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Fish-kill Free Boodle Fight

Dagupan City agriculturist Emma Molina(right) with City councilor Red Erfe-Mejia(2nd from right) with other officials join the boodle fight last June 6 infront of the one-stop shop to show that the bangus in the city are not affected by the recent fishkill.CESAR RAMIREZ

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Balolong refuses DOF-designated bursar

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

URBIZTONDO – Mayor Ernesto Balolong stood pat on his decision not to take back the municipal treasurer who was suspended, but has a “return pass” from the Department of Finance.

“Anybody but former suspended treasurer Loida Cancino,” Balolong said.

Balolong explained the decision of the DOF for Cancino to reclaim her seat will not do justice to his town mates.

Cancino was suspended for six months by the DOF because of an administrative case filed by Balolong.

The mayor said during Cancino’s stint, she collected for a year here was P4 million only while Officer –in-Charge treasurer Rudy Mandapat of the City of San Carlos collected more than P7 million last year.

But the mayor has a predicament that probably made Cancino smile with vindication.

The Land Bank of the Philippines in neighboring San Carlos would not honour the withdrawal slip of this town signed by him and town OIC bursar William Gusto for funds from the national government intended for the salaries of municipal employees.

According to Balolong the government bank only recognizes Cancino and not Gusto- who was appointed by the mayor and backed-up by a resolution by this town’s Sangguniang Bayan as a care taker.

“I just mortgaged my car at the May Bank to complement the salaries of the municipal hall employees for the month of May,” Balolong said.

He said he would loan or mortgage his property again even with interest to defray the salaries of his workers just to forestall the return of Cancino.

DOF rules say that it is only its designated treasurer and the mayor who could withdraw their national funds in the bank.

Balolong said that Governor Amado T. Espino has written the DOF about the predicament he and the town employees face.

He said he would bring to the DOF in Manila his employees to rally why the latter would not allow this town a new treasurer.

“Mandapat showed that the town deserves a better treasurer,” he said.

Before Mandapat retired, he obliged Central Pangasinan Electric Corporation and Digitel to pay business taxes,” he said.

Balolong said even the water district pays now a 1% Water Sales Tax through the intercession of Mandapat.

Although this town is classified as 3rd Class, it did not resort to bank loans to finance its infrastructure projects.

“I built a P50-million extension of municipal building by using our savings from the local funds,” Balolong said.

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What makes political analysis sweet?

My neighbour here Brando Cortez reacted on my April 10, 2011 column “Don’t Re-Elect Members of the SP”.

He said I should not have named some elected provincial officials and I should have named Board Members Alfonso Bince and Von Mark Mendoza whom he said I omitted in this column.

Why I did not name the two provincial dads? Simple, they were in their last term as members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan. It means they are not allowed by law for re-election in 2013.


Here another piece that makes political analysis sweet.

Columnist Artemio V. Panganiban of the Philippine Daily Inquirer reacted recently to the statement of de kampanilya lawyer Bonifacio A. Alentajan who wrote that the Office of the Ombudsman (OMB), like the fiscals and prosecutors, is authorized to bind the Republic as the offended party in the Plea Bargaining Agreement of convicted plunderer retired General Carlos Garcia because the OMB is the public prosecutor in graft cases.

This how Panganiban analyzed the statements of Alentajan: “True, the OMB—not the fiscals— prosecutes graft cases. True also, the Supreme Court has ruled that fiscals could give the consent of the Republic as the offended party in a PBA. However, the OMB is not in the same situation as fiscals. Fiscals are subalterns of the secretary of justice who in turn is an alter ego of the President, and thus could act for him. On the other hand, being an independent office that is not under the control and supervision of the President, the OMB is not a subaltern of the President and cannot represent the latter. In short, while the secretary of justice and the subaltern-fiscals can represent the President, the OMB—being an independent entity—cannot”.


When I was encoding my news at my PC (“Personal Computer” to peasants out there who just learned how to read) last week, I saw a “commotion” between a U.S congressman and members of the media at Fox TV that was at the back of my laptop.

The latter were irresistible on their queries, while the former was immovable on his denial.

What denial? That he did not tweet a picture of him in underwear bulging with his erect dick for a single mom in Seattle, USA.

“Somebody hacked my Twitter Account,” incessantly declared U.S Rep. Anthony David Weiner (Democrats, District 9, New York).

Could not resist my curiosity on this crotch- thing, I hit my laptop’s keyboard and Goggled the solon and the brouhaha he found himself intertwined in.

Daily News of New York (NY quoted Weiner “Weiner said he had traded lewd photos and X-rated messages with six women he had never met over the past three years, mostly through Facebook, emails and Twitter direct messages”.


