorded to your family. We ,your friends , will be here behind them and extend the love you have shared with us.

To your family especially to Mare Susan and your children- Mona, Korina, Centenielo Ramon,Jr., Maria Theresa and Centenielo Louis, my deepest sympathy and condolences.

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Kimi opens Villasis Livelihood Training Center

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

VILLASIS- Fifth District Rep. Kimi S. Cojuangco led the opening of the Livelihood Training Center last July 20 at Barraca village here.

Cojuangco was joined by Mayor Libradita Go-Abrenica and members of the Sangguniang Bayan, Alcala Mayor Manuel Collado, Pozorrubio Mayor Artemio Chan, former Mayor Nonato S. Abrenica (now Chair of Mayor’s Office Action Team), barangay officials, department heads, municipal employees, school heads and barangay officials.

The blessing was officiated by Rev. Father Diomedes S. Laguerta of the Saint Anthony Abbot Parish Church.

In her welcome address, Mayor Abenica thanked former 5th District Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco and former Villasis Mayor Nonato S. Abrenica for the said project.

She said that it them who conceptualized the Livelihood Training Center whose construction was realized during her and that of Rep. Kimi S. Cojuangco’s incumbency.

“ Villasis feels proud and happy not only for the unveiling of the market of the Center but also the unveiling of new hope for the youth and unemployed adults,” Mayor Abrenica said. She also credited the municipal engineering department headed by Engr. Vladimir Torres for the fast construction of the building and her son Raymond for its design.

“ We will continue working as we continue to dream for bigger things. Yes, we can!” she said.

Former Mayor Nonato S. Abrenica, who spoke in behalf of former Rep. Mark O. Cojuangco, apprised the crowd of the various projects that were provided to Villasis out of the town’s share of the tobacco excise tax.

He said that a 4,100 square meters warehouse will soon be constructed on a 2.5 hectares lot in Unzad village costing P37 million which will house the P30 million drying facilities.

“Even nearby towns could avail the services of the drying faclities as palay production in Villasis alone could not meet its required capacity. Our 78,000 cavans palay production from our 650 hectares Riceland during wet season could already be dried in 8 days,” former Mayor Abrenica said.

He further said that farmers of the town could avail the services of the warehouse and the drying facilities at a minimal cost as the dryer will be fueled by indigenous materials such as rice hulls and corn husks and cobs.

Earlier in the afternoon of the same day, the groundbreaking of the proposed site of the warehouse was conducted by Cojuangco and the municipal officials.

On the livelihood center, former Mayor Abrenica said this was now the time to alleviate the living conditions of the town’s populace after installing all the physical infrastructure facilities in the town.

“ Ang pamumuhay ay kailangang magbago. Kailangang iangat ang antas ng kabuhayan ng ating kababayan,” he said.

Kimi, in her message, lauded the efforts of her husband Mark for working for the release of the tobacco excise tax of the province from the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) during the time of then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

“ His six years of persistence paid off. More than P1-bllion was released in Pangasinan and Villasis alone has P270 million share. Babantayan ko ang sinimulan ng aking asawa,” she told the crowd.

Kimi further said that the construction of Livelihood Training Center was part of the tobacco excise tax share and lauded the TESDA for its assistance in coming up with vocational courses for the Center.

“This will be a learning experience for the youth here and I will continue to cooperate with Mayor Dita on various development projects,” Kimi further said.

Kimi further urged the members of the Sangguniang Bayan to encourage the farmers to plant tobacco to have more share in the tobacco excise tax.

The opening of the Center was also witnessed by TESDA Regional Director Washington Agustin and Provincial Director Manuel Wong.

Meanwhile, Fe Ibay-Callanta, the designated directress of the Livelihood Training Center, said that the first enrollees of the four courses offered will be briefed and oriented on July 28.

She said that the four courses are welding , massage therapy, food processing and housekeeping.

“There are only 250 slots for the said courses and will be opened only to Villasis residents who are out-of school youth (OSY) and unemployed adults,” Callanta said.

She further said that the requirements for enrolment are high school diploma or transcript of records for college level, eight passport photos and barangay clearance.

Other vocational courses which will soon be opened are baking and pastries, commercial cooking, computer hardware and servicing, automotive servicing, electrical wiring, bartending and food and beverages servicing.

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Abono Party-list Rep. Robert Raymund Estrella

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

STA. BARBARA- Abono Partylist Robert Raymund M. “Eskimo” Estrella Jr. requested Agriculture Secretary Proceso J. Alcala for the funding of irrigation facilities for additional 4,500 irrigable areas in Tayug, Sta. Maria and Balungao.

Estrella said the facilities will bolster palay and other crop production to help the country attain food security by 2013.

He made the request during the visit of Secretary Alcala here last July 22 after considering that the completion of the re-regulating pond of the San Roque Multipurpose Dam in July 2012 will only be using about 30% of its water for irrigation purposes.

“ Unlike the other provinces in the country which they do not have enough water, we are blessed here in Pangasinan especially in its eastern part because we have a dam. But after the completion of the re-regulating pond, 70% of the water will remain unused for irrigation purposes,” Eskimo said.

He further said that the cost of constructing irrigation tributaries will be cheaper as the main source (re-regulating pond) is already there.

The re-regulating pond has an area of 85 hectares with a storage water volume of 5 million cubic meters (mcm).

The proposed area is part of the Ambayaoan-Dipalo River Irrigation System (ADRIS) which is not prone to flooding. The area for expansion is included in the briefing of Reynaldo Mencias, project manager of Agno River Integrated Irrigation Project (ARIIP), before Secretary Alcala and Administrator Antonio Nangel of the National Irrigation Administration (NIA).

“These are areas already being tilled for rice during rain season, but with irrigation the farmers now have the capability to double their harvest and income,” Eskimo further said.

In earlier interview, Estrella said Abono Partylist in coordination with the Office of Senator Francis “ Chiz” Escudero and the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) of the Department of Agriculture (DA), will be producing information materials for farmers in DVDs .

“ With the information materials, farmers could avail of technology within their reach, have access to information and could improve favorably their farming endeavors. This way, farmers will increase their farm productivity,” he said.

Information technologies to be included in the DVDs are integrated pest management, basic agricultural practices and how to produce quality seeds.

Meanwhile, Secretary Alcala said irrigation facilities are the number one intervention of the Department of Agriculture (DA) to improve farm production.

He said that the Department has allocated P100 million for the construction of additional irrigation facilities but urged farmers to plant quality palay seeds that will have better yields.

Alcala said that the national government has totally stopped the palay seed subsidy to farmers to give way to other agricultural needs like post processing harvest facilities, farm to market roads and irrigation.

“ I congratulate the Abono Partylist and the provincial government of Pangasinan for embarking the accelerated certified seed production program in the province. This will assure the quality of palay seeds to be planted by the farmers,” Alcala said.

Secretary Alcala was in the province for consultation dialogue with the fisherfolks of Alaminos City and to witness the pilot-run of the newly constructed Rice Processing Complex which was funded by the South Korean government.

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Kids with disabilities receive school supplies, cash

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

URDANETA CITY- Thirty eight school children from the various barangays here who have physical disabilities – deaf/mute, autistic, h down syndrome and cerebral palsy –received school supplies and cash assistance from the city government last July 18.

City Mayor Amadeo Gregorio E. “Bobom” Perez IV led the distribution of the cash assistance in the amount of P1,500 each and the school supplies consisting of a bag, pad of paper, ballpen, pencil, pencil case, crayons, eraser and umbrella.

“This kind of activity was started by former Mayor Amadeo R. Perez, Jr. and is now on its 7th year. This is our way of showing our concern to children with special needs due to their physical disabilities,” Mayor Bobom said.

The said activity is also in connection with the observance of the 33rd National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week from July 17 to July 23.

This year’s observance has its theme, ” Pagsasakatuparan ng Karapatan ng Filipinong may Kapansanan”.

Lilibeth Doriano, Project Evaluation Officer of the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) and the focal person for persons with disabilities, said that their office is reaching out in every barangays in the city to inform the people on the assistance given to persons with disabilities (PWDs).

“By providing them the much needed assistance like for their educational needs, the PWDs will mainstream themselves in their communities. Instead of becoming a burden, they will become assets in community development,” Doriano said.

Doriano further said that on July 26, all PWDs in District V will converge at the Cultural and Sports Complex here for a symposium and socialization.

Also present during the distribution of school supplies and cash assistance are City Social Welfare Officer Anita Fernandez and Local Government Operations Officer Mel Buada.

Fernandez said that the project was once under the Breaking Barriers for Children until it was turned over to the local government unit under the Stimulation and Therapeutic Activity Center (STAC).

The Center focuses its assistance to 0-14 year old children with disabilities.

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