Three days later when I was browsing news on my net, I saw Weiner at CNN no longer the tough talkin’- take- no- prisoner solon who combatively brushed with some of his fellow congressmen and sharply and passionately criticized them at social medias. Instead I saw a cowed- teary- eyed- loser who sobbed in-between his statements.

He told all and sundry about his Tweets in Seattle, and he asked for forgiveness because, susmariosep, he lied through his teeth that somebody (his supporters and his p.r in the Dems accused the Republicans) hacked his social media account.

But what made him come into open was not sheer remorse but some of his sexually explicit tweeted photos which have found their way to a conservative Republican leaning blog. owned by the now vindicated Andrew Breitbart.

Some of his photos and messages were sent to that former porn star, casino worker, and other hot moms whom Wiener had contacted in the past years.


So what made a Filipino congressman and – let’s include – Filipino Senators different from Weinergate? Weiner lives in America, where explicit acts and immoral misdemeanors cost the positions of Louisiana Senator David Vitter ( who cheated on his wife with hookers) Florida Rep Mark Foley (who sent squalid e-mails to teenage boys); and Idaho effeminate Senator Larry “Wide Stance” Craig, who got busted by a detective for lewdness in an airport’s rest room.

All three are Republicans who resigned in disgrace except Vitter who remains in the Senate.

Walang sinabi ang mga ito to our national elective and appointive officials who were ubiquitously and nakedly plundering the coffer as if there are no tomorrow. These son-of-guns would fight tooth and nail to preserve their post –por Dios por Santo – like leeches and ka-palmuks!

Sexual misdemeanours like what Weiner has done are kids play to our more audacious politicians.

Remember what the take of former president Joseph “Erap” Estrada after his contemporary former U.S president Bill Clinton was caught in a sexual scandal” red handed” spurting his semen to the dress of White House intern Monica Lewinsky?

“Bill got all the scandals, I got all the sex,” he said in humour among the amused media men.

Man, it’s really amusing, because while Filipino media folks guffawed, their counter parts in the U.S were up- in- arms.

If Erap is a U.S official it would cause a furor and everybody would be after his scalp.

Unfortunately, he lives in the Flip or Filipino Country.

(You can read my selected intriguing but thought-provoking columns at You can send comments too at

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Concerned citizens want probe on jai alai

By Brando Cortez

ROSALES-Concerned citizens have called on the House of Representatives to conduct an investigation on how and why almost of the towns and cities of Pangasinan issued business permits to Meridien Vista Gaming Corporation to open jai alai betting outlets.

Abono Party-list Chair Rosendo So said because of these calls for investigation, the party-list will introduce a resolution urging the appropriate committee or committees to investigate, in aid of legislation, the extensive bet collections operations of Meridien Vista Gaming Corporation in Pangasinan .

So said the concerned citizens approached him, saying there should be no jai bet collections in Pangasinan because Meridien’s franchise area is confined only at the Cagayan Export Processing Zone.

“They are wondering why local government units in Pangasinan issued business permits to Meridien when Games and Amusements Board (GAB) chairman Juan Ramon Guanzon had declared the Jai Alai operations in the country as illegal,” he said.

Last March 3, the GAB issued the Cease and Desist Order against Meridien , ordering the corporation to close down all its off-fronton betting stations all over the country.

So also said even Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile has thrown his support behind the order of the GAB to stop Meridien from operating jai-alai betting stations around the country.

Enrile agreed the GAB was “within its right” to enforce the law within its jurisdiction and hand down the order.

“I will support it. There’s no question about it,” he said. “They’re within their right to do it,” Enrile added.

Meridien operates jai-alai under a license it obtained from CEZA, according to the GAB.

Charlie ‘Atong’ Ang is said to be behind the Meridian Vista Gaming Corporation.

Ang was a gaming consultant during the term of former President Joseph Estrada. He fled to the US when Estrada was eased out of office in 2001. He was extradited in 2006 to face charges as co-accused in the plunder case against Estrada. He pleaded guilty and was convicted for the lesser crime of bribery. He served two years under probation and was finally discharged by virtue of a Sandiganbayan Special Division Order dated May 28, 2009.

“May mga lumapit at nagsasabi sa akin na illegal ang pag-isyu ng business permit ng mga LGUs sa Pangasinan dahil ang franchise area ng Meriden ay para lang sa Cagayan Freeport area,” So said.

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Ang role ni Vice Gov Calimlim sa RPT isyu

ISANG PAGWAWASTO! Lumabas sa column ni Toto Mortz na huwag iboto ang ilang miyembro ng Sangguniang Panlalawigan dahil daw sa pag-approve nila sa Revised Real Property Tax.

Nakasama sa sinulat niya ang mga hindi dapat kasali at hindi naisulat ang dapat na kasali sa hindi dapat iboto.

Pero ang katotohanan ay ito…Absent sa approval ng Provincial Ordinance ng Revised Real Property Values sina Vice Governor Jose Ferdinand Z. Calimlim Jr.

Absent din ang mga sumusunod na Board Members: Teofilo Humilde, Jr., Raul Sison, at Amadeo Espino.

Ang masugid na nagtaguyod para sa approval ng ordinance ay sina BM Von Mark Mendoza at BM Alfie Bince (hindi nakasulat sa column ni Toto Mortz).

Kahit na present si Vice Gov Calimlim noong panahong na-approve ang Revised Real Property Values ang magiging role niya lang ay bilang Presiding Officer.

Ibig sabihin, hindi siya kasali sa deliberations at sa voting.

Ang katotohanan ay absent siya.

Ang masugid na nagsasalita para sa mga apektadong sector ng Pangasinan ay si Abono Chairman Rosendo So.

Sabi ni Chairman So na si Vice Gov. Calimlim ang kanyang nakausap para malinawan ang isyu ng RPT at si Vice Gov Calimlim din ang hiningian niya ng tulong para mabigyan nag kaukulang review ang naturang isyu.

Kay Vice Gov. Calimlim nakipag-ugnayan si Chairman So dahil siya ang Presiding Officer ng Sangguniang Panlalawigan.

Alam naman natin na nag-mula sa SP ang isyu ng RPT.

Maraming beses na nag-usap si Vice Gov. Calimlim at Chairman So dito sa Pangasinan at maging sa Manila para lang mapagaan ang epekto ng Revised Real Property Values.

Si Vice Gov. Calimlim din ang nag-uupdate kay Chairman So sa kung anong bagong developments ang nangyayari sa isyu.

Nagpapasalamat si Chairman So sa bukas na isipan ni Vice Gov Calimlim sa pagpapagaan sa epekto ng RPT sa mga mamamayan.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY pala kay BM Niño Arboleda ang BM ninyo sa 5th District ng Pangasinan.

Minsan napadaan ako sa district office ni BM Niño at nakita ko na marami din pala ang pumupunta doon.

Hindi na kailangang pumunta pa sa Lingayen ng mga taga-5th District para maidulog ang kanilang mga isyus na maaaring bigyang aksiyon ni BM Niño.

Nakatipid na kayo sa oras at pamasahe.

Farmers to carry more taxes. Opo, kailan lang nagkaroon ng dialogue sa pagitan ng BIR at ng mga president ng Irrigators sa region 1 dahil pinpatawan naman sila ng tax bilang irrigators association.

Nadagdagan na nga sila ng binabyaran sa real property tax mula sa probinsiya… ngayon eto naman ang BIR na nagdadagdag ng pasanin ng magsasaka.

Kaya mo pa ba?

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EDITORIAL: Fish pens and fish cages are there for the profit

“An inch-long-goldfish needs a gallon of water to swim in—a lesser volume of available living space induces retardation, stunted growth. A hectare of grassland can accommodate 45 native goats; add a goat or two and the grassland’s capacity to provide chow for those goats is imperiled. Every man, woman or child needs 45 square meters of space in the home to maintain their sense of well-being.”

In God’s pecking order of priorities, humble creatures and a tenable biosphere were created first before man.

The policy makers and government should bear in mind that God prioritized the environment before the creation of man.

Therefore, the environment should be taken care of first.

While the provincial government has been very busy cleaning the rivers and other bodies of water, fish kills still prevails.

It is a sad story to hear that truckloads of fish from Bolinao and Anda died due to pollution.

It is a sad story to hear that while many of the people of Pangasinan have not served fresh fish on their tables and continue to eat noodles and sardines.

Fish pens and fish cages distort the natural habit and cultural activity of fish.

The fish produced in fish pens and fish cages are not cash crops but relative low-value species. Therefore, they are consumed by lower economic brackets which comprise most of the population.

We agree with efforts to dismantle illegal fish pens and fish cages for a more rational and environmentally-responsive management of aquaculture operations in Pangasinan water bodies.

It is an acknowledged fact that fish pens and fish cages have been causing serious environmental problems in terms of deterioration of water quality, siltation and sedimentation.

Are the local government units more concerned with short term profits compared to the creation and development of sustainable aquaculture?

Let the fish and those that compose the marine biodiversity have their own respective “living space” which empowers and enhances life.

There are no fish kills in Alaminos City and Dagupan City. If they can do it, why can’t the others?

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